The Rabbit Files 9.4: The Pro-Trump Disinfo Campaign Surrounding the .7z Files

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In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re covering what happened during the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the lies and disinfo that followed. I highly recommend that you read the first two articles of this entire series, The Rabbit Files 1.0 and The Rabbit Files 1.1 for more background information.

In this article we’re going to cover two videos that were recorded shortly after George Webb and Jason Goodman’s infamous Crowdsource the Truth livestream about the thumb drive that White Rabbit gave indie journalist, Trish Negron, under the guise they were the Seth Rich files.

Stuff For Mike

We first learned about the “Stuff For Mike” folder located inside the .7z files (the files Rabbit gave Negron) in The Rabbit Files 9.2 because Rabbit’s bestie, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), tried to insinuate in direct messages to Manny Chavez (Defango) that the folder contained information about Hillary’s missing emails based on a 2015 Kim Dotcom tweet (it absolutely did not), or it at least appears that she was trying to convey that message.

In a video that was preserved and uploaded to Youtube almost a year after the thumb drive incident, White Rabbit also discussed the “Stuff For Mike” folder with Crowdsource the Truth shortly after Webb and Goodman’s June 1, 2017 livestream. In addition, Rabbit talked about why there were different file sizes between the thumb drive that Rabbit gave Negron and the same files (allegedly) that someone uploaded to Mega Upload. 

And no, disinformation doesn’t even remotely cover what Bogaerts’ close associate told these guys. However, some of this rests on Webb, Goodman, and Negron’s shoulders for failing to research and analyze what exactly White Rabbit was telling them which was a completely bogus disinformation campaign in favor of Trump.

And yes, you should probably download this video before it gets deleted or privatized like everything else after it’s mentioned in The Rabbit Files.

Crosscheck and Voter Purge

One of the first things that Webb asked Rabbit in the video that the Youtube user aptly named, “Stuff For Mike,” was about something called “swapping,” which Rabbit said probably had to do with “Crosscheck,” also known as the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program. According to Wikipedia, Crosscheck was a “database in the United States which aggregated voter registration records from multiple states to identify voters who may have registered or voted in two or more states.”

The program was shut down after widespread criticism over its “loose matching standards,” which only included “crosschecking” voters’ first and last names and birthdates. Crosscheck didn’t even take into account two people with the same name and birthday but different social security numbers, increasing their odds that the system would purge them from the voter roll. There were also concerns about the program’s privacy and security flaws. 

But here’s what White Rabbit discussed with Webb:

Rabbit: “I want to say that swapping is, uh, has to do with Crosscheck.”

Webb:  “What is Crosscheck?”

Rabbit: “Okay, so, um, I want to believe that they…it’s in there….they kept Obama’s file separate by a server.”

Webb: Oh, they didn’t let Bernie Sanders see the voter rolls or the lists?” [Ya’ll realize that NGP-VAN keeps the DNC campaigns separate right? That was the whole beef over an IT guy from the Bernie campaign penetrating Hillary’s campaign via flaws in the NGP-VAN system in mid-December 2015]

Rabbit: I don’t believe so, no, but that was also kept separate for a purpose, to overlay it with the DNC files.” [which DNC files?]

Webb: “Can you tell us more about this Crosscheck?”

Rabbit: “Ok, so, when you have the list for Obama, you take the DNC voter list and you overlay those you get, uh, another list of people, potential Bernie voters, people that voted for Obama, millennials…that are not on the [unintelligible] DNC list so they’re potentially not voting for Hillary, so those are the people you would want to not have at the polls because they’re not going to—they’re likely voting independent.”

Negron: “So how do you keep them from going to the polls?”

Indeed. What’s a gal like Hillary to do? Well, according to White Rabbit, census forms were sent out and if you didn’t receive one then you were purged from the voter roll. Ok, first, it’s mandated by the U.S. Constitution that a census be taken every ten years. There’s nothing conspiratorial about that.

Second, yes, in some parts of the U.S. like Lowell, Massachusetts, a state where Rabbit appears to have been living when this kettle of LARP was going down, they do require that you complete the census or risk being removed from the active voting list or worse, voter registration. However, I can assure you that not every city, town, and village in America operates like this but Rabbit didn’t clarify this fact.

More importantly, what in the world does this have to do with the .7z files or Crosscheck? White Rabbit at least stated something along the lines of how “they basically claim you’re registered in two districts…” and how they kick you out of the district you’re in by using someone else’s name which was closer to Crosscheck than anything else he was talking about. But then he added “…to filter out Bernie supporters.”

