Part 4: Wikileaks Vault 7

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Part 4:  Wikileaks Vault 7
(February 12 – 14)

DAY 9:  FEBRUARY 12, 2017

I saw a lot of tweets go out about the documentary “The Good American.” Remember Edward Snowden tweeted about it on February 3?  Today, Wikileaks sent out a tweet with a link to the documentary’s trailer and an article saying, “New film ‘A good American.’ captures how out of control spying facilitated terrorism.”  The documentary was produced by Oliver Stone and I have to say it looks way juicy in a deeply disturbing way.  If you’ve never heard of Bill Binney, he was an NSA metadata specialist who believes that 9/11 should have never happened.  While you’re waiting for “The Good American” to be released check out ThinThread.  And did you notice the trailer mentions the STASI ?!


Two more tweets to read include this one about Bill Binney and “The Good American…”


…as well as a Wikileaks tweet about the UK government shutting down “over 3000 Iraq torture and abuse cases.”  This one from @AnonScan also went out with the hashtag #Vault7:


 ——–FEBRUARY 23, 2017 ——–

Another hint we should have taken note of was this one below because guess what?  It’s another tweet that foreshadowed the Swedish documents @JulianAssange dropped about a week later.  And again, Mossack Fonseca…I’m telling you guys…


And I missed this bombshell the first time around…


…and this one about how “whistleblowers face an unrelenting system of destruction...”


Don’t forget this one about the UK Espionage Act targeted at men like Assange:


—– end update—–

Updated February 13, 2017: Yesterday evening, amidst the chaos, another video was dropped:


I haven’t had time to really analyze what’s going on in the video or what the clue is but lots of people are talking about it on a Twitter thread underneath the video.  Try there first for ideas and solutions.  Here are the lyrics to the Genesis’ song, “Land of Confusion” (original Genesis video) which plays in the background:

—– UPDATED FEBRUARY 23, 2013 —–

“Land Of Confusion”

(Photo of Wikileaks page which says “Global defense of sources and press freedoms”)

I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreams
(Embassy Cat sitting on top of Assange)

Been haunted by a million screams
(Trump tweet about 14 year old hacking Podesta emails)

But I can hear the marching feet
(Photo of people supporting Assange outside embassy)

They’re moving into the street.
(Protestors and supporters outside of the embassy, 2012))

Now did you read the news today
(News clip “Ecuador presidential hopeful promises to evict Julian Assange…)

They say the danger’s gone away
(Same screenshot seen earlier of HRC/Huma wikileaks email about Oprah)

 But I can see the fire’s still alight
(Assange on the balcony of the embassy, 2016?)

There burning into the night.
(Assange speaking from the embassy balcony, 2016?) 

 There’s too many men
(Photo of the U.S. Congress)

 Too many people
(Photo with lots of people:  HRC, Assange, Trump, Obama, Putin, etc.)

 Making too many problems
(Same as above)

 And not much love to go round
(Photo of Pamela Anderson day she visited Assange in October, 2016)

 Can’t you see
(Full moon over D.C.)

This is a land of confusion.
(Full moon over D.C.)

This is the world we live in
(Photo of Assange + Wikileaks)And these are the hands we’re given
(Lady Gaga “Poker Face” with 4 aces shown—FYI Manning smuggled documents out on a thumb drive and also a CD-Rom that was labeled “Lady GaGa”)Use them and let’s start trying
(Hand typing on a keyboard, looks like it’s from a “You have been hacked article)To make it a place worth living in.
(Satellite photo of the earth,cues to spy photos of Manning, Assange, and Snowden with headline, “Yes, we can”)

Ooh Superman where are you now
(Photo of truck, maybe a moving truck, outside of the embassy)

When everything’s gone wrong somehow
(Photo of an ecological shipping box)

The men of steel, the men of power
(Photo of Goldman Sachs, Trump Tower)

Are losing control by the hour.
(Photo of Wall Street street sign outside the stock exchange)

This is the time

This is the place

So we look for the future

But there’s not much love to go round
(Photo of embassy from the sky? From a drone?)

