Wikileaks: Vault 7

Beginning on February 4, 2017, Wikileaks and @AnonScan have continued to tweet out clues everyday that refer to “Vault7.” So…

Part 1:
Vault 7: What Does It All Mean?

(Before reading the following I recommend reading, “Before the Vault 7 Hints” first)

JANUARY 18, 2017

UPDATE FEBRUARY 11, 2017: I’ve added these next tweets from January 18, 2018, because they are mentioned in a later tweet on February 9. There were four different tweets sent out on the 18th, each one containing a video clip.
The first video clip includes:

  • Sessions recusing himself from any HRC/Clinton Foundation investigations
  • Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against HRC (which is still open)
  • The fact that on 11/09/16 there was a complete MSM blackout about people connected to Hillary’s email shenanigans

The second video clip includes:

  • media outlets and journalists that colluded with HRC including Glen Thrush from Politico
  • Implication that the Clinton’s run a syndicate involved in child trafficking
  • Howard Gutman was handed the position of Ambassador to Belgium under HRC due to high level of fundraising
  • This same guy, Howard Gutman, was accused of recruiting children in a Brussels park while Ambassador. According to a memo written by a chief investigator working at the Office of Inspector General, “The agent began his investigation and had determine that the ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.” The case was allegedly derailed by senior officials including Patrick F. Kennedy (who also helped HRC with her email problem) and James Comey who never filed charges. Ya’ll remember hearing about this on the news? Yeah. Me neither. For anyone knew to Pizzagate, just google it. There are some amazing investigators out there who have put together of evidence. Or start with “Hillary Clinton cover up of pedophilia.” That will keep you busy for awhile.
  • HRC lying to the nation about her emails during a press conference

The third video clip includes:

  • Background on Laura Silsby who tried to kidnap 33 children from Haiti, her ties to HRC (New Life Refuge). Laura Silsby currently works at AlertSense, the company that sends out Amber alerts.
  • Per the Harvard Human Rights Journal, President Bill Clinton was behind Laura Silsby’s release from prison (Anyone mad yet? You should be)
  • Patrick F. Kennedy was also one of the players involved in the Silsby/Clinton conspiracy by white washing the story from the media

The fourth video clip includes:

  • Theory that HRC’s emails may bring to light the full extent of the Clinton human trafficking syndicate
  • Will Obama pardon HRC? Which we know now he didn’t.
  • Obama lying about knowing about HRC’s private server

All four videos contained the same hashtags and emojis:

  • HillaryClinton [$ bag]
  • Podesta [newspaper]
  • Abedin [computer]
  • CherylMills [letter]
  • Comey [sunglasses]
  • TonyBlair [see-no-evil]
  • Gutman [two girls holding hands]
  • Pizzagate [pizza]
  • Silsby [scroll]
  • LockerHerUp [padlock and key]
  • @FBI [magnifying glas]

JANUARY 26, 2017

UPDATED FEBRUARY 14, 2017: On January 26, “22:22 #Its Time @Snowden” with a photo of an article entitled, “Report on CATCH-22,” and in the upper left side of the article is scribbled “Bro file.”


FEBRUARY 1, 2017

UPDATED FEBRUARY 11, 2017: I’m also adding to the top here tweets that went out before Wikileaks started dropping the Vault 7 hints (February 1 – February 3). I believe that they pertain to Vault 7.
On February 1, Wikileaks asked the general public to download an encrypted “insurance” file (which may be Vault 7 information), as well as tweeting links to an article about how Julian Assange’s lawyer told the DOJ that it’s “Your move,” and a video about what Assange, Snowden, and Kim Dotcom have in common.
Another tweet that would become far more interesting in the following days, read “We believe Google will be surprised soon.”