Um no. The .7z files were so outdated and mundane there’s literally nothing in them about Bernie Sanders and the 2016 election no matter how many times White Rabbit and Defango declared it to be true. And let me further enlighten the “I’m so vile and desperate for attention I sit around making up social media ops to manipulate the American public” basement dwellers: The Crosscheck program was run by Kris Kobach, a member of Trump’s transition team, so the fact that White Rabbit was trying to pin this on Hillary is comical. 

Blame others for what your own politican is doing.

In August 2016, The Rolling Stone ran the headline, “The GOP’s Stealth War Against Voters” in reference to Crosscheck and reported, “[F]or Kris Koback…the outdated software was a tool for propping up his narrative about widespread voter fraud.” According to The Washington Post, “Kobach’s championing of Crosscheck is one reason many voting rights advocates are concerned that President Trump’s voter fraud commission may be a vehicle for recommending mass voter purges.”

Trump and Kobach

So rather than focus on the myriad of things one could go after HRC for like supporting countries she knew for a fact were funding ISIS, White Rabbit took it upon himself to rewrite an entire story about “swapping” (whatever that is) and Crosscheck that whitewashed entirely what the GOP was doing.

Again, blame others for that which you are doing.

At one point he told Crowdsource the Truth that he “tried to get this out to indie media but it’s technical so people don’t grasp it,” looool, sure. Maybe he meant, “I tried to plant a larpy story in the media to distract from Trump because they’re suckers for bait.”

Tech Jobs

After pushing the whole, “Let’s make everyone think the .7z files are about Hillary purging Bernie voters,” White Rabbit pointed out a Powerpoint in the “Stuff For Mike” folder called “Tech Jobs,” stating that it was “pretty blatant how they exploit technology for election purposes.” Oh goodie! Let’s take a look at this because it sounds super classified and so very Cambridge Analytica-ish.

At the 9:10 mark, Goodman pulled up the the “Tech Jobs” Powerpoint and here are a slew of screenshots from this super secret, highly explosive file that clearly Hillary (and Mossad!) were quite possibly willing to kill people over:

Technology jobs in politics? Geeks have a “special perspective?” Political organizations don’t always pay well, they’re understaffed, and you have to work long hours? More data jobs are opening up so you should probably start building a good portfolio and have strong references? Tech jobs include help desk support, website management, and database work? And we got robbed on the “Resources for finding a tech job” portion because that part of the Powerpoint was left blank?

Hoo boy, someone call The New York Times STAT. We’ve got some serious deets on our hands.

This is a prime example of how much fiction White Rabbit was peddling. There is literally nothing in this Powerpoint that shows how technology is “exploited for election purposes” but that’s exactly what he told Crowdsource the Truth. After discussing the “Stuff for Mike” folder, Rabbit actually told Webb, Goodman, and Negron that it was a great place to start when examining the .7z files. SMH.

And I can’t help but keep going back to White Rabbit’s friend, Beth Bogaerts, who has repeatedly claimed over the years that she’s some sort of documents guru or whatnot. Well then, someone please explain to me how she’s tweeting this kind of material (below) but couldn’t figure out that the .7z files were virtually worthless and folders like “Stuff for Mike” contained banal information like “Tech Jobs.” This is the same person who openly admitted to Defango (Manny Chavez) that she tried to peddle these files to multiple people. The thread below was written 6 months after the White Rabbit-thumb drive incident:

There is something very wrong with this picture and if I had to guess, it’s that Bogaerts’ Twitter account is either a group account, someone is feeding her the WikiLeaks’ tweets she posts (some of which are in-depth, complex, and created by someone who has a firm grasp of U.S. foreign policy and international intrigue), or she understands all of this perfectly and purposely used the .7z files to help run a social media operation/LARP with White Rabbit (and others).

And no, I have no evidence for this. It’s a guess, an opinion, a theory, a conclusion I came to based on available evidence. Understand?

Seth Rich

With the publication of The Rabbit Files 1.1 after one astute Twitter user brought to everyone’s attention a relatively unknown Google document of Trish Negron’s text messages with White Rabbit, we now know that the Rabbit pushed the theory that the .7z files he had in his possession might be the Seth Rich files. This is also after Bogaerts denied it for years.

The super fun thing about the “Stuff For Mike” video is that it confirms, once again, what we already know:

I decided at the last minute to split this post up into three sections so we’ll cover the rest of this video and the second (disinfo) video in the next two parts, the first of which will be published tomorrow night.

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