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Instead of doing a thread on Twitter, I figured I’d just put out a weekend update on my website about the Thomas/Manny a.k.a. Defango/Biss situation. First, in case you missed it, Defango is saying that Thomas was in contact with Steven Biss’ wife, Tanya Cornwell, before he was. I’m stillContinue Reading

Two days ago another federal judge handed down what has been described as a “stiff” and “draconian” sentence, this time against NSA engineer Nghia Pho for taking home “a ‘massive trove’ of top secret information between 2010 and 2015.”  Pho’s five and a half year prison sentence comes off theContinue Reading

With Russia, the Mueller indictments, Fusion GPS, the Dirty Dossier, the Paradise Papers and, gasp, Vault 8 (finally!!) grabbing the headlines these days it’s hard to focus on other things, especially when those “other things” happened almost twenty years ago.  Nevertheless, if you have any interest in Bill Browder orContinue Reading

In case you missed it @AnonScan dropped another one of their epic “riddlevids” and it’s fantastic. First of all, like many of their other videos I suspect it took some time to create but the work payed off. Timed perfectly to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” the clipsContinue Reading