The Rabbit Files 1.0: Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files?

Anyone who followed the 2017 Crowdsource The Truth’s Jason Goodman, George Webb, and “Trish the Dish” debacle famously dubbed the “Who spoofed the Seth Rich Files,” is likely familiar with someone named “White Rabbit.” For those that aren’t, in early June 2017, some guy using the handle, “White Rabbit,” gave independent, investigative journalist, Trish Negron, a thumb drive who then passed it to Webb and Goodman. While live-streaming post hand-off, Goodman repeatedly called the files the “Seth Rich files,” meaning he thought that White Rabbit may have given them a clone of Rich’s thumb drive that was allegedly used to pass the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Goodman’s statements and subsequent confusion over technical matters involving the files caused a flurry of backlash and scorn.

@HumanOfMind, a former member of the online puzzle, Cicada 3301, and then-associate of both Trish and White Rabbit, told me in 2019 that “they” never told Webb or Goodman that the files pertained to Seth Rich. Rather, they were told that the files came from the online Romanian hacker persona, Guccifer 2. She sent me the two screenshots below stating, “The files were never the Seth Rich files but the G2 files…and Goodman and Trish were the larpers lying to their audience and got caught. Rabbit told Webb it was G2 so they were aware of it and I never gave them anything. [T]hey weren’t my files. I asked rabbit to stay away from those ppl. [T]hey pushed Seth Rich.” Under the second screenshot she wrote, “Rabbits dm with Webb.”

If these screenshots are legitimate (and I have no idea if they are), they were sent to me (and posted on Twitter) to prove that Rabbit told Webb that the files were from Guccifer 2, not Seth Rich. But if we dive into the actual content of the messages, it’s unclear to me if they actually do. In the first screenshot, Webb asks him if he has “the drive,” and Rabbit responds, “Not his drive,” just the files. Then he adds, “I’m not positive its the drive but I dunno know what else it could be.” Whose drive and files is he talking about? Guccifer 2 or Seth Rich? 

In the second screenshot, Rabbit tells Webb that the files were “broadcast online by guccifer and WikiLeaks about a year ago. Then it dropped…” Okay, so a few things. First, these screenshots do not show that Rabbit explicitly told Webb they were G2 files. He said that the files were broadcast by Guccifer and WikiLeaks. Second, the files were never broadcast by Guccifer 2 “about a year ago,” or at anytime at all, to be exact. Third, the files weren’t broadcast and then dropped. The password and link to the files were unexpectedly released during the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in September 2016.  

He’s at least correct that the files were never published on WikiLeaks’ website or Guccifer’s WordPress. That said, according to Trish, he told her that’s where he got the files from and showed her a screenshot which, according to his own messages and reality, would have been impossible so it would be interesting to find out exactly what Rabbit showed her, if anything. Then there is Rabbit’s statement, “I think it’s what they used to get the emails.” Who used what to get which emails?

Additionally, after Rabbit made plans to meet Trish, he initially told her that he wasn’t going to give the thumb drive to her. But reportedly after the two of them spoke for about an hour and half about what was in the files and how he got them, he finally agreed to turn it over because according to Trish, “we said if we were ever going to step up, this is the time.” This seems to suggest that there was a discussion these might be “Seth Rich files,” or at the very least they might contain some new and exciting information otherwise, what on God’s green earth was there to “step up” about? Some old files that White Rabbit knew had been publicly available for over eight months?

Below is how Trish remembered the events leading up to the White Rabbit debacle (you can decide for yourselves about the content of the video), including how @HumanOfMind allegedly put her in touch with White Rabbit to get the files and how she told Trish that she herself thought they might be the Seth Rich files. She also noted that the files had been a topic of discussion for a few weeks before White Rabbit gave her the thumb drive. 

I don’t believe that @HumanOfMind has ever disputed the actual content of this video. Rather, she has focused in the past on telling her audience that the files were never hers and that she never gave the thumb drive to Trish which, as far as I know, no one in the history of the world has ever reported that she did. So let’s focus on the actual content of the video. 

Did @HumanOfMind —

  • Tell Trish that the files might pertain to Seth Rich?
  • Approach former CBS journalist, Lara Logan, and/or her husband about the files?
  • Tell Trish that Logan’s husband was a former CIA agent knowing full well that he wasn’t?
  • Ask Trish to help Trevor Fitzgibbon who then got him an interview with Webb and Goodman?
  • Discuss with Trish sending the files to Jared Beck?
  • Introduce Trish to White Rabbit either directly or indirectly by giving her White Rabbit’s contact information in order for Trish to obtain the files?