FEBRUARY 2, 2017

On February 2, 2017, a tweet with a video that I’m calling the “Alert” video went out. As we all learned later in the week through hints and clues, song lyrics are an integral part of the hints so I’ve posted the lyrics to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Bad Moon Rising,” which is playing in the background of the video:

—— UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, 2017 ——

I’ve added to the lyrics below what is seen in the video at the time each line is sang. @AnonScan has had this video pinned on their Twitter for at least the last couple of weeks so it’s probably important. After re-watching this and paying attention to the lyrics all of these things stand out: The threat of nuclear war, the war on whistleblowers and leakers, the NSA spy and surveillance program, HRC’s emails, Russian hacking, HRC and McCain’s support of ISIS through Saudi Arabia, and Trump/China/Taiwan relations. As for John Fogerty and the story behind the song, “Bad Moon Rising,” he responded, “The times seemed to be in turmoil. Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy had been assassinated. I knew it was a tumultuous time.”


::music starts::
(Trump being sworn in at inauguration)

I see the bad moon rising
(Photo of a full moon over the Lincoln Memorial)

I see trouble on the way
(Trump as Time’s Man of the Year)

I see earthquakes and lightnin’
(Kim Jong-Un and nuclear missile testing)

I see bad times today
(Kim II Sung Square gathering in support of Kim Jong-Un’s declaration of war against South Korea and the US after the US flew two B-2 bombers to the Korean peninsula—deployed out of Whiteman Air Force Base no less—which then dropped “dummy practice bombs” on a nearby South Korean island)

Don’t go around tonight
(Photo of Putin)

Well, it’s bound to take your life
(Photo of Obama)

There’s a bad moon on the rise
(Full moon over Moscow, photo was used in this article about the DNC “Russian” hacking)

I hear hurricanes ablowing
(Chinese President Xi Jinping)

I know the end is coming soon
(The Iranian flag with missiles, photo of John McCain)

I fear rivers over flowing
(The Vietnam Memorial with the Washington Monument seen in the background)

I hear the voice of rage and ruin
(An August 29, 2009 State Department email between Hillary and Huma. The email discusses an interview with Oprah via journalist Lisa Ling—an interview that has been wiped from the internet. Interestingly enough, Lisa Ling’s sister, Laura, along with another journalist, were held in North Korea for 140 days before Bill Clinton set off to free them less than three weeks before that interview took place. In the email, Hillary also asked Huma to set up a phone call with the Turkish Prime Minister. Remember Morgan Freeman’s Turkish Airline commercial? The name Mitchell is also brought up in reference to a phone call and a land line.)

Don’t go around tonight
A photo of Julian Assange and Embassy Cat)

Well, its bound to take your life
Magnification of Wikileaks with blurb underneath that reads, “global defense of sources and press freedoms)

There’s a bad moon on the rise, all right
Photo of Taipei 101, Taiwan)

(A photo of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, Hillary Clinton and her emails, Wikileaks tweet “Can’t we just drone this guy?,” the Podesta emails)

Hope you got your things together
(Trump signing the Executive Order banning immigration/refugees/Visa holders from seven countries)

Hope you are quite prepared to die
Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential debate. @Nismomike444 pointed out that the video from the 2nd debate could be in reference to Trump’s comment, “You’d be in jail” although he didn’t say that during this debate. He did bring up North Korea, their nuclear capacities, and the fact no one is talking about it.)

Looks like we’re in for nasty weather
(Three photos; HRC, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump)

One eye is taken for an eye
(The “Five Eyes” nations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S.)

Well, don’t go around tonight
(Photo of Snowden, an iPhone, and the DOJ symbol in the background)

Well, its bound to take your life
(Snowden’s twitter “Can you hear me now?” with a newspaper in the background who’s headline reads, “…Say NSA Program is Illegal”)

There’s a bad moon on the rise
(Photo of the White House)

Don’t go around tonight
(Photo of Manning with a quote from him)

Well its bound to take your life
(Photo of Manning and quote, photo of Trump)

There’s a bad moon on the rise
Albert Einstein quote: “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.)

