The Rabbit Files 9.1: Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Part 3

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In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re covering what happened during the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the shenanigans and lies that followed. I particularly recommend that you read the first two articles of this entire series, The Rabbit Files 1.0 and The Rabbit Files 1.1, for more background information.

Below is a continuation of The Rabbit Files 9.0: Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Part 2 and what transpired during Jason Goodman and George Webb’s Crowdsource the Truth‘s livestream after independent journalist Trish Negron received a thumb drive from someone named “White Rabbit.”

Thomas Paine

About ten minutes after Goodman sent Manny Chavez (“Defango”) his phone number so Defango could try and put them in direct contact with Kim Dotcom, a guy using the name “Thomas Paine” called Webb. If you don’t know anything about Paine, he’s the guy behind True Pundit, an online media outlet that used to—and perhaps still does—partner with Tucker Carlson’s right-wing outlet, Daily Caller.

True Pundit is also the outlet that published the bogus 2016 story, “NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury,” after Comey re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s emails. The story was retweeted by Michael Flynn and it was noted in an Gatekeeper Files article published on my website:

“And although Cambridge Analytica co-founder, Steven Bannon, had already stepped down from Breitbart News approximately two months earlier to take over as Trump’s campaign manager, Erik Prince, a reported shadow advisor to the campaign with long-standing ties to the CIA and intelligence community, used the alt-right platform not only to blow up the [True Pundit] story but to legitimize it further.”

True Pundit’s story was just one part of a right-wing operation called “Pizzagate” that was published only a day or two before it actually became known as “Pizzagate.” And if you think that’s bad, True Pundit also apparently made up the story about Hillary Clinton saying, “Can we just drone this guy?” in reference to Julian Assange. So yes, if you still think that happened you may have been bamboozled bigly by alt-right media. However, like other right-wing operations, WikiLeaks happily promoted it. 

The “Can we just drone this guy?” story was published the day before Assange was set to appear on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy but he cancelled the appearance which only added fuel to the True Pundit story as if the government was planning on droning him in the middle of London years after Clinton allegedly made the comment. Don’t get me wrong, Assange of all people should be worried about his safety but the True Pundit story took it to a whole new level. 

As for Paine’s phone call to Webb, he professed to be concerned for Webb’s wellbeing and safety, and then he discussed Robert Mueller, how he had (allegedly) done “a lot” of work for him, and that Mueller was “no white knight.” Can’t argue with that last part.

He also mentioned that he had worked in intelligence “with everybody” throughout different parts of the world but he played coy when Webb asked if he was with the CIA. More from Paine:

“I’m probably going to do something, if Mueller does something and he fucks this whole thing up, excuse my language, then I’m going to have to come out with the stuff that we have on him. And it’s pretty deadly stuff. And funny enough, it has to do with Russia…So we’re sitting on that.”

“…We took a shit load of shrapnel in November [2016] for our Clinton stuff, we kinda had to go underground because it was, uh, looking back I don’t even know if we should have published that stuff because it was really too hot and we had to hold a lot of the stuff back.”

Nope, he never released any “deadly stuff” on Mueller and according to Buzzfeed, Paine is kind of a fraud just like the stories his news site publishes but apparently he did work for the FBI at one point. Based on that fact, along with the material True Pundit was publishing about Clinton/Pizzagate and his praise for Jerome Corsi (later in the livestream), I’m curious if anyone has ever looked into Paine being the guy behind FBIanon? Just a thought.


And then there was Jennifer. Almost three hours into the livestream, Webb’s phone rang and although he was under the impression that it was HA Goodman calling it turned out to be someone named “Jennifer.”

I have no idea how this person got Webb’s phone number, maybe he posted it in the chat that night or gave his viewers the number previously, I don’t know. Regardless, she somehow had his number and this is the background story she gave about herself: She grew up in France, she recently moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Wilmington, North Carolina, and she was a self-taught tech expert who spoke three languages (English, French, German).

She also used to work in big banking, she dabbled in paralegal work, and allegedly did forensic accounting for Kansas City mob attorney, Byron Fox, which she strangely noted was a “very appropriate name.”