The White Rabbit Interview

In 2018, White Rabbit did an interview with Lift the Veil’s (LTV) Nathan Stopleman and it gives us a fairly eye-opening glimpse into what else Rabbit was possibly telling people or at least thinking in regards to the files he had in his possession. Starting at the 1:05:20 mark, he said:

“Regarding the spoof situation, I’m not an expert with this stuff it kinda fell in my lap. When I approached the three of them, I didn’t know how to handle the files properly…” 

So “this stuff” just kinda fell in his lap and he approached Webb, Goodman, and Trish, not the other way around. This contradicts what Trish said about @HumanOfMind putting her in contact with White Rabbit. This also begs the question of why he allegedly decided to “approach them” in the first place. Did he trust them and if so, why, because his own friend, @HumanOfMind, didn’t. Below is another screenshot she sent me in 2019, that shows she warned Trish not to hand over the thumb drive to him—which Trish did anyways.

Here’s a longer version she posted on Twitter three years later stating, “Trish liked Webb and wanted to have the files. I do not watch YouTube but did not trust the reporting of Webb as valid. I asked Trish not to give it to Webb and Rabbit not to give it to Trish so for me I’m out of that moment but ppl like to make it into something it’s not.” 

Aside from @HumanOfMind consistently acting like she’s the arbitrator of how information should be disseminated and apparently admitting three years later that she didn’t trust Trish despite being her friend at the time, no one has made whatever this “something” is into “something it’s not.” Again, I’m not aware of anyone ever accusing @HumanOfMind of being involved in the thumb drive handoff and regardless of the fact that she clearly no longer wants to admit to having a role in the situation, she was involved on some level evidenced by her own admission she warned White Rabbit not to give Trish the thumb drive. She was also in contact with Trish based on her own screenshots that show she tried to stop Trish from giving the thumb drive to Webb. She was clearly aware of what was transpiring as it transpired.

I’m also not aware of anyone reporting these specific actions as being nefarious in nature but when someone starts denying or downplaying this entire episode and their own evidence that shows they played at least some sort peripheral role in this event, one starts to wonder if, indeed, there’s something nefarious in nature about their actions.

As for White Rabbit’s statement that “this stuff” just fell into his lap, did he mean he found himself in the middle of this situation with Trish and the thumb drive because of someone else’s actions or was he talking about the actual files? 

If he was talking about the files, it seems that they didn’t just fall into his lap. Two days after Rabbit gave Trish the thumb drive, @HumanOfMind tried to clarify on Twitter that the files were not Seth Rich files and that they were “downloaded durning [sic] the election from a link given by Wiki w/ a passcode.” Then, on August 19, 2017, she said that she was “there in group” when Rabbit “downloaded” the files which would seem to indicate that she’s known White Rabbit since the 2016 election season. And just last year she tweeted, “I was in a group when 2 friends downloaded the G2 files. Months later one of them came to me bc no one had looked at them.” All of this, of course, seems to illustrate that the files did not just fall into Rabbit’s lap. 

@ATafoyovsky aka Lestat aka Arturo aka @Cheshire3301

Joining this glorious story three years later is a guy who uses the name Arturo (aka “Lestat” aka @Cheshire3301 aka @ATafoyovsky), a Mexican national who spends most of his time on social media posting disinformation, attacking U.S. citizens including whistleblowers, and accusing people who have never promoted Qanon as being the individuals who created it and/or are running it. I personally believe that Arturo is running a (blatant) disinfo campaign to bolster two U.S. court cases in favor of @HumanOfMind by defaming (and failing to present any real evidence to support his allegations which multiple journalists now concur he has failed to do) the defendants: Her former friends/associates, Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon (Fitzgibbon is currently counter suing her).

For transparency’s sake, @HumanOfMind has mentioned me in court documents as being some sort of paid or hired agent of Schoenberger’s and is currently trying to get Schoenberger to admit to these defamatory statements via interrogatories. Her attorney has also filed an order that they would like the judge to sign off on which states that any alleged defamatory/derogatory content about her that Schoenberger has allegedly posted or allegedly influenced others to post has to be taken down.

Essentially, this appears to be @HumanOfMind’s roundabout and very deceitful way of trying to censor speech and the media because of content she doesn’t like on my website (which, I don’t even understand how she thinks myself or my website is legally bound by a court decision in a case I’m not even named in but whatever). Her false accusations are wildly absurd and yet it appears that she felt protected enough to make them under oath despite facing penalty of perjury. You can read more about it HERE.

