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MARCH 3, 2017

Okay, guys, keep checking back on Part 7 because there was a lot of information that came out in the last twenty-four hours and I’m not going to be able to get it all out in one sitting.  *Whew* information overload to say the least, am I right?  But you know what?  Confession time:  I’ve been a little, let’s say, down the last few days because things have been kinda quiet with Vault 7, the Deep State isn’t going to leave Trump and his men alone any time soon, the bad guys really are that bad, and the fear of Assange being forgotten by our U.S. President during this time of utter chaos (plus the upcoming Ecuadorian elections!) is deeply concerning to me as I’m sure it is to others. So, I may need to pour myself a drink (or two) so my head doesn’t explode from all the new stuff that came out but I welcome it as a sign that things are progressing for the good guys. With that said, let’s start with today’s video hint from @AnonScan.


My first impressions while watching the video straight through the first time was that Nine Inch Nails at one point covered the song that was being played and that the video, for me personally, was very sad tribute (maybe I’m still in the dumps?). However, after some online searches I realized that Johnny Cash, I think, first sang the song, “Hurt,” that’s similar to the one in the video.  (Update)  Sorry, ignore the whole Johnny Cash sang it first thing. Some amazing folks online pointed out to me that Nine Inch Nails, indeed, sang “Hurt” first.  I knew there was a reason I liked that song so much.  So thank you everyone for the feedback! (End update) Here are the lyrics from the video with a blurb underneath about what you see in the video at the time the lyrics are sang (and remember, included in this video hint was a link to @AnonScan’s upload of the FBI’s Vault7 documents so it seems pretty clear that those documents have something to do with this):

(Photo of Embassy Cat)

You stay the hell away from me you hear
(Photo of Embassy Cat sitting on top of Julian Assange.  Notice that the picture is actually two: One where Embassy Cat is yawning(?), the second where her mouth is closed. I think the quote is from the movie “A Gunfight” with Johnny Cash playing the character, Abe Cross.)

I wear this crown of thorns
(Photo from Wikileaks website under a magnifying glass)

Upon my liar’s chair
(Footage from what I assume is video taken by Embassy Cat.  The video clip shows the police outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy.  The @AnonScan video then moves to a quick photo of Embassy Cat sitting on a news tabloid that reads, “Britain Decides”)

Full of broken thoughts
(The Embassy Cat “Britain Decides” photo stays up for a brief moment during this clip and then the video moves to a screenshot from the FBI’s Vault 7 HRC investigation file.  That screenshot is from page 27 of the file found HERE.  Here’s the page in its entirety:


The @AnonScan video, however, only shows this:


If we look at this page from the FBI Vault we can see that the FBI’s (horrible) handwritten notes were from an interview that took place on April 19, 2016.  From what I can, Justin Cooper came up during the interview but I don’t think it’s actually Justin Cooper that they were interviewing at the time.  This is just a guess but I think this might be from an interview that the feds had with Bryan Pagliano although I’m finding it hard to find sources that say he worked for President Clinton in 2006-2007.  I haven’t dug around a lot so if anyone comes up with anything, great!  The other thing is that if you do a Google search for the time frame around April 19, 2016, that when Bryan Pagliano’s name seems to show up.  If you don’t know who Pagliano is he was the IT guy for Hillary who apparently avoided “multiple subpoenas to testify on Clinton’s email server.”  Chaffetz wanted the guy charged.  Again, without more time to dig, I’m wondering if this guy ever showed, like, at all in front of Congress or if he’s ever been seen since the email debacle came to light??   I do know where he does show up however.  In Wikileaks documents 167 times.


