Some Truth None of You Want to Ackn0wledge

Deflection. Deflection. Deflection. I can’t believe I actually had to write this but I know everyone is lazy as f*ck about research so below you will find my corrections to An0nAkn0wledge’s latest post. To be clear, this is a self-proclaimed hacker that WikiLeaks, Courage Foundation, and members of Julian Assange’s legal team supposedly worked with via the Unity4J campaign and who is now (ironically) retaliating against and threatening me over the Gatekeeper Files. The series is about the rise of fascism and the Assange support community despite An0nAkn0wledge trying to make it about the collective Anonymous because he obviously can’t stand on his own as an activist for Julian Assange in the face of an article published on a website he describes as being run by “a little llama who ran her mouth too much.”

The Gatekeeper Files predicted that they would be retaliated against for reporting on gross displays of hypocrisy in the support community for the past two years by Unity4J members including An0nAkn0wledge who is/was an administrator for the @Unity4J Twitter account. And the fact that threats are coming directly from an individual within the WikiLeaks support community isn’t surprising. As I previously posted on Twitter, a member of Assange’s legal team who took over Assange’s Twitter account in March 2018 after he was silenced in the Ecuadorian embassy in London (@DefendAssange), took it upon themselves to contact me privately about Unity4J co-founder and New Zealand politician, Suzie Dawson, who we now know lied about fleeing New Zealand in terror in order to grift for money from innocent people. 

Dawson was requesting donations at the same time when this “legal team member” approached me with quote, “What’s your beef with Suzie?” which, among other things, led me to believe that they were trying to pressure me into not digging further into the sob story Dawson was using to collect crypto-donations.

“@DefendAssange @Unity4J all combined to share info and organise events.”

Additionally, the only people who have attacked or targeted me since 2017, even when Assange and WikiLeaks were retweeting my articles, have been Assange supporters. Not the government of course because apparently I’m the government so that would be silly. Can you imagine my fed co-workers busting my balls while I was working? Those silly rascals are always starting some office high jinks. But seriously…

Due to ongoing threats against myself by this hacker (both publicly and allegedly privately to others) and his continued use of violent and abusive language towards me, the Gatekeeper Files will be going on hiatus.

And no, threatening writers who have been published in independent pro-Assange media isn’t “drama.” This is the WikiLeaks and Assange community, those who fed the Unity4J beast (including WikiLeaks), and supporters who have stood by silently becoming the antithesis of everything they allegedly stand for like truth, transparency, and a free press and they are now the kings and queens of censorship right next to Twitter, Google, Youtube, and authoritarian governments. 

So yes, the persecution and prosecution of Julian Assange really does mean that they will come for you next.

* * * * * * *

There’s been numerous complaints from a handful of individuals that they have been defamed in the Gatekeeper’s articles, however, at no point have the majority of these individuals pointed out what exactly they thought was defamatory or asked for a retraction or correction. In fact, only one person has approached me personally in a rational manner, pointed out exactly what was written, what they thought was incorrect about it, and what kind of corrections they wanted. And this is a person everyone calls a monster and yet he’s somehow doing better than the rest of you. Instead, these other individuals have deflected from what was actually published by accusing myself or Gatekeeper Files of reporting things that were never actually reported.

For instance, An0nAkn0wledge fabricated the story that the Gatekeeper Files accused him of being a CIA agent and is now trying to propagandize that story despite the fact we reported just the opposite. We reported that he worked with the CIA during #OpISIS which he has admitted himself but that we did not believe he’s an agent for them.  To be perfectly frank, at no point have we ever thought that he has the education or training of an agent nor do we believe for other reasons that an intelligence agency would hire him to be trained as an agent. We’re not trying to be mean, it’s just how we see it. 

An0nAkn0wledge really just wants to deflect from the fact that he did indeed work with the U.S. government which was reported on to illustrate his hypocrisy in the Assange movement and he and others have a robust history of using this tactic. Like Gatekeeper Files reported previously, I no longer think it’s an accident. 

