The Rabbit Files: Disclaimers and Updates

In case you missed it, the “Disclaimers” and “Updates” sections at the end of my Rabbit Files articles have become longer than some of the actual articles because this is what happens when you’re dealing with operatives hungry for lawfare, censorship, and influence. The following is one of those updates.

Throughout The Rabbit Files, I’ve mentioned my personal belief that so-called hacktivist, Ray Johansen, is an administrator or close associate of the Anonymous Scandinavia Twitter account and in the latest Rabbit Files update, I noted that this account publicly denied that Johansen had access.

I would love to believe the account but let’s be honest, for a myriad of reasons, I don’t. Since 2018, this account has promoted and protected the same small group of abusive activists that revolve around the exact same agenda as Ray Johansen’s. Additionally, they generally only attack Suzie Dawson, Trevor Fitzgibbon, or other people and accounts that their paranoia has led them to believe are working with Dawson and Fitzgibbon—just like Johansen.

If you think that’s because of Dawson’s moral bankruptcy for grifting off a fraudulent story she’s been telling since 2012, welcoming fascists into #Unity4J, or because of the accusations that Jesselyn Radack has been throwing around about Fitzgibbon since 2016, think again. But we’re not quite there yet…

Let’s start with how someone like “Anonymous Scandinavia” claims to be on the right side of history and that they stand for Assange, free press, and free speech while they themselves try to intimidate people into silence and the person they support the most is a virtual nobody who actually perjured herself repeatedly in court to frame a journalist/activist…and then gleefully tried to dox them in the same court documents. Wow, someone get this guy a leotard and a cape that reads “hero.”

Anonymous Scandinavia also vouched for Johansen privately claiming that he would “never sell out,” and apparently they meant that Johansen would never sell out to anything that’s decent or honest. Despite demanding undying loyalty from female activists he social engineers or the activists around him, he’ll stab you in the back in a heart beat. The lies he has told about many of you privately, including investigative journalist Stefania Maurizi, would make you see red.

Worse, if you’ve ever been in contact with this guy and shared anything about trauma, abuse, or mental health issues you’ve been struggling with, assume that everyone knows about it at this point, including me. Johansen enjoys using other peoples’ trauma to excuse his own inadequacies in a relationship or just to make fun of them like he did to his ex-girlfriend. In fact, one source told me about a well known journalist who was threatened by Johansen’s associate: If the journalist didn’t kill a story, they would go public with trauma suffered by the journalist. I’m aware of the trauma that allegedly happened and I personally believe these threats happened. And the terrorist tactics worked, the journalist killed the story.

@BellaMagnani is also notorious for privately messing with activists’ heads who won’t play ball or toe the line by sending them nasty, manipulative psychological summaries about them that she created in her own head but that’s a whole ‘nother story. So who exactly vouched for Johansen?

In September 2020, Anonymous Scandinavia tried to sell an absurd story (above) to their followers and most of you didn’t notice because they did it right before Assange’s extradition hearing. Immediately after posting the story, Johansen spent the entire extradition hearing publicly threatening, blackmailing, and trying to dox me in order to cover up the lies that he spews privately. That, and to deliberately distract you from supporting Assange and to delegitimize the three videos and seventeen articles I published about Assange’s hearing.

Part of this absurd story that Anonymous Scandinavia tried to sell to their followers inadvertently included them admitting that their OPSEC is a joke. Here’s the backstory on why unnamed actors allegedly tracked down the administrator’s family: On approximately April 11, 2020, the old Anonymous Scandinavia account (@AnonScan) went quiet, only to reappear in September right before the extradition hearing.

In between that time, during the summer of 2020, Johansen started spreading rumors privately about why the account went dark (below). Oh, you thought Johansen and I stopped talking at the end of our short-lived relationship in April? Surprise! But ya’ll should keep up your cute little “jealousy” narratives about me because the more you lie, the more material you give me.

