The Rabbit Files 9.7: How White Rabbit et al Purposely and Maliciously Destroyed an Indie Journalist’s Reputation Just Because They Could

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In The Rabbit Files 9.0 series, we’ve been covering what happened during and after the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files” incident in more detail and the shenanigans and lies that followed. I highly recommend that you read the first two articles of this entire series, The Rabbit Files 1.0 and The Rabbit Files 1.1, for more background information.

In the last few articles, we focused on a video entitled, “Stuff For Mike,” that exposed White Rabbit’s disinformation campaign about the .7z files on his thumb drive. In this particular article we’re going to focus on a second video that exposes just how nasty the campaign against independent journalist, Trish Negron, was and the actors who ran that campaign like Manny Chavez a.k.a. Defango, White Rabbit, and Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind).

Larping On a Second-Grade Level

A clip of this second video, which was found on Streamable, began with a discussion between White Rabbit and Defango about getting in contact with Jason Goodman and George Webb peppered with some public chastising of Negron:

Defango: “…Jason didn’t answer his Skype, we don’t have anything coming through on, uh, yeah, I guess they’re just not going to answer, bro.”

White Rabbit: *laughs* “Nah I wouldn’t either…”

Defango: “It is what it is, brother…Thank you so much for calling in and taking this time with me. I mean, obviously they’re probably going to be, uh, in the Danger Zone there for a little bit.”

White Rabbit: *laughs* “Yeahhhhhh”

Defango: “I mean, they’re probably going to be trying to figure out what the fuck is going on—oh wait, someone gave me George Webb’s number. Hold on, let’s get it. We gotta do this fast, we gotta do this fast, quick, quick. Alright cool…I’m still happy with Trish, you know, I’m still down with Trish. I like Trish. I just, you know—

White Rabbit: “Yeah, I mean—“

Defango: “—she needs to get the fuck away from these guys.”

White Rabbit: “Right. I think she did the right thing and I think she had the best intentions. I just think that she was taken advantage of.”

Defango: “That’s right [in the background you hear Webb’s voicemail and a recording that his VM is full]. Oh looks like, looks like, uh, they don’t wanna talk.”

White Rabbit: *laughs*

Defango: “Looks like they don’t wanna talk, guys. That’s all the numbers that we have, bro. Both of their cells and both of their Skypes so, I mean, I guess we can say that this one is, uh, done, put in the bag. Mr. Rabbit, thank you so much, you know, for calling in and talking with me today but I think we got what we were looking for and, you know, obviously if you need my assistance, any help from me at all you know I got your back, bro.”

White Rabbit: “Me too. I got your back, too.”

So what we have here is two prolific male prevaricators sitting around discussing how Negron, a female indie journalist, would have been better off listening to them instead of Goodman and Webb because clearly these two “took advantage of her.” What is so entirely disturbing about this manipulative and patriarchal larpiness is that Negron DID listen to (and trusted) White Rabbit much to the detriment of her reputation soon thereafter.

If anyone took advantage of her it was these fraudsters who used her trust against her in the days following the Crowdsource the Truth livestream. And, yes, “patriarchy larpiness” because these men trashed Negron’s reputation in a completely different fashion than they did with Goodman and Webb. Initially, White Rabbit put on an entirely different face with Negron privately, he social engineered her, and assured her that Cicada 3301 would “protect her.” This, while she was publicly scolded like a child.

White Rabbit and Defango also played on their audience’s emotions (“Awww, we really like Trish but…”) while simultaneously destroying public trust in her (“She screwed up and is hanging out with really bad actors”), which, again, was an entirely different approach from what they took with Goodman and Webb which was basically flat-out verbal warfare. This was sneaky and manipulative. Soft destruction, if you will.

The only other thing worth noting here is that these actors generally run their disinfo campaigns on a second-grade level meaning that just about any idiot with zero discernment for facts will buy into it. For instance, Defango’s whole, “They didn’t answer the phone so it’s in the bag and we won!” attitude is so utterly devoid of anything meaningful or evidence-based (besides proving that Webb’s voicemail was full), that it’s comical–but also indicative of just how easy it was, say, to rope thousands of people into a “Trumped-up” fallacious movement like Qanon.

Cringe-worthy Hysteria and Fear Mongering

After Defango disconnected with White Rabbit, he doubled down on bringing Negron down, ranting to his audience about the most preposterous allegations in order to damage her reputation further:

“So the Rabbit told Trish about the files, that they were dangerous, that they shouldn’t be distributed, like the way that they were distributed. Basically Trish did all the stuff that Rabbit asked her not to do. Like don’t give it to George Webb and this guy. Don’t be going and giving it to everybody out there. Hold onto it, understand the data, that’s what she was suppose to do.”