So what I would like to do is correct An0nAkn0wledge’s post about me and the Gatekeeper Files’ last article in a manner that actually addresses what’s in it rather than doing what seems to be the norm in the Assange community which is accuse him of things he didn’t write. If I misconstrue his words at any point, he’s more than welcome to reach out in a non-threatening manner to correct the record. And I’m not going to respond to every single thing he posted like I have ten administrators on my website (woo hoo!) and wrote for a French website (Bonjour, parlez-vous Français?) otherwise we’ll be here for days so my readers are welcome to contact me with any questions. 

The main points I’m going to address are the James Holmes accusations, the Boston bombing, his new details about being “V&,” Qanon, Pizzagate, YAN, and his abusive and threatening language. I will not be addressing his accusations anymore that he’s been accused of being an intelligence agent. If he wants to keep promoting this bizarre lie he’s more than welcome to do so. We honestly could care less.

The James Holmes Case

So An0nAkn0wledge built up this entire narrative that I’m obsessed with a mass murderer because my online handle is related to James Holmes whose criminal case I blogged about for like three years. That, and I allegedly coordinated a letter writing campaign for him while he was in prison. First, I have never lied or tried to hide the origins of my handle. In fact, I’ve been extremely upfront and honest about it with everyone who asks. 

That includes one of An0nAkn0wledge’s close associates who approached me privately about this months ago so needless to say, this just looks like a couple of grown men who put together some sort of campaign to purposely smear me in retaliation and to deflect from the articles published in the Gatekeeper Files. If true, one of these men is retaliating against me for the Gatekeeper Files calling out his hypocrisy and threats within the support community; the other has a personal vendetta against me for privately calling out his lies so, yes, in a movement that embraces fascism naturally they would try to destroy my reputation. 

So anyways, yes, my handle is from the James Holmes case. In a grad school application he submitted to a university’s neuroscience program, Holmes included a picture of himself feeding a llama and when it came out everyone thought it was super bizarre, even comical in an obviously dark way. And some of us in the research community (maybe even in the mainstream media, I don’t remember) believed that it may have been an early warning that he wasn’t well. Less than a year after the Holmes’ shooting, I started investigating the Boston bombing and it never dawned on me at the time that blogging or writing serious investigative stories would become more or less a permanent thing. Everyone was calling me “llama” by that point and although I thought about changing my handle several times over the years, I never did.

Did you guys want to gatekeep Twitter handles, too? 

And can someone get a hold of Assange at Belmarsh and properly shame and humiliate him for retweeting six of my “articles” even though he likely already knew the origins of my handle? Please and thank you.

An0nKn0wledge also mentioned how I changed the name of my website from Llama to Jimmysllama and this is somehow some sneaky fed business or something. For the record, between my old blog and my website the name has been changed back and forth a few times over the years.

As for the allegations that I organized a letter writing campaign on behalf of Holmes, I didn’t. An0nKn0wledge incorrectly identified a Google search result as evidence of this despite the fact that “write-to-james-holmes” was someone’s Tumblr handle/account that had nothing to do with me. Additionally, the link takes you to a short blurb I wrote on my blog about a stem cell review James Holmes left online the same day he bought tear gas. At the time, I was shocked that he was able to sit around writing banal online reviews while simultaneously stockpiling weapons, ammo, and bomb-making materials but apparently yes, you can still do all of those things even when you’re extremely mentally ill. The information about the online review came from the “write-to-james-holmes” Tumblr account and it literally has nothing to do with a letter writing campaign.

I also never wrote to James Holmes but there were some young women who thought that they were in love with him/were extremely compassionate towards him, wrote to him, and called themselves “Holmies.” The Holmes case was also, without a doubt, one of the most conspiracy-ridden things I’ve ever seen and at times it was a seriously off-the-hook, crazy ride. As for the Holmies, this phenomenon isn’t new when it comes to mass murderers but alas, An0nAkn0wledge, I may have a fetish or two but I can assure you, it’s not pining for mass murderers nor was I ever a “Holmie.” You might want to publish a retraction since you call yourself a real journalist. Here’s the media’s take:

“[Holmies] unfathomable actions lead to many questions. Would they support this man if he had murdered their friends or family? I think not.

Would they obsess over him if they had been lying on a cinema floor, feet from him, playing dead, and praying that he wouldn’t see them breathing and shoot? Doubtful.”

