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OPINION: It took me a few days to get back to this and it ended up being a shiz ton longer than I anticipated but I believe revisiting the screenshot below is important based on what has happened since late last year. So here are my thoughts about it… TheContinue Reading

On February 6, 2018, I published “Being Honest: Considerations of a Julian Assange Supporter,” which was met with an astonishingly high level of bitter criticism from supporters within the WikiLeaks activist community as well as a twenty-point reactionary piece from activist, journalist, and Youtuber, Suzie Dawson. The following is myContinue Reading

What is it about the new year that inspires us to commit to new resolutions like working out, losing that extra weight, spending more time with family, being more organized, and showing kindness to strangers? Well, first of all there’s nothing wrong with wanting a fresh start to improve ourselvesContinue Reading

Some of you out there have been familiar with my research since 2012 when I started writing about the Colorado theater shooting and then when I started covering the Boston bombing the following year.  After Boston, the trolls were out in full force but it never appeared to be inContinue Reading