Before the Vault 7 Hints


After one of @AnonScan’s hints told us to revisit at least one or two of their older tweets, the question of whether other tweets might be helpful in decoding what is happening stayed on my mind.  That is essentially what this post is about:  What I found or concluded after going through old twitter feeds (and yes, I felt like a total creeper).  So for all of you looking for an update on the newest hints @AnonScan dropped in the last few days, I’m sorry and I’m working on it.  And who knows, maybe today we’ll find out everything  that’s in Vault 7.

As for the naysayers, surely the leak that Wikileaks dropped on Friday, February 17, 2017, counts for something, yes?  If you weren’t aware, Wikileaks released a press release and “CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election.”  Essentially the U.S., once again, tried to interfere with a foreign election and Wikileaks dumped the documents to prove it.  The press release read, 

“The revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series.” 

So, yes, it looks like more drops are on their way.  As a side note, did everyone notice the lack of concern from most U.S. news outlets over the CIA’s intervention in the 2012 election?  It’s like they don’t even bat an eye at this stuff.  Astounding.

Okay, so here’s how I went about writing this post:  I went back as early as December 30, 2016 (I know, I know, that’s not that early) starting with a Wikileaks tweet that linked to a Guardian article entitled, “Ecuador expels US military staff” —because if you didn’t know before, in 2010, Ecuador “ordered all 20 Defense Department employees in the US embassy’s military group to leave the country by month’s [January] end.”  So yeah.  It’s not like Ecuador hasn’t done this before.


And then the following day, on New Year’s Eve, they posted this:


Since some of you, including myself, believe Vault 7 may have to do with the Ecuadorian elections on February 19, 2017, I thought this was a good place to start.  A few important things to note:  

  • The time frame I used for this post is December 30, 2016 – (approx.) February 4, 2017, so remember, if I say something like, “I saw ….in a tweet for the first time,” I’m not saying it was the first time it was ever tweeted.  I have no idea without going through an entire twitter feed.  But it was the first time I saw it during that time frame.
  • I relied mainly (if not solely) on tweets from @Wikileaks and @AnonScan (and a handful from @Snowden) and I’ve categorized them into major themes thinking maybe, just maybe, future leaks might fall into these categories.  But take it all with a grain of salt.  This is really just me “putting on paper” the information I came across in order to keep track of it all; I’m not here to purposely send you on any wild goose chases.  And even if future leaks do not cover any of these categories, the mere digging into Vault 7 has educated me on so many things that I’ve conceded to the fact that I might have been living under a rock these last couple of years.
  • I don’t want anyone thinking that the tweets I posted were the only ones, say, about the Panama Papers that I saw.  Each category had more tweets than I posted.
  • And yes, I’m sure I missed some things that I should have posted but there are also things I deliberately left out like torture or the multitude of tweets that went out asking for Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, or the pleas for public support that went with that.  It’s not that I found them to be less newsworthy, it was more about time constraints and what I thought most of you already knew or believed: Manning was not pardoned but had her sentence commuted, if you support Wikileaks you probably support a Snowden pardon, and what you’ll read in the remainder of this post will hopefully show you the injustice under which Julian Assange is living.  

With that said I want to note that on January 6th,  I saw @AnonScan using the hashtag #ItsTime for the first time (remember, no quotes there, it may have been posted before my December 30, 2016 timeframe) in a tweet that included a link to the trailer “Snowden.” I’m assuming (never assume!) #ItsTime meant it’s time to pardon Snowden because it says @PardonSnowden right there in the tweet.  But #ItsTime is used throughout many of the Vault 7 hints (if not all?) and could also be a statement about Assange’s situation. Let me explain:  When you’re reading this post realize that it only covers a month and a half of deplorable and shameful political moves that were made against him.  It doesn’t cover his living quarters, the risk of assassination and fears for his family’s safety, the fact he hasn’t felt sunlight in five years, or that Embassy Cat has never been outside (or has she??).  This is the special thanks given to a man for leaking the truth about some of the most powerful people and governments in the world.