There are few words that properly convey just how absurd Defango’s statements were in this video, the amount of disinformation he spewed, or how incredibly malicious and dishonest Defango, White Rabbit, and Bogaerts were towards Negron. The files that White Rabbit had were worthless (there was no significant data to “understand”) and they had already been distributed publicly by a U.K. cyber conference, WikiLeaks, Emma Best, and others over eight months prior.

White Rabbit’s long-time associate, Beth Bogaerts, knew this because she promoted the September 2016 cyber conference where a PowerPoint allegedly originating from Guccifer 2 and containing the link and password to the files was presented–the same conference where her associate, @AnonScandinavia, just so happened to be invited as the guest speaker for two years running after this nonsense.

She also admitted to Defango that WikiLeaks tweeted out the files in 2016, and she confirmed that White Rabbit downloaded them during the election season. There was absolutely no confusion as to whether or not these were old (and worthless) files. Defango also buried the fact that it was his own associates like White Rabbit and Bogaerts who initially tried to peddle these files to multiple people including attorney, Jared Beck, and journalist, Lara Logan, not to mention Negron and Defango himself.

Worse, Defango has repeatedly stated that he’s the only one who said that the files were insignificant and yet here he is in this video raging about how “dangerous” they were. This is the same hysteria and fear mongering that Bogaerts spread hours before Crowdsource the Truth‘s livestream and days after.

And leaked messages between White Rabbit and Negron show that Rabbit had absolutely no hesitation about Negron releasing the files he gave her. In fact, Bogaerts privately told Defango that both she and Rabbit were “happy” that they were released although the public display that Bogaerts subsequently put on said otherwise. And again, these files were released eight months prior so that gives you an idea just how meaningless and asinine these conversations really were.

More from Defango:

“She [Negon] just distributed it all and looked at all of it and didn’t actually realize until a lawyer called her up and was like, ‘Hey, you guys better stop doing that because you’ll get, you know, arrested because it’s pretty much almost illegal.’”

Defango and his friends actually had an attorney try to intimidate Negron over previously released, not even worth mentioning files that no state actor or mercenary hacker group would ever waste their time exfiltrating? This is deliberate engagement in disinformation; create the illusion that these files were so dangerous that an attorney had to tell Negron to “stop doing that,” whatever exactly “that” was.

And “almost illegal” or illegal, Defango? Good lord.

There’s a reason no one cared about these files when they were first released and yet it was disinfo agents like White Rabbit and Bogaerts, not Negron, who peddled the files to multiple people. Don’t forget that White Rabbit tried to represent them as the Seth Rich files (fact) and Bogaerts actually tried to insinuate to Defango that they were about Hillary’s missing emails. One is inclined to ask this woman who repeatedly claims that she’s “really good” at WikiLeaks what her excuse would have been for such a massive failure over these documents had WikiLeaks not only retweeted them but published them on their website?

So Much Absurdity

After leading his audience to believe that Negron might have done something illegal or maybe probably not, Defango went on to slander Goodman, acting as if he and his friends were the taskmistresses of all things pertaining to these files:

“She [Negron] basically was looking to get some fame and notoriety, got walked into the arms of George Webb and Jason Goodman, who seemed like two good upstanding characters at first glance but, you know, they’ve been running a Mossad PSYOP for awhile and they’ve been leaving all kinds of bread clues and hints for everyone everywhere.”

Note the “bread clues” comment. Also note that this is defamation on Defango’s part. At no point has he or anyone else ever produced a shred of evidence that Goodman worked for Mossad. However, that didn’t stop Defango, Thomas Schoenberger, and others from playing up this story again and again likely because he was Defango’s Youtube competition.

Yes, I hate to break it to everyone but at the time of the White Rabbit/thumb drive incident, Webb and Goodman’s viewership had skyrocketed if not for their reporting on Eric Braverman and the Awan brothers, then for Webb’s on-screen indulgence in red wine and shenanigans. And as we now know, Robert David Steele and Steve Biss’ wife appeared supportive of both Defango and destroying Goodman’s reputation.

And no, I’m not in the game of trying to salvage their reputations now. I never took them seriously back in 2017, but what I really don’t like is disinfo agents and I don’t particularly care who they’re talking about when they do it. More from the Defango clip:

“…those files were meant for me [Defango] and my investigation so that we could be looking (…?…) further but you know what? Hey, I requested, you know, certain types of information not be in there but it looks like some of the dat files and stuff that are very, very old and weren’t looked at, and they did a lot of—bad information basically put out there and if you’re a Democrat and you’ve ever applied, registered, donated, or whatever, they got all your shit.”

