How Beth Blackburn Bogaerts’ Very Public Online Operation Started

In January 2020, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) started a ludicrous public defamation against me due to an article she didn’t like that was published on my website. She privately smeared me for months prior after I reached out to Thomas Schoenberger for background information about Cicada 3301 and Shadowbox.

If you read this public statement I published a few weeks ago, you already know that it was shocking to me that Snowden’s alleged attorney, Jesselyn Radack, actually supported Bogaerts’ defamation campaign despite the fact I had supported her since the time she first reached out to me about her alleged problems with Trevor Fitzgibbon in June 2018.

After this particular article was published, Bogaerts took her campaign public, clearly with the support of Radack who, not particularly surprising to me now, was held in contempt of court and sanctioned in 2019, and successfully sued twice for defamation. Below is the very public disinfo campaign Bogaerts started in January 2020, which she has now escalated to the point of recently accusing me of sending her a phishing email, threatening to kill her by putting a picture of a “revolver” in this alleged email, and threatening her because I told her to leave me alone or I might file a restraining order.

Her false accusations are criminal offenses in the country in which she currently resides but why get hung up on the details. So here’s how she started her operation which continues unabated as of today:

Wowzers. So in a nutshell, Beth Bogaerts accused me of publishing an article that:

Was “built on speculation”

Spread rumors

Was a “smear piece”

“Trapped her in “manufactured drama”

Included fabricated evidence

Harassed her on behalf of Schoenberger

Thomas Schoenberger was jimmysllama’s source for the entire article

Coupled her with people who have threatened/harassed her

Made her take responsibility for others’ actions

She also claimed (as if the article reported on or reported on differently the following):

She didn’t trust George Webb’s reporting as valid

She was “out of the moment” after she warned Trish not to give the files to Webb/Negron and the article “made it into something it’s not”

A screenshot she posted showed that Rabbit told Webb the files were Guccifer 2 files

She was falsely connected to Erik Prince, Blackwater, Kim Dotcom, Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec, Lee Stranahan, George Webb, Jason Goodman

She never “worked” for Trevor Fitzgibbon

She was never asked to surveil anyone

Shadowbox defrauded her on purpose

As for the wonderful things Bogaerts said about me:

Jimmysllama doesn’t care about credibility or truth

Jimmysllama is covering up serious crimes by using Schoenberger as a source

Jimmysllama is purposely trying to harm me

Jimmysllama is targeting me with false information

Jimmysllama is desperately trying to “take me down”

So Let’s See If Bogaerts Was Right In Waging An Almost-Two Year Harassment and Defamation Campaign…Here’s What Was Actually Written In the Article That Pertained To Mrs. Bogaerts:

The article is two web pages long, it is only one part in a ten-part series that doesn’t even focus on Bogaerts; it focuses mainly on #Unity4J and Suzie Dawson, and below is the first and only time that she is mentioned on the first page. The source for the following information about Bogaerts’ involvement in starting a PR firm with Trevor Fitzgibbon and Thomas Schoenberger comes from Bogaerts’ own public statements.

If anything should be corrected here it’s that Defango DID NOT co-found the company with them. He was brought in later.

The source below is obviously independent journalist and researcher, Trish Negron. Not Thomas Schoenberger. Not Defango. Not Trevor Fitzgibbon. Bogaerts knows she can’t go after Negron so she’s spun a new story line that this information MUST have come from Schoenberger.

The source below is Bogaerts. She sent me a DM stating that she helped Fitzgibbon for a couple of years (she sent the DM in 2018, you do the math), which allegedly included Bogaerts stalking Jesselyn Radack and trying to catch a mole inside the Wikileaks community (I laugh every time I remember that Bogaerts actually said this to Schoenberger).

Her issue is that the word “worked with” was used instead of “helped.” Um okay. You helped Fitzgibbon allegedly stalk and attack people since 2016. Better? Trish Negron is the one who said that Bogaerts put Fitzgibbon in touch with her. Not Fitzgibbon, not Schoenberger, not Defango.

