The Rabbit Files 9.3: ‘Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Saga Originated in a Group Called ‘Strength In Unity’

For anyone just joining  The Rabbit Files or you need a refresher on where we’re at and where we’ve been, I highly recommend you visit the The Rabbit Files summaries page which includes a summary of all The Rabbit Files up until 8.4. 

I also invite you to visit the “Updates, Disclaimers, and Corrections” page which has been recently updated with some interesting new content. There’s also a Rabbit Files timeline although full disclosure it hasn’t been updated in awhile (I’m working on it while enjoying the last weeks of summer). If you notice any mistakes or have any information pertaining to The Rabbit Files, feel free to reach out to me so I can correct them. 

In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re covering what happened during the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the shenanigans and lies that followed. I particularly recommend that you read the first two articles of this entire series, The Rabbit Files 1.0 and The Rabbit Files 1.1, for more background information.

In this article and for the remainder of the Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re going to look mainly at what happened after Jason Goodman and George Webb’s Crowdsource the Truth livestream about Trish Negron and the thumb drive she received from someone named “White Rabbit.”

“The Narrative”

It’s been noted in previous Rabbit Files that Beth Bogaerts claimed in multiple documents she herself created that she first met Thomas Schoenberger as himself in late June 2017. She also claimed that she knew him prior to this but only as a fake persona called “Vetter.”

On June 26, 2017, Schoenberger allegedly reached out to Bogaerts for the first time as himself while she was “under attack” from George Webb, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron after she and her friend, White Rabbit, peddled the bogus .7z files to Negron under the guise they might be the “Seth Rich files.” According to a rough draft of a Bar complaint against attorney, Steve Biss, that Bogaerts wrote and then sent to Ray Johansen for editing (according to him):

“I was introduced to Steven Biss by email after being harassed online in 2017 by Jason Goodman and Patricia Negron. At the time I had never been harassed like that. One of Biss’ associates, a man by the name of Mr. Thomas Schoenberger reached out to me via a Facebook DM to say he would help stop the harassment…”

In a 42-page document that Bogaerts created and also sent to Johansen, she wrote:

“In June of 2017, I was attacked online which now I know this initial incident was orchestrated by Mr. Schoenberger. I had never been attacked like that before. The ‘Vetter’ account told me that when I couldn’t handle it anymore, when I was at my most vulnerable ‘Cicada 3301’ and Thomas Schoenberger as its head would reach out and protect me.”

And in January 2020, she wrote on Twitter that Negron wanted George Webb to have White Rabbit’s files but Bogaerts “did not trust Webb’s reporting as valid.” First of all, yes, it appears that Bogaerts dropped the whole “Mossad” excuse three years after the incident which is suss AF because not once did she mention invalid reporting as a reason not to give Webb the files until after her and White Rabbit were called out for peddling the virtually worthless documents.

And not to beat a dead horse, but Bogaerts is the one who brokered an introduction between her then-friend Trevor Fitzgibbon and Trish Negron, which led to him being interviewed by Webb and Goodman literally the day before the White Rabbit thumb drive incident. At no point does it appear that she warned Fitzgibbon or mentioned that Webb’s reporting was disinformation.

Three years later, Ray Johansen, an abusive “hacktivist,” Jesselyn Radack’s close associate, and Bogaerts’ (former?) extramarital sexting partner (Bogaerts vigorously denies Johansen’s claims there was any online sexting relationship, please see “Updates, Disclaimers, and Corrections“), apparently took it upon himself to help Bogaerts rewrite history with documents like her Bar complaint and 42-page document in order to save her own reputation while destroying others’ in the process who had, unfortunately, trusted her at one point or another.

Bogaerts and Johansen have already been caught in a string of lies, using fed-like tactics like defamation, intimidation and perjury in court, and censoring media stories they don’t want to come to light. And here’s why at least one portion of Bogaerts’ documents appear to be her and Johansen’s usual MO: Lies, manufactured drama, and victimhood.

“Cicada Will Protect You”

Again, Bogaerts’ recent narrative is that Schoenberger orchestrated the online attacks against her after the White Rabbit/thumb drive incident (when I say “attacks” I mean people rightfully upset that she and White Rabbit deceived them) and then he used Cicada 3301 to swoop in and protect her almost four weeks after the incident occurred. It’s already been pointed out how weird this was because wasn’t she already a member of Cicada 3301 by this point? I mean, wouldn’t she already know this?

The other thing that was pointed out previously in The Rabbit Files is that White Rabbit used this same idiotic line about Cicada 3301 protecting people on Negron just days after he gave Negron the fake Seth Rich files.

