The Rabbit Files 7.3: Inventory of .7z Files

In order to dive into what was suppose to be a continuation of The Rabbit Files 9.4 (but now you’re stuck here), it’s important that you understand exactly which .7z files will be discussed in the next article because it can get fairly confusing.

First, the .7z files have been discussed ad nauseam throughout this series and I highly recommend that you read The Rabbit Files 4.2: More on the .7z Files for a more detailed background. The technical name for the .7z files is “7dc58-ngp-van.7z” or “ngp-van.7z” for short. I’ve shortened it even further throughout the Rabbit Files to .7z but at the end of the day, it’s all the same files.

On September 13, 2016, an organizer at a cyber conference in London presented a PowerPoint that contained the link and password to the .7z files which allegedly originated from Guccifer 2. Later that same day, WikiLeaks tweeted out the link and password to the files.

Approximately 30 minutes later, @NatSecGeek posted a torrent of the files on Pastebin and WikiLeaks retweeted that, too. About 2 hours after Wikileaks’ first tweet, they posted another link to the files, this time to a 678.4 MB batch uploaded to Mega Upload.

These are what I would consider the original public releases of the file: The cyber conference’s Powerpoint, WikiLeaks’ tweet containing the link and password, @NatSecGeek’s Pastebin, and the Mega Upload link. Now here’s a look at the .7z files we’re going to be dealing with in the next Rabbit Files.

1. (1.11 GB)

This is the copy of the files that White Rabbit gave to Trish Negron on or around July 1, 2017. Later that evening, Negron gave the files to George Webb and Jason Goodman who then went live with the information via their Youtube channel, Crowdsource the Truth.

2. 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (542.7 MB)

This is a copy of the files that were uploaded to Mega Upload by Defango either during or shortly after the Crowdsource the Truth livestream. This is also the copy that sparked Goodman’s question, “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files?” Yesterday, Defango confirmed that these files were uploaded by him but in the “Stuff For Mike” video, which was recorded on or around July 2, 2017, Goodman still didn’t know who uploaded them.

Defango also posted a screen shot of some other files on his computer called 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (542.69 MB) which match (size and name) the files he uploaded to Mega Upload. I have no idea if the content was the same but again, the file size and name match (the file size was simply rounded up to 542.7 MB when uploaded to Mega Upload). You don’t necessarily have to remember this second file (the 542.69 MB .7z file), it’s just something to keep in mind that the files matched.

3. (1.04 GB)

This is the file that Defango personally sent to Goodman after Rabbit gave Negron his own copy of the files, per Goodman. As for which happened first, all I know is that in the “Stuff For Mike” video, Goodman is aware of both the .7z files that Defango says he uploaded to Mega Upload (#2 on this list) and these files that Goodman said Defango sent to him directly.

4. 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (678.4 MB)

This is the Mega Upload file mentioned above that WikiLeaks tweeted out after posting their own link and @NatSecGeek’s torrent. If you look at the comments underneath WikiLeaks tweet, you’ll see that a lot of people could not open the file.

Now What?

First, remember that just because the files have different endings (.7z versus .zip) and different file sizes, it doesn’t necessarily mean the content of the files differ from one another. .7z and .zip are just two different ways you can compress files. There’s nothing sketchy about files that end with this just by looking at them.

However, I have no idea if the difference in compression software led to the difference in file sizes. I’m simply pointing out that a difference between a .7z and .zip file doesn’t necessarily mean someone “spoofed the files.” For all I know, the type of program you use to unzip the files might play a role in file sizes, too. I have no idea, I’m not a tech nerd.

The first .7z file I listed above (#1 on the list at 1.11 GB), again, is the file that White Rabbit gave Trish Negron, who then passed it along to Jason Goodman and George Webb. Goodman and Webb then did a livestream during which time Negron uploaded Rabbit’s files to Google docs. There were issues with opening the files so Negron sent the files to Goodman who unzipped and posted them online.

At some point during the livestream, Goodman stated that Kim Dotcom uploaded Rabbit’s files to Mega Upload but according to Defango, he’s the one who uploaded them, not Dotcom. These are the files that are listed as #2 on the list and the cause of everything unholy that followed the livestream.

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