Of course this journalist is right but I’m not a psychiatrist nor a fangirl that can explain this phenomenon. What I can say is that despite whatever bizarre, disturbing, or what some might call “sick” fetishes anyone had in the community, people were still treated better than they are in the WikiLeaks/Assange community. 

This nonsense like Assange supporters threatening and censoring people generally didn’t happen in either the Holmes or Boston bombing research communities I was a part of and we questioned the case, the evidence, the prosecutors, the documents, defense attorneys, everything! In the Holmes case, some of us even questioned one of the big “researchers” because they lied, tried to manipulate everyone, they wanted control over everything, and no one was allowed to question them. Some of us culled ourselves from that toxic herd because that’s what normal people do when they’re part of a movement, campaign, research community, etc. who don’t want to get f*cked down the road. And sure enough, we found out that this “researcher” had actually turned informant for authorities a few years prior.

And yes, some of us even questioned at least one victim or charge in the indictment during the Holmes case because to this day I don’t believe this victim was shot as the attempted murder charge read against Holmes. And no, they didn’t add everyone who was in the movie theater that night (but not shot) to the charges which would make it make sense. But unlike what you’ll see with Assange supporters, no one was ever demolished or threatened over questioning questionable things. 

So yeah, I never wrote to James Holmes nor did I organize a mailing campaign for him although there’s a good possibility I posted his address in prison despite not remembering doing so. And if I did, I’m not going to apologize for it. If someone wanted to write to him, so be it. I’m not here to tell people which prisoners they can or can’t write to and anyone who believes that a prisoner they hate shouldn’t have the right to receive mail, that’s a direct attack on all prisoners’ rights to receive mail. Stop advocating for the very system that’s keeping everyone enslaved. 

And just for the record, James Holmes repeatedly reached out for help before the shooting and our mental health system completely and utterly failed him, every victim that was killed that evening, every life destroyed, and their loved ones. He’s a perfect example of what needs to be fixed in this country and yet funding for social and mental health services continue to be cut by our government while the NRA pads their pockets.

And yes, despite what An0nAkn0wedge has alleged, I believe that Holmes carried out the shootings that night. This wasn’t a staged event. These weren’t crisis actors. But again, there’s at least victim I don’t believe was shot (yes, they’re still a victim for having to live through that nightmare, calm down, I’m not saying they’re not) and if they weren’t why would prosecutors have to pad charges or the cops taint the jury pool (which they did) if Holmes shot dozens and killed twelve people including a pregnant woman and her daughter? Like, how hard could it be to pull off a successful prosecution, right? Right.

So here’s the deal. Pulling off a successful prosecution against James Holmes wasn’t hard at all but getting the death penalty for him (which they lost) was an entirely different ballgame and that was the driving force behind everything the cops and prosecutors did. So if revenge and killing mentally ill people (or any people for that matter) is your type of judicial system, good for you. I disagree and think you’re a bootlicker.

And remember: Cops that lie, prosecutors that lie, and tainting the jury pool probably won’t derail a criminal case against a mass murderer but it can definitely contribute to an appeals case. Recent case in point? Yesterday’s news about Jahar Tsarnaev and a judge that didn’t feel like weeding out biased jurors.  I mean, here’s the thing, if you think it’s okay for a prosecutor to pad charges against a mass murderer, don’t cry when they do it to you or when the cops plant some weed in your car.  

Believing that a system which is already biased, racist, oppressive, corrupt, and class-oriented should be given carte blanche in a criminal case to ensure state-sanctioned murder later because, well, he’s a mass murderer is like saying that the feds should be allowed to use every (illegal) means possible, be given expanded surveillance power, and the backdoor to every encrypted device in order to catch pedophiles because, well, they’re pedophiles. Meanwhile, you just sold everyone’s constitutional rights down the river. 

Trust me, you don’t want to @ me about Americans’ rights to due process and a fair trial and I don’t give an otter’s arse who you are. If An0nAkn0wledge was arrested tomorrow and the system tried to f*ck over his rights, I wouldn’t be happy about it. Like, at all. 