—– end update —–

Other tweets that @AnonScan sent out on February 2nd included: a Trump parody video showing Trump accidentally setting off nuclear missiles (which included a load of hashtags like #Nightmare, #HellFromAbove, #DoomsDayClock, #WeSawItComing, and #DefCon), a direct tweet to Edward Snowden stating, “ItsTime,” multiple links to articles on U.S. torture programs and Gina Haspel, and one link to a story about Rudolf Elmer, a whistleblower who blew the Swiss banking system wide open (also google “Julius Baer”).


Edward Snowden also sent out three tweets in particular dealing with mental illness vs. gun regulations, regulations requiring the oil, gas, mining industries to disclose foreign payments, and the reason the U.S. Treasury decided to relax Russian sanctions.

FEBRUARY 3, 2017

On February 3, Wikileaks sent out this tweet about a new book which details “U.S. attempts to topple Ecuador’s President Correa.” The importance of the Ecuadorian election came to light in the days following this tweet. Wikileaks also tweeted about the UK Wikileaks Act (meaning: if you’re a spy or civil servant and you decide you want to leak secrets it’s going to cost you fourteen years in prison so there’s that).
A handful of funny tweets went out the the same day such as @AnonScan’s Trump parody videos (HERE) while more than a few detailed the horrific Louvre attack in Paris. @AnonScan responded to one particular tweet which read, “Top Russia official says Moscow alarmed over Trump’s unhinged NatSec team and “bellicose rhetoric” on Iran and China (interfax), with:

“…that is one of the reasons why we made below video. We do see a #BadMoonRising.” A link to a February 2 “Alert” video followed.

So this is where you guys can help me out because I’m confused: Is this saying Trump is the bad moon rising because of how he’s going to deal with Iran and China, or that the MSM again is relaying inaccurate information, or what specifically..?. When it comes to politics and foreign affairs sometimes it’s difficult to keep up, especially after this election year!
As for Edward Snowden, he retweeted an article about the documentary “A Good American.” It’s about NSA whistleblower Bill Binney who said “9/11 could have been prevented”.


On February 4, Wikileaks tweeted a picture of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault with the caption, “What is #Vault7?” According to online sources, the facility is a “fail-safe seed storage facility, built to stand the test of time, and natural or man-made disasters.” It is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.
In response to Wikileaks’ first clue, @AnonScan tweeted, “We know about this one and others. Reasons for these vaults are wellknown: #Survival #BadMoonRising
Youtuber Tracy D. (@TracyBeanz) also posted three videos you should check out:
Breaking! #PEDOGATE information YOU NEED TO SEE
CRAZY NYU Professor Connected to PizzaGate!!
Wikileaks also tweeted earlier in the day about the FBI quietly releasing Part 6 of the HRC investigation.

—————-UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, 2017 ————-

Five things that stand out about Svalbard Global Seed Vault:

  • It has a tunnel
  • It is underground
  • It was built to sustain natural or man-made disasters.
  • It is a seed storage facility as well as a “library”
  • It collects seeds from all over the world

With that said, have you ever heard of the Hawaii Cryptologic Center in Oahu? It’s a NSA Ops. Center where Snowden was working when he snagged that huge cache of NSA documents that were about the the US government’s spying and surveillance programs. The center was formerly known as the Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center and it has more than a few things in common with the Svalbard Global Seed Vault:

  • It is also known as “The Tunnel”
  • It is underground
  • It is bomb-proof
  • You could call the center a “seed storage facility” because the NSA uses “seed numbers” to spy on, well, just about everyone (see also here and here). There’s other computer jargon out there about seeds, like “seeding” or “Tor seeds” but I don’t understand much of it. One website said that a “seed” is “a BitTorrent user who has a file that can be downloaded to another user.” That same website,, defined a “BitTorrent seed” as a “BitTorrent client that has the entire file for downloading.” I have no idea what this all means but is it possible that it means someone has shared more NSA files with Wikileaks? Or maybe Wikileaks shared files with someone else who is helping them? What about Harold Thomas Martin? Whatever happened to those documents? Or maybe Snowden kept a few NSA documents in his back pocket as protection. Maybe this is a hint to the NSA that Wikileaks has their own “counter-purrveilance” going on and the information is being stored in a “library” or vault just like the NSA.