So maybe #ItsTime and Vault 7 is more than just pardoning Manning and Snowden.  And maybe it means more than just ensuring the U.S. doesn’t tamper with an election that might get Assange expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy.  Maybe #ItsTime is about freeing a man and his adorable partner in crime who have lived under unjust conditions for over five years—and Vault 7 is in place to ensure that freedom.


This is only one month and a half.  That’s it.




Edward Snowden/NSA/Surveillance

Deep State

Fake News
(IC claims, Russian hacking, Assange accusations)

Hackers and Whistleblowers 

(with some Obama and Trump thrown in)

Is Assange Alive?

Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers

Pending Law Enforcement Proceedings and Accusations


Hints and Clues


The first tweet I saw about Google came from @AnonScan on January 5th which read, “Oops:  ‘Google is not what it seems…” The tweet included a link to an extract from Julian Assange’s book, “Google is Not What It Seems,” which I believe we saw in a later clue?  A few days later they posted another tweet, “Results of London-interview w #Assange in Nov have been reported to Swedish authorities…” This particular tweet included four attachments, some of which are clearly pointed at Google. So why are they pointing at Google when discussing Assange’s  November, 2016 interrogation?   Here’s my food for thought:  Take a look at this article that asks, “Is Ardin [one of the woman who accused Assange of rape] working in conjunction with the CIA to entrap Assange as part of a plan to destroy or discredit WikiLeaks?”  That isn’t new news, is it?  I think many of us assumed that Assange was set up in Sweden.  But now I’m beginning to wonder if it was really the CIA’s sidekick, Google/Alphabet who was behind the Swedish set up?  And to be honest, it’s not that far fetched.  Google has been dirtying its hands with the U.S. government for some time now.  I mean, can you imagine the implications if this was true?  Then again, perhaps I’m diving off the conspiracy theory deep-end here.





For those of us who followed the Podesta emails (or Pizzagate), it was also interesting that on January 28, Wikileaks tweeted that Alphabet had cut ties with Tony Podesta’s lobbying firm after twelve years together in what I can only imagine was a very cozy relationship (I believe the split actually occurred on Jan. 25—no quotes).  Two days later these tweets went out (omg, Google’s going down, aren’t they??):



I’ve posted the following tweets to show that multiple posts went out about U.S. involvement in foreign elections.  After reading these, maybe some of you will agree that we should have seen the CIA/French election leak coming.

As early as January 5, @AnonScan noted U.S. interference in foreign elections when they retweeted this:


They also retweeted a number of tweets from Glenn Greenwald:


Wikileaks also put out a number of insightful tweets regarding foreign elections.  On January 9th, they tweeted a link to a C-Span video in which Senator Thom Tillis stated that, according to studies at Carnegie Mellon, the U.S. “has been involved in one way or another in eighty one different  elections since WWII.  That doesn’t include coups or regime changes…tangible evidence where we’ve tried to affect an outcome to our purpose.”  Yeah. 81 times.  So there’s that.

And on January 24, they asked,


(So no grumbling in the future when you think Wikileaks isn’t listening)

On January 28, they sent out another tweet with links to an NPR interview with Carnegie Mellon University researcher, Dov Levin, who created a database that tracks U.S. interference in elections, as well as an article Levin wrote entitled, “When the Great Power Gets a Vote: The Effects of Great Power Electoral Interventions on Election Results.”  A few day later, Wikileaks also sent out a link to their “Marine Le Pen” documents found here and a link to a HRC email found in the HRC State Department emails leak.  The email subject line reads “Hollande Team”  and be sure to read the part that Wikileaks highlighted about current French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.  On February 3, they also tweeted about a new book entitled, “Ecuador En La Mira” stating that the book, “details U.S. attempts to topple Ecuador’s President Correa.”


If you guys haven’t figured out by now, I’m pretty clueless in the surveillance department and what I mean is that yes, I know that U.S. surveillance programs are insidious at best and need to be reigned in but the technical details of those programs are hard for me to grasp. So, for those of you who are like me I’m going to recommend watching John Oliver’s interview with Snowden called, “Government Surveillance.”  It’s hilarious and, more importantly, Snowden breaks down government surveillance programs in such a way that everyone can understand it.  However, if the term “dick pic” turns you off, walk away from the video.  With that said, I’m sure there were more informative tweets, articles, and interviews on surveillance that I could have posted but I stuck with what I was comfortable with.  If you want more in-depth information I would highly recommend going to Snowden’s twitter and reading the articles he posts.