As for Arturo, a non-U.S. citizen, he openly admits that he’s been planting stories in the U.S. media:

“I told everyone months ago that I was working with MSM to get this out, the only reason VICE went and visit defango it’s because they contacted me first, I have spent weeks working with VICE and other MSM…” — October 25, 2020

“[S]he was the ONLY one that I told specifically about me working with CNN and vice…” — October 30, 2020

“[E]ven if I wanted, I can’t choke ppl remotely (yet), I was the real source for the TEd, FT, Heavy article, and the upcoming Vice doc on January…” — January 7, 2021

And here’s a now-deleted tweet from Jim Stewartson who essentially served as Arturo’s public mouthpiece for some of the media stories:

“ALL OF THIS. Lestat has been a loud, clear voice of truth for over THREE YEARS despite a constant campaign of lies and harassment. None of this exposure would be possible without him.”

Arturo also stated a few months ago that one of only two people he trusts and who helped him with source material and research is @HumanOfMind (aka “Fox”). He has since back-peddled on this statement after I included it in a letter I wrote to the judge residing over @HumanOfMind’s legal case in which she inexplicably defamed me. Arturo now claims that he hasn’t spoken to her in months.

So, it’s pretty strange that the U.S. government hasn’t done anything to stop a foreigner from planting propaganda in U.S. media, running a massive disinformation campaign that involves foreign members of Anonymous against U.S. citizens, and has since dragged in a myriad of high-profile individuals. It’s also pretty ironic because everyone in this little group has noted that former CBS news correspondent Lara Logan’s husband—the one who @HumanOfMind lied about being a former CIA agent and who attended that infamous Shadowbox meeting at Ed Butowsky’s with Schoenberger, @HumanOfMind, Fitzgibbon, Defango and others—used to work for the U.S. government planting stories in Iraqi media during the war. 

So is this what Arturo and his associates are currently being paid to do? I mean, has anyone stopped to ask themselves why this guy is so invested in two U.S. court cases and willing to post disinfo on social media literally every single day? And sure, he might hate Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon but to go so far as to plant false stories in foreign media seems a bit…intelligence-ish.

So, in an effort (I believe) to disentangle @HumanOfMind from the White Rabbit debacle, Arturo recently tweeted that Defango was the one who gave White Rabbit and @HumanOfMind the files:

“Really interesting when you understand that the source of those files was not Fox [@HumanOfMind] or #TheWhiteRabbit but it was #Defango himself.”

Again, for the third time, I am not aware of anyone accusing @HumanOfMind of actually giving anyone the thumb drive or files and the implication that that is happening is the usual gaslighting and victim porn that Arturo and his associates traffic in weekly, if not daily. Second, if his tweet is true, that means that when @HumanOfMind said that she was in a group when her two friends downloaded the files during the 2016 election, one of those friends was Defango. And according to both @HumanOfMind and Arturo, that would also mean that Defango was the one who came to her “months later” with the files because no one had examined them. So accordingly, she’s been an associate of Defango’s since at least 2016?

What’s even more perplexing is the fact that this would also mean that @HumanOfMind described Defango as a “friend” in January 2020, when she posted about how she watched “2 friends” download the files. And yet, two months later she filed a lawsuit against him for monies she claimed he owed her and included statements that he had threatened her and her family prior to January 2020.

Shortly after filing her initial complaint, she released him from the lawsuit and then months later filed statements that he made under oath—the exact same defamatory statements she’s been making about me for over a year including recently perjuring herself—that I was hired or paid by Thomas Schoenberger. In the exact same lawsuit she released him from.

It’s almost like these people are paid to play soap opera every day and have been running a 4-year alternative reality game. Maybe this is their ring leader. Meanwhile…

While trying to disassociate his associate from the White Rabbit situation, Arturo essentially characterized @HumanOfMind and White Rabbit as chumps who were taken for a ride by Defango with these files but who cares if Defango was the one who gave them the files? Unless Arturo is accusing him of telling everyone that they were the “Seth Rich files,” or some sort of new files with juicy data in them, it literally doesn’t matter—especially if they’re all playing the same game together which I personally think that they are

Regardless of how it transpired, I have multiple sources that say @HumanOfMind tried to engage Lara Logan and/or her husband’s interest in the files, and then Trish’s, and then Trish tried to peddle them to Jared Beck seemingly on her behalf (probably knowing that there might be some recognition in it for her, as well), before the Webb/Goodman situation ever happened.