After these rumors were circulated, the @AnonScan account returned right before Assange’s extradition hearing by dropping a video on Youtube. I believe this video is the pinned tweet on the new Anonymous Scandinavia account (@AnonScandinavia) 👇

Here’s what the video description used to say (the absurd story they tried to sell right before the extradition hearing):

Just like Suzie Dawson, Johansen, and 90% of the Assange community, Anonymous Scandinavia has claimed that they’ve been targeted by intelligence an absurd amount of times over the years. Now we’re expected to believe that despite this, the administrator of the old Anonymous Scandinavia account (@AnonScan) handed out their personal information and passwords like candy.

And not only did they give out enough personal information so others could track down their family, they gave their own family members passwords to at least three different accounts, deliberately putting their loved ones in danger from these evil intelligence agencies that have been stalking Anonymous Scandinavia for years. People like Dawson and Anonymous Scandinavia are for suckers and sell outs like Enrique Tarrio.

Five days after I started publishing The Rabbit Files, the @AnonScan account mysteriously shut down and the new one (@AnonScandinavia) claiming to be the old one popped up a month later. But which old one was that exactly? 👇

Almost every activist in the Assange support community should probably be committed over their paranoia about infiltrators and fed snitches and yet NONE of them, especially the “old timers involved with Assange support for like forever and who get in everyones’ faces because they know better than YOU,” take safety and red flags seriously. Below is a perfect example.

If you do take safety and red flags seriously, you’re disparaged, humiliated, smeared, threatened, ostracized and risk being doxed. I wonder why that is and maybe if you had a brain you’d start looking at the people who encourage that kind of behavior. Some random guy asks you to become their personal snitch via an unsecure server; a woman who infiltrated Occupy, took it over, lied about her asylum story, and then started grifting off Assange; a whistleblower attorney who tries to intimidate activists and journalists with doxing attempts; a so-called supporter framing journalists in court…

…Anonymous Scandinavia threatening female (and underage?) activists; Ray Johansen threatening god only knows how many activists in his lifetime; Johansen, Dawson, Anonymous Scandinavia, gatekeepers, and all their minions deliberately delegitimizing and ruining the reputation of smart and well-intentioned activists who get in their way or won’t stay silent; endless propaganda, grifting, defamation campaigns, and abuse that almost always originates from the same small group of Assange supporters; ex-spooks everywhere…

And no one blinks an eye.

Just like Dawson, Anonymous Scandinavia plays the victim of intelligence agencies to social engineer you. The associates of both play the victim to social engineer you. And all of these so-called activists who play the victim of [insert absurd story] using lies, easily debunked evidence, or no real evidence at all is a red fucking flag.

To be clear, activists who lie about their background is a red fucking flag. Activists who threaten, dox and/or frame activists and journalists is a red fucking flag. Activists who are caught lying repeatedly is a red fucking flag. Activists who call everyone that disagrees with them or exposes wrong doing a fed snitch, infiltrator, or JTRIG agent is a red fucking flag. Activists who deliberately use other peoples’ trauma to gain trust, intimidate, threaten, or social engineer them is a red fucking flag. Deliberate, sustained, and unsubstantiated defamation campaigns that use the same message, words and hashtags over and over again to manipulate Twitter’s algorithms is a red fucking flag.

And it works on you every single time.

These people have purposely divided, cornered, and conned Assange supporters into choosing two sides: Johansen, AnonScandinavia, and Jesselyn Radack’s insanely dishonest, abusive, intelligence gathering operation or Dawson’s dishonest, abusive, grifty, fashy campaigns and projects. And that’s because none of these people actually care about Assange’s freedom, they only care about themselves, their power and influence over others, and the money they can collect. And they’ve been doing it for a long time.

Dawson has been scamming and destroying reputations since 2012, Anonymous Scandinavia has been scamming and destroying reputations since at least February 2017, but it’s never too late to wake up and start a real movement without the hierarchal, abusive insanity.

Recently, one of Dawson’s associates took to Twitter to complain that people were “attacking” Dawson as if she somehow couldn’t grasp why anyone would do that after Dawson has lied for years about her background and used those lies to grift off of Assange supporters. Dawson has also spent an exorbitant amount of time smearing journalists and calling activists “feds” and “JTRIG” agents. Maybe this associate isn’t aware of her background or is drinking the Dawson kool aid but myself, Class Conscious’ Davey Heller, and “Mason Bee” have been exposing this shite since 2018 (and taking all the hits for it while guys like Johansen now ride our research and journalistic coattails), so it’s not hard to find the information thanks to the three of us.

