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As we’ve all seen and heard, the Tsarnaev trial has been chock full of horrifying testimony and agonizing, gut-wrenching stories.  It’s been a difficult trial to follow and the testimony regarding MIT Officer Collier’s murder was no different when it resounded throughout the courtroom.  On April 18, 2013, Collier wasContinue Reading

51.  Officer  Joseph Reynolds Watertown police officer since 2005.  On the evening of April 18, 2013, he reported for work at 11:45pm.  He saw the FBI news conference earlier in the day and the Boston bombing suspects’ pictures.  Watertown officers were told that evening to be extra vigilant in theirContinue Reading published a news story (HERE) earlier today about a Watertown police officer who may have let Jahar escape.  Reporter Joanne Potter obtained a document with a header from Watertown Police Department and the Bureau Administrative Services that narrates some of the events that transpired after the Laurel Street shootout. Continue Reading

  *Timelines corrected March 17, 2015 Witness 47:  Dun Meng aka Danny aka Manny Dun Meng took the stand on day six of trial.  He had an interpreter with him just in case he needed help but we were assured he spoke English.  He attended school in China and thenContinue Reading

Day 6 Exhibits → HERE Court continued on day six with the Collier murder.  At the start of the day, the prosecution played the surveillance tapes from Ames Street showing what the prosecution argued was the Tsarnaevs’ green, Honda Civic fleeing the MIT crime scene. Witness 42:  State Trooper MichaelContinue Reading

Edited March 16, 2015 March 11, 2015:  Day Five Exhibits → HERE Continuation of Witness 34, Sara De Lair testimony, on direct: The evidence that De Lair showed the courtroom during testimony: 1.  A shredded black and white backpack used in the bombing outside Forum restaurant.  According to @gailwaterhouse itContinue Reading

Because sometimes you just need a break from the heavy stuff: @gailwaterhouse, I swear, tried to use the word “smirkle” in this tweet: “Piano music pumped in to drown out whatever the lawyers are discussing in sidebar, makes some jurors smkle.”  I’m totally using this word dozens of times inContinue Reading

March 10, 2015:  Day 4 – Continuation of cross of Agent Kimball Cross examination began first thing in the morning with the cross of Agent Kimball about Jahar’s Twitter accounts.  Defense attorney Conrad pointed out a few things and took the feds down a few notches: 1.  Conrad pointed outContinue Reading

MARCH 9, 2013:  DAY THREE Media outlets filed motions for access to exhibits deemed “too sensitive to release.”  The judge will respond to the motions by Friday.  In the courtroom today are bombing survivor Heather Abbot, the parents of Lingzi Lu, Adriranne Haslet-Davis and Bill and Denise Richard.  A wheelchairContinue Reading

Exhibits Day One → HERE Exhibits Day Two → HERE As always, many thanks go out to all the reporters that have gone well above the call of tweeting duty.  Its an injustice when the court system favors numb fingers over broadcasting a case. MARCH 5, 2015:  DAY ONE WitnessContinue Reading