Part 5: Wikileaks Vault 7

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Part 5:  Wikileaks Vault 7
(February 15 – 23)

DAY 12:  FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Just a heads up that for a few days during this time period there weren’t a lot of tweets that had the #Vault7 hashtag with it.  I’ve posted those tweets that seemed most newsworthy or that I thought might pertain to Vault7.  With that said, the first tweet of the day that I saw from @AnonScan was this one that stated, “…and that @Snowden is the very reason why we are now #OnGuard concerning #Assange @wikileaks…” with a link to @BellaMagnani’s tweet about the new UK Espionage Act.


And then they tweeted this but I’m not sure what it’s in reference to:


And ya’ll might remember this insane, John Schindler tweet going down.  Hello, Deep State.:


Last but not least from @AnonScan we got a new video (hint):


I’m not going to lie, I’m a little thrown off by this video.  The hashtags like #Promises and #dORisDay are interesting.  Also, my understanding is that different systems will see a different date next to the #dORisDay so if someone wants to check that out, great. Personally, I see the date March 21 so obviously I’m thinking this says, “Or is day March 21?” which could be code for some sort of deadline.  However, the “Will R(oo)m + (7×10) could refer to the date March 17th (the room number in the video is 31 then  + 70 = 3170 if, of course, you ignore the end 0.  Or it adds up to 101.  I don’t know.  The only other things I’ll point out is that during the Doris Day movie referenced in this video, “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” a couple’s child is kidnapped.  Reference to pizzagate?  A reference to the earlier tweet, “Kidnapped?”  Again, no idea.  For a full background on the movie you’ll have to go both HERE and HERE because you may not have known it but the movie starring Doris Day was actually a 1954 remake.

Okay, moving on in the day, multiple tweets were put out by Wikileaks about the Ecuadorian elections on February 19th.  Many of them included links to Wikileaks documents about the presidential candidates (HERE, HERE, HERE).

DAY 13:  FEBRUARY 16, 2017

For all the naysayers out there, today was the day that Wikileaks dumped CIA espionage documents about the 2012 French presidential election with a press release that said :

“The revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series.”

So there you have it, more Vault 7 information.  So what does it mean?  The definition for “context” might help:

“The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.”

So what are the circumstances that we see here in Wikileaks’ CIA documents that would put into context their CIA Vault 7 series?  Well, first of all I don’t think I’m the right person to try and dissect this but here’s a shot in the dark:  CIA orders for France, which involved “‘information needs’… extracted from the National SIGINT Requirements List,” included obtaining information about “the economic activities of French companies and the economic policies and decisions of the French government.”  Maybe this has something to do with it—the NSA’s long-term data collection with and without the knowledge of certain people and governments.  The Wikileaks’ press release talks about “three CIA tasking orders” but, admittedly, I’m a little confused about the documents. Any help out there?  Is this it below?


Besides retweeting the Wikileaks press release and CIA documents, @AnonScan also posted this…


And then check out these hashtags:



@AnonScan also retweeted their video about @EmbassyCat (the one with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background) multiple times throughout the day.  The message? “Help making a massive TwitterStorm to support Mr. Assange by RT this (video below) and using below # (ElMundoConAssange) in your other tweets.  And yes, I just realized I never retweeted this.  Ugh, I suck.


To top the day off, @JulianAssange reposted @AnonScan’s EmbassyCat video (above) with the message, “Now that’s a cute cat.”  Aww.  The significance of this?  Wikileaks was basically letting the world know that @AnonScan and their posts were legit.  I’m certain a shriek of excitement was heard ’round the world from Vault 7 followers.


DAY 14:  FEBRUARY 17, 2017

The day after Wikileaks dropped the bomb on CIA espionage involving the 2012 French presidential election, in typical fashion the U.S. media did literally nothing about it. Literally.


As for @AnonScan, they sent out the mysterious tweet below.  Notice that they sent it to @EmbassyCat also?  Hmm, I’m beginning to rethink my theory that @AnonScan is working through @EmbassyCat’s twitter.  Guess who my next guess is?  Yup, Pamela Anderson.  How amazing would that be?  Going out on a limb here: the tweet says that “We followed your tail…and covered the trail…Best friend is 100 Safe sneaky #EmbassyCat.”  If Pamela is Embassy Cat then this would mean that @AnonScan was watching out for her because someone was “trailing” her and they wanted Assange to know that she was safe.