And finally, going back to what I said earlier:

Additionally, [Anonymous Scandinavia] generally only attack[s] Suzie Dawson, Trevor Fitzgibbon, or other people and accounts that their paranoia has led them to believe are working with Dawson and Fitzgibbon—just like Johansen. If you think that’s because of Dawson’s moral bankruptcy for grifting off a fraudulent story she’s been telling since 2012, welcoming fascists into #Unity4J, or because of the accusations that Jesselyn Radack has been throwing around about Fitzgibbon since 2016, think again.

Indeed, think again. None of the recent attacks on Dawson made by Johansen and Pamela Drew (isn’t she an associate of Cassandra Fairbanks?) have anything to do with her lies or penchant for destroying the reputations of innocent people. The issue stems from Johansen’s rage over Dawson destroying Pursuance Project’s funding back in December 2017 (Johansen would rather die than retweet my article about it which you can find HERE). It’s literally that simple. Anonymous Scandinavia, Johansen, and their associates never had an issue with Dawson’s grifting and lies prior to that. In fact, Johansen welcomed her into Pursuance Project with open arms—after she was already spinning her background story into a “I had to flee New Zealand because the Five Eyes fail assassinated me ten million times” scam.

Who do you think was the lead on getting Dawson’s New Zealand’s political party, the Internet Party, membership into Pirates Party? Yup. Johansen. He also helped promote her “AntiSpy Bill” in mid-2017, as did his and Jesselyn Radack’s associate, Beth Bogaerts, who was happily working with Trevor Fitzgibbon at the exact same time via their PR firm, Shadowbox.

Notice how no one had a problem with each other in the late summer of 2017? Even Anonymous Scandinavia’s buddy, Randy Credico, was working with Trevor Fitzgibbon in September 2017, and this was over a year after Jesselyn Radack filed rape allegations against Fitzgibbon (he was never charged and the investigation was closed).

In early December 2017, Pursuance Project and Dawson had a falling out after Dawson lost her shit online and dragged Julian Assange into the debacle like she tends to do on occasion and if you’ve been following The Rabbit Files, you’re well aware of what happened next that same month: Johansen claims he started having an online sexting relationship with Bogaerts (@PaxNomad in the screenshot above), who just so happened to inexplicably freak out on Trevor Fitzgibbon during the same time period, leading to the demise of their relationship (this will be covered in The Rabbit Files eventually).

My guess is that since Fitzgibbon was associated with Dawson i.e. helping her promote her Internet Party shite just like everyone else did, and then Bogaerts used her own meltdown to start smearing him privately, he became one of Johansen’s targets after Dawson sabotaged Pursuance Project’s funding. And voila! Just like that the “Jesselyn Radack operation” was born.

And yup, you guessed it. Within the next few months, Bogaerts leaked Fitzgibbon’s lawsuit against Radack to one of Johansen’s friends before it was filed by his attorney, Steve Biss, and is now being countersued for it. From The Rabbit Files 8.2:

To put it simply, Bogaerts introduced Fitzgibbon to Biss, Biss started putting a case together for him against Radack while Bogaerts was cheering Fitzgibbon on and after they had a falling out, she leaked the lawsuit to Johansen via one of his associates that she had been working with since at least January 2017. Then, she and/or her associates like Johansen and Jesselyn Radack have spent the last three years beating Fitzgibbon up for hiring the very attorney she introduced him to in the first place.

Then, after Dawson created #Unity4J in May 2018, Johansen later claimed that he planted SoMee Social’s social media director, Aaron Kesel (@AnonKn0wledge; @Cens0redAK), and Internet Party member, Jo Booth, inside Dawson’s campaign to basically act as his snitches. Bogaerts also privately encouraged at least two journalists, including myself, to create fake #Unity4J Discord channel accounts to spy on Trevor Fitzgibbon.

Make no mistake, I believe that Suzie Dawson is a nasty manipulator, compulsive liar and raging opportunist. But if you’re looking for manipulative liars who also infiltrate campaigns or encourage others to do so—according to their own words and for the benefit of their own agendas—look no further than Johansen and his associates.

