The Rabbit Files 9.0: Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files? Part 2

My god, we’ve finally moved beyond The Rabbit Files 8.0 series bringing us full circle to the first article in this entire series, “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files.” For anyone just joining the The Rabbit Files or you need a refresher on where we’re at and where we’ve been, I highly recommend you visit the The Rabbit Files summaries page which includes a summary of all The Rabbit Files up until 8.4. 

I also invite you to visit the “Updates, Disclaimers, and Corrections” page which has been recently updated with some interesting new content. There’s also a Rabbit Files timeline although full disclosure it hasn’t been updated in awhile (oof, I’m working on it). If you notice any mistakes or have any information pertaining to The Rabbit Files, especially with the timeline, feel free to reach out to me so I can correct them. 

In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’re going to be covering what happened during the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the shenanigans and lies that followed. I’m kind of excited for this next series because there’s going to be more information coming out that most people probably don’t know about. And yes, this is only going to get us through July 2017. Ugh, maybe if we’re lucky.

The Meeting

On or about June 1, 2017, White Rabbit reached out to independent journalist, Trish Negron, at approximately 3:56 p.m., “Hi Trish, I am Beth’s friend.” Negron responded wanting to know if he was okay with sharing a set of files that first came to her attention through Rabbit’s friend, Beth Bogaerts. “Yes. They are not mine anyways. I think it’s the infamous [Seth Rich] thumb drive,” he told Negron.

Ten minutes later, Negron gave Rabbit the address of where they were to meet but after getting lost, an hour later she messaged him again about running late. Rabbit responded, “Are you working with George Webb?” Negron either didn’t respond to the question, they discussed it on the phone, or they talked about it after they met in person.

After meeting somewhere near Boston, White Rabbit suddenly appeared anxious about giving her the thumb drive despite the fact it contained virtually worthless files—certainly not any files that a state actor, lone wolf hacker, or DNC worker would risk pilfering in an effort to swing an election or take down the DNC and/or Hillary Clinton.

After they spoke for over an hour, he finally relented and gave her the files, “We said if we were ever going to step up this is the time,” Negron later explained. For those of you who missed the Rabbit Files 4.0: Revisiting the .7z files, the files that Rabbit gave Negron were exactly that—the .7z files. They had been released over eight months prior via a PowerPoint presentation that was presented during a September 2016 cyber conference.

The PowerPoint discussed flaws in the NGP VAN system and it essentially inferred that the .7z files came from a breach in the system. In fact, the technical name of the files is “ngpvan.7z,” and you might remember that in December 2015, Bernie Sanders staffers breached the Clinton campaign via the NGP VAN system. But none of the .7z files came from NGP VAN.

Robert Mueller also never acknowledged these files despite the fact that conference organizers claimed they came directly from Guccifer 2. And White Rabbit’s friend, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), was well aware of the conference, the fact they had advertised Guccifer 2’s live appearance (which never happened), and where these files came from.

After the conference, the link and password to the .7z files were posted by WikiLeaks which tells you how many people were aware of them. However, no one was particularly interested in them and that, alone, should have tipped off Bogaerts and White Rabbit that the information they had was fairly insignificant.

What’s probably significant here is the fact that Bogaerts has repeatedly stated that she’s some kind of expert on documents (her background is allegedly interior design) and she’s either delusional or a scam artist who deliberately peddled these old files knowing full well they didn’t contain anything important in order to purposely set up independent journalists like Trish Negron—her friend at the time, no less.

Below are screenshots that one Twitter user found that shows Bogaerts was pushing the NGP-VAN story as early as July 23, 2016. However, the meme she was promoting in mid-2016 stated that Bernie staffers did NOT steal or download any data from the Clinton campaign. Now, here she was over a year later pushing the .7z files that came from a PowerPoint that made it seem like they were from the NGP-VAN but actually weren’t.

Bogaerts also tried to peddle the .7z files to investigative journalist, Lara Logan, and/or her husband, and attorney, Jared Beck, none of whom took the bait. The document whiz also thought about sending the files to Adam Housely, a former FOX news reporter who worked with Zimmerman on the bogus (retracted) Seth Rich story, and as we’ll see later in this series, according to her own admission she also peddled them to Manny Chavez a.k.a. “Defango.”

