Tsarnaev Trial Witnesses: Day 9

63.  Massachusetts State Police Trooper Robert McCarthy

Trooper McCarthySince 2005, Trooper McCarthy has worked with the MSP bomb squad. In his line of work he investigates arson, explosions, and suspicious packages. On April 18, 2013, McCarthy heard reports about the MIT shooting and responded to the campus with a K-9 unit. He and his dog swept the area but they did not find anything suspicious.

After McCarthy took the stand, the tweets that went out during his initial testimony were confusing.  At least for me.  Here is what I have:

– After the Mercedes SUV carjacking report, McCarthy went looking for the carjackers because he learned Watertown PD had located them.  Huh?

– When he was still at the MIT campus, he heard reports over the radio from Watertown police, “Shots fired!” and “They’re throwing bombs at us.”

– At some point (it’s unclear when), Watertown police called out that they needed a bomb squad on Laurel Street so McCarthy headed over there. (But wasn’t he already on his way?)

– According to one tweet, he made it to Laurel Street in time to hear a loud explosion and saw the ensuing smoke from the detonated bomb.  Huh.  Really?  The first radio broadcast that Watertown police officers sent out about bombs being thrown was about one minute and twenty seconds into the gunfight.  According to this video, the pressure cooker (the last bomb thrown) went off about 45 seconds before Jahar escaped in the Mercedes SUV, or 45 seconds before the gunfight ended.  That means the latest possible bomb McCarthy could have witnessed went off within three minutes and ten seconds (approximately) of the first “bombs are being thrown” radio dispatch.  He had to have been on his way to Laurel Street prior to hearing this dispatch.  Interestingly, this timeline would also mean that Jahar, not Tamerlan, inevitably threw the pressure cooker bomb.  Yet, prosecutors failed to show this during trial.  Why?

– He could not get close to the Laurel Street scene because of how many police cars were there.

So, at some point, he got out of his bomb truck, a Ford F-350, and heard gunfire.  He eventually went back to his truck.

– Watertown officers were screaming at him, “They’re throwing bombs at us!…we need a bomb squad!” (Over the radio?  And what help is the bomb squad in helping to stop bombs from being thrown?  During a gunfight, no less.  Are they carrying a smaller version of the Iron Dome?)

– McCarthy (time unknown) saw officers on Cyprus Street. They too, apparently, were yelling, “They’re throwing bombs at us.”

– He left the scene because he couldn’t get to Laurel.

– At some point, he went up to School Street.

– At some point, he headed up to Mt. Auburn Street to inspect a suspicious cardboard box in the middle of the road. After the box checked out to be just a box, he headed back to Laurel Street.

explosionFirst off, can someone please explain to me why every cop in the city wanted a piece of these carjackers when every single person in a position of authority told the public, “We were NOT aware that these guys were the Boston bombers prior to the shootout.”  Really?  So why the hard on for these guys?  Here’s a carjacking that involved a child that just happened in January, 2015 → 7News.  Hmm, no MIT, State, Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, ad nauseam police departments involved in that one.  Huh.  Look, here’s another one from March → BostonHerald.com.   Yeah, nope, the cavalry wasn’t called out for that one either.

So besides finding it impossible to buy into the narrative that the authorities and media have shoved down our throats, the rest of the tweets about the direct of McCarthy were pretty forthright.  Once he arrived back on Laurel Street, his job was to clear the street of pipe bombs and check the Honda Civic for explosives.  For the pipe bombs left undetonated in the road, McCarthy had them removed by robot and placed in “total containment vessels.”  After the robot placed the bombs in the containers, authorities took them to Moon Island in Quincy Bay.  Just an FYI, at this point in McCarthy’s testimony, the jury was shown a video of the robot approaching and then picking up one of the bombs.  The robot picked up and removed two bombs in total, I believe.  It was not until the next morning, April 20, 2013, that authorities rendered them safe.