Okay, so a handful of early tweets I saw were links to trailers for both “Snowden” and “Citizenfour.”  If you haven’t seen the movies yet check out this trailer.  If that doesn’t creep you out try this one.  Or make it a Snowden movie night tonight because, like the John Oliver interview, the movies will give you a good idea of what is happening without the technical confusion.  As for Snowden’s leaks, one particular article that was posted by @AnonScan entitled, “Hidden Gems in the Snowden Files,” lists exactly what it’s title implies:  Bits of information you may not have known or were not widely reported. Examples include the fact that the CIA and NSA actually work together (not against each other) in a partnership, the NSA’s role in the Iraq War was likened to “the cracking of the Enigma code in WWII,” the SIGINT force is much more involved, wide spread, and insidious than most people think, fusion centers are definitely controlled by the military, and, yes, the NSA kills people and blows things up because “it’s their job.”

On another Snowden note, I’m assuming everyone has heard the rumors that he is or was a Russian spy.  Well, check out @AnonScan’s tweet that links to an article reporting on these rumors and then realize that more than a month later, multiple news outlets began running a story that Russia was considering returning Snowden to the U.S. as a gift to Donald Trump—a move that contradicts the spy story.  So there’s that.

And speaking of Trump, he’s not coming out of this looking like an angel on surveillance. On January 5, Edward Snowden tweeted,


So Trump has that going  (not going) for him.  As of today, though, I don’t believe Coats has been confirmed as Trump’s Director of National Intelligence but no quotes there.

Another interesting tweet from Snowden was sent out on January 6, 2017 and reads, “Any journalist claiming reports on surveillance helped terrorists is abusing your trust in their position.  Terrorists knew decades ago.”  And check out this chart he posted about “Operational Security:  Spies v. Jihadis.”  It shows that “as early as 2003, ‘Jihadi’ security measures match those of Britain’s spy agency GCHQ.”  So yes, the media is lying to you.


And lastly, as to why the U.S. has an intel problem:


Side note:  Did you know that Sweden was intercepting Russia’s telecommunications and giving the intel to the NSA?


There is quite a bit of information floating around these days about the “Deep State” and many people, like myself, don’t know exactly what it is or how it operates.  But we are beginning to see how much of a divide it’s causing in the U.S. government.  I don’t have many answers for you but I did come across some tweets that might be helpful.

On January 6th, Wikileaks sent out a tweet, “Will @RealDonaldTrump take control of the US deep state or will he let it control him like previous presidents?”  The tweet included a link to an essay entitled, “Anatomy of the Deep State”  which, yes, is fairly lengthy but I’m willing to bet it’s also pretty informative.  If someone out there has the time to read it and break it down for the rest of us, great!  But with everything we’ve been hearing about this it’s probably worth everyone’s time to read it.

And then we had things like this happening:


And this:


And this:


And maybe this:


And finally this: “The hidden Coup d’etat in #US”  Be sure to check out the chart. (article  chart  image)



Obviously hackers, leakers, and whistleblowers play a huge part in Wikileaks’ general story and earlier tweets certainly reflect this.  One hacking story in particular stood out: In 2015, two North Carolina kids were arrested for hacking CIA Director James Brennan’s emails, the emails were then handed over to Wikileaks, after which Wikileaks then released them.  You can read the documents at As I mentioned, this story reappeared in the twitter feeds multiple times from interviews here or articles about it here or here posted via Wikileaks and @AnonScan.  Cassandra Fairbanks also did an interview with one of the hackers that you can watch here and here.  I know that Justin Liverman, one of the guys charged for hacking Brennan’s emails, eventually took a plea bargain and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 12, 2017.