So if there’s a better explanation as to why Mrs. Bogaerts repeatedly tried to push these “not-even-chickenfeed” files on others besides delusional, narcissistic thinking or purposely trying to set people up in order to destroy their reputations later, by all means we’re listening.

The Livestream

After receiving the thumb drive from White Rabbit, Negron gave the files to George Webb and Jason Goodman who went live with the information that evening via their Youtube show, Crowdsource the Truth. The livestream started at about 9:15 p.m. EST and ran for approximately three and half hours. At the start, Negron detailed her interaction with White Rabbit:

“So I didn’t have any details when I was first connected with this person [White Rabbit] except to know that the content itself was from NGP VAN and so I had no understanding of how he acquired it and what his role was in the whole thing.” [The files were NOT from NGP VAN]

“On my way there I get a call and he’s like ‘alright’—a text—and he’s like ‘I’m not giving it it to you’ and I was a little bit startled by that but he agreed to just talk with me so that we could,—you know, I wanted to understand what he was concerned about…we got there, we talked for about an hour and half and then he agreed,—he told me what was on it, how he got it and in the end he agreed to give it to me because if we said if we were ever going to step up up this is the time….”

“Here was the big surprise, so it turns out he’s not an employee of NGP VAN and the way he got a hold of this was that Guccifer 2 had posted on his website and I got this contact to see if they can get me screenshots of the tweets because supposedly WikiLeaks retweeted this which was, what’s on this thumb drive.” 

“So it’s all these files not only of voter data and all this personal information about them that you know the campaign’s themselves are not supposed to have only the private companies are supposed to have this by law. But it also has apparently like Powerpoint presentations about how they’re going to defraud the electorate and, you know, tweet Hillary into the White House.” 

“So it’s actually more than I thought it was in that respect but I had no idea it came to him this way and he,—his understanding and now I have to think about this and why he said it but, um, his understanding is that it’s the same content that is on whatever Seth or Eric [Aaron Rich?] or whoever it was, distributed these files on.” 

“But it also has apparently like Powerpoint presentations about how they’re going to defraud the electorate and, you know, tweet Hillary into the White House…his understanding is that it’s the same content that is on whatever Seth…or whoever it was, distributed these files on.” THIS is what Negron was led to believe by White Rabbit and it’s complete and utter hogwash. The files don’t contain any of that nor were these the “Seth Rich files.”

Negron then uploaded the files to Google drive and tweeted out a link to the documents after which Webb asked her, “Anyone in the world that’s watching this right now can go to that URL and decide for themselves if this is the NGP VAN data or not?” “Yes,” Negron responded.

Crowdsource the Truth with Trish Negron

For the next 40 minutes, Goodman had Negron re-upload the files to Google docs while Webb discussed who NGP VAN was by using three articles published by Jerome Corsi. Then, for the remainder of the 3+ hour show, Webb and Goodman’s audience watched them interact with Kim Dotcom indirectly, Manny Chavez (“Defango”), Thomas Paine, a caller named “Jennifer,” and a whole lot of people in the live chat that tried to tell them that the files were basically worthless. And yes, like everything else it seems, this video has been deleted since the publication of The Rabbit Files.

Kim Dotcom

Within the first hour of the show, Kim Dotcom appeared in the livestream chat and advised Goodman to look for a “small executable file back door payload,” whatever exactly that means. He also wanted to know the origin of the files and at some point Goodman told his viewers that Dotcom had uploaded them to Megaupload.

As some of you may remember, things got really strange when Dotcom recommended that Goodman and Webb go to the Ebisu restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand and order the “Kim Dotcom tuna salad.” They were clearly mystified by what he meant but someone in the chat suggested that Dotcom was warning them that something was “fishy” with the files.