Again, the source below is Trish Negron. Not Fitzgibbon. Not Schoenberger. Not Defango.

Again, the source below is Trish Negron. Not Fitzgibbon. Not Schoenberger. Not Defango. For the record, Negron stated all of these things in a video she made with Jason Goodman after the thumb drive incident. Additionally, Bogaerts personally admitted to Defango that she and others peddled the files to Negron and that Fitzgibbon was going to put her in touch with Lara Logan.

The source below (which has been repeatedly mentioned in the article at this point) is Trish Negron. And yes, it’s unclear (at least to why Bogaerts couldn’t decipher the files since she’s stated ad nauseam that she’s some kind of documents guru. That’s not defamation, Mrs. Bogaerts. That’s not targeting you. That’s being confused why your actions don’t match your self-professed abilities.

Again, the source below is Trish Negron and the video she made with Jason Goodman. However, leaked DMs between Negron and White Rabbit also show that Bogaerts became inexplicably (at least to upset when Negron asked if she could credit her. This isn’t a smear job. This isn’t defamation. It’s what happened, yes?

I mean…it’s kinda hard to argue now Bogaerts’ righteousness to try and cancel Negron because she repeated White Rabbit’s words that he believed he had the Seth Rich files since Shadowbox took on Ed Butowsky as a client less than two months later.

The sources below are multiple online tweets (including Bogaerts) and DMs (including Bogaerts’ that she to sent me) that chronicled what happened after the thumb drive incident. Are you now saying, Mrs. Bogaerts, that this is incorrect, that you weren’t “upfront about the files,” and you want a retraction?

The sources below are an email released by Defango and Schoenberger’s deposition. Bogaerts not only admitted to co-founding Shadowbox, less than two months after this article was published she purposely made the decision to become an anonymous source for the Daily Beast as a former member of Shadowbox.

The source below is obviously Defango and no one has actually denied that some of Shadowbox’s corporate documents were shady AF. The question has always been who was to blame for them which takes us to the next excerpt…

The sources here are Defango, Schoenberger, and Bogaerts, and what was published in the article was that Bogaerts DISAGREED with the direction of the company. As for the $50,000 investment, although Steve Outtrim is quoted, that figure also came directly to me from Bogaerts via Twitter DMs.

Bogaerts maliciously and intentionally accused me of using “faked evidence” due to quoting Steve Outtrim. She clearly doesn’t remember that she said the exact same thing to me. Lies can be tricky to keep up with…

Not surprisingly, two months after the article was published, Bogaerts literally filed a lawsuit against Trevor Fitzgibbon for the $11,000 she previously called “faked evidence,” and then failed to issue any apology for her deliberate malice and delusional allegations.

The sources below are Bogaerts’ own emails and DMs she sent to me, emails from Schoenbrger, and (I think) one of Defango’s now privatized videos. The reporting is that Bogaerts was never interested in the Seth Rich story and that it was Defango who was allegedly interested in surveilling the Rich family–he’s emphatically denied the allegations– NOT her. But wait, this is Bogaerts’ side of the story so how could it have possibly come from Schoenberger as she’s REPEATEDLY stated?? Isn’t he trying to DESTROY her?? That’s sarcasm for the Scandinavian freak that stalks my website approximately 20-40x a day.

By the way, the simple observation above that anyone with an IQ over 80 could make like Bogaerts allegedly not being interested in Seth Rich but Shadowbox still took $20,000 from a client who literally wanted his image cleaned up because of the Seth Rich conspiracy, doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or Trevor Fitzgibbon, or Schoenberger, or Defango to figure out.

Bogaerts uses the same tactics that Kitty Hundal (another associate of Ray Johansen’s, go figure) used against myself and others when it came to #Unity4J. “Oh noooes, how did Jimmysllama and Class Conscious figure out that we invited fashy Trump insiders like Cassandra Fairbanks and Jack Posobiec to come on our vigils which were broadcast on a public Youtube channel??! It must have been that fed-snitch Kaidinn who’s acting as their source!”