And yes, it’s pretty ridiculous that the CIA director’s emails were hackable.  But they weren’t just hackable.  They were this hackable:


I also want to note that you should check out @UNHumanRights because Wikileaks posted a few things from them about whistleblowers.  They also retweeted their own tweet from October 30, 2016 with a screenshot of a Podesta email that shows Podesta seems to enjoy paying back leakers/whistleblowers—whether or not they’re guilty of leaking.  Astounding. That sort of mentality of course leads right into Seth Rich, the “Wikileaks Act,” and the fact that the “establishment” seems willing to do just about anything to silence those who are trying to speak out.

So let me go out on a limb here and say that perhaps “Who is #Vault7” is more than just SAM (Snowden, Assange, and Manning). Maybe it includes all the people in the world who have risked/sacrificed their lives to tell the truth or are thinking about doing so but the repercussions have become too great.  If you think about, there’s a war going on between governments and the leakers/whistleblowers.  Vault 7 may very well also be about stopping these governments from silencing those who leak the truth.

I don’t know, just throwing it out there.

Link to “Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead…”


We could be here all day under this category, am I right?  But sticking to the timeframe between the end of December to when Wikileaks dropped their first Vault 7 clue, here are the top IC claims not to be believed and/or fake news stories that stuck out:

Just a quick note on the Russian hacking part:

As most of us already know, Julian Assange has publicly denied that he received Clinton, Podesta, or DNC leaks from the Russians on multiple occasions.  For those that need to hear it for the first time, go here.  If that doesn’t satisfy you, I would point you in the direction of the U.S. Intelligence report on Russian hacking but let’s be honest, the Assange interview is more trustworthy and informative than the report. Heck, my grocery store receipt could tell you more about Russian hacking than that report.  Of course, not everyone would agree and that includes CIA Director Brennan who once said that Assange was “not exactly a bastion of truth and integrity.”  Is this guy unaware of Wikileaks’ track record and the fact that multiple articles and interviews have either noted how ridiculous the intelligence report was or the fact that it still didn’t prove the leaks came from Russia? Of course he’s not.  He knew exactly what he was putting out there and why.  But half of America bought it full stock and barrel, didn’t they?

Wikileaks also posted more than a few tweets about the U.S. Senate hearing on Russian hacking starring James Clapper.  Cassandra Fairbanks covered the sordid affair while wearing a “I’m with Wikileaks” t-shirt and I wish I could have been there to see the Establishment choking on their coffee.

See also “WashPost is richly rewarded for false news about #Russia…”

See also “Watch How Casually False Claims Are Published: New York Times and Nicholas Lemann Edition

HRC (with a little Obama and Trump thrown in)

Where do you start with this, right?  Like fake news, we could be here all day.  We could start with @AnonScan telling the President-elect at the time, Donald Trump not to forget about the Clinton Foundation or that Wikileaks apparently heard some news that Obama and staff were shredding records on the way out the door (here, here).  We could discuss HRC’s emails but no one has time for another rundown.  Or what about her servers, the “secret plot to elevate Donald Trump” as seen in the Podesta emails, or the much anticipated “Vault 7” which contains documents pertaining to the FBI’s HRC investigation? How about #WeDidNotLoseASinglePerson (see this and this) or that Trump should expose Obama’s abuses of power?


With all of the Clintons’ dirty dealings we at least have this:  On April 15, 2017, The Clinton Global Initiative is closing its doors permanently.  Let’s hope this is only the beginning.

Don’t think, however, that Trump has come out of this unscathed.  Wikileaks has addressed his failure to release his tax returns and pointed out that “Trump’s Supreme Court pick who used famous Wikileaks Kissinger quote founded and led a club called ‘Facism Forever.'”  On January 25, they also reported that Trump re-authorized torture and black-sites (which he did).  And if you still think Wikileaks is working for only one side, check out how they’ve already asked for leaks pertaining to torture under Trump’s administration.  The good news for Trump fans?  Looks like someone might have documents showing that Jeb Bush hired Christopher Steele (author of “dirty dossier”) to “find dirt on Trump.”


