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In case you missed it, a few nights ago an account on Twitter posted a 2017 Crowdsource The Truth tweet that included a link to 68 pages of downloaded messages between White Rabbit and indie investigative journalist, Trish Negron. If they’re authentic, the messages rock a three-year-old recycled narrative, expose some of the actors involved in the White Rabbit debacle, and reveal how this situation might have really played out. They’re also fairly bizarre at times but they provide some clues about questions I raised in my recent article, “The Rabbit Files: Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files.”

💥In no uncertain terms am I making any claims as to the legitimacy
of the messages or their content and accuracy.💥

The Seth Rich Files

So the big question is whether or not White Rabbit told Goodman, Webb, or Trish that he had the Seth Rich files. Well…the leaked messages not only seem to confirm that he did, he clearly kept up the charade that the files contained juicy information that could take down the DNC, Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, or whatever it was they were hoping for. Here’s a reminder of the direct message that @HumanOfMind sent me back in 2019:

“The files were never the Seth Rich files but the G2 files…and Goodman and Trish were the larpers lying to their audience and got caught. Rabbit told Webb it was G2 so they were aware of it and I never gave them anything. [T]hey weren’t my files. I asked rabbit to stay away from those ppl. [T]hey pushed Seth Rich.”

Before we dive into this, let me throw out this reminder (again), “At no point in time has anyone ever accused @HumanOfMind of giving anyone the thumb drive or files, nor that the files were hers.” Regardless of how many times she implies that this happened, it literally has never happened but I’ll certainly let you know the minute it does.

Additionally, I reported in my last article about the two screenshots she sent me in an effort to prove that White Rabbit told Webb that the files were from Guccifer 2, not Seth Rich:

“In the first screenshot, Webb asks him if he has ‘the drive,’ and Rabbit responds, ‘Not his drive,’ just the files. Then he adds, ‘I’m not positive its the drive but I dunno know what else it could be.’ Whose drive and files is he talking about? Guccifer 2 or Seth Rich?” 

“In the second screenshot, Rabbit tells Webb that the files were ‘broadcast online by guccifer and WikiLeaks about a year ago. Then it dropped…’ Okay, so a few things. First, these screenshots do not show that Rabbit explicitly told Webb they were G2 files. He said that the files were broadcast by Guccifer and WikiLeaks. Second, the files were never broadcast by Guccifer 2 ‘about a year ago,’ or at anytime at all, to be exact. Third, the files weren’t broadcast and then dropped. The password and link to the files were unexpectedly released during the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in September 2016.”  

Not only do the screenshots not prove what @HumanOfMind was hoping they would, the leaked messages show that after Trish asked Rabbit if he was willing to share a copy of the files, he told her, and I quote:

“Yes…I think it’s the infamous thumb drive.”

I think it’s the infamous thumb drive. The earliest record I found about a thumb drive being used to pilfer emails was on December 12, 2016, via Consortium News, who published a Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) memorandum which stated:

“‘[A]ll signs point to leaking, not hacking…since leaking requires physically removing data — on a thumb drive, for example — the only way such data can be copied and removed, with no electronic trace of what has left the server, is via a physical storage device.”

Then, on December 14, 2016, the Daily Mail reported that Craig Murray said he was the one who picked up both the Podesta and DNC emails via a thumb drive:

“Murray said he retrieved the package from a source during a clandestine meeting in a wooded area near American University, in northwest D.C. He said the individual he met with was not the original person who obtained the information, but an intermediary.” 

Note that Murray said he met with an intermediary, not the actual leaker. His comments were not meant to distract from the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, far from it. As late as January 2020, he published, “The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich,” which, of course, if the FBI has been lying they should be called out for it. But in essence, the article served to keep the conspiracy alive despite Murray, much like Kim Dotcom, failing to release any evidence that shows the “original person who obtained the information” on the thumb drive he picked up from an intermediary was Seth Rich.