Going back to the “other names” of Embassy Cat that was asked in an earlier @AnonScan hint and @EmbassyCat’s November 28th Twitter status , I came across this summarization:


Then if you read up on the Granma you’ll see this:


Mmhmm.  “The Friend.”  See where I’m still going with this?  Okay, okay, this theory has gone completely off the deep end…but maybe, possibly if she is…gorgeous and smart enough to work a spy detail for one of the most brilliant men ever?  I say, “You go, girl!” Okay, this probably isn’t true, but that would be pretty amazing.

And is it just me or could this tweet also sound like they snuck out Embassy Cat…or maybe even Assange?  Omg, my head is going to explode.

DAY 15:  FEBRUARY 18, 2017

After my head wanted to explode from yesterday’s mysterious tweet, @AnonScan didn’t help much to stop the detonation when they posted this (and no, I have no idea what it means except the fact that if by “beetle” they mean “bug” I hope they got it sorted out!):


Also, remember how I mentioned former Swedish PM, Carl Bildt?  Well @AnonScan sent out this tweet saying, “…maybe @carlbildt is still working in the shadows…”


Wikileaks also tweeted out a link to this Youtube video about the CIA espionage orders during the 2012 French elections.  And no, unfortunately I haven’t watched it yet but it looks worth your time.  Multiple tweets about the Ecuadorian elections also went out on the 18th including this video.

DAY 16:  FEBRUARY 19, 2017

The day for the Ecuadorian presidential election finally arrived.  A review of the candidates:

If you want to read how all of the candidates (many not listed above) fared in Wikileaks’ document go HERE.  Multiple retweets went out during the day showing the Ecuadorians’ support of Julian Assange and that they want him and his work to remain safe and protected.

Folks, I’m just going to fast forward through this whole election thing because it went on for days. Just when everyone thought Lenin Moreno was going to win the presidency outright, a second run-off election was declared because he fell short by literally just a few percentage points.  UGH.  None of this is looking good right now.

Before the day was over, @AnonScan retweeted this…


…and this…


…and multiple tweets from @Suzi3D

They also posted a new video about Julian Assange played to a song similar to Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human.”  The lyrics in this video:

I’m only human after all
I’m only human after all
Don’t put the blame on me
Don’t put the blame on me

I’m only human
I do what I can
I’m just a man
I do what I can

Don’t put the blame on me
Don’t put your blame on me

And if no one noticed, Wikileaks also tweeted out an article about Sweden’s “unethical — and unlawful — arms deals with ‘ISIS-backing’ Saudis.”  Unfortunately, I haven’t had one minute to look into this but it looks incredibly juicy so if someone wants to look into this and has the time the comment on it below, mucho appreciated.

DAY 16:  FEBRUARY 20, 2017

Besides Ecuador passing a referendum “banning politicians and civil servants from using tax havens,” remember how I told you earlier about Mossack Fonseca?  I’m telling you, there’s something huge there.


@AnonScan also retweeted a video with Ashton Kutcher about child trafficking.  We can only pray that Vault 7 takes these people down.


If you want to read about Assange’s appearances in Melbourne and Auckland go HERE and for more on Sweden’s arm’s deals (that may include the Clinton Foundation) go HERE to search Wikileaks’ twitter feeds regarding the issue (“Sweden through the eyes of Wikileaks“).

As for Vault 7’s current status now that the Ecuadorian election is over:



So keep the faith, guys.  And even if you don’t believe anything further is coming down the pipe about Vault 7, don’t you think Wikileaks, whistleblowers, leakers, hackers, and targeted journalists deserve your support against targeted campaigns and persecution?  I know, feel free to paint me as a cheerleader because I am one.