Jennifer claimed that both of her parents were spies and her father worked for the NSA via Booz Allen. He was also Russian, a career diplomat, and allegedly murdered by the NSA “28 years ago.” When Webb asked her how old he was when he died, Jennifer responded, “52” and then started laughing hysterically. Weird.

Aside from these wild stories, Jennifer mainly discussed her obsession with the date “April 7th”:

Jennifer: “April 7th was the day that WikiLeaks released the data that named Guccifer as the hack.”

Webb: “Guccifer as the Sony hack or Guccifer 2 as the DNC and DCCC—”

Jennifer: “Guccifer 2 as the DNC hack.”

Webb: “Okay that was June the 16th—”

Jennifer: [unintelligible]

Webb: “That—”

Jennifer: “[Unintelligible]…that was the day of the missile strike. Syrian missile strike.” 

[On April 7, 2017, the U.S. launched Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria in retaliation for Syria’s alleged chemical attacks]

Webb: “Oh, April 7, 2017?”

Jennifer: “Uh huh”

Webb: “Well, Guccifer 2 came out on June 15, 2016.”

Jennifer: “No..[unintelligible]…I looked it up.”

Webb: “Well, the Washington Post had a story on June the 14th and then Guccifer published a Twitter feed with a link to his WordPress files on June 15, 2016, saying ‘I did the DNC hack.’”

Jennifer: “This was the WikiLeaks leak that happened on April 7th.”

Webb: “Are you talking about Vault 7?”

Jennifer: “Was it included in Vault 7? It might have been.” 

No, Jennifer, it never might have been. What WikiLeaks did publish on April 7, 2017, was Part 4 of Vault 7 called “Grasshopper,” and those documents most assuredly never referred to Guccifer 2, let alone the Romanian persona being the DNC hacker.

Maybe Jennifer got confused with what WikiLeaks retweeted the following day which was Adam Carter’s work about Guccifer 2 that included a now-debunked story that DNC worker, Warren Flood, was behind the Romanian persona. Anonymous Scandinavia was one of the first to push the story out to the public, a story that played directly into Cicada 3301’s January 2017 puzzle, “A Fludd Approaches,” that was released only a few months prior.

It’s hardly surprising at this point in The Rabbit Files to point out that Anonymous Scandinavia is closely associated to White Rabbit’s friend, Beth Bogaerts, both of whom were self-proclaimed members of Cicada 3301.

And maybe April 8th should be christened “International Propaganda Day,” because WikiLeaks also retweeted Robbin Young’s alleged DMs with Guccifer 2, in which the so-called “lone wolf hacker” inexplicably claimed that Seth Rich was their source. An independent researcher later published his findings that appeared to show Young’s DMs had been manipulated.

Undeterred by her own disinformation, Jennifer continued:

Webb: “Well April 7th would have been the Vault 7 leak for WikiLeaks.”

Jennifer: “Right. And Kim Dotcom’s Supreme Court petition was dated April 7th. It’s also—”

Webb: “Oh good point.”

Jennifer: “—the highest court in the land, you know, it’s the final court of jurisdiction.”

Webb: “Sure. Yeah, so what are you saying…”

Jennifer: “Well, he’s showing the highest court where the decisions are final, um, it’s April 7th which was the WikiLeaks/Guccifer information, the Syrian strike happened on that day which was… [unintelligable]…false flag”.

Webb “Okay…”

Jennifer: “And there’s something that ties all that together. I think that he’s [Dotcom] telling you something about winning and I think that you got the final piece of the puzzle.”

Webb: “What do you think that is?”

Jennifer: “Well I looked through—I downloaded the files, I’m a technology expert, um, so I went through everything and downloaded everything and opened everything. I also used to do forensic accounting. One of the interesting things that’s in there is the DNC information on they’re trying to get the redistricting done…that’s in the DNC folder.”