Yes. The only way even semi-intelligent people can put 2 and 2 together is by being coached by the very people ya’ll have longstanding personal problems with–like, do you even listen to yourself and the absurd things that come out of your mouth? Or are you and your friends just paid to do and say all of these things that very much hurt innocent people?

The source below comes from Schoenberger’s deposition and it’s called deduction. This is also pointing out that Mr. Schoenberger probably lied in his deposition about Defango hacking him.

Did you hire and/or pay me to publish that, Mrs. Bogaerts???

The source below is Defango and I hate to break it to you, Mrs. Bogaerts, but a lot of people have used Defango’s leaked emails including your own (former?) associate whom you were paying weekly, yes? —> Lestat (@ATafoyovsky). You have obsessively targeted a journalist over this and tried to make it into a personal problem like you have with a myriad of other people, especially women. Are you saying that only you and your friends are allowed to use leaked emails just like how you said that I’m not allowed to speak to sources who have criminal records?

P.S. You must have paid me to write that little part about Fitzgibbon, eh?

Again, Mrs. Bogaerts, you are the source here. Check your DMs.

I believe this is based on leaked emails from Defango. Again, Bogaerts (and Radack) clearly paid me to write this stuff about Fitzgibbon, yes?

The source is Bogaerts’ own tweets with Vos and the point being, which she can’t seem to grasp, is that Butowsky was promoting, or at least trying to protect the Seth Rich conspiracy, through a myriad of different people. Whether she likes it or not, that included her, Shadowbox, and people like Fairbanks. At no point was it even inferred that Bogaerts knew or worked with her.

Geez, I’m guessing Bogaerts must have paid or influenced me to write this, too. I mean, boy, this clip below sounds more like I’m HER mouthpiece than Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, or Defango’s, eh? Should I file a court case unrelated to you, Mrs. Bogaerts, perjure myself, and name you as one of my private financiers who “influenced” me to publish this kind of stuff?

No evidence required of course, right? But see…I DO have evidence, don’t I, Mrs. Bogaerts? I have nine months of you sending me derogatory, defamatory, and assumptive material on both Fitzgibbon and Defango.

This came directly from you, Mrs. Bogaerts.

Last but not least, this also came directly from you, Mrs. Bogaerts, and I added it to the article. This was literally the only thing you denied that was actually published in the article.

Now let’s go back to that stunning list of lies Mrs. Bogaerts posted about me and/or the article, and that Radack, a member of this cyber defamation and harassment group, so eagerly supported:

The article is not “built on speculation”

Bogaerts falsely claims the article is based on speculation. But about what? That she was involved in Cicada 3301, Shadowbox, the White Rabbit thumb drive incident, working for Ed Butowsky, and now currently, falsely, and laughably accusing me of hacking and threatening her by sending a phishing email that contained a picture of a revolver? Those are all facts. Even Suzie Dawson isn’t this delusional.

The article does not spread rumors.

Bogaerts falsely claims the article spreads rumors. The only question in the article as it pertains to Bogaerts is whether or not she told Trish Negron that White Rabbit’s thumb drive might be the Seth Rich files. As of now, everything else that Negron told Goodman about Bogaerts has been confirmed by Bogaerts’ own messages to Defango.

The article is not a smear piece.

The best part about this entire thing is that Bogaerts actually created a sock account to troll me online, I responded to the sock account that I didn’t care what they had to say because, again, it was a SOCK ACCOUNT that I thought was trying to cause more drama, and then she used her sock account to publicly claim on Twitter AND IN COURT DOCUMENTS that this proved I wouldn’t listen to her side of the story.

Bogaerts’ “Omg I don’t use sock accounts” sock account

This is her evidence that the article was a smear job.

This is also some seriously f*cked up behavior. Not only that, Bogaerts, Ray Johansen and Jesselyn Radack have repeatedly accused other people of doing this type of thing to provoke a response they can use in court (they even convinced me at one point) but it’s actually them that do this.