So lastly, as for me posting Holmes’ birthchart, yup, I posted it. I didn’t do it, I don’t make birthcharts, wouldn’t know how to, but yeah, someone in the community brought it up so I posted it. And? Did you want to talk about all the shite hackers share with each other? I don’t really have the time to obsess over the quirky (or disturbing) side things researchers and/or supporters are into. Generally not my thing because if it was I would have written an entire post about An0nAkn0wledge’s friend Cassandra Fairbanks who calls videos of George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protestors getting run over “porn,” and more specifically doesn’t she have some sort of obsession with murder and bondage or such?

The Boston Bombing

An0nAkn0wledge actually wrote that I shilled for the U.S. government about the Boston bombing loool and the only thing I can tell you is that my entire website is accessible to the public, free, and contains every single thing I’ve ever published about it. You can decide for yourself if my posts reflect a government agenda. Here, start with this series followed up by this one. Just don’t tell Brzezinski’s daughter I’m posting these links, the government might send me a bonus check *wink wink* 

And just as a head’s up, his source for this accusation is someone he himself described as writing a “bizarre rant” online calling me a government agent which he then used to back up his own accusations that I’m an agent, too. In the meantime, perhaps WikiLeaks supporters need to be reminded about scientific journalism and if An0nKn0wledge believes I shilled for the government he should use my own words and my own posts to support that argument. I encourage him to do so.


 An0nKn0wledge provided more details about that episode where he was picked up by the feds back in 2012 that the Gatekeeper Files reported on in their last article. He described the incident as a “kidnapping” during which time he says he was tortured. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I just don’t believe him and I’m entitled to that opinion. As for the Gatekeeper Files, the article specifically stated that the validity of the story was unknown which it is.

And the point of using the story which has already been been stated (Does anyone read anything? No seriously.) was to illuminate the hypocrisy in the Assange community. If An0nAkn0wledge wants his torture story added to the Gatekeeper’s last article, he’s more than welcome to contact them at


Okay, Qanon. An0nAkn0wledge, members of Unity4J, and others have repeatedly accused me of working with Tracy Beanz to promote the Qanon conspiracy and, again, their sole argument is that because I appeared on one of Beanz’ Youtube shows back in February 2017 (maybe it was March?), I was also involved in Qanon. And trust me, I know. But yeah, here we are.

So I started working with Tracy in early 2017, and it generally centered around researching and covering the Vault 7 hints that were being dropped before the publication. Later, we did find it slightly entertaining to comment on what was becoming a real George Webb/Jason Goodman shit show and little did we know at the time what was happening behind the scenes by June 2017 with Steven Biss et al.

By mid-June we had gone our separate ways and when Qanon came on the scene, we weren’t even in communication. But OMG I actually enjoyed working with her on the Vault 7 stuff and wanted to make more videos so ya’ll should probably get your fascist pitch forks out for me not being able to foresee Qanon back in February 2017. Maybe I should have printed out a birth chart? 

She also introduced me to Cicada 3301 and that crazy ass telephone booth in the Nevada desert which was all new to me and I initially thought it was super nuts and entertaining. Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? But it’s not so mysterious and intriguing anymore, is it? A lot of people fell for it (for years even) including the suggestion that Cicada 3301 was working with WikiLeaks and @AnonScan, a deception created and pushed by the people behind the puzzle and/or their associates. 

However, when Beanz asked me about it on her show, I told her that I didn’t believe they were all working together and that the timing of “drops” just happened to coincide with one another. But now? Who knows. Maybe the Cicada people were working with them because so many lies have come out in the wash at this point and so many so-called Assange supporters have proven that they are not at all what they seemed to be that nothing would surprise me at this point.

As for Beanz, just because she went on to promote Qanon does not in any sense mean that I was part of that.

“The only #Awakening that needs to happen is people waking up from this #QAnon shill drivel.” — @jimmysllama

So, I want to remind you again, An0nAkn0wledge, about scientific journalism (Remember that thing Assange talked about?) and if there’s anything I said, wrote, or published that shows I was still working with her when Qanon came onto the scene and that I helped her or anyone else you should post it. Again, I encourage you to do so. In the meantime, I can assure you that I have private DMs showing that as early as November 2017, I was calling Qanon a ridiculous scam and that “the storm” became a running joke “Omg the storm! It’s coming! Wait, it’s just a breeze! Maybe not…everything’s the STORM!” 

