The Rabbit Files 9.6: No Really, Who Spoofed (and Trashed) the Seth Rich Files?

This article is the second part to The Rabbit Files 9.4: The Pro-Trump Disinfo Campaign Surrounding the .7z Files. If you want to skip the introduction, which is virtually the same as the previous article, and jump to new content click here.

For anyone just joining The Rabbit Files or you need a refresher on where we’re at and where we’ve been, I highly recommend you visit The Rabbit Files summaries page which includes a summary of all The Rabbit Files up to 8.4.

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In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re uncovering what happened during the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the lies and disinfo that followed. I highly recommend that you read the first two articles of this entire series, The Rabbit Files 1.0 and The Rabbit Files 1.1 for more background information.

In this article we’re still covering one of two videos that were recorded shortly after George Webb and Jason Goodman’s infamous Crowdsource the Truth livestream about the thumb drive that White Rabbit gave indie journalist, Trish Negron, under the guise they were the Seth Rich files.

We already started discussing the first video where White Rabbit and his friend, Beth Bogaerts, pushed disinfo about the .7z files and a folder within those files called “Stuff For Mike,” in The Rabbit Files 9.4: The Pro-Trump Disinfo Campaign Surrounding the .7z Files. The following is part 2 of that post. But in order to dive into The Rabbit Files 9.4 further, it’s important that you understand which .7z files will be discussed in this article because it can get fairly confusing.

First, the .7z files have been discussed ad nauseam throughout this series and I highly recommend that you read The Rabbit Files 4.2: More on the .7z Files for a more detailed background. The technical name for the .7z files is “7dc58-ngp-van.7z” or “ngp-van.7z” for short. I’ve shortened it even further throughout the Rabbit Files to .7z but at the end of the day, it’s all the same files.

On September 13, 2016, an organizer at a cyber conference in London presented a PowerPoint that contained the link and password to the .7z files which allegedly originated from Guccifer 2. Later that same day, WikiLeaks tweeted out the link and password to the files.

Approximately 30 minutes later, @NatSecGeek posted a torrent of the files on Pastebin and WikiLeaks retweeted that, too. About 2 hours after Wikileaks’ first tweet, they posted another link to the files, this time to a 678.4 MB batch uploaded to Mega Upload.

These are what I would consider the original public releases of the file: The cyber conference’s Powerpoint, WikiLeaks’ tweet containing the link and password, @NatSecGeek’s Pastebin, and the Mega Upload link. Now here’s a look at the .7z files we’re going to be dealing with:

1. (1.11 GB)

This is the copy of the files that White Rabbit gave to Trish Negron on or around July 1, 2017. Later that evening, Negron gave the files to George Webb and Jason Goodman who then went live with the information via their Youtube channel, Crowdsource the Truth.

2. 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (542.7 MB)

This is a copy of the files that were uploaded to Mega Upload by Defango either during or shortly after the Crowdsource the Truth livestream. This is also the copy that sparked Goodman’s question, “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files?” Defango confirmed that these files were uploaded by him but in the “Stuff For Mike” video, which was recorded on or around July 2, 2017, Goodman still didn’t know who uploaded them.

Defango also posted a screen shot of some other files on his computer called 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (542.69 MB) which match (size and name) the files he uploaded to Mega Upload. I have no idea if the content was the same but again, the file size and name match (the file size was simply rounded up to 542.7 MB when uploaded to Mega Upload). You don’t necessarily have to remember this second file (the 542.69 MB .7z file), it’s just something to keep in mind that the files matched.

3. (1.04 GB)

This is the file that Defango personally sent to Goodman after Rabbit gave Negron his own copy of the files, per Goodman. As for which happened first, all I know is that in the “Stuff For Mike” video, Goodman was aware of the .7z files that Defango says he uploaded to Mega Upload (#2 on this list) although he wasn’t aware that Defango was behind the upload, and these files that Goodman said Defango sent to him directly.

4. 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (678.4 MB)

This is the Mega Upload file mentioned above that WikiLeaks tweeted out after posting their own link and @NatSecGeek’s torrent. If you look at the comments underneath WikiLeaks tweet, you’ll see that a lot of people could not open the file.

Now What?

First, remember that just because the files have different endings (.7z versus .zip) and different file sizes, it doesn’t necessarily mean the content of the files differ from one another. .7z and .zip are just two different ways you can compress files. There’s nothing sketchy about files that end with this just by looking at them.