Finally Defango is correct! The files that were released at the 2016 U.K. cyber conference WERE meant for him…and every other person on the planet. Second, was this Defango’s way of trying to explain away the discrepancies in file sizes? Negron had included “very, very old” stuff that Defango somehow requested not be in her upload because, um, I thought Defango had nothing to do with this situation until after Negron gave Goodman the files from White Rabbit?

Additionally, as we already know from the last Rabbit Files, White Rabbit confirmed to Goodman, Webb, and Negron that the files they released were the exact same files (and size) that White Rabbit gave to them so if Defango had a problem with the files Negron posted, which he and his associates bizarrely thought they had a monopoly on, this was a White Rabbit issue, not a Negron issue.

And just so Defango is aware, you don’t “apply” to a political party and both registration and donations are public record so this is just more fear mongering and idiocy. More Defango, sorry:

“Sooooo…we did the best that we could, you know…Trish is a good person, she was trying to do good stuff it’s just that, you know, she made a really, really big mistake, you know. You don’t have 5 or 6 people fucking tell you not to do something and then you do it anyway and then expect for them to just be okay with it, you know, like, she broke the chain of custody with the data itself, number one. 

She didn’t follow any of the procedures and she says she was in law and stuff like that but, I mean, this is not how we handle data. Period.”

“She broke the chain of custody with the data itself…” Loool this guy is disinfo AF. How many of you actually bought this story when Defango said this? And notice again how he’s characterizing Negron as doing something awful, disloyal, and even dangerous. “She made a HUGE mistake but hey, we still like Trish, she’s a good person, you just can’t trust her anymore,” as if Defango maligning Negron’s reputation in these terms to cover up their own LARP was somehow okay.

And here’s a GREAT question: Exactly who were these “5 or 6 people” that told Negron not to hand the files over to Goodman/Webb prior to the Crowdsource the Truth livestream? The only person I’m aware of who had a meltdown over these worthless files before White Rabbit gave them to Negron was Bogaerts so exactly how many people were involved in planning this LARP? White Rabbit, Defango, Bogaerts, “Vetter”…who else?

Bogaerts’ Tactic: Accuse Journalists of Criminal Activity

We know that White Rabbit confirmed to Goodman that the 1.1 GB .7z files that Goodman uploaded from Negron the night of the Crowdsource the Truth livestream was the same and correct size of files that Rabbit gave to Negron initially (who then passed them to Goodman).

We also know that it was White Rabbit who inferred that Defango’s own .7z files were some sort of honey pot leading Webb, Goodman, and Negron to advise their followers not to download them which, of course, Defango and friends turned around and used that to blame them for basically calling the files a honeypot and the whole “Who spoofed the files?” debacle.

And we know that White Rabbit told both Negron and Crowdsource the Truth that he thought the files were the “Seth Rich files.” He also fed them pro-Trump disinformation about what was on his thumb drive while Bogaerts tried (at least it sure seems like she tried) to push a fake story that the files contained information about Hillary Clinton’s emails based on one of Kim Dotcom’s 2015 tweets. As we’ll see down the road, Rabbit and his associates made up for this failed operation about a month later using rightwing media as a vehicle to spread more disinformation.

Despite all of this and despite the fallout from this LARP–the blame of which rests solely on the shoulders of those who implemented it–Negron became a scapegoat. After the Crowdsource the Truth livestream, Bogaerts immediately shut down a Twitter account that she had given Negron access to previously for their online media organization called U.S. News Corp, the same media outlet that Bogaerts later denied having any involvement in.

In a February 9, 2020 email about U.S. News Corp that Thomas Schoenberger inexplicably cc’d me on (I’m kidding, he has a terrible habit of doing that to people and I emailed Bogaerts apologizing for these antics that I clearly had nothing to do with or any control over), Bogaerts ridiculously stated, “That was Trish’s website which I had no affiliation with whatsoever. I did not contribute nor was I any part of it. That was all hers.”

I’m not sure if Bogaerts thought that she could get away with lying (yet again), if this was some sort of kindergarten setup between Schoenberger and Bogaerts so she could later claim I was “hired” by him if I dare publish this discrepancy, or both, but in DMs with Defango she admitted that not only did she start U.S. News Corp with Negron, she ran “the site.” This doesn’t even include evidence from her personal Twitter account where she posted threads that she herself wrote from the U.S. News Corp account.

