Quest of Random Clues

Part One:  WikiLeaks’ Quest of Random Clues Part Two: WikiLeaks’ Quest of Random Clues Days 3-4  (Scroll down to “CLUE FIVE” for latest updates) CLUE ONE October 4, 2018 Drawing of a mole that dates back to WikiLeaks’ beginnings. Code included in tweet breaks down to lat and long pointsContinue Reading

Part One → “WikiLeaks’ Quest of Random Clues”   DAY THREE:  OCTOBER 6, 2018 HINT ONE So the first thing I noticed yesterday was that WikiLeaks is giving us what I call “numbered clues” vs. what appears to be “unnumbered hints” (I went back and renumbered clues in my previousContinue Reading

DAY ONE: OCTOBER 4, 2018 CLUE 1 October 4, 2018, marked WikiLeaks’ twelve-year anniversary and to celebrate the occasion they posted a “Quest of Random Clues” for its followers on Twitter.  I’m not sure if we’re seeing another publicity move for an upcoming publication but just in case I figured IContinue Reading