Once the bombs arrived on Moon Island, authorities dismantled them, removed the gunpowder and preserved them as evidence.  They were then shipped to the FBI lab in Quantico, VA. The first bomb discussed during testimony looked like a large drain pipe joint which contained black power and had a green hobby fuse attached (which is lit in order to detonate the bomb). It was wrapped in electrical tape, lined with epoxy, and filled with BBs. McCarthy’s thoughts on this kind of bomb? “It’s really heavy…typically we don’t see these types of pipe bombs…I call it an “improvised grenade.” Great! So where do you typically see these rare kinds of bombs? Nope. We don’t get that answer. And, yeah, no one ever asked.  Moving on to the second bomb…

bomb 2The second bomb was similar to the first: it contained gun powder, had a green fuse and was lined with BBs. However, according to McCarthy, this bomb appeared to have been lit at one point. After moving the bombs off Laurel Street, McCarthy inspected the Honda Civic but when his robot was unable to open the truck of the vehicle, McCarthy donned a bomb suit and headed in himself. He found the car contained no explosives but it did contain a computer bag which he removed by robot and had x-rayed. It did not contain any explosives.

After he finished up on Laurel Street, McCarthy was called over to inspect the Mercedes SUV that Jahar had left bomb 3at Spruce and Lincoln. Seriously? Get this guy some breakfast because that is a long day. Once he made it on scene, McCarthy realized that behind the driver’s seat of the Mercedes was a Tupperware container bomb with multiple fuses (because if you can’t get it lit the first time…). His robot, who had obviously called it a day, failed to remove it from the vehicle.  McCarthy either put the bomb suit back on or simply sauntered over to Spruce from Laurel still wearing it.  Either way, McCarthy had to remove what he called a “rather heavy” bomb from the vehicle himself.  How heavy was it?  The gunpowder weighed in at a hefty two to three pounds. The bomb was shown to the jury still containing the gun powder.

It’s not surprising that journalists failed to be clear and concise when relaying the defense’s cross of McCarthy. One journalist tweeted, “Watkins asked McCarthy how he approached Laurel Street, what direction?” yet failed to provide McCarthy’s answer. Another sent out this: “Watkins is showing McCarthy a map of the Laurel Street area. McCarthy showing how he navigated onto the scene.” Does anyone tweet what McCarthy’s actual route was? Of course not. Along those same lines, another journalist said this, “Defense is meticulously asking Trooper McCarthy how he drove to the scene.” Again, we’re given no details whatsoever. Even better, one tweeted, “Watkins is asking McCarthy about where certain vehicles were positioned,” and, without fail, never tells us what his answer was to the question. The journalists’ tweets of the cross ended with, “Not much of a cross.”  But, in actuality, it ended with me banging my head on the wall at the spineless idiocy and blatant bias of the media.

64.  Massachusetts State Police Trooper Matthew Hess
Matthew Hess is the Massachusetts State Trooper who was assigned to process the Mercedes SUV after it was brought to the Watertown Police Department. He was asked to look for a CD in the vehicle which he found in the CD player. However, without the means to start the vehicle (Where are the keys? That’s right. In Dun Meng’s back pocket), Hess called a tow truck company so they could start it and Hess could eject the CD. This is the same CD the Tsarnaevs were playing in the Mercedes the night Dun Meng went for a ride with them was carjacked. When asked by the prosecution about the condition of the front bumper of the vehicle, Hess responded that it was pretty banged up but couldn’t recall if there was any “discoloration” on it (meaning, blood).

mercedes 5Defense Cross:
During a sidebar about the admittance of the defense’s own pictures of the Mercedes, @reaillyadam tweeted, “On204 the stand, Hess looks like someone who’s forgotten the answer he’s suppose to give.” *Sigh* Loved @reaillyadam’s balanced reporting of both sides of the case. In the end, the defense got their pictures of the Mercedes admitted and they showed at least seven bullets had penetrated the passenger side of the vehicle, including the side panels, doors and windshield. Inside the vehicle, bullets pierced the headrest in the backseat, and both the passenger and driver’s headrests. How did Jahar make it out alive?  With that, Trooper Hess was done.