The movie “Snowden” also provides clues that Svalbard might be code for the NSA center:

  • In the movie, Edward Snowden developed a program called “Epic Shelter.” Epic shelter would certainly be a good name for the Svalbard vault.
  • The NSA uses seeds to collect data from around the globe. The Svalbard collects seeds from around the globe.
  • When Snowden first arrived at “The Tunnel” in 2012, one of his coworkers referred to the NSA center as “a secret underground World War II air base.” I’m not saying this has to do with the second Wikileaks clue “Where is Vaul7” but it might.


  • Another interesting thing to note is a June 8, 2011 email sent to Hillary Clinton by Sid Blumenthal. The email contained information about a coup that was was being plotted in Sudan and many believe that Sid’s information could have only come from SIGINT.
  • Others have speculated that Vault 7 may be the seventh file in the FBI’s Vault series about the HRC investigation.

————-end update————


On February 5, Wikileaks tweeted a picture of the Merker Mine in Germany with the caption, “Where is #Vault7?” After U.S. forces seized the mine on April 7, 1945, it was discovered that the Nazis had used it to stash a treasure trove of gold and stolen art (see the movie Monuments Men).

————- UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, 2017 ————

The biggest theory floating around out there is that this is about the gold that was stolen from underneath the WTC on 9/11 and everyone, indeed, may be right. However, going off of my Svalbard/NSA theory I’m going to throw out another theory about this clue: Could it be a nod to the NSA’s European Cryptologic Center (ECC) which is located about two hours away from Merker Mine in Building 4373 in the Dagger Complex? I get the feeling that NSA surveillance programs (working in conjunction with the CIA), Snowden, and possibly other players have a significant role in Vault 7 (be gentle if I’m wrong) so that’s why I’m heading down this road. If anything, maybe this whole Vault 7 thing will get people to realize just insidious the NSA’s surveillance programs really are. They really are watching you.


———— end update ————

@AnonScan’s helpful hints from the day included:

  • A video clip about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault:


  • Another clip of Svalbard:
  • A Google map screenshot of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The tweet reads, “…The answer is there, Right in front of you if you know the Alphabet, Google is your friend…or maybe not.” If you don’t know already, Alphabet, Inc. is the parent company of Google.

———— UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, 2017 ————

Every time we see “alphabet” in a hint it might not mean “Alphabet, Inc.,” Google’s parent company. Someone put up a good comment below pointing out that Alphabet could also mean the alphabet agencies. You know, the CIA, NSA, FBI…yadda, yadda. But you guys probably already knew that and I’m just late to the party.

—– end update—–

  • A screenshot showing that at least part of an FBI file was deleted. Some brilliant sleuths out there pointed out that the screenshot was from Part 6 of HRC investigation located in the FBI “Vault.”


On February 6, Wikileaks tweeted a picture of a Pratt & Whitney F119 jet engine being tested in a “Hush House” at Langley Air Force Base. The engine is used in Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor. The F-22 has been deployed to various areas including Japan, UAE, Malaysia, and Syria. According to, the picture was taken on April 10, 2010. The caption reads, “When is #Vault7?



This clue could signify any number of things: 9/11 (which gave birth to the Patriot Act), January 19th or February 22nd (perhaps a deadline for someone?), November 9th (day after the U.S. elections?), or the fact that the F-22, as reported in January, will soon be able to control drones from the air.

—–end update —–

@AnonScan put out this hint that contained binary codes and other computer jargon. Interestingly enough, the binary code is equivalent to “911.”