However, I have no idea if the difference in compression software led to the difference in file sizes. I’m simply pointing out that a difference between a .7z and .zip file doesn’t necessarily mean someone “spoofed the files.” For all I know, the type of program you use to unzip the files might play a role in file sizes, too. I have no idea, I’m not a tech nerd.

The first .7z file I listed above (#1 on the list at 1.11 GB), again, is the file that White Rabbit gave Trish Negron, who then passed it along to Jason Goodman and George Webb. Goodman and Webb then did a livestream during which time Negron uploaded Rabbit’s files to Google docs. There were issues with opening the files so Negron sent the files to Goodman who unzipped and posted them online.

At some point during the livestream, Goodman stated that Kim Dotcom uploaded Rabbit’s files to Mega Upload but according to Defango, he’s the one who uploaded them, not Dotcom. These are the files that are listed as #2 on the list and the cause of everything unholy that followed the livestream.

. . .

No Seriously, Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files?

Peppered throughout the “Stuff For Mike” video were ongoing conversations between Goodman and White Rabbit about the difference in size between White Rabbit’s .7z files versus the copy that Defango claims (if this is his Twitter account) he uploaded to Mega Upload on or around June 1, 2017.

Near the start of the video, Goodman pulled up Defango’s files on his computer screen (seen in my tweet above to Defango) and it showed that they were only a total of 542.7 MB compared to the same files that White Rabbit gave Trish which were 1.11 GB.

White Rabbit: “Yeah well, that was actually, that’s not the—I don’t think that’s the source that I got it from, to be honest. That’s when it–that’s the time period when it was early [unintelligible]…”

Goodman: “Well I agree because the file you sent is–it’s 1.11 GB. How is this other thing half the size…So what the hell is going on with Mega Upload?”

White Rabbit: “Um…that was—when I went to down[load]—okay, that was the first, um, attempt for them [who is “them”?] to actually upload this file and…”

Goodman then cut in as he’s known to do and became distracted with recompressing and re-uploading the files. While we wait for him to get back on topic notice what’s happening here: White Rabbit clearly seems to be talking about the 678.4 MB Mega Upload .7z files uploaded back in 2016 (or some other irrelevant files), not the 542.7 MB .7z Mega Upload files from Defango, which is precisely what Goodman is talking about.

If you go back to the list of different .7z files (above), you’ll see that a copy was uploaded to Mega upload on September 13, 2016, it was retweeted by WikiLeaks, and people commented that they couldn’t open the file.

Again, that’s not the same set of .7z files that Goodman was talking about. Rabbit’s obfuscation of the truth and diversion from Defango’s files continued throughout the entire video; Goodman talking about Mega Upload files from 2017, while Rabbit kept going back to 2016 Mega Upload files. Unfortunately, Goodman didn’t seem to notice.

Rabbit: “That’s not the—I don’t think that’s the source that I got it from…” He doesn’t think? Of course Defango’s files that he uploaded to Mega Upload around the time of the thumb drive incident were not Rabbit’s source. Rabbit already said he downloaded the files back in 2016. His friend, Beth Bogaerts, said he downloaded them in 2016.

The Rabbit Files 9.3: ‘Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Saga Originated in a Group Called ‘Strength In Unity’

And according to an alleged rough draft of a court filing that apparently was never filed, Defango claimed that in April 2017, White Rabbit sent him a copy of the files and asked about its content meaning White Rabbit had a copy before Defango uploaded his Mega Upload files after the thumb drive debacle.

After Goodman got back on topic about the files that Defango said he uploaded:

Goodman: “Well, what the hell is up with the 500 megabyte thing on–that’s not the file I sent to Kim.”

Webb: “Something might be wrong with Mega Upload or something…”

White Rabbit: “Yeah, that’s not the same, uh, file.”

Goodman: “It can’t be the same, it cannot be the same.”

White Rabbit: “No, it’s not. It’s not the same file.”

Webb: “Yours is twice as big.”

White Rabbit: “Right, it’s not the same file, um…and there were two releases of, uh, that file, actually. The one I got was the second release. The first release is that link I sent you, um, that has the same name but the end is truncated a little bit.”