Can’t get enough of Trump? Go here for a  four-part interview posted by @AnonScan:

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four


Yeah, yeah, I know, I feel like I’d have more to post if my time frame was earlier than December and later than February 4.  But here we are and luckily I came across a few tweets that went out regarding Assange’s well being:

On January 4th, @AnonScan tweeted out this:


On January 10, Wikileaks tweeted this:


On January 13, they sent this out:


And I know I said I wasn’t going to go into anything before December 30, 2016, but I’m going to throw this out there anyways:  I believe that Assange is alive and well and that Wikileaks has not been compromised.  If you feel differently, I can understand why. There’s a lot of conflicting information floating around out there.  But remember, Wikileaks warned you about this (click on link to go directly to WL tweet, not sure why photo didn’t show up):



First of all, there were multiple, multiple tweets about Mossack that I didn’t post here because a. time constraints and b. time constraints.  So let’s just leave it at I believe this will play a big part in Vault 7.  I’m not placing any wagers but my gut feeling tells me it will. Here’s a sample of the more interesting Mossack tweets I came across:

The first tweet I noticed was on January 7th when @AnonScan tweeted in response to Bastian Obermayer, “Well, at least #JohnDoe is not from #Russia…”  Bastian Obermayer’s original tweet to which @AnonScan was responding stated, “According to #DNIReport the #DNC/hack was partly #Putins payback for our #panamapapers investigation? Weird weird world…”  The reference here indeed goes back to the U.S. Intelligence report on Russian hacking. Let me explain.  Obermayer works for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists so if anyone is familiar with the Panama Papers it’s this guy. Second, he’s right. One of the reasons Putin targeted the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, according to page 11 of the DNI report (Russian hacking report), was due to the Panama Papers release.  The report stated, “Putin publicly pointed to the Panama Papers disclosure…as US-directed efforts to defame Russia…”  Yeah, I don’t get it either but I’ll add this:  You know who else hates the Panama Papers?  Anyone trying to finance a war overseas.  Just pointing out the obvious.

@AnonScan also tweeted about the Panama Papers here

Side note:  If you’re not familiar with Suddeutsche Zeitung or ICIJ‘s work with the Panama Papers then you need to check them out.  The work they’ve done with the colossal bulk of data they received is astounding and Suddeutsche Zeitung‘s  bad ass video about the Panama Papers will leave you wanting more.  Another resource is @AnonScan’s website which also contains Mossack Fonseca documents.


*For the most complete and up to date information regarding Julian Assange’s legal proceedings please go to, do NOT rely on this blog post.  The most I’m putting up here is a few tweets that went out just to give you an idea of what’s been going on in the last month and a half.  That’s it.

On January 11, 2017, a court decision from Manning vs. U.S. Department of Justice explicitly stated that there was still an ongoing investigation that “focuses not on Plaintiff [Manning] but rather on civilian involvement…in plaintiff’s leak of classified records that were published on the Wikileaks website” (document page 19).  So yes, it appears the U.S. was still thinking about pursuing charges against Assange as of the 11th.  And then, two days later Wikileaks tweeted this out:


And then on January 19, they tweeted this:


Again, go to the justice4assange website for more up to date details.  This was posted merely to point out Assange’s position:  Sweden won’t confirm if he’ll be extradited and the U.S. is continuing to put out the message that Assange is still under investigation.


Let’s start with the January 4th shenanigans which weren’t really shenanigans at all, but rather a massive smear job against Julian Assange.  Okay, so here’s how the day started out: During a live CNN broadcast former CIA official Phill Mudd called Assange a “pedophile” which the Wikileaks Task Force noted on Twitter.  Shortly thereafter, the Task Force tweeted out a story found on entitled, “The Strange Tale of a Dating Site’s Attack on Wikileaks Founder Assange.”  If you’ve never read the article go read it now.  How these false allegations against Assange never made it into the mainstream media is beyond me. Think about it.  The Bahamas allegations against him should have been a GOLD MINE for Hillary during her campaign but guess who never ran with it?  That’s right.  Looks like HRC’s dirty tactics came out in the wash too soon.  And here’s the twist:  They weren’t just trying to nail Assange as a pedophile, they were also trying to set him up as a Russian agent.


