The Rabbit Files 5.0 Series

Today, independent media, journalists and bloggers face increasing levels of harassment and censorship such as threats and doxing; shadowbans; censorship of material that threatens capitalism and government narratives; social engineering, defamation, and disinformation propaganda operations; and even murder. Thankfully, my website is still up (for now) but I can’t sayContinue Reading

In The Rabbit Files 5.1 (“A Fludd Approaches” Part 1), we left off with the Vetter account, allegedly run by Thomas Schoenberger, repeatedly trying to connect Cicada 3301 to Anonymous Scandinavia (@AnonScan), WikiLeaks, and Assange throughout the first half of 2017. Speculation continued after @AnonScan, other large pro-Assange accounts, andContinue Reading

Unfortunately, before we can move on we’re going to have to plow through a few things to better understand the rest of this story. First, we need to talk about the Cicada 3301 puzzle and the actors involved in it because the drama, harassment, defamation and damage that some ofContinue Reading

Approximately two weeks after the Shadow Brokers showed up and the 2016 Future of Cyber Security Europe announced that Guccifer 2 was going to appear via livestream at their September 13th event, members of the hacking collective, Anonymous, decided to start a #FreeMartyG campaign in support of Marty Gottesfeld, aContinue Reading