In my opinion, Arturo’s snitchy behavior towards Defango only makes these three appear even more devious. @HumanOfMind admits that she saw White Rabbit download the files so why would he need them from Defango? And as you’ll learn, White Rabbit himself admitted that he downloaded the files. And again, regardless of Arturo’s new narrative, it appears that these old files were peddled to multiple people under sketchy circumstances meaning there seems to be a good possibility that someone along the way made it sound like they might be Seth Rich files.

Everyone can claim ignorance as much as they want but when you have @HumanOfMind literally stating on Twitter that she is “one of the few people who actually knows the archive of @WikiLeaks inside and out,” consistently leads people to believe that she’s an expert on WikiLeaks documents, is posting complicated geopolitical threads like this:

…but somehow couldn’t figure out these files that allegedly came from Defango, well…it’s a story that I’m personally not buying. Put it this way, if the files that Rabbit and Defango (allegedly) downloaded had been released and published by WikiLeaks on their website instead of via a link in a PowerPoint presentation, is it @HumanOfMind’s testimony that this would have been the only cache of documents she can’t understand? Would she be forced to retract her statements that she knows the entire WikiLeaks database?

My Take On the Shenanigans

There’s no question that during their post-handoff live stream Goodman pushed these files heavily as the Seth Rich files. Meanwhile, Webb tried to downplay it stating over and over again, “maybe,” “potentially,” and “we’re going to let the internet decide,” while repeatedly yelling at Kim Dotcom through the camera that he wanted Seth Rich’s Mega account information in order to confirm if the files were actually his (yes, that happened).

I also believe that there was some honest confusion about the compression/size of the files which eventually led Goodman to ask, “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich files?” And if Goodman was honestly confused about some files a random dude named “White Rabbit” gave them via a thumb drive vs. the same files that Defango later sent him (did I forget to mention that?), I don’t see an issue with him trying to figure out the discrepancies. Skepticism and doubt seems like a perfectly normal reaction under the circumstances. He should have adopted that attitude from the get-go.

It’s also important to remember that according to Trish in the video above, she admits that Rabbit told her the files had been released a while ago and it would have behooved Webb, Goodman, and Trish to have done some homework on them before live streaming and been very clear with their audience about what White Rabbit was peddling. Although, Trish did mention during the stream that he said WikiLeaks had posted the link to the files previously. With that said, the entire purpose of White Rabbit and @HumanOfMind (leading up to these events) was allegedly to get the files out to a wider audience so in the big scheme of things, what exactly was the problem? 

After watching way too many Crowdsource The Truth videos in the past few weeks, aside from his ongoing confusion about file compression and initial claims that these were the “Seth Rich files,” it almost appears to me that the onslaught of attacks against Goodman, Webb, and Trish both during and after the live stream was their refusal to immediately admit that the files didn’t contain any juicy data which immediately prompts the question, “Then why was anyone peddling them in the first place?” 

I mean, two days after the live stream, @HumanOfMind took to Twitter to call them “false prophets” who were “spreading 1/2 truths and some lies as truth.” Lol seriously? This seems a little extreme coming from an individual who demanded that she get to remain anonymous in all of this, allegedly played a role in setting Trish up to get the files from White Rabbit, and for a situation where there was confusion over the files. When someone on Twitter suggested that she might be able to “aid in the research by offering your 2 cents,” she responded, “I don’t help Mossad,” not only in reference to George Webb but in the most absurd and narcissistic manner as if Mossad would actually need her help to understand some underwhelming .7z files.

I don’t follow Steve Outtrim’s blog although I have read some of his posts, and even though I don’t agree with everything he publishes nor with his politics, his take on the situation closely sums up my own feelings:

“The ‘Seth Rich files’ that were ‘spoofed’ according to Crowdsource the Truth were actually the Guccifer 2 files. They were handed to Patricia Negron aka “Trish the Dish” on a USB stick. One source told me this handover went down theatrically in a forest near Boston. It’s quite possible that Trish, Jason and George really thought they were getting some super secret hacker intel from Seth Rich, rather than being led into a LARP. It’s also possible that all the characters involved with this were well aware of what they were doing, why, and for whom. I find it hard to believe that every single character in this story was an innocent, unwitting patsy, and everything just happened to them by coincidence.”

