The Rabbit Files

2017 TIMELINE Disclaimer: Ten pages of disclaimers to follow. If you were mentioned in this article because your associate(s) did or said something stupid/dishonest, that’s not a suggestion that you did or said something stupid/dishonest or that you took part in it. Of course, some may conclude on their own thatContinue Reading

White Rabbit and the “Seth Rich Files” RABBIT FILES 1.0: “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files“ According to independent journalist, Trish Negron, sometime in May 2017, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) started peddling files her associate, White Rabbit, previously downloaded off the internet to former CBS correspondent, Lara Logan, her husband, andContinue Reading

In the last Rabbit Files, we looked at Beth Bogaerts’ (@humanofmind) allegations that she was pressured into starting a PR firm called Shadowbox with Trevor Fitzgibbon and Thomas Schoenberger (debunked), her failure to produce any evidence that she had a loan agreement with Fitzgibbon, and her disparate views about theContinue Reading

After allegedly only knowing Thomas Schoenberger for approximately two weeks, on July 9, 2017, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) started to discuss with him the possibility of opening a PR firm called Shadowbox and it was this company that she claims was used as one of the vehicles to defraud her outContinue Reading

I’ve been getting some feedback about the Rabbit Files and I realize that each article is fairly lengthy and a bit of a deep dive as they say. It’s unfortunate that this story is so convoluted that it requires lengthy articles but I am going to try and break themContinue Reading

In The Rabbit Files 5.1 (“A Fludd Approaches” Part 1), we left off with the Vetter account, allegedly run by Thomas Schoenberger, repeatedly trying to connect Cicada 3301 to Anonymous Scandinavia (@AnonScan), WikiLeaks, and Assange throughout the first half of 2017. Speculation continued after @AnonScan, other large pro-Assange accounts, andContinue Reading

Unfortunately, before we can move on we’re going to have to plow through a few things to better understand the rest of this story. First, we need to talk about the Cicada 3301 puzzle and the actors involved in it because the drama, harassment, defamation and damage that some ofContinue Reading

Approximately two weeks after the Shadow Brokers showed up and the 2016 Future of Cyber Security Europe announced that Guccifer 2 was going to appear via livestream at their September 13th event, members of the hacking collective, Anonymous, decided to start a #FreeMartyG campaign in support of Marty Gottesfeld, aContinue Reading

I just wanted to publish a quick timeline/guide of what I’ve covered in the last few Rabbit Files, especially because the time period between August 9-August 16, 2016 was fairly busy and things are obviously going to keep getting busier…and more convoluted. This only covers 2016. I’ll add to thisContinue Reading

Previous: The Rabbit Files 3.0: In the Shadow of the Brokers On August 16th, three days after the Guccifer 2 WordPress and @GUCCIFER_2 Twitter accounts were suspended and the Shadow Brokers made their first public appearance, the 2016 Future of Cyber Security Europe conference announced that “Guccifer 2” would beContinue Reading