Okay, back to the story.  So after “The Strange Tale of a Dating Site…” was tweeted out, Wikileaks sent out this tweet


…after which they then posted an “intelligence graph for Clinton-linked plot to frame Assange” (which is brilliant and everyone should check it out).  By the following day, CNN was nice enough to apologize for putting out to millions of viewers absolutely false, slanderous accusations about Assange (or rather, their guest on the show did), but that didn’t stop them from letting Congressman Mike Rogers have a go at it, too.  Rogers, again during a CNN program, emphatically stated that Assange was wanted “for rape of a minor.”  No, seriously.  This really happened.  And it didn’t end there.  Apparently while all of this shiz was going down, James Clapper was sitting in front of Congress claiming, for the third time, that Assange was “under indictment for a sexual crime“—which he’s not. (

Is everyone beginning to understand the world that Assange lives in?  And all of this took place in the last month and a half.  And then you throw in the Sweden debacle?  Pretty unbelievable, isn’t it?  He is in his fifth year of asylum despite the fact that last year the United Nations’s highest authority on detention, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) “found that Assange was being arbitrarily and illegally detained.” Take a look at the article “Julian Assange Just Began His 5th Year Inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.”

Fun Clapper facts:  During the same Senate hearing James Clapper stated, “my finger prints were on the WMD report for Iraq.”  So there’s that.


JANUARY 18, 2017

On January 18, 2018, four different tweets (with video clips) were sent out by @AnonScan These videos were mentioned by @AnonScan in a February 9th tweet.The first video clip includes:

  • Sessions recusing himself from any HRC/Clinton Foundation investigations
  • Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against HRC (which is still open)
  • The fact that on 11/09/16 there was a complete MSM blackout about people connected to Hillary’s email shenanigans

The second video clip includes:

  • media outlets and journalists that colluded with HRC including Glen Thrush from Politico
  • Implication that the Clinton’s run a syndicate involved in child trafficking
  • Howard Gutman was handed the position of Ambassador to Belgium under HRC due to high level of fundraising
  • This same guy, Howard Gutman, was accused of recruiting children in a Brussels park while Ambassador.  According to a memo written by a chief investigator working  at the Office of Inspector General, “The agent began his investigation and had determine that the ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.”  The case was allegedly derailed by senior officials including Patrick F. Kennedy (who also helped HRC with her email problem) and James Comey who never filed charges.  Ya’ll remember hearing about this on the news?  Yeah.  Me neither.  For anyone knew to Pizzagate, just google it. There are some amazing investigators out there who have put together of evidence.  Or start with “Hillary Clinton cover up of pedophilia.” That will keep you busy for awhile.
  • HRC lying to the nation about her emails during a press conference

The third video clip includes:

  • Background on Laura Silsby who tried to kidnap 33 children from Haiti, her ties to HRC  (New Life Refuge).  Laura Silsby currently works at AlertSense, the company that sends out Amber alerts.
  • Per the Harvard Human Rights Journal, President Bill Clinton was behind Laura Silsby’s release from prison (Anyone mad yet? You should be)
  • Patrick F. Kennedy was also one of the players involved in the Silsby/Clinton conspiracy by white washing the story from the media

The fourth video clip includes:

  • Theory that HRC’s emails may bring to light the full extent of the Clinton human trafficking syndicate
  • Will Obama pardon HRC? Which we know now he didn’t.
  • Obama lying about knowing about HRC’s private server

All four videos contained the same hashtags and emojis:

  • HillaryClinton [$ bag]
  • Podesta [newspaper]
  • Abedin [computer]
  • CherylMills [letter]
  • Comey [sunglasses]
  • TonyBlair [see-no-evil]
  • Gutman [two girls holding hands]
  • Pizzagate [pizza]
  • Silsby [scroll]
  • LockerHerUp [padlock and key]






This section is for any tweets I came across that had similar or exact photos, videos, links, etc. as clues dropped on or after February 4, 2017, or that I felt might be related to post-Feb. 4th clues.

January 3:  AnonScan video posted on Jan. 3 “Dear Citizen” same as seen later? (I haven’t confirmed this yet.  Will update when I do.)