65.  Massachusetts State Police Trooper Patrick Moynihan
Before we get into Trooper Moynihan, remember earlier how journalists failed to tell us much of anything regarding the cross of Trooper McCarthy?  Apparently, before Trooper Moynihan took to the stand, there was a discussion about how the jury failed to see one of the diagrams the defense used to question McCarthy and his arrival into Watertown.  So, testimony was re-read out loud to the jury as the diagram was shown to them.  And, unbelievably, via reporters we still learn nothing about his route into and around Watertown.  Astounding.

Trooper Moynihan is a crime scene investigator and fingerprint expert who works at the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services section.  A little 411 on fingerprints for you:  According to @Laurel_Sweet, our fingerprints come from pressing up against our mother’s womb (What? Crazy), no two people have the same set of prints, including twins, and sweat + oil are essential for leaving prints.  What can ruin a print?  Extreme heat, excessive sweat, wearing gloves, washing hands, wiping and bomb detonations.  There, now run out all of you and go commit your fingerprint-less crimes.  As to specifics about fingerprints like arches, loops and whirls, it’s not going to happen in this post.  Sorry.  I suggest Google.

As to the prints Moynihan looked at, they were the ones left on the Mercedes SUV and the green Honda Civic.  This is that infamous moment in time when the jury was shown pictures of the bloody white gloves seen near the gas pedal of the Honda Civic.  Interestingly, @GlobeCullen tweeted that, “In opening, Weinreb said MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s gloves were found.”  But when I went back to the prosecution’s opening statements it only said, “DNA analysis shows that the blood on those gloves came from Officer Collier.”  Is Cullen mistaken or did I completely miss previous testimony about the gloves being Collier’s?  Even @dhausleon tweeted, “Now seeing pics of inside Tsarnaev’s green Honda with white gloves inside like those worn by Ofc. Sean Collier.”  Huh?  Was there some sort of reference to Collier’s golfing habits during trial that I missed?  Is it possible that not only did Tamerlan and Jahar sneak up on Collier, shoot him and try to take his gun, they also dug around in his police cruiser for two mismatched golfing gloves (that, even odder if you’re a golfer, are two different sizes and for two different hands)?  “Excuse me, officer.  Do you have any golfing gloves?”  I mean, yeah.  Sure.  That happened.  Either way, did we ever learn to whom those gloves belonged?  Of course not.

So what kind of gloves were they?
@MichelleMcPhee:  “…bloody white Callaway gloves…”
@producerjess:  “the white gloves are made by Calloway…”
@dhausleon7:  “They are white and black Callaway golf gloves…”
@lilsarg:  “…white ‘Callaway’ gloves…”

callaway gloveNo, they’re not.  Obviously.  They’re two different brands.  Few news sources actually correctly tweeted what was shown, but @wburlive did with, “At least one is a Callaway golf glove.  Other glove looks like a different brand.”

What else was found in the car?
In the driver side door pocket:  An iPod shuffle, a pen, chapstick, two receipts, a tire pressure gauge and a “smoking pipe of some sort.”  One of the receipts happened to be from an Allston grocery story.  Miraculously, government shill reporter @lilsarg, as usual, just happened to have a picture of it ready to go at that exact moment.  Huh.  How does that work?:

allston store

Elsewhere in the car:  A bloody, UMass Dartmouth key ring with a key still in the ignition, half a dozen more keys, and a few scanner card key chains.

In the center console:  iPod cable, an iPod nano, band-aids, what “appears to be a wrapped condom,” dental floss, and an USB cord.