Tell me why, this is a land of confusion.
(Photo of a full moon over the Lincoln Memorial)

This is the world we live in
(@AnonScan’s letter to Chaffetz)

And these are the hands we’re given
(“What is missing ?”)
(My own note:  What’s missing is HRC’s emails…?)

Use them and let’s start trying
(Math puzzle—the solution may be 7)

To make it a place worth living in.
(Same as above)

(Anonymous Scandinavia)

— (this is where the video ends) —

I missed this tweet on February 12th, as well.  We could be here for days about Bilderberg but for the sake of this post I’m only going to point out a few people that have been a part of Bilderberg:  Steve Cohen (Google/Alphabet), Carl Bildt (former Swedish PM), and the Clintons.


—– end update —–


Let’s just start out the daily update with what seems to be on everyone’s mind: “What the heck is going on???”   For those of you out there sitting comfortably with no knowledge of what’s happened in the last twenty-four hours, don’t read any further.  I’m about to make it uncomfortable.  For those of you already following the shenanigans, let me bore you.  Yesterday, a file containing a hex code on appeared.  When deciphered, the entire code gives a link to a Rick Rolled video and reads,

“Conspiracy theories only benefit those who seek our destruction. Stop them.”

So therein lies the confusion.  I mean,  Wikileaks generally publishes information that confirms conspiracy theories, right??  Does Wikileaks want someone like me to shut it all down?  The Outer Dark on Youtube seemed to think that was the direction Assange had headed.  In fact, another Youtuber, Tracy D, stated on video an almost identical statement as The Outer Dark did hours later:  That she needed to “take a step back” from investigating Vault 7.  Tracy D’s channel is still up but her Twitter is currently down (update: as of February 13 it was back up). “So what’s going??” you ask.  Theories floating around include:

  • Wikileaks has been compromised and the code is legit
  • Wikileaks has been compromised which essentially would not make the code legit
  • Wikileaks has not been compromised and the code is legit
  • Wikileaks has not been compromised but the code is not legit

And on and on we go.  Many of you, including myself, have noticed the trolls cropping up on Twitter (“or are they trolls? some ask) and I get it.  People are confused, maybe even scared.  But let me point out that trolls and tactics of that nature are nothing new and have been used time and time again, especially when we’re talking about big anti-establishment stories, politicized trials, or even presidential elections. I would say that the use of disinfo at this point is so cliche if it wasn’t so effective.  But I wouldn’t let what appears to be disinformation, questionable information, or even contradictory information freak you out.  It happens all the time.  Literally.

What I will say about all of this is that everyone should be safe and smart. Never assume you know who you’re talking to or who’s behind that profile you’re following.  I’m not saying they’re not who you think they are but I’m not saying they are, either.  Don’t believe everything you see or read and that includes this blog. I’m simply regurgitating online information with a bit of commentary thrown in.  With that said, I’ll continue posting on here but don’t consider the information I put on here as an endorsement of truth.  Nor should you assume that anything I don’t add isn’t worth further investigation. I was probably on my first cup of coffee and missed it.


*The accounts that you should definitely follow for Vault 7 information is @Wikileaks, @JulianAssange, @EmbassyCat, and @AnonScan.  I know there are other accounts I trust but for you paranoid types I’ll leave it at those four 🙂

Soooo, with all of THAT said, I found what Wikileaks tweeted today (and yesterday) fairly interesting within the context of the last twenty-four hours.  The tweet from yesterday stated, “New German President Frank-Walter Steinmeir was target of systematic NSA/ODNI spying” and also included links to both an article as well as Wikileaks docs that provide evidence of the NSA’s tactics.  So yeah, this is probably just Wikileaks again letting the public know just how widespread and insidious the NSA’s surveillance program can be. Or perhaps a nod to Snowden.  Let’s not go overboard here. Okay, let’s go a little overboard.

