The Gatekeeper Files

Today, independent media, journalists and bloggers face increasing levels of harassment and censorship such as threats and doxing; shadowbans; censorship of material that threatens capitalism and government narratives; social engineering, defamation, and disinformation propaganda operations; and even murder. Thankfully, my website is still up (for now) but I can’t sayContinue Reading

When we last left off with An0nKn0wledge, a longtime associate of Suzie Dawson and a member of Anonymous, he was announcing on Twitter that back in the day members of a collective known as GhostSec were entrapped into working with the CIA to, oh you know, assist in killing someContinue Reading

(Page 1) Nothing is ever simple when it comes to the support community surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and that includes the story of Suzie Dawson and the Pursuance Project. Earlier we mentioned a 2017 campaign called #QuestionWikiLeaks that we believe tried to initiate honest discussions about the Australian publisher,Continue Reading

According to the Cambridge dictionary’s definition of “the beginning of the end,” it is the “point where something starts to get gradually worse until it fails or ends completely.” This description may very well summarize Trump’s presidency, American politics, and the decline of press freedoms happening around the world underContinue Reading

When we left off in “New Zealand’s Traveling Circus Act,” #Unity4J co-founder Suzie Dawson was asking for donations so she could feed her kids and keep a roof over her head after enjoying weeks of travel throughout eastern Europe to countries such as Kazakhstan and Belarus. At the same time,Continue Reading

It’s been exactly one month since police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis using an Israeli-style chokehold for almost nine agonizing minutes while his fellow officers silently looked on. Floyd’s brutal death set off a wave of protests across the globe against racism and lawContinue Reading

Part One: The Gatekeeper Files: The Rise of the Alt-RightPart Two: The Gatekeeper Files: How Trump Sold You on FascismPart Three: The Gatekeeper Files: Operation Pizzagate Five days after the Comet Ping Pong story spread across social media like wildfire, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the UnitedContinue Reading

Part One: The Gatekeeper Files: Rise of the Alt-Right Part Two: The Gatekeeper Files: How Trump Sold You On Fascism “An insane and ridiculous conspiracy theory coming out of places like reddit and 4chan, claiming that Hillary Clinton and her associates are running a child trafficking ring responsible for abducting,Continue Reading

Part One: “The Gatekeeper Files: Rise of the Alt-Right“ Six months earlier than Robert Mueller reported in his investigation on Russiagate, Barbara Ledeen, a staffer for Senator Chuck Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee, reached out to former naval officer and then chief executive of far-right media outlet Breitbart News, Steve Bannon,Continue Reading