And whether or not the kool-aid drinkers want to admit it, Murray not only admitted to protecting the governor of Belmarsh prison after they lied on a report about Assange because of his concerns over Assange’s privacy, he also admitted to keeping quiet about Trump because he didn’t want to jeopardize the chance he might pardon Assange. So did he actually pick up a thumb drive that contained both the Podesta and DNC emails or was he trying to save Assange from Russiagate? I’m not trying to be rude to a long-time associate of Assange’s, it’s a legitimate question and I got over the whole cult fetish-blind devotion thing awhile ago.

The bottom line is that the thumb drive/Seth Rich conspiracy theory was alive and well at the time of the White Rabbit debacle and if the leaked messages are legit, Rabbit absolutely led them to believe that he might have the “Seth Rich files.”

The morning after Goodman and Webb’s initial live stream about the thumb drive (see my last article), Rabbit said exactly ZERO to Trish about Goodman calling the files the “Seth Rich files,” literally all night. He didn’t appear angry, upset, annoyed…nada, nothing, zilch. Two days after that, when Trish said to him that George Webb thought they might have the Seth Rich files, he responded, “Me too.” And when she herself called them the Seth Rich files later that day, again, he said nothing. And then almost a week later, he also called them the Seth Rich files, “The shit I have makes Seth Rich files pale in comparison.”

Yeah well, I’m pretty sure I know what he was talking about when he implied that he had more “shit,” which I’ll be revisiting in an upcoming post and “shit” is definitely an appropriate term for it. Moving on…

It wasn’t just the Seth Rich ruse that Rabbit pushed. Due to information that people were feeding Trish, she seems to have honestly believed, at least initially, that there was some newsworthy and sensational data to be found in the files and after she told Rabbit that people were finding “incriminating stuff,” he said, “I told you so,” as if this wasn’t the first time he pushed the idea on her.

And after reading Trish’s message to him, “You are the lynchpin in the biggest corruption case in U.S. history,” where he responds, “Yeah. It’s weird…I’m very happy about that. It was slow going alone,” I find it hard to believe that anyone could have seriously thought that it was Trish deceiving everyone at this point.

Even when Trish said to him seven days after the initial Goodman/Webb live stream that everyone was now criticizing the files because they contained old information (which, as I noted in my previous article, begs the question why anyone was peddling them in the first place), and that attention was being diverted by online drama, at no point did Rabbit try to correct her. Rather, he continued the charade with an emoji shrug and, “A lot of people are trying to squash it…that is why it must come out through multiple sources,” and “That’s what they do.” In fact, Rabbit stated multiple times throughout these messages that he was happy the files were getting out, including on 4chan, and that they needed a wider audience.

@HumanOfMind (Beth)

Then there’s the alleged role that @HumanOfMind played in all of this. As I reported previously:

“[R]egardless of the fact that [HumanOfMind] clearly no longer wants to admit to having a role in the situation, she was involved on some level evidenced by her own admission she warned White Rabbit not to give Trish the thumb drive. She was also in contact with Trish based on her own screenshots that show she tried to stop Trish from giving the thumb drive to Webb. She was clearly aware of what was transpiring as it transpired.”

And here’s what the messages revealed: At noon, on the day Trish was planning to meet with Rabbit, she messaged him, “I understood you would be okay with it but Beth [@HumanOfMind] is really upset with me.” Rabbit didn’t respond to her message until after Goodman and Webb’s livestream that evening, stating that @HumanOfMind “feels better” about Trish getting the thumb drive and that she “just panics on occasion.” He included a screenshot of the conversation where you can see that he told her that he felt “good about giving [Trish] the drive,” and she replied, “Ok then I feel better.”

Whether or not White Rabbit and @HumanOfMind just wanted Trish to believe that is unknown but in no uncertain terms did @HumanOfMind act like she felt better. Three days after the livestream, she took to Twitter to publicly call Trish, Webb, and Goodman “false prophets” who were spreading half lies and this was after Rabbit told Trish he thought he had the “infamous thumb drive,” and after @HumanOfMind told Rabbit she was okay with Trish getting the files.