More From the 2018 White Rabbit Interview

According to White Rabbit, the files he had were from the DNC servers and at least 3,000 people downloaded them after they were uploaded to Twitter, including himself. More from Rabbit:

“[I]f you worked for the DNC, you were on IT staff, I believe he [Seth Rich] was head of  voter–uh, I forget now–it’s voter registration or something to that effect, he was in perfect position and they’ve even changed what his job title was to cover it up…he’s the exact person that would have access to that kind of information is what I’m saying.” 

“He [Seth Rich] died July 10th, I believe, which was only a few days before I received the information online, I mean, uh, I’m sorry, the information [files] came out on Twitter a few days before he was killed…”

Is that so? This guy seems to believe in the Seth Rich conspiracy theory and his statement about when the files were released echoes what he told Webb: The files were “broadcast online by guccifer and WikiLeaks about a year ago…then it dropped” Here, he is much more specific: The files were released before Seth Rich’s death which occurred on July 10, 2016.

What Rabbit had in his possession was something called the 7dc58-ngp-van.7z files (Trish got the zipped version)—at least those are the claims that have been made—which again, the link and password to those files were released during the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in September 2016, well after Seth Rich’s murder. So how did White Rabbit obtain these files before Rich died or where were they available before his death? Let’s take a look at exactly how these files were first publicized.

Background on the 7dc58-ngp-van.7z Files

On August 16, 2016, organizers of the 2016 Future of Cyber Security Europe conference publicly announced that they had booked Guccifer 2 as the guest speaker for their September 13th conference. Guccifer 2 noted the announcement on Twitter but on the day of the event, G2 never showed up. Instead, a PowerPoint presentation assumedly prepared and submitted by G2 was presented and read by Tim Holmes, one of the program’s organizers. Within that PowerPoint and underneath the statements, “NGP VAN HACK | HERE ARE OTHER MATERIALS FROM NGP VAN,” was the link and password to the .7z files.

For anyone that’s not familiar with NGP VAN, it’s a tech company that provides political campaigns access to voter files, meaning it’s essentially a central database of everything that a campaign has learned about voters which can include age, gender, address, phone number, race, etc. The DNC stores all of this information in a central database maintained by NGP VAN and obviously each campaign’s data is kept separate from the other. In 2005, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean took over the DNC and he started the central voter file system but it was Stu Trevelyan who actually built NGP VAN. 

In December 2015, Bernie Sanders staffers including IT worker, Josh Uretsky, were able to breach the DNC’s system (think of it like the NGP VAN “wall” between the Sanders campaign and the Clinton campaign was penetrated (I think, but no quotes, I’m not a tech person) and according to some reports, at least one summary data table was exported although an independent investigation couldn’t locate the file. Uretsky was fired over the incident despite claims that the Sanders’ campaign accessed the data to prove to the DNC that its system was still exposing campaign data after previous warnings. 

So sure, I know what you’re thinking. The .7z files that were revealed via link and password during the September 2016 cyber conference came from this breach but there’s zero evidence to suggest that’s true. Additionally, @ClimateAudit pointed out that the latest internal document date from the files was 2011, and thousands of others were as old as 2005. “There is no way that a DNC operative would have wasted his time copying this garbage…nor is there any reason why a skillful operative who had been watching individual keystrokes of DNC and DCCC operatives would have any interest in this obsolete not-even chickenfeed…and yet 2.8 GB of this obsolete garbage was copied and exfiltrated,” wrote ClimateAudit. 

Not only was it copied and exfiltrated, this “garbage” was then used in the PowerPoint at the cyber conference. Going back to Guccifer 2 and attribution, Emptywheel wrote:

“The files were posted during a speech given in London by another hacker as a proxy for G2.0 on that day…And while on Twitter G2.0 pointed to the speech the day before it was given, he never actually pointed back to the data on his WordPress site.”

To be clear, Guccifer 2 never posted these “not-even chickenfeed” files to WordPress, G2 never acknowledged them, nor did WikiLeaks ever publish them to their website. The latter did, however, retweet the file link and password (at least three times), as did a slew of other people including “Adam Carter” of In fact, a month after White Rabbit gave Trish the thumb drive, Carter said that Rabbit’s files were “identical” and “matched a copy he [Carter] grabbed when the files were first published at the security conference in London.”

So these are the files that White Rabbit claimed he downloaded before Seth Rich’s death or at the very least said they were released before his murder which obviously appears to be a massive pile of horse shit unless, of course, he was working with Guccifer 2—or someone else who was working with G2—who passed him the files before the conference took place.

So Did the Files Come From Guccifer 2?