DAY 17:  FEBRUARY 21, 2017

So, because I haven’t seen many tweets with the hashtag #Vault7 on them I don’t want to post literally every single thing that Wikileaks and @AnonScan tweeted out; I’m not a total creeper.  So just realize there’s plenty I haven’t posted and if you want to go back and read their feeds you’re on your own.  With that said, there was another mysterious tweet sent out by @AnonScan that may have nothing to do with Assange, Wikileaks, or Vault 7 but it was mysterious nonetheless (read the article HERE):


Hmm, so I wonder who or what they’re trying to make disappear…The emoji is a European post office so it sounds like maybe they’re trying to get some sort of information delivered?  I don’t know.  On a pretty funny note, they also posted this video in response to “liberals” out in full force again.  It cracked me up.  And for those following this Swedish arms deal story, here’s another tweet of interest:


DAY 18:  FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Just some updates on interesting news or articles.  Scroll to the last tweet of this day if you’re desperate for a Vault 7 hint.





(Is Assange really extraditable?):




An @AnoScan message to Pamela Anderson
(Also listen to Pamela Anderson’s message on Assange, energy, and Russia HERE):


(“Palantir’s Role in the NSA’s global spy machine”)

(“Swedish police chief: Gothenburg ‘is largest recruiting ground for ISIS’ in all of Europe”)

(“CIA plan to overthrow Syria by provoking sectarian tensions, 1986)

(“Ecuador’s tough outgoing president @MashiRafael accuses possible president Lasso of ‘selling out’ my asylum to US)

and then this
(this is a coded message, right??)

ANNNND we have another Vault 7 clue coming  in the form of a video so put on your thinking caps!


DAY 19:  FEBRUARY 23, 2017

Okay, folks, so as of yesterday we’ve been told that another Vault 7 clue coming!  Today @AnonScan also posted a letter from Pamela Anderson that was addressed to Australia.  Go read it now (come on, it’s not long) because I’m going to try my hand at code cracking (which isn’t good at all so perhaps you should consider the following for entertainment purposes only):

Ok, confession time.  I really don’t have much, I mean you could probably take almost anything you wanted out of this but it kinda comes across as a coded message with the misspelled words and the letters that are capitalized but shouldn’t be.  The one thing I’ll point out is if you use some of the words that shouldn’t be capitalized you come up with “Clever, Asset, (the) Jig (is up), Swedish False Allegations.”  Folks, don’t spend all day on this, I’m not trying to sidetrack you.  Just pointing out what stood out to me—that someone might be sending a message that the allegations in Sweden aren’t going to fly anymore as leverage against Assange.

And did you catch this today?  It was @AnonScan’s birthday.  Happy Birthday!


Ok, so as the day wore on, I’m sure many of you, including myself, were surprised that we didn’t have to wait long for more hints from @AnonScan.  But before I get into them I also wanted to tell you that Wikileaks posted a link to their 2008 analysis about John McCain asking the Russians for campaign donations.  Read it HERE.  And no, I had no idea that McCain had done this.  Astounding.

On to the hints or, rather, messages we got today.  The first tweet was basically instructions so you better read them:


Okay, next, they posted eight videos:

  • First video:   U.S. uses France’s fear of terrorist attacks to control them through intelligence sharing.  If France complains about U.S. surveillance on their own country and industries, the U.S. can threaten to take away their intelligence sharing, possibly leading to more terrorist attacks.  “This is a mafia tactic, it’s a protection racket” – Assange


  • Second video:  How did Wikileaks get Snowden out of Hong Kong when the largest intelligence agency in the world (the U.S.) couldn’t?  One, Wikileaks is that good and two, the United State IC is that incompetent.


  • Third video:  “Sarkozy the American.”  After learning that the U.S. had been spying on them, the French IC refrained from asking Wikileaks for more information, probably out of fear of offending the UK or US.


  • Fourth video:  Secrecy breeds incompetence within the IC.


  • Fifth video:  What is the market?  “Different individuals, private organizations, government organizations say I can help you understand the world, you give me money and I’ll go out and find out what’s really happening…”  Watch to see why the market is bad.


  • Sixth video:  Wikileaks has released over 1600 documents on ISIS.  How has the U.S. responded to ISIS?


  • Seventh video:  Did you know they’ve only published about 160 “Panama Papers” documents?  Want to know why?


  • Eighth video:  “All of society needs to be able to have access to it…”  Hmm, I’m wondering about that alleyway and empty chair they showed at the end…

Part 6:  Wikileaks Vault 7


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