Approximately three hours after the binary code hint, a “We don’t have a problem” video was posted. It opens up with, “While the World waits for the Why and Who, we assume that the answer as to When, is on 19th Feb.” This is probably the answer to the third clue, “When is Vault 7?” Side note: Someone was smart enough to realize that all the vids posted by @AnonScan only run for two minutes, 19 seconds. The video also shows a 2011 clip of Julian Assange and his assistant calling the State Department to warn them that the encryption code to leaked State Department documents had been inadvertently published by The Guardian and that the documents could be exposed unredacted. Julian Assange tells them, “To make it clear, we don’t have a problem, you have a problem.” (See “Before the Vault 7 Hints). The context of this phone call and Google’s role can be found in the article entitled “Google is Not What It Seems” HERE.

The video then asks, “What do Hillary Clinton, Google, and Wikileaks have to do with each other?” after which the video moves directly to a clip of Jeff Sessions agreeing that he will recuse himself from any Hillary Clinton email or Clinton Foundation investigations. The next shot features a not so attractive photo of Hillary Clinton with the caption, “Is Hillary going to be prosecuted?” There’s also a clip of Trump talking about “secret papers” and “the Saudis,” (See “Before the Vault 7 Hints) Morgan Freeman in a Turkish Airlines commercial saying, “It’s time,” and a screenshot of an Edward Snowden tweet which also says, “It’s time.”


So what’s going on with February 19? Well here’s a fun fact: Morgan Freedom, dubbed the “Voice of God” and seen in the Turkish Airlines clip in the video, once did a campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton that was released on February 19, 2015. But the bigger issue here is that Ecuador will hold its general elections on February 19, 2017—an election where if presidential candidate Patricio Zuquilanda wins, he will “terminate Assange’s asylum.” This is massive, folks. I mean, this isn’t the first time Hillary has meddled in an election. Take the 2009-2010 runoff elections in Haiti as an example where the U.S. State Department, under Hillary’s control, masterminded the whole thing. You can see how it all played out in State Department emails leaked by Wikileaks.

Another retweet of the “We don’t have a problem” video was posted by @AnonScan with the message, “…Still in Dire Straits concerning #Vault7? Our final hint here: (link to video) #ItsTime #PayBackTime

Part 2: Who and Why is Vault 7?
Part 3: How Did Vault 7 Make Its Way to Wikileaks?
Part 4: Wikileaks Vault 7
Part 5: Wikileaks Vault 7
Part 6: Wikileaks Vault 7



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  1. there’s also the WTC Bldg 7; McCain & wife have secret s&m rooms in their houses shades of grey; last week approx Google ended contract w/Podestas; Ian Fleming would be intrigued

      1. Yeah, I was going to mention that too. Two of the results that come up when searching “longyear” in the FBI Vault are for the Rosenbergs, who were executed by the US as traitors for trading in nuclear secrets with the Soviets.

  2. I know how crazy this sounds, but I want to go left field and suggest that the global seed vault in Norway has been an elaborate cover and that Google, working with AIM Norway, has been using the site to pursue experimental technologies and extraterrestrial energy sources began all the way back when Norway was occupied by the Nazis. A north pole counterpart to the south pole Nazi activities of Operation Highjump.

  3. Perhaps the seed vault is in Antarctica. All of the bad nasty Globalists have been making their pilgrimage down there in the last few months. Also, there is a virtual underground facility there with…you guessed it…7 levels. In one of the Podesta emails, there is mention of the 7th floor people. Now….pan out with your tin foil hat for a moment. Remember the end of the first X files movie? Chris Carter got a lot of his info from the CIA. Remember the ending was in Antarctica. Mulder rescued Scully from the underground base. Anybody remember how they found Scully? Now tie that into what we know now about all of the Spirit Cooking, Cannibalism crap. Just sayin’.

    1. 7th floor in the DC world refers to is the executive level of STATE, which is on the 7th floor. The term is used in casual insider references to what essentially amounts to a rogue gov’t working at state dept on 7th floor.