So please post this evidence you have that I worked with Beanz to promote Qanon.


As for Pizzagate, there’s no doubt I tweeted about it and used the hashtag in the past. I’ve never hidden that fact nor do I generally delete tweets like some Assange supporters, some of whom like to boast that they don’t despite..well, never mind. The first time I actually used the hashtag was after the 2016 election and over the course of five months (Although there might be some actual Pizzagate retweets before then that I didn’t find but honestly I didn’t look that hard so chop chop researchers). During those five months when I used the hashtag most of the time it was used as a general all-encompassing term for child trafficking and pedophilia such as when I used it to retweet about the Franklin coverup or Joe freakin’ Biden who’s notoriously known for inappropriately touching children. Another example:

“Both sides of the aisle are involved in #Pizzagate.” — @jimmysllama

And yes, there are some Comet Ping Pong tweets in there too including one about Brock’s divorce, the basement that we originally thought existed, and a protest that happened there. 

With that said, An0nAkn0wledge is absolutely right (to a certain extent) about Pizzagate because after looking over some old posts I published during Vault 7 (I kept a running “journal” of sorts on my website reporting all the hints that Wikileaks and @AnonScan were dropping before the actual publication), I realized that I had reported on videos posted by @AnonScan, one of which contained a clip about Laura Silsby and child trafficking in Haiti (among other “pizzagate” things) which was initially posted on The Donald subreddit by William Craddick, Elizabeth Lea Vos’ former associate, and retweeted by WikiLeaks right before the 2016 election. The story has since been debunked. 

There are a total of four posts on my website that mention the term “Pizzagate” outside of recent articles about how the operation plays into the Assange support community. So for instance, in the same post I mentioned above that actually included four @AnonScan videos they had posted in a Twitter thread, each of which contained the hashtag “Pizzagate,” I wrote after one of the videos: 

“There are some amazing investigators out there who have put together of [sic] evidence.  Or start with ‘Hillary Clinton cover up of pedophilia.’ That will keep you busy for awhile.”

Yikes. But this statement isn’t even about Comet Ping Pong or John Podesta because again, often times I used the term as an all-encompassing word for trafficking children and pedophilia. This statement above was actually about the former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who allegedly spent his time in Brussels hunting children at the park. When he was investigated for soliciting sexual favors from minors, U.S. officials like Patrick Kenney and James “he’s the worst” Comey allegedly derailed the investigation. So my suggestion to search “Hillary Clinton cover up of pedophilia,” was in regards to that story. A story that actually happened.

And it should be noted that all four of my “Vault 7” posts that mention Pizzagate were also written after the election, they were all published in early-mid February 2017, and within a span of two weeks. Two out of the four posts only contain one sentence about Pizzagate. For example, in one post where I was reporting on a different @AnonScan video I wrote: 

“The only other things I’ll point out is that during the Doris Day movie referenced in this video, ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much,’ a couple’s child is kidnapped. Reference to pizzagate?  A reference to the earlier tweet, ‘Kidnapped?’  Again, no idea.” 

However, I did link to some of Tracy Beanz’ videos who was working on Pizzagate/pedo stories at the time. So yes, An0nAkn0wledge isn’t wrong to say that you can find stuff showing that I either reported on Pizzagate or went beyond that like promoting Beanz’ vids which I believe might have included Podesta/Comet Ping Pong/Laura Silsby stuff. I have absolutely no problem owning up to that.

With that said, the Gatekeeper Files has never focused on any Assange/WikiLeaks supporters who happened to use the hashtag a dozen times, retweeted AnonScan’s videos, or wrote about it, the totality of which would probably be less than a paragraph. It doesn’t even focus on Assange supporters who retweeted Pizzagate hundreds of times. The series has always focused on the people suspected of creating, planning, and coordinating pre-election pro-Trump operations like Weinergate, Pizzagate, and Seth Rich such as Steven Bannon and Erik Prince. That, and actors directly tied to the Trump campaign and later his administration who helped implement those operations on social media like Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Cassandra Fairbanks.

So yeah, if you were hoping that Weinergate would take down Hillary Clinton that doesn’t mean you were part of the operation. It means that Erik Prince and An0nAKn0wledge’s friend, Cassandra Fairbanks, successfully socially engineered you.