As far as I am aware, the .7z files from the conference are the only files that Guccifer 2 DID NOT publish, link to, or mention via Twitter or WordPress. I reached out to one of the cyber conference’s organizers, Tim Holmes, but never received a response as to whether or not they were able to confirm that the PowerPoint came from Guccifer 2. 

In my opinion, and without confirmation that these files came from the “real” Guccifer 2, this situation seems extremely sketch and for all we know, other hackers working on behalf of Assange (or rather, “pro-Assange” hackers), or those looking to sow chaos or further the Seth Rich conspiracy to help Trump, Assange, or both, created the presentation for the September 2016 cyber conference under the guise it was from G2. You’ll also learn that within weeks of the White Rabbit debacle, a bombshell report from an anonymous figure about the DNC emails was revealed. This report used the .7z files for analysis and was adopted by supporters to further the Seth Rich conspiracy.

But as much as I would like to tell you that I have the answers, I don’t. Technically, this series isn’t even about solving the Guccifer 2/PowerPoint problem, it’s about highly questionable behavior and actions of so-called activists inside the Assange support community and transparency movement who appear to be running coordinated operations for reasons unknown. In the next few articles I’m going to do a deep dive timeline and you can come to your own conclusions—or none at all. 

NEXT: The Rabbit Files 1.1: Stunning Leaked Messages Between White Rabbit and Trish

Disclaimer: If I haven’t specifically stated that I believe (my opinion) someone is associated with someone else or an event, then it means just that. I haven’t reported an association nor is there any inference of association on my part. For example, just because someone is mentioned in this article, it doesn’t mean that they’re involved or associated with everyone and everything else mentioned such as what happened at the 2016 cyber conference and the G2 presentation. If I believe there’s an association between people and/or events, I’ll specifically report it. 

If anyone mentioned in this article wants to claim that I have associated them with someone else or an event because I didn’t disclose every single person and event in the world that they are NOT associated with, that’s called gaslighting an audience and it’s absurd hogwash i.e. “They mentioned that I liked bananas but they didn’t disclose that I don’t like apples. Why are they trying to associate me with apples???” Or something similar to this lovely gem, “I did NOT give Trish the thumb drive!” in order to make their lazy audience believe that it was reported they gave Trish the thumb drive when, in fact, that was never reported, let alone inferred.

That’s some of the BS I’m talking about so try not to act like a psychiatric patient, intelligence agent, or paid cyber mercenary by doing these things. If you would like to share your story, viewpoint, or any evidence that pertains to this article, or feel strongly that something needs to be clarified or corrected (again, that actually pertains to the article), you can reach me at with any questions or concerns.

This is an opinion piece about my own theories and viewpoint. You should research this story and events yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Post Disclaimer

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  1. We have looked at the same evidence, questioned the same people, and come to pretty similar conclusions.

    Dig deeper. G2 was fake, cooked up by Podesta and Robby Mook. Defango didn’t give the files to Rabbit but he DID work on NGP-VAN for the Dems and for Brittany Kaiser (Cambridge Analytica hack)

    The Goodman/Trish interview is fascinating knowing what we know now.

    They were trying to give these G2 files legitimacy and muddy the waters around Seth Rich, by laundering the information through Jason and George’s audience. My blog has covered those LARPers extensively, their platform sure seems like some of COINTELPRO operation & George even told the cops that when he was arrested.

    Defango tried to launder the Jason Goodman/Arnon Milchan LARP in a similar fashion by discussing it with George Webb’s brother Dave Acton on a live stream. Dave didn’t fall for it

    So many of these characters are easily proven to be liars by their own words and deeds. Not to mention all kinds of shady intelligence contacts. That’s why I don’t believe the “innocent patsies in a string of random coincidences” theory

  2. God, you are just so caught up and invested in your crazy narratives that reality apparently doesn’t even matter to you anymore.
    BTW, just because Beth talked to Arturo at one point doesn’t mean she does anymore. She used to talk to a lot of people she has blocked now. And anyone still talking about some stupid Seth Rich conspiracy theory has made themselves irrelevant anywhere but Q-Ball World.

  3. I believe Beth Bogaerts does talk to Arturo Tafoya.aka Tafoyovsky Because Bogaert’s did have a start up with Trish Negron that involved George Webb, and because Bogearts is dear friends with White Rabbit, who in my mind was one of the creators of Qanon, Bogaerts is very much relevant. Bogaert’s is suing me, lying on court documents and I am making sure the lies are called out. Bogaert’s lied about Jimmys Llama as well.

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