Basically, these despicably dishonest people within the Assange support community have no problem with dishing out abuse, defamation and lies as long as no one does it back to them or calls them out for it. Johansen has threatened more activists than anyone I know but god forbid Dawson attack Pursuance Project. And if Johansen and every other long term activist within the Assange community who claim that they “know best,” weren’t such a flaming pile of ego and idiocy, they would have called Dawson out years ago, well before newbie Assange supporters like myself came along and tried to clean up their mess.

Now you know that virtually all of the insanity surrounding Jesselyn Radack and Trevor Fitzibbon, and Suzie Dawson and Ray Johansen, probably stems from the debacle that took place in December 2017, between Dawson and Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project. The only reason why Johansen and Radack ever supported my articles about Dawson i.e. discrepancies in her story, her alleged asylum problems, and intelligence agencies allegedly trying to kill her was strictly for their own personal agenda: Revenge. When Bogaerts decided she was going to target me next, I simply got added to the Dawson/Fitzgibbon list. These peoples’ actions have never been about making the community a healthier, safer place for activists. Far from it.

So that’s one of the latest updates from The Rabbit Files with some super fun stuff thrown in for good measure. I highly recommend that you read next “Assange Support Community: Dawson vs. Johansen,” which dives into Dawson’s social media platform, “Panquake,” a social media platform called, “SoMee Social,” that Johansen plays a role in, and how Johansen is probably using the competition between the two to continue his revenge plot and seek more support. And yes, the two of them truly deserve to destroy each other.

Although you may scoff, threaten, or try to intimidate me to silence The Rabbit Files and The GateKeeper Files, the only extensive historical records in existence today about the dark underbelly of the WikiLeaks/Assange support community, one day—not today, not tomorrow, not even next year—but when everyone stops drinking the kool aid or someone ends up killing themselves because of the abuse some of the people mentioned in this article dish out, they will be considered a significant source of what’s happened and a warning to all activists. Cheers!


DisclaimerTen more pages of disclaimers about my disclaimers and updates to follow: If you were mentioned in this article because your associate(s) did or said something stupid/dishonest, that’s not a suggestion that you did or said something stupid/dishonest or that you took part in it. Of course, some may conclude on their own that you associate with stupid/dishonest individuals but that’s called having the right to an opinion. If I’ve questioned something that doesn’t make sense to me, that’s not me spinning the confusing material you’ve put out. That’s me trying to make sense out of something that doesn’t make sense. And if I’ve noted that you failed to back up your allegations that means I either missed where you posted it or you failed to back your shiz up.

If I haven’t specifically stated that I believe (my opinion) someone is associated with someone else or an event, then it means just that. I haven’t reported an association nor is there any inference of association on my part. For example, just because someone is mentioned in this article, it doesn’t mean that they’re involved or associated with everyone and everything else mentioned. If I believe that there’s an association between people and/or events, I’ll specifically report it. 

If anyone mentioned in this article wants to claim that I have associated them with someone else or an event because I didn’t disclose every single person and event in the world that they are NOT associated with, that’s called gaslighting an audience and it’s absurd hogwash i.e. “They mentioned that I liked bananas but they didn’t disclose that I don’t like apples. Why are they trying to associate me with apples???” Or something similar to this lovely gem, “I did NOT give Trish the thumb drive!” in order to make their lazy audience believe that it was reported they gave Trish the thumb drive when, in fact, that was never reported, let alone inferred.

That’s some of the BS I’m talking about so try not to act like a psychiatric patient, intelligence agent, or paid cyber mercenary by doing these things. If you would like to share your story, viewpoint, or any evidence that pertains to this article, or feel strongly that something needs to be clarified or corrected (again, that actually pertains to the article), you can reach me at with any questions or concerns.

I cannot confirm and am not confirming the legitimacy of any messages or emails in this article. Please see a doctor if sensitivity continues. If anyone asks, feel free to tell them that I work for Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, Steven Biss, the CIA, or really just about any intelligence agency because your idiocy, ongoing defamation, and failure as a human is truly a sight to behold for the rest of us.

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