There is an exception to the rule and that’s Elizabeth Lea Vos who was very much an active promoter of Pizzagate but I’ve never see any evidence of her having direct links to the Trump administration like the four alt-right characters I named previously. Vos was included because she’s one of the co-founders of Unity4J which is a part of this series and here’s some reasons why: The Unity4J campaign brought into the Assange support community these very same alt-right pro-Trump supporters like Fairbanks and Posobiec who initiated some of these operations on social media. 

Unity4J also had Posobiec on one of their Youtube vigils talking Qanon lite theories about Trump and Assange just last year and this was like days after WikiLeaks warned supporters that Assange was going to be arrested which common sense told everyone that it was on behalf of the Trump administration. And guess what? Now we know that they had a head’s up on what the U.S. was planning to do because of Fairbanks’ sketchy Richard Grenell story and Unity4J STILL pushed theories that Trump might save Assange.

Fairbanks didn’t even try to hide the shenanigans and campaigned for Trump the very next day after Assange’s arrest which was like four days after the Posobiec Qanon lite special. These alt-right operators mentioned in the Gatekeeper Files are in no way, shape, or form the same as some joe schmo Assange supporter who posted or retweeted some tweets about “Pizzagate” or used the hashtag even if it was before the election. This is like saying that retweeting a Matt Couch tweet about Seth Rich was the same as being hired by Ed Butowsky to repair his image so that by extension the Seth Rich conspiracy theory he was promoting looked more legit. One is absolutely not the same as the other. 

With that said, what probably made the whole Pizzagate/Spirit Cooking situation so much worse was the fact that WikiLeaks was retweeting some of this shiz which put supporters in a position to decide whether or not the publishing outlet they trusted had lost the plot especially since most of this stuff was coming from Fairbanks and Cernovich. 

My guess is that supporters either blindly trusted them, hoped that they knew what they were talking about, or thought they had more documents that confirmed all of the pre-election conspiracies. Compounding the situation, a few months later @AnonScan was dropping Vault 7 hints and posting videos with the hashtag #Pizzagate so a lot of people (including myself) thought Vault 7 documents might be about a myriad of things including powerful people involved in pedophilia/trafficking, Epstein, 9/11, and/or Hillary’s missing emails. 

True story: I met a guy the other day who still thinks that Wikileaks is going to drop documents that expose all of this stuff and that Assange should be extradited so that Trump can protect him. This is real life, folks.  Looking back, there’s no doubt that it was an entirely f*cked situation.

So again, An0nAkn0wledge was correct in one sense but the Gatekeeper Files has always focused on the main players behind these operations and how some of them were welcomed into Unity4J well after everyone knew Trump was gunning to be dictator and that he (and Pompeo and all the rest) were coming for Assange.

Your Anon News (YAN) 

 An0nAkn0wledge actually sent me a warning via his post because the Gatekeeper Files used public tweets from Anonymous accounts in two of their articles which is clearly an attempt to censor both a writer and published material so maybe he wants to rethink his stance? 

And the tweets were not used to reignite some internal Anonymous drama as he likes to go on and on about. Stop trying to make Gatekeeper Files = Anonymous happen. This is how stupid it all is: Let’s say that you, An0nAkn0wledge, were a member of a group for cat owners instead of Anonymous and it just so happened that one of the other members posted some tweets that could be used to illustrate your hypocrisy in the Julian Assange support community (or led to other tweets that illustrated this). Would you start trying to recruit fellow cat-owning members just in case you needed backup to “knock out” as you put it a female writer or threaten her with your cat-owning friends because Gatekeeper Files used those tweets? 

Loool of course not. The only reason you’re threatening me now is because you can recruit hackers with no moral compass instead of non-hacker cat owners to come after me. You clearly can’t stand on your own and address what was reported on: The hypocrisy in the support community. But maybe you should try because what’s the worst that could happen? Gasp, you might help repair the community. Oh noooes we don’t want that.