Over the course of the show, Webb became increasingly agitated with Dotcom, demanding that he send them Seth Rich’s Megaupload account because, remember, approximately a week prior Dotcom publicly stated that Rich contacted him back in 2014 using the name “Panda.” Naturally, Dotcom never sent them anything because he’s always been completely full of shite when it comes to Seth Rich. I mean, don’t tell me you already forgot about this:

“Tech mogul and accused fraudster Kim Dotcom is seeking to cut a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice in exchange for his verbal testimony claiming that slain Democratic staffer Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks last summer.”

Webb also described Dotcom as the “star witness” in a “school play” and that eventually the powers that be would collapse the entire storyline proclaiming, “See, we told you it was Russian hacking,” and frankly, he wasn’t too far off the mark when it came to KDC.

About six minutes before the livestream ended Dotcom sent them a link to the “Good Life” video which shows Dotcom as some filthy rich one-percenter and Goodman ate it up while on the other side of the couch it was the last straw for Webb. He called the video “CIA bullshit” and Dotcom a “fucking fraud,” adding that Dotcom wouldn’t give out Rich’s Megaupload account because it would “screw up his narrative with [James] Comey.”

Manny Chavez (“Defango”)

Shortly after the two-hour mark, someone in the livestream chat told Webb and Goodman that Defango wanted to get in touch with them. At the time, Defango was simultaneously covering Crowdsource the Truth’s livestream via his own Youtube channel. 

Eventually Goodman spoke directly with Defango on the phone and you can hear Defango tell him that he doesn’t have Dotcom’s phone number but that he hopes they can get in contact with him. He also said something about Dotcom’s message to them (the tuna salad?) was Dotcom’s way of telling Goodman and Webb to contact him.

Jesselyn Radack and Beth Bogaerts‘ associate, Lestat (@ATafoyovsky), who was mentioned in The Rabbit Files 8.5 for spreading insane and blatant lies that it was Lara Logan’s husband and/or Trevor Fitzgibbon who told Ed Butowsky about Seymour Hersh (it’s a well known fact that it was Larry Johnson), posted a video clip from this part of the livestream. He then claimed AS FACT—because this guy literally can’t stop himself from being so f*cking abusive on a daily basis in the form of malicious defamation—that you can hear Defango drop a bunch of names, including Steve Bannon which he implied with a hashtag.

Once again, this literally never happened and Lestat The Propagandist actually debunked himself with his own video clip. Of course none of his sheeple called him out despite the fact he’s one of the most deceitful and malicious users on Twitter…proven yet again. But truth be told, it’s probably hard keeping up with Lestat’s larpy propaganda machine that’s been in operation for years in order to whitewash history, destroy peoples’ reputations, suppress free speech and a free press, and win “hearts and minds” in order to sway U.S. court cases. Pretty disturbing coming from a Mexican national who doesn’t even live in America.

What’s also disturbing is the fact that so-called whistleblower attorney, Jesselyn Radack, supports this guy even after she herself has been sued twice for defamation and then refused to testify under oath. Rather, she settled in both cases and shockingly, still runs her mouth on Twitter about things that could probably get her sued for a third time.

It seems painfully obvious (at least to me) that Lestat has been used as a mouthpiece to push a fusillade of lies in order to help Radack overcome two defamation cases that were lodged against her. He did the same thing when Radack’s associate, Beth Bogaerts, was suing Thomas Schoenberger and now he’s doing it again in order to influence a court case where Trevor Fitzgibbon is suing Bogaerts for breach of contract.

In fact, Ray Johansen, another close associate of Mrs. Radack, went so far to save her arse in court that he allegedly hacked the accounts of private citizens.

And yes, you read that correctly. A whistleblower attorney who claims that she represents Edward Snowden and is an advocate of human rights knowingly works with foreigners who hack private U.S. citizens in order to sway her own court cases. So…the next time you want to complain about privacy rights just remember that Radack will happily exploit yours or her associates will do so illegally if there’s a chance in hell that it will work in her favor. How she hasn’t been disbarred yet is absolutely beyond me.

As for Defango, Goodman eventually sent him his phone number so he could try and put them in touch with Dotcom but I don’t believe that Webb and Goodman were ever able to connect directly with him that evening. We’ll continue with the livestream, Thomas Paine, and “Jennifer,” in the next Rabbit Files.

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