More from The Rabbit Files 5.2:

“On June 6, 2017, five days after the thumb drive incident, White Rabbit told Trish that he was asked to join Cicada and wanted her to include that information in one of her articles. The assumption has been that Bogaerts was already a ‘member’ of Cicada before White Rabbit joined (see Part 1) so why was Vetter and Schoenberger telling [Bogaerts] that Cicada would protect her weeks after White Rabbit was asked to join? Wouldn’t she know this already if she was already a member of Cicada?

I mean, White Rabbit seemed to have the inside scoop that Cicada was going to protect Trish so…?”

Just so we’re all clear about the timeline here: Mrs. Bogaerts was tweeting with the “Cicada guru” called “Vetter” in August 2016, if not sooner. In early November 2016, she changed her Twitter banner to a quote from Cicada–8 months before Schoenberger and Cicada 3301 allegedly swooped in to “protect” her from the big, bad wolf known as investigative journalist, Trish Negron.

And yet, Bogaerts has repeatedly tried to whitewash this history by claiming that she didn’t meet “Vetter” until December 2016, and had never heard about the puzzle until she met “him.”

Bogaerts is the epitome of fake news…or, at the very least, manipulative news and no, I’m not getting into how she never mentioned in her court filing last year that Schoenberger was allegedly behind the Vetter account the entire time like she does in her whisper campaigns or how the account wasn’t even named “Vetter” yet (it was “James”) when she claims to have first met Schoenberger (as Vetter), all of which appear to be very carefully crafted legal documents to save her arse from her own lies and defamation. I already covered this steaming pile of bullshite in earlier Rabbit Files.

So what we are now suppose to believe is that White Rabbit was invited to be a “member” of Cicada before she was. I mean, following Bogaerts’ latest story that Schoenberger didn’t tell her Cicada would protect her until the end of June 2017—ten months after she was first tweeting with “Vetter” a.k.a. James who she now claims was Schoenberger the entire time—she wasn’t privy to inside information about Cicada, unlike her bestie, White Rabbit. If she had been, she would have already known that Cicada was going to protect her and the whole “Schoenberger swooped in to save her” narrative wouldn’t even be a thing.

You want to know why else the “Omg a fake puzzle and some dude I just met online said they were going to save me from mean Twitter and then they didn’t and now I’m all mad” narrative is bunk? Because someone told Bogaerts almost four weeks prior to Schoenberger that Cicada was going to protect her. On June 2, 2017, twenty-three days before Schoenberger swooped in all protective with Cicada 3301, Defango messaged Bogaerts:

“#Cicada3301 has your back.”

Ouch. So Bogaerts was told that Cicada had her back on the very same day the Crowdsource the Truth‘s livestream ended on June 2, 2017, but not by Vetter or Schoenberger. It’s amazing that Bogaerts buried this little nugget and has, instead, painted a narrative that Schoenberger used virtually the same line to save her from the hellacious bowels of hell we call Twitter…weeks after Defango basically told her the exact same thing. Imagine that. 

So she knew the entire time and one wonders why there are no DMs in existence between Bogaerts and Schoenberger where after he tells her Cicada will protect her, she says, “Yeah, I know, Defango told me weeks ago.” In fact, there’s a whole host of conversations that don’t seem to exist that would help make this larpy dumpster fire even a tiny bit believable. 

Bogaerts responded to Defango, “I appreciate that very much. Thank you.” The conversation continued:

Defango: “Sorry she [Trish] dropped the files like that.”

Bogaerts: “I asked her not to because right before she [Trish Negron] met Rabbit she tells me that Webb was old guard Mossad. But I’m happy it’s out. That was the purpose. And Rabbit it happy too. None of those mega upload links work anymore bc they were set to delete.”

Defango: “Okay good Well I sent if every where”

Bogaerts: “Thank you for helping. I know you do Cicada so I have so much respect.”

Defango: “Thanks for everythings [sic]. Looks like popped that one too.”

Bogaerts: “Vetter linked me to some of your videos awhile ago Cicada is insane.”

Defango: “Yes there is a lot but we are working it right”

Again, Bogaerts own messages show that she had exactly zero problems with George Webb having the files until the absurd “OMG Webb might be Mossad” story happened because Bogaerts thought Mossad would be interested in 8-month old, publicly available, not-even-chickenfeed files. My god take a pill already.

And just to harp on the subject one more time, this goes back to whether or not Bogaerts was a member of Cicada 3301 during the White Rabbit thumb drive debacle because the way she spoke with Defango makes it sound like she wasn’t. Or she wanted him to think that she wasn’t.

Common sense would dictate that even if she wasn’t, her long-term BFF, White Rabbit, would have also told her that Cicada was watching out for her (Is Cicada 3301 a babysitting service? Asking for a friend) seeing that Bogaerts claimed that she had only just met Defango days prior to the thumb drive incident.