So anyways, back on point: Yes, tweets were used like @YourAnonNews tweeting about An0nAkn0wledge bot reporting an account which was then reported that maybe it was a reference to the same bot reporting he did against AnonIntelGroup’s Twitter account. Either way this directly relates to the Assange community in which he belongs because aren’t they suppose to be against censorship? And frankly, everyone can thank @GreekEmmy for the tweets.

She’s the one that announced to everyone in the middle of Dawson burning down the Pursuance Project that AnonIntelGroup was associated with the project via Pursuance members like Ray Johansen and that the group had previously run an anti-Assange Black PR campaign. We were aware of AnonScan’s 2018 video about the group, a campaign called QuestionAnswr, and obviously an article I wrote about the video but I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for her tweets during the Pursuance debacle, the Gatekeeper Files would have never researched AnonIntelGroup further which led to a whole host of other things like YAN’s tweets and #OpISIS.

Abusive and Threatening Language

AnonAkn0wledge has repeatedly used abusive, threatening language online not just towards me but other few people over the years and has been allegedly threatening me privately to other(s). This past week alone he posted:

“There’s a reason ppl don’t fuck with me Llama. I have more moles than KGB & CIA combined, I am like a private intel agency. I spent the last 12 hrs or so dedicating the time I don’t have to put a nail in ur coffin. You asked for me to come play. #Killshot

“I never come lll-prepared, I surround myself with Anons who actually live by ‘We Are Legion.’ So when u try to spin something that you know nothing about & attempt to ruin my ‘street cred.’ Well, I am going to swing back hard KO u & then let others dig in.. This is gonna hurt…” 

Kill shot. 

KO u. 

This is going to hurt.  

Nail in ur coffin.

And in his recent post he wrote things like: 

“I would watch your back”

“You have been warned”


“You fucking human piece of toilet paper”

In the past he’s said: 

“Shut the fuck up you pitiful pathetic excuse for a human being, here’s your last and final warning.”

“I am threatening to entirely expose you. Although, I am networked heavily in #Anonymous what happens after is your own peril. You asked for this.”

“Disgraceful pathetic human being”

And folks, again, this is one of Unity4J’s current/former administrators for their Twitter account @Unity4J, a campaign that members say was working hand in hand with Julian Assange’s attorneys, Courage Foundation, and WikiLeaks. So how is this real life and in what world did anyone think that someone who talks like this to people online including supporters would be a good look for Assange? 

I am genuinely horrified and saddened for Assange if this is the kind of support community that activists, gatekeepers, WikiLeaks, Courage Foundation, and the @DefendAssange “legal team member” thinks he deserves which clearly means they don’t think he deserves very much.  Being called a fed or infiltrator for opposing fascism in the movement or merely asking why Assange’s attorneys have only filed one bail application on his behalf should have tipped everyone off that this is the case. I mean, yeah, this is definitely better than a cohesive, progressive, working class movement, for sure.

“Also some of us work hard directly with Courage Found & WikiLeaks themselves for these initiatives…” — An0nAkn0wledge

“@DefendAssange account and Unity4J all combined to share info and organise events. There will shortly be one website / FB page with all the info in one place.” —Charlotte Gracias

“These clowns are so clueless & haven’t realized Unity4J Vigils has WL backing because they wanted Joe Lauria from Consortium News. There’s a connection there advanced search ‘Consortium.’ Plus JA’s friend KDC. Haz fun!” — An0nAkn0wledge

And yes, we all have our bad days on Twitter, who doesn’t? But An0nAkn0wledge has been saying stuff like this for years and threatening a writer with things like “watch your back,” using words like “kill shot,” or telling one supporter to basically shut up or he was going to eviscerate them is some disturbing stuff. Again, how anyone thought this was a great reflection on the Free Assange movement is mind boggling. 

Maybe An0nAkn0wledge could learn to tone down the rhetoric and stop threatening people but until then, at no point would I ever recommend that someone should join the support community just for this alarming behavior alone and especially since it appears that both WikiLeaks and Courage Foundation find this behavior acceptable. Was the Courage Foundation funding Unity4J at all when Assange supporters were being attacked, targeted, or threatened? 

On that note, the one thing I would tell everyone is to trust no one. You wouldn’t believe the shite that has gone on behind the scenes, things people have convinced me of, and just how far or how many gross lies some so-called Assange supporters will tell to manipulate you.