In the backseat:  Toilet paper, fruit punch Gatorade, a watch, and a wallet.  Inside the wallet they found Tamerlan’s driver’s license which was admitted into evidence.

inside honda 2What does the media fail to mention?  The sticky note that’s clearly on the front passenger seat and the object that’s wrapped up in a light-bluish towel near the emergency brake.  But don’t worry about things like, “Why was there a sticky note with a UMass Darthmouth professor’s phone number on the front seat?”  If no one wanted to talk about in trial, well, then, it’s good enough for the American public to stop asking questions.

Getting back to the purpose of this witness—fingerprints.  Yes, He found Jahar’s fingerprints on the rear driver side door in the Honda Civic.  Another print was on the car stereo and a third, on the iPod Nano.  Tamerlan’s prints were also found on the exterior passenger side door and inside the Honda.  Shocking testimony, isn’t it?  I mean, after all, this was one of their personal vehicles.  After this, the prosecution abruptly moved onto the blood splatters that were seen on the Mercedes bumper.  When asked what they were, Moynihan replied, “They look like red-brown stains to me,” and did not confirm they were blood stains.  Then the prosecution monkey-jumped back to fingerprints and Moynihan confirmed that Jahar’s fingerprints matched prints found on the Mercedes gas tank cover, rear wheel well and hood.  Yeah, yeah, I got it.  They want to show Jahar mowed down his brother.  But this still doesn’t prove it.  Ten of Jahar’s prints were found on the exterior of the Mercedes, while three of Tamerlan’s were found.  Additionally, two of Jahar’s were found inside the vehicle while seven of Tamerlan’s were found.

LaurelAlso recovered by authorities in the Mercedes was a purple CD (with Jahar’s prints) and a magazine for the P-15 Ruger handgun found on the driver’s side next to the seat (also with Jahar’s prints).

Cross examination by defense:
The defense started by pointing out the obvious which was, if you own or drive a car, your prints are probably in and/or on it.  They asked Moynihan when Jahar’s prints were placed in the vehicle (Honda) and he responded that he had no idea.  In fact, he had no way of knowing when any prints were left behind.  The defense also asked him about the receipts found in Tamerlan’s wallet:

Defense: “What kind of receipts in the wallet?”
Moynihan:  “I don’t remember.”

In response to Moynihan, the defense pulled up a photo showing both receipts to “refresh his memory.”
1.  Target receipt from 4/14/2013 for the purchase of two backpacks.
2.  A $900 MoneyGram receipt to Russia (his mother) sent by Tamerlan.

receiptsSo remember how earlier testimony only discussed two receipts in Tamerlan’s wallet?  Guess again.  Next thing you know, tweets jumped to two more receipts that were found:
1.  A 3/30/2013 Home Depot receipt showing the purchase of a soldering gun.
2.  A 4/11/2013 Stateline Gun and Ammo receipt from New Hampshire.

Cross over.

66.  D.J. Fife
A latent print physical scientist/forensic examiner with the FBI latent print unit who fingerprinted two people on the evening of April 19, 2013.  One was Jahar at Beth Israel Hospital and the second person was…did you really expect the prosecution to ask that, or the witness to tell us, or the journalists to tweet it?  Come on.  But in all seriousness, if they did, I’m not aware of it.  I’m assuming they also meant Tamerlan.

So onto the fingerprints.  Nah.  There’s no testimony about fingerprints from this fingerprint expert.  The prosecution brought this guy in to tell us about the “property” that was collected from Jahar the night of April 19, 2013.  So what was in Jahar’s wallet?  $952.27 in a “large number of crisp 20 dollar bills.”  Aaaand, that did it for the prosecution.

Defense cross-examination:
– Mr. Tsarnaev was undergoing medical procedures at the time?  Was quite visibly injured?  “Yes.”
– Did you collect clothing too?  “Yes, I was present when it was collected.”
– Did you see them cut off Jahar’s clothes?  “Yes, and placed into biohazard bags and later photographed.”
– After Fife was shown a photograph of Jahar’s size M, Adidas sweatshirt that was cut off, Fife was unsure where the sweatshirt was then taken, “I thought it stayed in bureau possession.”
– @dhausleon7 tweeted, “So…Tamerlan Tsarnaev was on food stamps…and Dzhokhar had more than $900 on him.”  Hmm.  Did Jahar have the food stamps, Dan?  Or did Tamerlan?  Come on.