Webb: “So this is the more recent–“

Goodman: “But all of the files we got from you are over two gigabytes and I zipped–here, well, no, I’m sorry–Trish zipped it under my instruction at her place and I received the zip,–

White Rabbit: “Right”

Goodman: –upload–I received the zip, I unzipped it,–

White Rabbit: “Right.”

Goodman: “–exact size of what Trish started with in Boston, that’s what we sent to Kim, was the 1.11 GB zip.”

Two releases? By Guccifer 2 or the cyber conference where the files originated? Yeah, someone want to find me some evidence for White Rabbit’s excuses? And what we have here is White Rabbit confirming that the files Negron got from him and that she and Goodman later uploaded were the correct size: 1.11 gigabytes. At no point does he disagree with or correct Goodman. He also stated repeatedly that the files on Mega Upload–the ones that Defango uploaded, at least those were the files Goodman was talking about–were not the same files that he gave to Negron. More:

Goodman: “People have been opening this file [Defango’s] and saying it’s not the right file.”

White Rabbit: “Right, well…what happened was the original file had a, uh, an encryption on it and what happened was people were having trouble, um, even with the password, getting the encrypted file open and all the files, uh, downloaded. So it was reposted without the password and that’s the, uh, the one I have.”

Every time this dude opens his mouth it’s a bunch of hot air. So according to White Rabbit’s own words, he didn’t download the files from WikiLeak’s first tweet (it required a password), he didn’t download them from @NatSecGeek’s torrent (it required a password), and he didn’t download them from the Mega Upload site (the one WikiLeaks retweeted) because no one could open those files, even with the password, so…

Where exactly did Rabbit get his copy of the .7z files?

First Upload, Second Upload, Stuff For Mike…Who Knows

After this nonsense, Negron asked Rabbit if the “Stuff For Mike” folder was in the “first download of the .7z files,” whatever that means exactly here at LARP Central. He replied, “I don’t think it is,” but how would he know since he just got done telling her that he never downloaded the so-called first release of the files because, “people were having trouble…even with the encryption.”

But even if he had, guess what? The files posted by @NatSecGeek did have the “Stuff For Mike” folder in it but who’s keeping track of the disinfo at this point, amirite?

Below is a screenshot of what @NatSecGeek posted on September 13, 2016, the same day that the files were released via a cyber conference in London. She also posted only 30 minutes after Wikileaks tweeted out the same file link and password. This clearly wasn’t some “second batch of files re-uploaded” because of access problems.

And if we go to a WordPress post entitled, “Guccifer 2.0 NGP/VAN Metadta Analysis,” that was written by someone called “The Forensicator,” it shows that the Forensicator used the same link and files that @NatSecGeek posted on Pastebin (link) for his research:

And then there’s this:

And if we head back to The Forensicator’s article regarding his research on the .7z files we find that the “Stuff For Mike” folder was indeed in the .7z files that @NatSecGeek posted. Imagine that. So what exactly was White Rabbit trying to do? Convince Crowdsource the Truth that his file was twice as big as the one Defango (and others) uploaded because his files contained the “Stuff For Mike” folder and theirs didn’t? Please.

Exactly Who Trashed Defango’s Files First?

Anyone who was following this absurd disinfo campaign back in 2017, or has been following The Rabbit Files already knows that this three-ring monkey circus ended with all hell breaking loose after the Crowdsource the Truth livestream. White Rabbit’s close associate, Beth Bogaerts, inexplicably went bonkers over Negron giving the data to George Webb because she apparently wanted everyone terrified that Mossad was going to take them all out for re-posting 8-month old, already public, worthless files.

Then, Goodman accused Defango of spoofing the files, Defango fought back, and White Rabbit eventually accused Webb/Goodman of planting malware in the very files he gave them–after he already confirmed that the 1.11 GB thumb drive he gave Trish Negron was correct.

And just to point out what may be spectacularly obvious, regardless of whatever Defango uploaded to Mega Upload, but no, seriously, he could have uploaded a list of concession stands and pie carts at the Barnum and Bailey circus, it would not have changed and/or altered one iota the files that Rabbit gave Negron. With that said, it seems super weird that Goodman blamed Defango for the alleged “spoofing,” and not White Rabbit.

It also seems weird that Defango automatically assumed that Webb and Goodman “spoofed” the files themselves rather than taking a closer look at White Rabbit who was spewing nothing but disinfo. But then again, he, Rabbit, and Bogaerts were all involved with Cicada 3301 at the time.