More on this later.

The article does not “trap her” in “manufactured drama.”

Bogaerts falsely claims the article “trapped her” in “manufactured drama.” Again, she was involved in Cicada 3301, Shadowbox, the White Rabbit thumb drive incident, and working for Ed Butowsky. Those are all facts. So is her admission that wiretapping and/or surveillance came up during a meeting at Butowsky’s home. If all of this is manufactured drama, then Bogaerts and her former associates are 100% to blame for manufacturing it, no one else.

The article does not contain fabricated evidence from Steve Outtrim and the content of any DMs that Bogaerts sent to jimmysllama have not been altered in any way.

This is a serious and incredibly false allegation that Bogaerts made against a journalist.

The article did not harass Bogaerts.

The article in no way harasses Mrs. Bogaerts and the main sources for information came directly from her, Defango, and Trish Negron. Unfortunately, those facts don’t fit her latest operation.

The article coupled her with people who have threatened and harassed her.

Among a host of other things that do not pertain to Bogaerts, the article discusses Cicada 3301, Shadowbox, Shadowbox’s client, Ed Butowsky, and the Seth Rich conspiracy — all of which Bogaerts deliberately and consciously made the decision to couple herself with.

In February 2020, Ray Johansen told her the same thing and yet, not surprisingly, Bogaerts has never perjured herself in court about Johansen or targeted him in a defamation campaign. That is apparently reserved strictly for me which, in and of itself, exposes Bogaerts’ deliberate operation against me.

The article did not made her take responsibility for others’ actions.

How exactly does Bogaerts plan on backing up this absurd statement?

She also claimed (as if the article reported on or reported on differently the following):

She didn’t trust George Webb’s reporting as valid new story.

Right. And the article never reported that she did. Bogaerts did, however, change her story. The concern she initially told people privately was that Webb was Mossad (and that somehow meant Mossad would care that she and her associates were peddling worthless, old files). Fear mongering.

She was “out of the moment” after she warned Trish not to give the filed to Webb/Trish and the article “made it into something it’s not.”

First of all, I honestly have no idea what this disinfo agent is trying to say. Second, she was NOT out of any moment. Not only did she remain in contact with White Rabbit, she reached out to Defango after the Crowdsource the Truth livestream and offered to help him. Then she defamed Webb, Goodman, and Negron for weeks, if not years. Out of inexplicable vindictiveness, she deleted Negron’s Twitter account that Bogaerts let her use for an online news feed they started and even Negron was shocked by her longtime friend’s behavior.

More importantly, DMs that showed Bogaerts offered to help Defango were not published on this website until this year meaning that Bogaerts probably assumed that no one knew about it and could lie back in January 2020 by stating things like “I was out of that moment.”

A screenshot she posted showed that Rabbit told Webb the files were Guccifer 2 files.

The screenshot that Bogaerts has been waving around for years shows that White Rabbit told Webb that Guccifer 2 posted the files. At no point did White Rabbit tell him what the content of the files were but he did say that he thought the thumb drive was how WikiLeks got the emails. Additionally, no matter how many times Bogaerts lies, Rabbit absolutely told Negron he thought they were the Seth Rich files and then he told Goodman and Webb THE EXACT SME THING in the “Stuff for Mike” video. Full f*cking stop.

Try as you might, you ain’t rewriting history, Mrs. Bogaerts.

She was falsely connected to Erik Prince, Blackwater, Kim Dotcom, Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec, Lee Stranahan, George Webb, Jason Goodman

Uh huh. When and where did this happen exactly? Oh, because in the same 5,000+ word article, under totally different subtitles and about totally different parts of the Seth Rich story, some of these people were mentioned? Right.

And Bogaerts knew EXACTLY who George Webb was otherwise she would have never told Negron not to give him the files because “he was Mossad.”

If anything, for a long time Bogaerts privately pushed the narrative that Trevor Fitzgibbon was working for Erik Prince that is until I cornered her on backing up her allegations. She admitted she had no idea if he did or not but the damage was done because now her associates claim the same thing with zero evidence that proves this. THIS is how they run their operation. She puts out the lies and then let’s everyone run with them.