  4. Outstanding compilation! This brings things together better than anywhere else I’ve seen. I’ve been keeping up with this from the start but you had a few things in here that I missed (like the binary code resolving to 911).

    Assange in the mullet wig was from a 2013 comedy show skit about the Australian election. I am sure there is meant to be more significance to this other than the fact that it’s batshit crazy. Perhaps just drawing attention to the fact that it was related to the Aussie election. Full video here:

    Also, in your comment: “On February 8, 2017, @AnonScan also tweeted out a new map which now includes London. Ton of gold under those streets.” I don’t believe that was AnonScan that posted that, it was the user you see in the picture. I don’t see that London mention or map anywhere on AnonScan’s page.

    1. Could the video be used to illustrate the ease in which new software can be used to manipulate images to appear to be real, in support of the belief that all of the videos we have been showed if Julian are fakes, and that he is really in no longer with us?

    2. After 911 groups of firefighters were looking for remains in the rubble. When gold was found they were ordered to gather it all up and after they could find no more, were ordered by the Mayor G. to leave it was unsafe. That testers in those men and why I believe Trump did not choose him. Body parts, pieces were found blown far and wide impossible under the scenario portrayed. You very likely are aware of this however wanted to share another perspective

      1. What I meant was after all the gold was found they could not continue searching for their fellow first responders, parts and it fester inside. Then ordered stop as it was unsafe.

  5. On the topic of drones, the first thing I thought of was Hillary Clinton’s off-the-cuff “can’t we just drone that guy” comment, about Assange.

  6. From above: Fifth number or letter is on the POI/PA request is 8.
    That would make it 135381. I have borderline OCD and it can only be 8 if it’s a number.

    1. 2 3 5 8 and 9 all us those three lines in that font.

      1. The other numbers you mentioned will not fit.
        I measured and compared distances. This is a screen read-out of numbers.
        Only one way to decipher based on characteristics of other numbers and letters as a known cipher.
        As I stated, the only number that will fit is 8.

  7. after embassy cat night shot of Taipei, inc world trade center :o)

  8. The 5th character you are asking about in the “FBI file deletion screen shot is an 8… Like many characters in the image, it is missing some columns of pixels in the image as captured.

    If someone else answered that already, please ignore

  9. The number 8 is correct I think. I just stumbled on it but that looks like the very last page on the FBI part 6 of the Hillary Clinton files.

  10. I checked the google doodle (logo) archives and examined two of the four you have illustrated above. The archives do not show the symbol. I suppose it could have been archived without the symbol or maybe your source is fake. Here’s a link to one of the doodles at the doodle archive >>>

      1. I see at the bottom of the article, they updated it and said Google removed the logo. Thanks for the link.

  11. “But then again Soros and Nazis seem to go hand in hand.” Seem to? He survived the Holocaust as a Nazi collaborator.

    1. I prefer the phrase, “He enjoyed the Holocaust as a Nazi collaborator.” I do so wish Vault 7 is a Soros drop.

    2. Soros was only a boy. One can’t look at him at that age as nothing more than a boy. Not to say he learned a very important lesson about power

  12. Vault #7 doesn’t seem to represent the remainder of the FBI’s Clinton emails – to date, the FBI has been dribbling out very few documents at a time. They have also limited the disclosures to fairly anodyne matters. I don’t see earth shaking disclosures coming from this source, but we’ll see in due course.

    I also find it unlikely that the revelations will relate to 9/11 – back in 2001 email was much less relied upon for communications within government. It’s highly questionable whether much or anything of substance regarding that conspiracy was even written down, still less that it should have leaked beyond a very close circle of plotters.

    The seed vault points perhaps to Gates and to planning for a post-apocalyptic world. The Nazi store of loot suggests hidden repositories of the proceeds of gross criminality and perhaps money laundering through international banks.

    It seems clear that attention is being drawn to Alphabet/Google and that organization’s “cozy relationship” with the alphabet agencies: CIA and NSA et al.