So basically some members of the Assange community are pretty much running their own little Gestapo and bruised and/or power-hungry egos that are tied to organizations that fund “campaigns” have only added to the stressful dynamics of the movement. Here’s the thing: Assange exposed the U.S. system that’s trying to kill him and the military-industrial complex that protects that same system. It’s not the working class that’s trying to destroy him, it’s the Establishment with their insatiable drive for profits that has threatened, harassed, tortured, and censored him for a decade because they didn’t want the curtain pulled back. Get it?

Using campaign funding and/or exclusive ties to WikiLeaks, Courage Foundation, or Assange’s attorneys to advance your power and status within a movement in order to control people by demanding blind devotion and crushing dissent like upper-management overlords at the local Target dominating over a disenfranchised class, or censoring and threatening those who question the hierarchal club you created, isn’t about changing the system. 

It is the system.  

So if the movement is focused on being the system instead of changing the system (which would free Assange) then what’s the point? 

So whatever…

Towards the end of An0nAkn0wledge’s post he wrote:

“This is less about me and more about you attacking all activists around Assange, you must not know but the global hacker nerd brigade protects WL & activists.”  

“…more about you attacking all activists around Assange…” Who is he talking about? What activists “around Assange” because he’s either been silenced in an Ecuadorian embassy in London or imprisoned for the last two years. Does he mean activists like John Pilger or is he talking about someone like Fairbanks who used to visit Assange at the embassy because if it’s the latter it’s another example of an Assange supporter trying to normalize and protect fascist elements within the community—this time on behalf of the entire “global hacker nerd brigade.” Activists like Pilger have never been mentioned in the Gatekeeper Files

On the other hand, if he means all Assange supporters, The Gatekeeper Files has only mentioned about ten Assange supporters, maybe fifteen tops, and at least half of them were never highlighted/the center of a story so is this the entire community that supports Assange? Is this the “all activists around Assange” that I’ve allegedly attacked that An0nAkn0wledge is referring to, these fifteen people? Maybe you should ask yourselves why the community only has fifteen supporters. 

Oh it doesn’t? Then how is it that so-called supporters have repeatedly accused me of trying to divide the community with articles published on my website that have scrutinized only a small number of supporters that even An0nAkn0wledge says nobody reads? Isn’t my website on @GreekEmmy’s no reading list? Maybe you guys should instead ask yourselves why it seems like the community’s survival hinges on these few individuals. 

As for the point of the two Gatekeeper articles that An0nAkn0wledge responded to, I’ll say it one last time: The hypocrisy within the Assange support community. 

Is it really that hard for people like Suzie Dawson, Kitty Hundal, and An0nAkn0wledge to own up to this? This is like if someone sent me one of my old “WikiLeaks Vault 7” posts proving I linked to Pizzagate videos and my only response was to threaten them, write an entire article about them filled with blatant lies and accusations that are poorly researched and not backed up, warn them that they better watch their back and that I’ve been collecting all my crazy ass (cat-owning) friends just in case I want them bullied, harassed, or threatened further, and then ignore the Pizzagate thing entirely. 

You are the system.

So whatever. Maybe you guys can use your hatred of the Gatekeeper Series in all of its harshness and your utterly pathetic “enemy of my enemy” mantra that you seem to need in order to get anything done, and finally come together to dismantle the movement’s pecking order, recognize that the fight for Assange is a fight for the working class, and rid yourselves of the toxic and fascist elements that have poisoned your movement.

In the meantime, yes, feel free to believe that I’m a mass murderer-loving psychopath on the payroll of a U.S. intelligence agency and that either before or during this hotshot job I landed at the CIA—er, or maybe the FBI, a male attorney set up my email account in an operation to infiltrate WikiLeaks despite the fact that unlike others I’ve never worked with them, Courage Foundation, or members of Assange’s legal team. Nor have I ever tried to insinuate myself into or been a part of Unity4J, joined or participated in any Discord channels, ingratiated myself into the life of any supporters or spoken at length with like 99% of them. I’m also despised by the community and I only post on Twitter an average of one cat video a week so yeah, I’m not the most talented infiltrator but I’m working on it. 

I’ll see you guys all later…hopefully standing on the right side of history.

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