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Before the Vault 7 Hints Part 1:  Wikileaks:  Vault 7 Part 2: Who and Why is Vault 7? DAY FOUR:  FEBRUARY 7, 2017 On February 7, Wikileaks tweeted a picture that included photos and a short bio of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.  Under Bradley Manning it states,Continue Reading

Beginning on February 4, 2017, Wikileaks and @AnonScan have continued to tweet out clues everyday that refer to “Vault7.” So… Part 1: Vault 7: What Does It All Mean? (Before reading the following I recommend reading, “Before the Vault 7 Hints” first) JANUARY 18, 2017 UPDATE FEBRUARY 11, 2017: I’veContinue Reading

(Updated) After one of @AnonScan’s hints told us to revisit at least one or two of their older tweets, the question of whether other tweets might be helpful in decoding what is happening stayed on my mind.  That is essentially what this post is about:  What I found or concludedContinue Reading