The Rabbit Files 8.0 Series

Today, independent media, journalists and bloggers face increasing levels of harassment and censorship such as threats and doxing; shadowbans; censorship of material that threatens capitalism and government narratives; social engineering, defamation, and disinformation propaganda operations; and even murder. Thankfully, my website is still up (for now) but I can’t sayContinue Reading

As I mentioned previously, I realize that The Rabbit Files is becoming a fairly convoluted story so for anyone just joining the series or you need a refresher on where we’re at and where we’ve been, I highly recommend you visit the The Rabbit Files summaries page. It includes aContinue Reading

In the last Rabbit Files, I decided that I would include a summary of the previous files (just in the same series e.g. The Rabbit Files 8.0-8.5) in every introduction so if you’re up to date and want to skip to the new content below click HERE. Otherwise… In itsContinue Reading

I realize that The Rabbit Files is becoming a pretty convoluted story so I’m going to update each series summary e.g. The Rabbit Files 8.0-8.5, after they’re done. That goes for the timeline, as well. I’m also going to add a summary of the previous series files in my introductionsContinue Reading

We last left off discussing Twitter direct messages between former Playboy model, Robbin Young, and the “Romanian hacker” Guccifer 2, who inexplicably went from being a “lone wolf hacker” behind WikiLeaks’ DNC emails to confiding in Young that Seth Rich was their source. There were a few things that alsoContinue Reading

We last left off in The Rabbit Files with WikiLeaks’ complicity in pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy theory and former Playboy model, Robbin Young, dropping a bombshell two weeks before Texas financier, Ed Butowsky, and private investigator, Rod Wheeler, met with then-White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, about the SethContinue Reading

On July 10th, 2016, DNC poll worker, Seth Rich, was gunned down in a Washington D.C. suburb in the early hours of the morning. Within 24 hours of his death, a Reddit user using the handle, “Kurtchella,” posted a lengthy conspiracy theory that Rich may have been killed for havingContinue Reading