67.  Stephanie Waite
Stephanie Waite is a forensic scientist from the Massachusetts Police Crime Laboratory who collects crime scene evidence like blood, semen, saliva, hair follicles and gun residue.  She worked on the Sean Collier investigation and processed the blood from both Collier and Jahar.  She also examined blood found on the golf gloves located inside the Honda Civic.  Although Waite took four blood samples from the gloves and conducted DNA testing on them, the prosecution didn’t ask if any matches had been found (although, multiple media stories subsequent to this testimony said that Waite did say Collier’s blood matched the blood on the gloves.  Maybe she did.  I’m stuck with the media’s tweets.).  When the defense crossed-examined Waite, she admitted she tested eight out of ten spots of blood found on Jahar’s sweatshirt, but the defense did not ask about matches either.  When they asked if she tested the sweatshirt for gunshot residue, Waite responded that she did not and that the test was outsourced.  Spoiler alert:  We never learn how Jahar’s sweatshirt tested for gun residue.

68.  Jennifer Montgomery
Montgomery is a Massachusetts State Police forensic scientist who completed DNA analysis for the Tsarnaev case. Bottom line here:  Outside of the specifics she gave on DNA, Montgomery did the DNA testing on the bloody white gloves found in the Honda Civic.  Bottom bottom line?  The DNA on the white gloves found in Tsarnaevs’ Honda Civic matched Officer Sean Collier’s DNA (they used DNA from Collier’s hair).  Furthermore, someone else’s blood was also present on the gloves.  Don’t get your hopes up.  No one brought up further the fact that someone else’s blood was on the gloves at any point.  Zero.  Zilch.  Which, frankly, seems a bit odd, no?  If it’s not your client’s blood why not bring it up?  If it’s not your client’s blood but, rather, his brother’s blood and you’ve already thrown that guy under the bus, again, why not bring it up??  That was the entire gist of the defense case.  If it is Jahar’s blood on the glove, why didn’t the prosecution bring it up?  That’s the entire gist of their case.  If it’s not Jahar or Tamerlan’s blood, who’s is it?  Katherine’s?  Or were they, indeed, Collier’s gloves and one of his friends or family members left blood on one of them?  Something absolutely does not smell right here.

After a sidebar and a recess, the prosecution appeared flustered that the defense decided to cross-examine Montgomery after prosecution’s direct.  It sounds like everyone planned on the defense doing it at a later date.  Not so much.  So the first thing the defense asked Montgomery was if she had tested Jahar’s bloody sweatshirt.  She did.  She tested eight swabs from it.  None of the blood on his sweatshirt matched his brother’s blood NOR Officer Collier’s.  All of the blood on Jahar’s sweatshirt was Jahar’s blood.  Mmhmm.  I’m sure you can only imagine which reporters failed to tweet that information out.

68.  FBI Agent Brian Corcoran
LaurelAgent Corcoran is a bomb expert who arrived in Watertown on April 19, 2013 around 3:30 am to examine the two pipe bombs left undetonated in the street.  He also swept the area and looked for bomb fragments on the road.  He mentioned the laptop bag found in the backseat of the Honda Civic and noted a “piece of modified electronics”/transmitter in it.  *Note:  During testimony, Corcoran mentioned that every house on Laurel Street was evacuated that night.

Agent Corcoran was shown numerous pictures during testimony including ones that showed a pressure cooker Laurel 4lid imbedded in the side of a car, other Laurel Street damage, and an HTC cellphone in the computer bag.