After the livestream, @HumanOfMind also deactivated two Twitter accounts that she was letting Trish use because Trish was having problems opening a new account after her last one had been deactivated by Twitter (I thought @HumanOfMind vehemently denied ad nauseam that she’s never had any sock accounts?). The two accounts were among the main ones that Trish, Goodman, and Webb were using to get the files out—the same files that White Rabbit said needed a wider audience. In screenshots that are floating around out there in the Twittersphere (no, I don’t know if they’re legitimate), @HumanOfMind told Trish directly that she didn’t trust her anymore so she shut down the accounts. Did she not trust her anymore because she thought Trish was working with Mossad? Here’s the dealio on that—

According to Rabbit, @HumanOfMind is just a naive wee little thing and when he would make her “aware of some things,” she would freak out (his words, not mine). Apparently one of these things was George Webb. After Rabbit told her that he basically thought he was sketch, @HumanOfMind “just ran with it.” And yet, in a screenshot that was sourced from a Defango video and posted by LTV’s Nathan Stopleman (it’s at the 25:11 mark and no, I don’t know if it’s legitimate), it shows @HumanOfMind (a.k.a. @WellTraveledFox) telling Defango that is was Trish, not White Rabbit, who told her that Webb was Mossad, which led her to getting “spooked” about Webb and not wanting him to get his hands on the files. You know, because what exactly Mossad would do with some totally not-top secret, underwhelming, old files that had already been promoted by WikiLeaks and publicly available for over eight months at this point, is beyond me.

Of course, we also have to ignore her other story that it was Webb’s journalism that turned her off for all of this to jive, but whatever.

So let’s dive into some of the more bizarre messages. A little after midnight on June 2, 2017, which I believe at that time Goodman and Webb’s livestream was still going on, Trish messaged Rabbit and asked him if she could use his handle as the source for the thumb drive. His response? “You can mention me. It will make Beth happy.” It will make Beth happy? Weird. This is literally while @HumanOfMind is freaking out on Trish. Then, a couple of hours later, after Trish appears utterly bewildered as to why @HumanOfMind was so upset with her, he told her that she (HumanOfMind) “feels a bit under appreciated.” I’m not even going to sugarcoat this. This is some weird shite he’s saying to Trish under the circumstances.

At one point, Rabbit told her that @HumanOfMind was “on edge” and Trish retorted that she was on edge, too, but unlike @HumanOfMind, she wasn’t smearing her for…wait for it…doing “what SHE asked me to do.” Yikes. Trish didn’t give any further details as to what exactly @HumanOfMind allegedly asked her to do but my guess is that this goes back to that Trish/Goodman video where she tells Goodman that Beth wanted the files out and essentially used her to do just that:

I really can’t emphasize enough how weird this conversation got. After Trish mentioned @HumanOfMind smearing her, Rabbit said, “My best suggestion is to ask her what would make her happy.” I mean, is @HumanOfMind a moody toddler, Rabbit is completely messing with her head at this point, or both? Sadly, Trish told him that she repeatedly apologized to her for “upsetting her,” and I don’t even know what exactly Trish did that she would need to apologize.

I think it’s important to note here that there is a growing number of people (yes, some of them are shady AF but some aren’t) who have faced the exact same situation with @HumanOfMind; the turning on a dime, inexplicable lashing out, whisper campaigns, baffling and ongoing defamation. Strange? Very. And if we look at the list of people and accounts who have covered up for, protected, and/or promoted her, and/or threatened other people on her behalf while she’s doing these things we find:

  • White Rabbit
  • Thomas Schoenberger as “Vetter”
  • Thomas Schoenberger as Thomas Schoenberger
  • An unnamed member of the hacktivist community different from the second to last person on this list which I’ll get into in a future article
  • Jesselyn Radack
  • Arturo a.k.a. Lestat
  • Ray Johansen (@NorwayAn0n)
  • @AnonScan

I mean, that’s an interesting list to find oneself on. Moving on…

The day after the livestream, Trish reached out to @HumanOfMind directly and asked her if she could use her handle “as the conduit for the files,” and she responded, “Really? Is this what you tell me.” Of course her response makes no sense in the context of what Trish just asked her so naturally Trish responded with “huh?”