Going back to the @AnonScan video, the shot of the FBI file includes stuff I don’t understand like, “Cooper – [?] had conversations about own server b/c outsourced server had reliability issues & wanted under own control.”  The file goes on to say “Negot. deal w/owner of .com addresses (an arrow to a side note reads, “when pres. left office”), clintonfoundation, &”.  From what I can tell from this interview, whoever the feds are talking to, they’re the ones that negotiated the .com addresses.  BUT here’s what could ruin my Bryan Pagliano theory:  One “Eric Hoteham” who, according to this website, may be Clinton’s former associate, Eric Hothem, is *maybe* the one that registered,, and websites.  If I have time later to go through the Wikileaks emails for more information I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Okay, the shot of the FBI file in the @AnonScan video goes on to say, “JC [Justin Cooper] managed all aspects of server, incl. movement [?] of email, new accts., etc.  Server in basement of NY residence.”  Yeah.  So it sounds like Justin Cooper was knee deep in the shenanigans (did he get an immunity deal, too?).  If we read further on in the document (which was not included in the @AnonScan video) we see more stuff about what Cooper was involved in as well as this mystery line, “JC + [redacted] concerned [redacted] had too much info &, therefore, may have had access to communications.”  But I don’t think we need to concern ourselves with that because that person who had too much information probably suicided themselves in the back of the head months ago.  

Page 27 of the document also states that the individual being interviewed thought Hillary had been “added to server while still in Senate,” which I had never heard before, and that Cooper and good ol’ Huma thought it might be a “bad idea” to add her to it.  Eh, but apparently they did anyways.  There’s more about an “Exchange server” and “Apple server” but sorry, folks, I don’t know the significance of that.  And that’s all I have for that video clue but I’ll add to this if I come across more information.

Back to the song lyrics:

I cannot repair
(Photo of a scared/sad Embassy Cat)

Beneath the stains of time
(Photo of Embassy Cat)

The feelings disappear
(Wikileaks hourglass)

You are someone else
(Photo of Embassy Cat on Julian Assange’s shoulder)

I am still right here
(Photo of Embassy Cat)

What have I become?
(Photo of Embassy Cat laying on Assange’s chest)

My sweetest friend
(Photo of Embassy Cat under Assange’s chin. I think this may have been one of the first photos put out of Embassy Cat—no quotes though)

Everyone I know…
(Two screenshots are shown.  The first one is from the Wikileaks website and it states, “Who Speaks for WikiLeaks?”  Highlighted in the document is “with the exception of Julian Assange and Kristinn Hrafnsson.”  The second screenshot is from possibly the same WikiLeaks page but instead of it reading “with the exception of Julian Assange and Kristinn Hrafnsson,” it only reads “Julian Assange.”)

…goes away in the end.

(The video shows a picture of the “Anything To Say” sculpture which, of course, has that fourth chair but it’s not empty this time.  A cat is sitting in it.  And yes, I know, coupled with the previous lyrics and screenshots it makes one wonder what is going on; certainly doesn’t seem like good news and I can only keep the faith that everyone is safe and okay.  This is most likely, however, about the fact that it was reported three days ago that Kristinn Hrafnsson, “quietly steps out of the spotlight” and departed Wikileaks.  It was reported he left for “personal reasons” and that “being on the road for six years gets pretty tiring.”)

And you could have it all
(Photo of Embassy Cat on top of GCHQ documents.)

My empire of dirt
(Photo of Embassy Cat on top of more documents.  One document has statements about Julian Assange in it but I can’t distinguish what exactly it says.)

I will let you down”
(Embassy Cat on top of more (or the same) GCHQ documents.  A pen next to her reads [?] Security Agency)

I will make you hurt
(Picture of Embassy Cat underneath a top hat)

If I could start again, a million miles away
I would keep myself, I would find a way
(Embassy Cat jumping up at the door while, of course, I’m tearing up and grabbing tissues by the end of this thing)

So what does it all mean?  Let me go pour that drink and get back to you.

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  1. “im in the embassy surrounded by police, im sitting on documents from GCHQ, written with a pencil from NSA (the third word …security agency), there is a new whistleblower coming out (the 4th chair where im sitting on), im negotiating to get out of here (door), waiting for the decision of the english authorities”
    That could be a storyline. My conclusion: The chances are not bad for J to get a free passage to move to an ecuadorian embassy somewhere else in europe.

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