The Rabbit Files 2.0-4.0 Series

Today, independent media, journalists and bloggers face increasing levels of harassment and censorship such as threats and doxing; shadowbans; censorship of material that threatens capitalism and government narratives; social engineering, defamation, and disinformation propaganda operations; and even murder. Thankfully, my website is still up (for now) but I can’t sayContinue Reading

Previous: The Rabbit Files 3.0: In the Shadow of the Brokers On August 16th, three days after the Guccifer 2 WordPress and @GUCCIFER_2 Twitter accounts were suspended and the Shadow Brokers made their first public appearance, the 2016 Future of Cyber Security Europe conference announced that “Guccifer 2” would beContinue Reading

Previous: The Rabbit Files 2.0: Russian Hackers, DCLeaks, and Guccifer 2 Approximately one month after and the Guccifer 2 WordPress account started releasing documents, Democratic staffer, Seth Rich, was gunned down in a Washington D.C. suburb during the early hours of July 10, 2016. Within 24 hours of hisContinue Reading

Previous: The Rabbit Files 1.1: Stunning Leaked Messages Between White Rabbit and Trish In late February 2016, Counterpunch received their first submission from “Alice Donovan,” an online persona pretending to be a freelance journalist that the U.S. intelligence community later concluded was used by Russian hackers. Other outlets like The Duran, MintPress News,Continue Reading