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OPINION: Yesterday a member of the Socialist organization Class Conscious published an article entitled, A Further Warning to Marxists In Regards to Trump’s Coup Attempt, in which activist Davey Heller addressed the dangers of Trump, fascism, and counter-arguments made by hostile critics who stubbornly cling to politically rose-colored glasses. InContinue Reading

Four days ago U.S. Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Eliot L. Engel sent a letter to Ecuador President Lenin Moreno warning him that it would be difficult to move forward with economic, counternarcotics, and USAID assistance if Julian Assange, an apparent “threat to global security,” wasn’t handed over to authorities.  Of courseContinue Reading

There’s a certain level of absurdity that’s going into writing this because the accusations I’m about to address are so ridiculous, fabricated, and of absolutely no value that it’s really not worth the time. However, we all have that one friend, neighbor, or annoying co-worker who always buys into theContinue Reading

In the last two months the situation with Julian Assange has escalated to the point where it’s now believed that his expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy in London is imminent.  Of course if this happens not only will Ecuadorian President Moreno be violating international laws and court rulings, it isContinue Reading

  “We are conveying the message in private that Correa’s actions will have consequences for his relationship with the new Obama administration, while avoiding public comments that would be counterproductive. We do not recommend terminating any USG programs that serve our interests since that would only weaken the incentive forContinue Reading

Fifty-three days ago Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s communications to the outside world and although the official reason given was because Assange had breached an agreement not to meddle in Ecuador’s affairs via Twitter (WikiLeaks vehemently denies there was an agreement), there appears to be more to the story.  Yes,Continue Reading

In case you missed it @AnonScan dropped another one of their epic “riddlevids” and it’s fantastic. First of all, like many of their other videos I suspect it took some time to create but the work payed off. Timed perfectly to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” the clipsContinue Reading

If you missed the video that @AnonScan dropped this past Thursday you should probably head over to their Youtube account and take a look at it. It explains exactly why they were posting the countdown videos and the reasons behind it are fairly important. But if you’re anything like meContinue Reading

Click HERE for latest update. Coming off the heels of Wikileaks’ latest drop, Brutal Kangaroo, @AnonScan has been Twitter teasing us with some new hints.  On June 22, 2017, they sent out a tweet which read, “S👀 n… ?” with a video showing the number “11.” Personally, 9/11 came to mind and theContinue Reading