She never”worked” for Trevor Fitzgibbon.

Right. Bogaerts “helped” him “for years.” So much so, in fact, that she claims she “knows everything about him.” Creepy.

She was never asked to surveil anyone.

Right. And the article never said that she was. Here’s the full snippet:

And here’s Mrs. Bogaerts (below) two months later acting as an anonymous, “right-wing activist” source for A MALE JOURNALIST at the Daily Beast and confirming that surveillance did indeed come up in conversation. One of the things that proves your stalker behavior and harassment towards me, Mrs. Bogaerts, is that you’ve never gone after other journalists who have published the same story, the same details, and even called you a “right-wing activist.”

Thomas Schoenberger was jimmysllama source.

The thing you have to remember is that THIS is the article that Bogaerts used to file false allegations against me months later in court in a case I had nothing to do with.

THIS is the article, what you see in the snippets above, that led Bogaerts to falsely claim that Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, and Defango use my website to defame, threaten, and harass her.

THIS is the article she used to falsely claim I threatened her family along with Fitzgibbon, Schoenberger, and Defango.

THIS is the article that has now led Bogaerts to such extreme and deeply concerning behavior (to delegitimize a journalist exposing online disinfo operations) as to accuse a journalist of sending her a phishing email with a picture of a “revolver” in it as a threat to murder her.

Maybe I’ll get to this new operation in another post because, if nothing else, Bogaerts has provided some of the most stunning material for the types of behavior that activists and journalists should watch out for in order to keep themselves safe; financing, monetary gifts, whisper campaigns, gaslighting, outright lying, excessive victimhood, perjury to frame journalists, accusing innocent people of criminal acts, disinfo campaigns…

And then you should ask yourself why so-called longterm activists and gatekeepers who act like they know better never warned you about these people.

If Bogaerts wants to cry about anyone being my source, she should cry about her own Twitter DMs, Defango releasing emails to his viewers, and Trish Negron for making that video with Jason Goodman. Again, Bogaerts is simply using the tactics that a former member of AnonIntelGroup used to use against myself and others about #Unity4J–Kitty Hundal. Take a simple observation that literally anyone can make and spin it into a new narrative that the person who made the simple observation was actually fed the information by someone you have personal problems with, someone whose reputation you’ve marred, and/or they’ve marred themselves.

And Kitty Hundal wasn’t the only one associated with AnonIntelGroup, a hacking group that some are now saying was run by a former UK police officer who worked in intelligence. Ray Johansen, Aaron Kesel, (allegedly) Kaidinn and (allegedly) AnonScandinavia were all members and as early as April 2017, right when White Rabbit allegedly first reached out to Defango about the files, Bogaerts called the group her “amazing friends.”

Bogaerts was also working with Johansen’s associate as early as January 2017, if not earlier, at which point this assciate announced that they had made her editor of something. Six months later, this same associate threatened everyone on the internet if they went after Bogaerts after the whole White Rabbit/thumb drive incident. This was also at the exact same time Bogaerts claims she first met Schoenberger “as himself.”

Now why exactly was Anonymous mixed up in the thumb drive incident?

Shadowbox purposely defrauded her.

..and Bogaerts took her fellow Shadowbox members to court over this allegation. And? I have nothing to do with this and the article never reported one way or another. More fake drama for Bogaerts’ audience.

As for the wonderful things Bogaerts said about me:

Jimmysllama does care about truth or credibility.

Although Bogaerts said that Jimmysllama doesn’t care about truth or credibility, of course I do. Her own hero said I had well-sourced articles.

Is that what this is about? Jealously because Wikileaks/Assange has never acknowledged Bogaerts despite the fact she’s tagged them in her tweets like 20 million times trying to get attention? My articles have always been well-sourced and if anyone has had any concerns about what’s actually published on my website, I’ve always been happy to listen and post corrections/retractions, if need be.