I can’t speak to what happened during this conversation but what I can say is that in the past I have received DMs that say really bizarre things or the sender says something really weird that makes no sense in the context of what we’re talking about, and I’ve always felt that they were doing it so they could screenshot it and later spin a narrative to others privately—meaning, make it look like we were talking about something we weren’t or that I said something that I absolutely did not say. Again, I can’t speak to Trish’s conversation with @HumanOfMind, especially since the rest of it is missing, but it’s definitely the feeling I got when I read it.

Finally, after Trish sent Rabbit the screenshot of her conversation with @HumanOfMind, he responded, “She basically wants to thank you.” Thank her? Seriously, this dude seems to be straight up f*cking with her head unless there’s a huge block of information we’re missing. Again, here’s the link to the messages so you can read them and decide for yourselves.


As if this conversation couldn’t get anymore strange, “Vetter,” showed up in the leaked messages, a Twitter account that was allegedly run by Thomas Schoenberger. On June 6, 2017, six days after the Goodman/Webb live stream, Rabbit sent Trish a screenshot of a conversation between “Vetter” and @HumanOfMind:

Vetter: “Defango wants to make it clear that Trish is NOT part of Jason’s OP Plus, maybe Defango wants a date…”

@HumanOfMind: “Ha! I agree…this is about Webb and Jason.”

Okay, this seems so bizarre in the context that @HumanOfMind has already smeared Trish publicly, told her she didn’t trust her anymore, and shut down her Twitter accounts (that HumanOfMind gave her). Trish responded to Rabbit’s screenshot of the Vetter conversation with, “Beth totally trashed me,” to which Rabbit responded, “The next phase I guess you could say.” What does that mean exactly? I mean, if that doesn’t sound like some sort of coordinated operation, I don’t know what does. So they all decided to let Trish off whatever hook they were hanging her from and just concentrate on Webb and Goodman as the next phase of the op? 

Additionally, Schoenberger has repeatedly stated that his friend “James” was initially running the Vetter account and has denied to me personally that he had any involvement in the White Rabbit debacle. However, in DMs that took place in 2019, he told me about the Vetter account stating, “No I took it over when James took a honeymoon…I took it over in May 2017,” which would naturally mean that he was not only in control of the account when the White Rabbit debacle happened, he was involved on some level. 

So yeah, Rabbit sends this screenshot of Thomas/Vetter and @HumanOfMind to Trish and tells her, “Beth wants you in too,” meaning what? They all want Trish to join their op in taking down Goodman and Webb? This entire situation seems beyond hamajanged at this point.

@ATafoyovsky aka Lestat aka Arturo aka @Cheshire3301

If you didn’t catch my last article, I reported that @Atafoyovsky a.k.a. Arturo recently tweeted that Defango was the one who gave White Rabbit and @HumanOfMind the files”:

“Really interesting when you understand that the source of those files was not Fox [@HumanOfMind] or #TheWhiteRabbit but it was #Defango himself.”

But based on previous tweets posted by @HumanOfMind, Arturo’s claim would mean that not only was she was in a group and watched Defango download the files, he approached her months later with the files because no one had examined them. But a screenshot that recently surfaced on social media (no, I don’t know if it’s legitimate) shows @HumanOfMind telling blogger/journalist Steve Outtrim that it was White Rabbit and some guy named “Carlos” who downloaded the files, not Defango.

She also said that it was White Rabbit who approached her months later about the files and asked her to help get the files out, again, not Defango. So unless Defango goes by “Carlos” and also approached her months later with the files, it appears that someone is lying. But, I mean, actually being forthright would end this three year LARP and who wants that, amirite?

Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 made a brief cameo appearance in the leaked messages when Rabbit told Trish that he was invited to join the puzzle (with Schoenberger and @HumanOfMind), and that he wanted her to include that little morsel of information in a Medium article she was writing about the thumb drive. I have approximately zero interest in reporting on everything he told Trish about Cicada 3301, so I’m just going to leave it at Rabbit telling her that he was “now protected by Cicada” and that they’re watching over her too and trying to keep her safe which takes us straight into….

Social Engineering

There is zero doubt in my mind that White Rabbit was trying to social engineer Trish and I seriously got the PTSD willies reading some of the stuff that he said to her.  The question is why he did it? Rather than go through this bit by bit, I’m just going post some of the things he told her:

  • “Much of what I do is read people. I’m very very good at it. Psychoanalysis. I don’t miss much… Advanced interrogation. Basically.”
  • Rabbit: “We are at the center of probably the most pivotal moment in history. We want you involved…but that’s up to you.” Trish: “I’m in up to my neck already…” Rabbit: “Well, the plan is to help with that tonight.”
  • Rabbit: “I trust defango.” Trish: “I don’t know him at all.” Rabbit: “Me either but I’m good at reading people.”
  • “I don’t think you intended for things to go down like they did…That’s why I’m talking to you now. I appreciate what YOU have done for me.”
  • “I feel like in many ways this is my purpose.”
  • “Wether [sic] they are on my side or not, I am in fact protecting everyone. They might not quite understand how I’m doing that but they don’t need to. I don’t want ANYONE to die.”
  • “My identity is not hidden for my safety. For others safety and because it’s not about me” (and yet, earlier he told her that he “didn’t need anonymity,” which also doesn’t explain why he was so upset that someone doxed him)
  • “I am protected by [Cicada] now. They are watching over you too. Trying to keep you safe.”

But coupled with this whole “We’ll protect you” song and dance was an uglier side to this whole thing. By June 10, 2017, Rabbit had completely changed his tune about the files containing damning information. Trish told him that Charles Ortel might be able to match financial documents from the Clinton foundation to the files Rabbit gave her and he responded with three laughing emojis. Understandably, Trish reacted by asking if the files were fake and he just said, “Your [sic] the expert.”

Later, he sarcastically called her a “genius,” demanded that she “publicly disassociate” with Webb and Goodman, and told her that she’s done “far more than insult” him. He also told her that she was “fucking around and pissing” him off and other fun things like:

  • “You fucked up good…Do I seem stupid?”
  • “You didn’t tell me you are full of shit…I’m a social engineer.”
  • “If anything happens to my fucken family I will burn you all”
  • “How hard do you wish to fuck yourself exactly?”
  • “I don’t need anymore fuck ups.”
  • “I don’t fear death. I seek it. I like blades. Bit of a S/M.” (loool wut?)

So yes, while Trish was being privately disparaged, publicly defamed, social engineered, and @HumanOfMind was shutting down her Twitter accounts, clearly White Rabbit and Cicada 3301 (which included Schoenberger and @HumanOfMind!!) only had the best intentions and were all there to protect her from the bogeymen which, honestly, appears to be them.

There is A LOT more in these messages like stuff about Dotcom, Defango, George Soros, Israel, the Clintons, JFK, and Rabbit telling Trish that it was Google who “spoofed the files” (yes, that really happened), so I recommend you read the full content on your own.

It’s important to also note that no one cut Rabbit off after the thumb drive shenanigans and after it became obvious he was peddling old files. On the contrary, he was invited to join Cicada 3301 with people like Schoenberger and @HumanOfMind, who were already members, and then months later they created the Cicada clue #FollowTheWhiteRabbit as a shout out to Rabbit after @HumanOfMind requested it.

NEXT: The Rabbit Files 2.0: Russian Hackers, DCLeaks, and Guccifer 2

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