After shutting down the Twitter account, Bogaerts then publicly accused Negron and others of hacking her and that Negron was “messing” with her. How was she messing with her, you ask? No one knows nor is Bogaerts generally the type to expand on or provide legitimate documentation for her accusations.

Almost two months later, Bogaerts was still accusing Negron, Goodman, and Webb of hacking her account, a serious and unsubstantiated claim against an independent journalist for which Bogaerts still has never provided any evidence:

And this wasn’t Bogaerts first and only time that she accused people of crimes they didn’t commit. Let me digress for a moment. From personal experience alone, she perjured herself in court by falsely accusing me of threatening her family and being hired and paid by Thomas Schoenberger. Perhaps not surprisingly, she filed this grossly false allegation about Schoenberger shortly after Aubrey Cottle made his return to (allegedly) slay Q, and during the exact same time period that Bogaerts’ associate, @ATafoyovsky, a fellow associate of both Ray Johansen’s and Jesselyn Radack’s, was eagerly planting stories in the media that Schoenberger was the founder of Qanon.

As for Bogaerts, she is now trying to frame me and other people I am not associated with of sending her an online threat enclosed in a phishing email (I’m literally a tech moron but okay) while simultaneously accusing me of threatening her for telling her to leave me alone. All of this, no less, after she also filed an alleged dox of me that she received from Ray Johansen in what was apparently a bold move to flush me out as a local activist who divorced an abusive police officer over 16 years ago because, boy, that’ll teach an abuse victim to stop publishing, amirite?


Perhaps what is most disturbing about all of Bogaerts’ unsubstantiated accusations she’s made against at least a dozen people–accusations that come from an “interior designer” who apparently lives in the diplomatic quarter of Vienna, Austria, receives over $130K/year from oil giant, Schlumburger, where Dr. Alexander Taylor was employed up until he left to become interim CEO of Cambridge Analytica, supported using military tactics for a PR firm she co-founded and funded, and paid or gifted money and/or computers to multiple men running online disinfo campaigns and/or LARPs–she actually believes she’s so important that journalists are willing to face criminal charges over her.

And no, no one has ever doxxed Bogaerts including Negron, Goodman, Webb, or their associates because that would be impossible. She used her real name on both Twitter and Facebook and, unbelievably, once tweeted out her sonogram picture–with her name and the name of the hospital on it–while Russia Today was busy quoting her during the 2016 election, also under her real name:

Weeks, if not months, after the thumb drive incident, Bogaerts was still going on about Webb and Goodman, dragging WikiLeaks into her woes by tagging them in her tweets and having a member of the hacktivist community threaten everyone on the internet if they dared to speak out against her. Six months later, she was still insinuating that Goodman, possibly more of a tech idiot than I am based on the Crowdsource the Truth livestream and subsequent events, hacked her account:

This is beyond questionable behavior and even Negron, who was Bogaerts’ friend for approximately a year leading up to the thumb drive incident, was stunned by her behavior. She had no idea why Bogaerts was upset that she had passed the files to Goodman because, remember, it was Bogaerts who admitted that she set up the in-person meeting between Rabbit and Negron so Rabbit could give her the files.

Bogaerts and (former?) associates like Defango cannot possibly expect us to believe the story, “Well, I wanted Trish to have the files but I didn’t want her to tell anyone about them, you know, I only wanted her to analyze the data” or “I was mad at Trish for giving the files to Goodman because of George Webb and Mossad and blah blah blah.” Leaked private messages and public tweets alone prove that White Rabbit and Bogaerts wanted someone to amplify the files and if Negron had done her own livestream that night–without Webb and Goodman–they could have easily downloaded the files directly after she posted them just like Goodman did on the night of the actual livestream.

What I mean is, and I hate to invoke a criminal like Hillary Clinton, but seriously, “What difference does it make?” Webb would have had the files just like everyone else the minute Negron uploaded them regardless if he was part of the livestream proving that everything White Rabbit, Defango, and Bogaerts hysterically claimed about George Webb, Mossad, and “mah chain of custody” was just a ginormous, manufactured circus act of lies.

Incredibly, this story only gets better and I’ll be covering more of it in the next article. For instance, White Rabbit eventually went on to accuse Crowdsource the Truth of planting malware in his own files, Negron was falsely accused of doxing White Rabbit, Schoenberger reached out to Steve Biss’ wife about White Rabbit suing Goodman for defamation, and almost three years later, Bogaerts actually accused Webb and Goodman of plotting the Port Charleston dirty bomb fiasco so she would be forced to meet them.

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