    So, might the new disclosures relate to the exposure of a multidimensional conspiracy to bring about the collapse of American society and usher in the totalitarian, eugenicide regime we all know has been at the root of globalist plans.

    We have many of the usual suspects referenced in the clues.

    If this is even close to the truth, the exposure will be a thermonuclear device being detonated within the American psyche. Talk about a wake-up call for those who are still asleep.

    Whatever it is, I can’t wait! Wikileaks has been quiet for too long. We know they have one or more bombshells they’ve been sitting on. Now, I wouldn’t put it past Assange to be trolling us all, as he negotiates with the powers that be. But this feels too elaborate for that. I’m reasonably confident that there will be a disclosure of enormous impact on Feb 19th, irrespective of who wins the Ecuadorian election.

  13. watching more, it’s tony abbot now anthony weiner this is getting interesting

  14. GHWB and the Clintons sold the USSR fake bonds way back when. The USSR attempted to cash them in right before they collapsed. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. The records for the transaction were in the WTC Bldg. 7. Vault #7?

  15. Svalbard also features in Phillip Pullman’s book ‘The Golden Compass’. If I recall correctly (It’s been 15 years since I read the book) the veil between worlds/dimensions was thin there, and there was some evil psycho/spiritual surgical experimentation going on there ON CHILDREN.

  16. The F119-PW-100 is used in the F-22 raptor, known as the worlds most advanced fighter jet. I found an article from January 2017 comparing the F-22 with the new Russian aircraft. I found Russia to be of interest. The question when is vault7 ? Does that have something to do with the su-35 ? The first flight of the SU-35 was February 19, 2008.

    I noticed February 19th mentioned by you multiple times. Here it appeared while I was discussing my research with a friend.

  17. One thing I thought about with the seed Vault….Could..or would a seed vault like that be a “good” place to store Human organs and blood….

  18. The post about Embassy Cat really creeped me out, asking what its doing and what its other name is… because what if its Schroendinger? These riddling questions sound existential to me. They reminded me of the question, if a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? And is the cat in the box dead or alive? What might these questions about Embassy cat say about Julians state?

  19. Another word for cat PU**Y? Reference to Trump?

  20. I think the reference to embassy cat, means, the embassy cat twitter was posting updates when Assange’s internet was supposed to have been cut. I’m still pondering on what that means.

  21. Can’t remember where because I’ve seen so much info lately, but somewhere I saw that Embassy cat’s name is James…

      1. Not hacking lol just curiosity 🙂

  22. Re:

    Oh Lisa! Oh Mister PRESIDENT
    This is based on a scene from a movie called “The Room”

    Did Obama and Hillary meet in a hotel room hosting a Bilderberg conference in June 2008?
    Was she instructed to concede in the Democratic primary contest?
    Was she told that she would not be his running mate for vice-president?
    Did she know that Obama’s birth certificate is false?
    Is this the “Don’t ask don’t tell” secret?

    Was Obama The Bilderbergers’ Chosen One?:

    Barack O’Bilderberg – Picking the President:

    In Dec 2016 Obama’s birth certificate was forensically proven to be a forgery

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate a Forgery:

  23. LLama, I read a post stating that TracyB seems to have been silenced! Unknown by whom. Most of her YouTube videos cannot be seen anymore! She posted a video today saying that she is taking a break for a while??? I love your Vault7 report! It is the most complete summary report on Vault 7 I have seen anywhere! I Thank you and commend you for keeping us informed and for all your excellent work. Keep safe! God Bless!.

  24. Best guess would be the deep state is planning a false flag attack on Trump and then planning on blaming Russia so that they have permission to be in a continual state of war until the end of time.

  25. Last video posted by Anonscan… Embassy cat (w a message attached) was shipped out of UK, possibly with help from Bannon (Wallstreet) and is at Trump tower? It seems somehow the cat is a player here in all of these videos.
    Pam Anderson is a complete honey trap. Similar to George Webb and his S&M with that Janine chic. Quite sure Assange isn’t that stupid. I could see why they would use her though. She comes across as completely ditzy, so “not a threat” to target.