Mrs. Bogaerts appears to be under the impression that after blogging for over five years about well known crime cases and then creating a website to continue my journalistic endeavors by writing about such things as the Soviet-Afghan War, U.S. involvement in drug trafficking, Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act, the fall of Russia, capital flight and money laundering in Russia, and Julian Assange, I decided in 2019 to ditch my reputation in order to team up with some unknown guy from California named Thomas Schoenberger.

I apparently did this in order to “cover up” Mr. Schoenberger’s alleged crimes–again, a man I had never heard of before until Mrs. Bogaerts deliberately brought him to my attention. If he’s so dangerous as she claims, why is she dragging women into her problems with him??

I also apparently did this to personally harass her, a woman I know virtually nothing about on a personal level nor have I ever had some sort of personal relationship with her.

Lastly, I apparently did all this (whatever “this” exactly is besides publishing an article that hurt Mrs. Bogaerts’ feelings) in order to threaten and hack her emails despite having no technical knowledge, motive, and inclination to do such insane (and criminal) things.

Why Mrs. Bogaerts believes a journalist is willing to risk prison time for her is beyond me. More importantly, why Mrs. Bogaerts thinks that she’s this important is beyond me.

Jimmysllama is covering up serious crimes by using Schoenberger as a source.

Correct. Just like Stephen Michaud covered up Ted Bundy’s crimes by interviewing him, Piers Morgan covered up the crimes of THREE (!) serial killers by revisiting their stories back in 2017, and Nadia Fezzani actually wrote an entire book on serial killers so obviously she’s pretty much a murderer herself. Don’t forget about journalist Jillian Lauren who interviewed serial killer, Sam Little (how dare she!), and Mark Pinsky who also interviewed Ted Bundy so, I mean, my god, he practically helped bury the bodies, amirite?

At this rate, according to Mrs. Bogaerts, the U.S. government should imprison both Randy Credico and Stefania Maurizi for covering up Assange’s alleged crimes because they…uh oh…spoke to and/or interviewed him. Assange was also accused of rape so according to Mrs. Bogaerts, they’re both covering up sex crimes, too.

Jimmysllama is purposely trying to harm me.

For what purpose? I have no personal interest in Bogaerts other than combatting her insane defamation campaign against me and her targeting of innocent families and children. Journalistically speaking, her own deliberate actions to finance a company and multiple men and take part in disinfo ops has, yes, placed her in a public interest story. And?

Jimmysllama is targeting me with false information.

Which false information is that, Mrs. Bogaerts? Name it. Be specific. Point out the exact sentence(s) in the article that are false. Surely you can do that after almost two years of defaming me and purposely trying to have multiple families and their children physically harmed, yes?

Do you mean the part where Trish Negron said you told her the .7z files might be the Seth Rich files and then this was added to the article as an update? You mean that?

Jimmysllama desperately wants to “take down” Bogaerts.

Did you eat paint chips as a child or are you paid to act this way? No seriously because what on God’s green earth do you think my motive is to “take you down?” I’ve never been personally involved with you. I wasn’t “with” Ray Johansen when you lied about all of these things. The only thing I did was speak with Schoenberger about background information regarding Cicada 3301 and Shadowbox so I’m curious, Mrs. Bogaerts, how does that equate to “taking you down” in your world?

The only thing that screams your guilt in all of this is the fact you’re now going so far as to have your own friends send you phishing emails that allegedly contain threats so you can frame innocent people for crimes your own friends committed..

That screams you’re trying to cover up something. Wanna talk about? Give me the exclusive?

Mrs. Bogaerts also doesn’t want anyone to remember the fact that the only reason I started publishing on this story is because she herself and Jesselyn Radack reached out to me to talk about their endless saga with Trevor Fitzgibbon.

