Introduction “So I’ve dealt with Micah and he’s an ass pure and simple…totally bought by Pierre.. he even came at me with an alt.” – Beth Bogaerts Like most social media users, I have watched over the course of the last four years one destructive disinformation campaign after another beingContinue Reading

In case you missed it, the Proud Boys are having another bad day after The New York Times outed the group as having two more members working as informants for the F.B.I. From today’s article, “As scores of Proud Boys made their way, chanting and shouting, toward the Capitol onContinue Reading

In January 2020, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) started a ludicrous public defamation against me due to an article she didn’t like that was published on my website. She privately smeared me for months prior after I reached out to Thomas Schoenberger for background information about Cicada 3301 and Shadowbox. If youContinue Reading

I understand that there’s some sort of public feud going on with two different sides of Anonymous (Barrett Brown/Project Swartz and Kirtaner/Neal Rauhauser/Libby S.), all of whom are calling the other side out as fed snitches. Here’s what I can tell you — Back in June, Neal Rauhauser sent meContinue Reading

After reading an eye-opening article yesterday by @Emptywheel, I’m finally beginning to understand the CFAA conspiracy charge against Julian Assange and I think it’s important that you do, too. It’s important so that we realize just how serious the indictment is, exactly what it entails, and that it’s not justContinue Reading

According to Wikipedia, Schlumberger is an oilfield services company founded in 1926, and incorporated in Curaçao (Dutch) with four main offices located in Houston, Paris, London, and The Hague. In 2020, the company’s annual revenue topped $23.6 billion and the only thing I knew about this mega oil company upContinue Reading

Last Friday I e-filed a document to an LA courthouse. It was late in the day and I didn’t expect anything to happen with it until Monday. But nothing happened on Monday. It wasn’t until today that I received word that my document, which is a letter to a judge,Continue Reading

OPINION: Yesterday a member of the Socialist organization Class Conscious published an article entitled, A Further Warning to Marxists In Regards to Trump’s Coup Attempt, in which activist Davey Heller addressed the dangers of Trump, fascism, and counter-arguments made by hostile critics who stubbornly cling to politically rose-colored glasses. InContinue Reading

Deflection. Deflection. Deflection. I can’t believe I actually had to write this but I know everyone is lazy as f*ck about research so below you will find my corrections to An0nAkn0wledge’s latest post. To be clear, this is a self-proclaimed hacker that WikiLeaks, Courage Foundation, and members of Julian Assange’sContinue Reading

“What are they so afraid of? It’s one man with a pen.” — Randy Credico Stunning new details about UC Global and the surveillance operation they ran inside the Ecuador embassy in London while Julian Assange was living there were revealed two days ago by The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal andContinue Reading