When taken within the context of the last twenty-four hours I have to wonder if this is Wikileaks’ way of telling us that the confusion we’ve seen in the past day is of the NSA’s making.  If we investigate this a little further we’ll find two pertinent articles yesterday:  “The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins” and “Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down.”  The first article appears to be an across the board condemnation of the Trump administration (more specifically Mike Flynn) because of its alleged ties with Russia.  The second one, which comes from the New York Times, appears to be much of the same while adding statements that felt very much like propaganda:

“‘It’s so far a very dysfunction N.S.C.,'” Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a telephone interview.”

“…career official were on edge…Donald Trump was elected by people who wanted the status quo thrown out…”

“…what is happening under the Trump White House is different…Many of those who remain, who see themselves as apolitical civil servants, have been disturbed by displays of overt partisanship.”

“New Trump appointees are carrying coffee mugs with that Trump campaign slogan [“make America great again”] into meetings with foreign counterparts…”

And then this,

“Mr. Flynn finds himself in a continuing conflict with the intelligence agencies…”

What I’m taking from all of this is that there is a rift in the intelligence community. You have those who have been dirtying their hands with the Clintons (and others) for years and now you have the Trump administration who maybe is not so willing to get dirty.  They may even want to clean up the joint which, of course, would not make HRC followers happy bedfellows.  What I’m leading up to here is that perhaps that that file Wikileaks put on their back end page yesterday, the one encouraging conspiracy theories to be stopped, was a warning to the NSA.

Or maybe Wikileaks was just in an NSA mood because both of those articles came out yesterday.  Many of you are also aware of the UK’s move to restrict whistleblowers and journalists and this could just be an extension of this.



———- UPDATED FEBRUARY 23, 2017 —–

Other tweets sent out on February 13th @AnonScan’s “Spy Revolt” tweet with article and…


…tweets about criminalizing journalism…


…and an interesting tidbit pointing to Google being part of the Deep State:


—– end update —–

Then there were some more about spy wars including these #NotTheRussians #WhenGoogleMetWikileaks retweet…



…and a shout out of thanks to @cmsNetherlands for this:


…more retweets…



…and last but definitely not least, a new clue!  @AnonScan’s status also included three retweets:  Embassy Cat video with Sarah McLachlan in the background (from Jan. 29), second Embassy Cat video (from Jan. 30),  and the Assange “Turn the Pages Over” video (from Jan. 30).  Clink on the “a new clue” link above to read all four clues that were attached to the tweet.


In response to this latest clue someone added this and @AnonScan replied.  So there’s your answer, guys!


DAY 11:  FEBRUARY 14, 2017

So two big things that happened in the last 24 hours:  Flynn and Assange’s first tweet. I’m sure everyone out there already knows that Flynn resigned, Wikileaks tweeted it out, “Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns after destabilization campaign by US spies, Democrats, press,” and then they included a link to the White House press release. Some speculated that the tweet was essentially coming from the Russians while others blasted the very idea—which they should.  Because there’s no evidence it’s the Russians.  Nor has there ever been.  Omg, move on.

The other big thing that happened was that Assange reactivated his twitter account.  Yup, like some of you I was skeptical it was not legit but @Wikileaks put out this tweet that alleviated any concerns:


And if you missed his first tweet, here it is:


—– UPDATED FEBRUARY 23, 2017 —

And @AnonScan acknowledged the reactivated account…


…and they posted this but I have no idea what it means:


But some of you still think that Assange may not be…well, with us anymore (I’m talking about those legitimately concerned, not those who are part of a Black-PR campaign).  Yes, anyone could be posting from his Twitter.  Additionally, if something’s happened to him and Wikileaks has been compromised then that means the information coming out isn’t legit.  I know, I know.  But until someone sends me absolute, verifiable proof something has happened and what, I firmly believe that he and Embassy Cat still need need our help in getting both them and information out.  With that said…remember what Wikileaks posted before:


And check out @AnonScan tweet where they posted “A message from Mr. #Assange,” a video of Assange who essentially talks about this Black-PR campaign.  @AnonScan included three of their previous hints in the tweet:  their “final hint” video, the Donald Trump interview video, and their Feb. 9 video with “America” playing in the background.


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