Common sense would also dictate, again, that if she was already a member, she would have already known that Cicada was protecting her. I mean, this is like a 2nd grade school play and yet we’re talking about grown adults needing people to swoop in and save them from the Twitter drama they themselves egged on.

It All Started In a Group Called “Strength In Unity”

In the last Rabbit Files, we learned that Bogaerts admitted to Defango that she and others tried to peddle White Rabbit’s “files” to Lara Logan, Jared Beck, and Trish Negron, three admissions that now back up entirely what Negron alleged Bogaerts had done in a video that she and Goodman published in mid-June 2017.

So yes, when Negron also said that Bogaerts tried to peddle the files to her as the “Seth Rich files,” without a doubt, I believe her. Bogaerts even admitted that she peddled the files to Defango, not the other way around, through the anonymous Twitter account “Vetter.”

Based on her messages to Defango, it also appears that Bogaerts tried to convince him that the files contained information about Hillary Clinton’s missing emails which is absurd and basically Level Ten f*cking with people if that’s what she was eluding to which appears to be exactly what she was eluding to:

So after deliberately trying to peddle worthless files to multiple people and brokering the introduction between White Rabbit and Negron, almost three years later Bogaerts started making claims that after she warned both of them not to give the files to Webb, she was “out of that moment but manufactured drama is meant to spread and ppl like llama are meant to perpetuate it.”

I have no idea what she meant by “out of that moment” but Bogaerts has a staggering ability to speak in massively ambiguous terms while tossing around a dumpster load of allegations and her followers, whom she treats as the idiots they are, simply grunt in agreement. Look ma, no evidence required!

But once again her own messages with Defango AFTER her friend White Rabbit gave Negron the files betray her alleged ignorance about the incident.

Bogaerts: “[Negron] said I was ok with it. I never said that. I said I was ok.”

Defango: “Well thats messed”

Bogaerts: “What do you mean”

Defango: “She shared it with them [Goodman, Webb] anyway. Thats messed”

Bogaerts: “Yes”

Defango: “I’m not sure what to do atm”

Bogaerts: “I thought you might need that [a screenshot that Bogaerts sent Defango where she tells Negron that she’s “spooked” and doesn’t want Webb to have 8-month old, publicly available, worthless files]

Defango: “Seem that my work is done for now”

Bogaerts: “Tell me what you need. I’ll help. I was out when [the Crowdsource the Truth livestream] was going on.”

So here’s Bogaerts blatantly and purposely continuing her involvement in the situation by offering to help Defango which is pretty comical since the entire thumb drive debacle started with her and White Rabbit. Well…her good friend Rabbit, to be exact, in a group they were both a part of called “Strength In Unity”:

No one is manipulating Bogaerts’ words or lying about her although without a doubt she will go on Twitter and cry about how everyone abuses her with manufactured drama after this article is published while refusing to acknowledge A SINGLE THING actually published in it. This woman has spent A LOT of time defaming others over the very things she admitted in her messages to Defango and she probably thought her admissions would never see the light of day

Her messages reveal that in no way was she ever “out” or not involved in what transpired and as we’ll see later on, the idea that attorney Steve Biss should sue Jason Goodman on behalf of White Rabbit was solicited to his wife less than six weeks later. I mean, what we’re talking about is a conspiracy that 100% helped shape support for Trump and here was White Rabbit and Bogaerts still LARPING about it seven months later to the detriment of Seth Rich’s family–and after the FOX news story was retracted. .

And regardless of how you feel about Defango, unless Bogaerts wants to publicly accuse White Rabbit of being a complete scam artist that was working with Defango the entire time behind her back–and she actually shows up with some evidence–Defango was not the one who initiated this scam on the American public. This three-ring clownsong started with White Rabbit based on Bogaerts’ own words and she clearly played an active role in his scheme.

Again, for the millionth time, this is a woman that tells everyone she’s some sort of expert or whatnot in documents. I mean…

So at NO POINT did Bogaerts warn Fitzgibbon that Webb allegedly peddled in disinformation before he was interviewed by him the day before the White Rabbit thumb drive incident. Then Bogaerts brokered the introduction between White Rabbit and Negron knowing full well it was so he could give her a thumb drive, which he did under the guise they were the Seth Rich files.

Additionally, at NO POINT did Bogaerts have a problem with Negron giving the files to George Webb until she heard that he might be Mossad and inexplicably freaked out.

After the Crowdsource the Truth livestream, she openly admitted she tried to peddle the files to multiple people on behalf of White Rabbit after he downloaded them while they were both members of a group called Strength In Unity. Then she contacted Defango and offered her assistance in a situation she herself helped to create.

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