January 5:  @AnonScan tweeted an excerpt of Assange’s book, “Google is not what is seems.” (This might have been the day Wikileaks was uploading the piece and there were some technical problems. NO QUOTES.  Just a guess based on the full tweet).


January 6:  Remember this hint from @AnonScan?  The part where Assange and his assistant call the U.S. State Department was also posted by @AnonScan on January 6th with a tweet that read, “#Assange To make it clear we don’t have a problem. You have a problem  What do #Hillary #Google @Wikileaks have to do w each other?”  So in case you haven’t gotten it yet, the U.S. State Department had a problem.  And maybe still does.


January 7:  Remember this picture seen in at least one @AnonScan video?  I saw it in an @AnonScan retweet of The Intercept’s article, “Underwhelming Intel Report Shows Need For Congressional Investigation of DNC Hack.”  The photo was used in the article.


January 8:  Again, @AnonScan tweeted out the video of Assange and his assistant calling the State Department but this time it appears they posted it in response to a Chicago Tribune commentary by Eli Lake entitled, “How Wikileaks’ Julian Assange became an enemy of the truth.”  Eli Lake’s commentary about Julian Assange is brutal.  Like bizarrely, over-the-top brutal.  And that’s putting it mildly.


January 13:  @AnonScan tweeted out a February to do list:


January 20:  More Google stuff:  The “Can’t wait to read about #Google on #Wikileaks” tweet by @AnonScan (see pic below).  So listen to this: @AnonScan’s message about Google included a retweet of an article about Assange standing by  “US extradition offer” and that he promised a “big publishing year ahead.”  So hear me out while I creep back out onto that conspiracy ledge:

 In one clue put out by @AnonScan they mention a deal that “was once done” and “#ItsTime for compliance.”  So what if that clue (and I’m just throwing this out there) is about the deal that if Obama gave Manning full clemency and immediate release Assange would happily travel to the U.S.  Admittedly, I have no idea if this was something Obama agreed to in the first place.  But let’s say it was.  Obama didn’t follow through with the explicit instructions and instead commuted Manning’s sentence with no immediate release.  Is this the agreement in the Vault 7 clue?   No idea.

And this tweet suggests that Google is somehow involved in Assange’s extradition or legal dealings in Sweden so my guess is, going back to what I said earlier, Google/Alphabet, with the help of the  CIA, set up Assange in Sweden.  Maybe Assange has finally gotten the leverage (documents) he needs to show that?  And maybe Swedish officials were accessories and that’s why they don’t want to give Assange any assurances about extradition?  I may have strayed far from the ballpark here so take this theory with a grain of salt.  But what if it’s true?


January 28:  The full video of Donald Trump talking about the Saudi and secret documents


January 29:  @EmbassyCat video via @AnonScan (Sarah McLachlan)


January 29:  @EmbassyCat video two via @AnonScan


And then this happened so I’m wondering if that means @EmbassyCat is…


I know this originally went out in 2016 but Wikileaks also retweeted it sometime, I believe, in January:


RANDOM (or is it?)

Wikileaks tweeted a screenshot of an intelligence cable that shows Charles Manson’s followers plotted to assassinate both President Ford and Emperor Hirohito if Manson was not released from prison (hmm, is someone looking to take someone out to free Assange, perhaps a warning to the NSA?…Nah…well…no, no way.).


Will we find out that Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen after all (video posted via @AnonScan)?


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  1. Great work. I can’t imagine how long it took to write this considering it took more than an hour to read through with links. Thanks.

    Regarding “Fake News”, I went back to some research I did a few years ago about the USG furiously trying to subvert the press and re-discovered a little gem.

    Back in 2013, the National Defense Authorization Act renewal included an obscure clause called the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. That act legalized the use of propaganda from the State Department (cough CIA cough) on us citizens. According to Wikipedia, one Pentagon source critical of the act said, “It removes the protection for Americans. It removes oversight from the people who want to put out this information. There are no checks and balances. No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.” Now does that sound familiar after the Flynn episode, the Russia hack story, GoldenShowergate, etc?

  2. For understanding of intel watch william binney

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