Right, redistricting is definitely the answer that ties all of this together. So here we have “Jennifer the tech expert” who couldn’t figure out that the files White Rabbit gave Trish Negron (who, in turn, gave them to Webb and Goodman) were “not-even-chickenfeed” files that no state actor or hacker would risk stealing in the hopes of taking down Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC. In fact, they had been publicly released over eight months prior! Rather, it seems that her role here was to:

  • Legitimize Guccifer 2 as the leaker of the DNC files
  • Legitimize the story that Guccifer 2 got White Rabbit’s worthless files from Seth Rich which, according to the conspiracy, were the leaked DNC files
  • Promote the date “April 7th” or rather, the number “7”

And everyone understands that this entire shit show played directly into the U.S. intelligence agencies’ Russian narrative about WikiLeaks, right? The Seth Rich conspiracy does not save Assange when tied directly to Guccifer 2. Get it?

Additionally, and someone correct me if I’m wrong because this Cicada 3301 stuff can get confusing, on January 5, 2017, the website,, was registered and on it were seven timers set to expire (and did) on Pi Day, or March 14 , 2017. Again, this was all tied to the 2017 Cicada 3301 puzzle.

After the timers expired, the website was updated with a new one set for June 1, 2017—the exact same day as the White Rabbit thumb drive debacle and Crowdsource the Truth‘s livestream.

Shortly after the website was updated with a new timer it was redirected to a new site called

You can see that on March 16th people were retweeting Cicada’s puzzle from @Bernies4_Trump, an account that some now claim was controlled by Thomas Schoenberger at the time (he denies it).

And in mid-April, dropped a new clue…

Oh, and what’s this? A tweet from April 12, 2017 that includes the hashtags Sevens Exposed, WikiLeaks, Vault 7’s Grasshopper, and Syrian strikes. Huh. What a cowinkydink, Jennifer.

Then, on June 1st, the same day that’s second timer ended and the White Rabbit debacle happened, Cicada 3301 released a new clue on the website.

So yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that “Jennifer” the tech idiot was running a PR stunt for Cicada’s I could be wrong but I’d bet just about everything that someone involved with Cicada or someone closely associated with someone involved in Cicada, made that absurd call to Webb.

Update: Shortly after publishing, Thomas Schoenberger reached out to me to let me know that Cicada published new puzzles on June 1st in both 2016 and 2017, meaning that the new one on June 1, 2017, wasn’t part of some elaborate plan to go all gangbusters on Trish Negron and Crowdsource the Source in a roundabout way to promote Sevens.Exposed. I want to clarify that I did not mean to infer that—what I meant was that I believe “Jennifer” called in because of the new Sevens.Exposed puzzle that had been released earlier that day.

Trevor Fitzgibbon

Approximately 30 minutes before the livestream ended, Julian Assange’s former PR agent, Trevor Fitzgibbon, was also dragged into the melee. Most people probably don’t know that besides brokering an introduction between White Rabbit and Trish Negron, Bogaerts also brokered an introduction between Negron and Fitzgibbon, after which Negron put Fitzgibbon in touch with Webb and Goodman.

The day before the White Rabbit thumb drive incident, Webb and Goodman actually interviewed Fitzgibbon and you should probably keep in mind for the next Rabbit Files that not once did Bogaerts voice any concerns about her then-friend being interviewed by them.

So towards the end of Webb and Goodman’s livestream, they called Fitzgibbon on the phone because they had just interviewed him the day before. They asked him how they could get in touch with Julian Assange and Goodman mentioned that they had already messaged Assange, WikiLeaks, and @EmbassyCat on Twitter. Fitzgibbon told them that that was pretty much all they could do.

What’s interesting about Goodman messaging @EmbassyCat is the fact that Bogaert’s associate, Ray Johansen (@JustRay1111, @RayJoha2, @NorwayAn0n), claims to be the administrator of the account. Johansen is also a prolific liar who spends his time threatening female activists and making up insane, bold-faced lies about investigative journalists like Stefania Maurizi, but on the off chance he’s telling truth it seems to me that the sock account was meant to garner trust in order to collect information from and/or about WikiLeaks, Assange, and activists.

The Crowdsource the Truth situation is a perfect example of how people fed that account information believing that it was direct pipeline to Assange—and maybe it was. You can read more about this story that ties in with earlier Rabbit Files about Embassy Cat and AnonIntelGroup at “Updates, Disclaimers, and Corrections.”

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