  26. sadly Wikileaks is becoming another soap opera to keep the sheeples heads down…. loosing credibility! – if there is something going on that is going to effect many peoples lives then get it out, the sooner the better!

  27. Nice summary of information I personally think:-

    Wikileaks is either compromised or they have lost sight of why they originally got in to this. There is no news on wiki leaks website, no news in MSM when this is such a “bombshell”. Its an absolute joke and I mean an absolute joke, if this is so important and explosive they should release it without these games. If it is so damning and these tweets are warning to whoever it may concern, then go email them or message them direct. Why have it all play out in public and now you have 100’s of videos ranging from interesting to just bonkers. Again if its so damning they won’t need this public clown show. Here citizens here is a scrap of information – a picture. Internet loses there shit! Then you have anonUS and Scan compounding this shit, I can almost see them giggling behind twitter. “Here lets post some more hashtag shit” not adding to anything just regurgitating everything making it seem like they have the insider knowledge. Heres a clue citizen, oh wow heres a pat on the head you nearly got it.

    I suggest you all save your energy speculating its a moot point.

    And then you have rick roll appearing with the hexi decimal – I mean if anything is a red flag, just for the joke that video is and the fact its there was enough for me.

    We are supposed to be talking about actual, fact proven documents released to wiki-leaks by very concerned people who want to expose underhanded shannanigans that affect us all.

  28. I’ve got an answer to a question you ask. Please look into it as it may lead to a very valuable answer and possible break in the “Big” ? on a lot of minds right now. The yellow plane pic from “Riptide” on this page. Look here:,794.56/4. Is it possible there is old live feed showing the 9/11 planes and the routes they took or possibly the removal of defense by our planes when it happened? Interesting topic. Plan to look into it a little more, but be sure to thank UT33200 if I am right.

  29. There is probably a battle taking place within the U.S. intelligence services at present between patriots and traitors.

    Now that the shackles have been removed from the U.S. Justice Dept and the FBI the traitors and their allies are about to be exposed and some of them arrested.

    The following link could explain the current resistance within the U.S. intelligence community to President Trump and if true reveals the source of the Podesta emails passed to Wikileaks.

    General Michael Flynn has had Hillary Clinton on his radar for some time even before Donald Trump won the election.

  30. The 53rd Munich Security Conference is set to take place between February 17-19, with Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary General James Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary General John Kelly, and almost a dozen members of Congress set to represent the United States.

  31. May be helpful, at this point, to add a clickable table of contents for each day to the top of the page instead of having to scroll all the way to bottom to get to current news.

    1. Author

      Thanks Anon. I may be back to blogging tomorrow. I’ll work on the scrolling thing.

      1. i think the correct lyrics from assange mullet lipsync song is ” not long till we get all the rats out”. not “till we get on the right (sound)”. cheers

  32. Whoever said Munich Security Conference might be on something… That conference is happening in Germany on the weekend of the 19th. I believe they talk about cyber security and such? Maybe the leaker will be there? Seems to go with pics that were part of the clues. The welder could be the leaker trying to fix things? Too much of a stretch maybe?

  33. The “America” lyrics in the 2 nd stanza says

    Well, I landed in the desert in Phoenix
    Through Walt K.P.D.

    I live in Arizona and those lyrics do not make sense….. But, I googled Walt K.P.D.
    K.P.D. Stands for Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands….which was the Communist Party of Germany 1918-1933.

    Then the name Walter Ernst Ulbricht popped up
    Wikipedia states
    Walter’s political party in the KPD from 1920-1946….. Not sure where this leads but I find it odd
    That John McCain (traitor) has been the senator in AZ for years.

    Wikipedia also says that Walter played a leading role in the creation of the Weimar-era Communist Party of Germany aka.. KPD.

    I will investigate further & keep you posted.


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