So who exactly got the ball rolling on this 4+ year defamation dumpster fire? I would definitely point to Bogaerts’ hysteria, the years she spent telling people that Rabbit never said he thought the thumb drive contained the Seth Rich files (which is an absolute, provable, and unquestionable lie), and what she did to Negron after the livestream. But as far as the endless accusations about the files that Defango uploaded, here’s more from the “Stuff For Mike” video:

Goodman: “There’s something that’s been changed about this file. How can we tell who uploaded a file to Mega Upload? Is there a way? Someone put the wrong file on there it would seem on purpose.”

Webb: “Well no, or–

Rabbit: Yeah–

Webb: –maybe they just did it on accident.”

White Rabbit: “What happened, I think, uh, with one of the original files, um, I think that was–might have been the Mega Upload one, the one I sent, um, I went there and it was a phishing site. It wasn’t for–

Webb: “Oh it was a phishing site”

Rabbit: “–actually, it wasn’t for downloading it, you had to sign up for the um—to use the download site, you had to, like–“

Negron: “Oh wow…oh wow”

White Rabbit: “–fill out an application and then the files didn’t actually download.”

Webb: “So you’re saying if I download this file I’m downloading some kind of trap” [on the screen of the video at this point is the 542.7 MB files that Defango allegedly uploaded to Mega Upload].

White Rabbit: “No, it was–right, it was kinda like that. It was, like, um,  [unintelligible] they get you to sign up for a trial and trial programs whatever and then they end up hitting you for the, um, down the line they use it for the subscription fee or whatever. It’s the same type of thing. They have you sign up and put like a name in and stuff like that and I think it was basically they were trying to find out who was interested in the files.”

Webb: “Oh my god.”

Goodman: “It’s a trap.”

Negron: “Right.”

Goodman: “I’m not downloading the full file…so anyone who’s watching right now, do not download 7dc58-ngp-van.7z…”

I cannot overemphasize this enough: The files that Goodman still had up on the screen while Rabbit was saying all of this, the files that Goodman was questioning the entire time, the same files seemingly behind the entire “Who spoofed the Seth Rich” commotion, were the files that Defango said he uploaded to Mega Uploaded.


If you want to know who trashed Defango’s files first, who led everyone to believe they were a honeypot with some hysterical “they were trying to find out who was interested in the files” mumbo jumbo conspiracy crap, look no further than the usual suspect: White Rabbit.

None of this is terribly surprising because this is the sick game that White Rabbit, Beth Bogaerts, “Lestat”, @AnonScandinavia, and their associates seem to play: Set people up to ruin their reputation later.

“We think these are the Seth Rich files.”
“We never said that, anyone who says we said that is victimizing us and a PSYOP.”

“Warren Flood is behind Guccifer 2.”
“Anyone who believed that fake conspiracy we promoted everywhere is the PSYOP, not us.”

“Cicada 3301 is connected to WikiLeaks.”
“Anyone who believed our bullshit is the PSYOP, not us who created it.”

“Everyone should follow Tracy Beanz because WikiLeaks is compiling her videos, she’s that important.”
“Anyone who followed Tracy Beanz is the PSYOP, not us for telling you to follow her.”

“Defango’s files are pretty much a honeypot.”
“Goodman disparaged Defango’s files, he’s the PSYOP, not us for making him believe it was a honeypot.”

SMH. And according to this video, Goodman didn’t even know yet that it was Defango who uploaded the files. Not only that, White Rabbit once again appears to revert back to Mega Upload files that were uploaded in 2016, but who cares about these 2016 files?? Literally no one seemed to be talking about them except him. Goodman specifically told White Rabbit, “Well, what the hell is up with the 500 megabyte thing [Defango’s file] on–that’s not the file I sent to Kim.”

Goodman obviously didn’t send the file to Dotcom a year before he had them, he sent them to him on the night of livestream which was on or around June 1, 2017. During the livestream, Goodman even mentioned that the files had just been uploaded to Mega so why did White Rabbit purposely muddy the waters and conflate files?

Even better, why did White Rabbit lead Crowdsource the Truth to believe that Defango’s files weren’t legit, that they were part of some absurd government honeypot, and then he and his associates blamed them for thinking that?

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