NEW RULE: Important Development in the Cicada 3301 Story

Folks, we had an important development in the Cicada 3301/Shadowbox saga today. Leading innovator in the field of LARPS and disinfo, @ATafoyovsky, finally rose above crying in his street tacos and announced an exciting new rule that drastically limits himself from scrutiny and criticism. This is a game changer, folks, and some serious 5D vampire chess this guy is playing.

What this means for the rest of us is that we can’t talk about @ATafoyovsky recently encouraging his audience to support this guy:

Let’s check in on Eckard Pfeifer, the leader of “Committee 666,” and his Facebook page (redacted):

Oh dear. Maybe his account was hacked? This too?

Eckard: “Porn is much less ‘dirty’ than the people making a public witch hunt out of it”
Brandon Maxwell: “yeah porn, but here its a kind of kiddie porn not only random porn…is this everything ok for you with kiddie porn ???”

Welp…again, maybe his account was hacked, I dunno. I mean, Ray Johansen recently vouched for @ATafoyovsky so I’m sure everything’s fine.

Let’s not get hung up on the details like a leaked message that shows Johansen ran an op with child porn purveyor, Aubrey Cottle, or that he put me in THREE DIFFERENT Zoom meetings with this guy, Cap’n Crunch:

And see? Johansen is friends with Eckard, too. Everything’s fine.

However, for the record, Johansen was not at an Idaho diner because he’s too stupid to realize the small detail he left in one of the photos.

He posted these tweets to terrorize people, including myself, by making it appear that he was in the U.S. and coming for us. Absolute moron. But don’t worry, he’ll later say he left the incriminating detail in the photograph on purpose like he does with all his f*ck ups. Anyhoo—

Aside from Eckard maybe or maybe not having his account hacked, let’s check in with his other interests. Well, would you look at that. Eckard and his Committee666 promoted “The Plan.”

Gosh, that triangle diagram above looks awfully familiar. Oh right, I published an article about it.

The Plan. Promoted/created by someone using “Heil Hitler” in their handle. @ATafoyovsky thinks Nazis are cool?


Hoo boy, indeed, this is very awkward. Maybe we should check out Pastebin.


“‘Committee of 666’ (Com666 for short) was given its name on 06 June 2011 when our Group had reached a membership of 666 people. This accidentally happened to be precisely one day prior to Sabu’s arrest. The Group originally started as the personal friends network of Eckard Pfeifer.”

Oooh, is this like a super secret organization that @ATafoyovsky just joined? I hope he didn’t tell the Mexican cartels about it. You know, for Eckard’s sake.



Wow, this organization sure does run a lot of Facebook pages and groups. You know what they say, idle hands are the devil’s playground.

Ah, the real reason why @ATafoyovsky is sharing this guy’s stuff. They have a Cicada group. “Cicada.” a.k.a. “Anonymous Operations,” to be exact.

Lestat, are you trying to get on these lists? Be honest.

Oops sorry, I forgot we moved on from that whole “Heil Hitler” thing.

#OpNewBlood and “Pro Hackers”

Boy, this is some exciting stuff that @ATafoyovsky won’t let us talk about anymore. I mean…

Lmaooo the best part of this is that the account below thought that out of all the groups in the world, Ray Johansen’s AnonIntelGroup would know the answer to this. I can’t imagine why.

But, as exciting as this all sounds, there may be another explanation for @Atafoyovsky’s tweet. A little over a week ago I tweeted this:

I’ve also been told that @Atafoyovsky’s harassment and defamation crew, which includes Ray Johansen, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), and Jesselyn Radack, has at least one sock account following my Twitter account despite this literally being the definition of stalking. I was forced months ago to make my account private in an effort to minimize their abuse, harassment, and threats.

With that said, it’s hardly surprising that this group is known for creating sock accounts and then using those accounts to get their targets to say something that can be used against them later. Bogaerts did this to me behind a sock account in an effort to get me to go off about her ex, Thomas Schoenberger. When I wouldn’t play ball because I assumed I was being messed with by an unknown f*cktard hiding behind a sock account (oh wait, I was), she screenshot it and used it as the smoking gun I publish articles for Schoenberger because that mama needs some psychiatric care.

I mean, what are the odds that @ATafoyovsky suddenly starts retweeting this guy when virtually no one has ever heard of him? He may very well have published that tweet to get me to say something that could be used against me. Well, I’ve simply republished information that other people published first, including Eckard’s own Pastebin. If I took a friendly jab at @Atafoyovsky here and there, it was all in jest.

Most importantly, I’m not accusing Eckard of being a pedophile because what if his account was indeed hacked? So cheers, @Atafoyovsky, and lighten up a little.

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