During this time period, Bogaerts had exactly zero reservations contacting me for 9 months with screenshots, assumptive material, derogatory comments, and rumors about Fitzgibbon, Defango, Elizabeth Lea Vos, Suzie Dawson, Randy Credico, @BellaMagnani, and more. But the second anyone dares to point out her own involvement in things like Cicada, Shadowbox, wanting to use military tactics (which included PSYOPS) against people on social media, and the White Rabbit thumb drive incident, watch out.

Whenever I try to defend myself against these insane ongoing allegations that Beth Bogaerts makes against me, she and her associates always spin it that I’m speaking on behalf of Thomas Schoenberger. So they victimize, harass, threaten, blackmail, defame, dox, and frame innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit, and then when you try to defend your reputation they continue the defamation by claiming your defense is on behalf of someone else.

Looool wut?

I have also been saying this for a year now: These operations (I believe) are 100% meant to sway U.S. court cases. In 2018 and 2019, Bogaerts’ friend, Jesselyn Radack, desperately wanted to win the defamation cases lodged against her. However, not only did she pay up despite her other associate claiming that he hacked U.S. citizens to help her case, she was sanctioned by the court.

In 2020, Bogaerts filed a lawsuit against Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, and Chavez that she desperately wanted to win and I’m assuming she wanted any and all articles squashed that pointed to her deliberate involvement in social media operations and ongoing manipulations (not this victimhood story she’s consistently putting out). Hence, it’s not surprisingly her bizarre campaign against me started less than two months before she filed.

Now, Bogaerts is currently being sued by Trevor Fitzgibbon for breach of contract hence the ongoing targeting of him, the defamation to place me as Biss’ paid little helper, and the continued attacks against myself and The Rabbit Files. They desperately need to discredit me.

Recently, Bogaerts stated that Ray Johansen was a horrible person and treated her like crap, adding that he “lied about everything.” All of this was added to the Rabbit Files as it should be to include her voice about that particular part of the story.

However, personally I don’t believe her and if I had to guess, she said it in the hopes that Fitzgibbon doesn’t use in court the fact she’s palled around with a guy who threatens and blackmails women, targets and humiliates children, told her directly that he hacked “everyone,” and claimed to have hacked U.S. citizens in an effort to help Bogaerts’ associate, Jesselyn Radack, win a civil case filed against her.

Featured Illustration: Ryan Casey

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  1. Beth Blackburn Bogaerts has been making up lies about me for years, and trying to drag me into her LARPsuits just as she has with you – and just as other members of this gang of LARPers have done with their own LOLsuits packed with nonsensical allegations.

    Anyone can say anything in Court, that doesn’t make it true. One has to look at means/motive/opportunity, what evidence they present, and how the judge and jury view them. I have never faked any evidence. Some of the claims made by participants in these LARPwars are eyebrow-raising to say the least, and I have tried to highlight to my readers anything that seems unsubstantiated. I even published corrections at Bogaerts request. My investigations of Shadowbox, Q, Crowdsource the Truth and other operations over 5+ years have clearly shown the many ties to Federal agencies of these participants. Like your excellent articles, mine (several series now) are heavily backed with evidence – much of it provided directly by the participants themselves.

    Keep up the good work, there might only be a small group of people who still care about any of this but it is the underpinnings of some of the biggest fake news stories of modern times. Particularly once you start following the roads to the Bisses and Maccobys. “Pizzagate” to me seems to be a damage control operation after Wikileaks published the Podesta emails, showing obvious use of codewords and shocking interpersonal connections to the murky world of child sex trafficking that the mainstream media are desperately trying to cover up again as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial gets underway. Ghislaine Maxwell paid Jacob Wohl to run online LARPs for her. Jacob Wohl, Defango and Mindy Robinson were caught red-handed running an online smear campaign against Adam Green of Know More News – a publicly identified target of Defango’s financier accomplice from Palm Beach. Sheldon Adelson targeted Wikileaks with shadowy operatives. These are known facts, all backed by published evidence. The Las Vegas massacre, targeting a rival casino group to Adelson’s, occurred just 3 weeks before the Q psyop was launched. Just another coincidence?

    I hope you write a book about it all!

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