For all the evidence from Day 9 go to the justice.gov website → HERE
Or the Federal Public Defender Office → HERE

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  1. Llama Excellent analysis. Three things stand out among many: 1. If they Danny had the keys to the SUV how did the brothers drive it? 2. Was it really the defense who showed there were other receipts- why would they do that? 3 obviously, the blood on the gloves is baffling. Why didn’t the defense dig into that? The answers are simple- this trial was a sham. There was no defense. And why, after demonstrating that life is superman was worse than death did they advocate for supermax? It’s illogical to say the least. Again, There was no defense.


  2. You Tsarnaev troofers are all the same. Find some odd factoid from a tweet or comment and in your pathetic mind it unravels the entire bombing. The Tsarnaevs did it, they are terrorists get over it.

    1. If the”Tsarnaevs” did “it” there would have been legitimate court with legitimate appointment and appearance of attorneys, a legitimate arrest warrant, and a legitimate order allowing more time on getting the indictment. The defendant’s name and number would show when searched with the federal inmate locator. First and foremost “it” would have had to happen. The verdict slips would not be completely bogus with BLANK signature blocks; you do not redact with white and when redacted in black a notation that redaction has occurred with the unredacted original sealed and on the docket. Stop dieting on #BS.

    2. If you can’t see all the inconsistencies and still not ask questions, then you must be the most blissful person on the planet.

      After all, ignorance is bliss.

  3. Great article and questions you bring up!!

    The Mercedes SUV car keys were in hands of brothers, since they drove it to the scene of shootout after Danny allegedly “escapes”. People have brought up that Danny had the keys when he escaped to the other gas station, but that makes no sense unless he had a second set.
    If he did have second set, Why? Maybe because Danny contacted Jahar to have him take car into Gilberto Junior’s car repair business. The information Junior provided to media has been shoved down the memory hole. Jahar had a suspicious side business going where he would take expensive cars, whom he said were from “students at MIT”, to Junior for repairs.
    Junior said the last time he saw Jahar was day after Bombing and he had $900 shoes on.


    Jahar is left handed and was wounded in left arm/hand in both fire fights. How did he write such a perfect note on boat? Plus, how did he know brother was dead when he was in boat. As you recall, the Boat “confession” information was spread by an ex FBI agent on one of the Media channels, named Miller I think, at least a MONTH after Jahar’s capture. After capture, and in official government court documents, it is stated that Jahar asked several times if his brother was ok, after his capture and in hospital. He was told “yes” initially.

    The Prosecution showed the remains of Jahar’s BLACK backpack that had allegedly held the Pressure cooker in it. But as we all know, from obvious photos, that even the FBI spread around, his backpack was white/ Light gray and there was simply not enough bulk in it to have held a Pressure Cooker.

    The Defense did not defend the young man. In fact, both Defense and Prosecution are government. A government that obviously had ample reason to shut the kid up.

    Like someone said, the only thing that Jahar may have known is simply who told them to be at Marathon and when and where. But most likely he would have information also on his brother’s work with the FBI as an informant (in fact other members seem to be involved also), how his brother may have known the MIT officer, and other information that has been left out of this case.

    They played on jury’s emotions, that is how they came to the death sentence. That and the boy having NO defense. Shame on Judy Clarke for this disgrace to our justice system and to ENSURE ANY APPEAL WILL not likely bode well since she damaged him with “it was him”.

    Btw, the family has said the Defense team (Clarke and Fricks) came to Chechnya, as did FBI several times. Defense made it clear they knew he was innocent and FBI was talking family member into calling Jahar to tell him “he needs to take blame”.


    See also Russ Baker’s work on this case. Baker is an excellent investigative reporter who runs whowhatwhy.org and also Peter B. Collins Show. Also see TheBostonMarathonBombings.weebly.com

    Please continue to keep this case alive. This could happen to anyone. And check out all the “heads” of departments at time of bombings: Janet Napolitano, Richard Des Lauriers (Boston FBI), Ed Harris (Chief police), Robert Mueller (FBI head), ERic Holder (DOJ head). All resigned shortly after the bombings, except Holder who resigned after threatened with impeachment.

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