Boston Bombing

Part 1 ➝  Frank Giustra’s Uranium Deal, Kazakhstan Corruption, and the Boston Bombers’ Uncle Part 2 ➝ Ruslan Tsarni’s Witness Statement LUKOIL So why did Ruslan Tsarni leave at least four of Nelson Resources’ subsidiaries on December 2, 2005?  I’ll tell you why:  Because three days later, Russian oil conglomerate Lukoil,Continue Reading

Part One ➝  Frank Giustra’s Uranium Deal, Kazakhstan Corruption, and the Boston Bombers’ Uncle RUSLAN TSARNI Looking back towards the end of 2009, you may remember that Mukhtar Ablyazov had fled to London, Mukhtar Dzhakishev was arrested, charged, and imprisoned for his role in illegally selling off uranium interests toContinue Reading

(Original published on January 27, 2017) Let me start by saying that this post in no way proves or even suggests that the Clintons were familiar with the Boston bombers’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni.  Nor does it prove that Tsarni and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were working for the CIA and/or Russia—which manyContinue Reading

TSARNAEV TRIAL: April 22, 2013: Tsarnaev Initial Appearance → TSARNAEV INITIAL APPEARANCE TRANSCRIPT April 16, 2014: Tsarnaev Motion Hearing → TSARNAEV SAMS VISITS December 5, 2014: Exhibit A → DNA-STR COMPREHENSIVE REPORT December 16, 2014: Preliminary Witness List → US Government Witness List December 22, 2014: Document 787-8 → TAMERLANContinue Reading

LIST OF PROSECUTION’S EVIDENCE This is the exact list of evidence that is in blog post “Boston Bombing:  List of Evidence 1” but in the order of events in which they happened instead of numerical order of the evidence (which you can find → HERE.)  If you would prefer aContinue Reading

LIST OF PROSECUTION’S EVIDENCE I’ve listed the day the evidence was presented first, but the list is essentially in numerical order of the evidence.  If you would prefer a list of the evidence by the order of events in which they happened go → HERE.  If you would prefer aContinue Reading

The witness list for Day 11 was even shorter than Day 10.  Only two people on the stand:  FBI Agent Kevin Swindon, who was back to finish his testimony from the previous court day, and Dr. Matthew Levitt, the prosecution’s terrorism expert (the defense vigorously objected to this witness).  TheContinue Reading

Day 10 saw only three witnesses on the stand:  FBI Agent Brian Corcoran, FBI Special Agent Philip Christiana, and FBI Special Agent Kevin Swinden. 69.  FBI Agent Brian Corcoran Agent Corcoran, a bomb technician, testified the day before and was back on the stand in the morning, still under direct. Continue Reading

63.  Massachusetts State Police Trooper Robert McCarthy Since 2005, Trooper McCarthy has worked with the MSP bomb squad. In his line of work he investigates arson, explosions, and suspicious packages. On April 18, 2013, McCarthy heard reports about the MIT shooting and responded to the campus with a K-9 unit.Continue Reading

As Day 8 of the Tsarnaev trial began, the courtroom filled up with spectators, victims and journalists while a secret meeting in Judge O’Toole’s chambers delayed the much-anticipated testimony of boat owner, David Henneberry.  When the trial finally got underway reporters noted that eight of the eighteen jurors were “deckedContinue Reading