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In the last few days I created a U.S. Intelligence Community chart because let’s be honest, I had no idea how the IC was organized.  It’s far from perfect and I didn’t include everything when it comes to each federal executive department.  I concentrated on the intelligence agencies, which departmentContinue Reading

(updated) A full week has gone by since Wikileaks stunned the world with their Vault 7: Year Zero drop which, incidentally, is only 1% of the entire leak.  The drop, which introduced “the scope and direction of the CIA’s global covert hacking program,” has left many of us wondering how toContinue Reading

(updated) Wow. What a day, huh?  Is everyone’s eyes wide open now?  I know mine are—yes, Wikileaks and @AnonScan, we can hear you now and it’s mind blowing.  For those of you who are just hearing about this, the Vault 7 dropped today and it is a doozy.  AND it’s onlyContinue Reading

Before the Vault 7 Hints Part 1:  Wikileaks:  Vault 7 Part 2:  Who and Why is Vault 7? Part 3: How Did Vault 7 Make Its Way to Wikileaks? DAY 6:  FEBRUARY 9, 2017 On February 9, 2017, Wikileaks posted a picture of a woman placing a letter in aContinue Reading

Before the Vault 7 Hints Part 1:  Wikileaks:  Vault 7 Part 2: Who and Why is Vault 7? DAY FOUR:  FEBRUARY 7, 2017 On February 7, Wikileaks tweeted a picture that included photos and a short bio of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.  Under Bradley Manning it states,Continue Reading

Beginning on February 4, 2017, Wikileaks and @AnonScan have continued to tweet out clues everyday that refer to “Vault7.” So… Part 1: Vault 7: What Does It All Mean? (Before reading the following I recommend reading, “Before the Vault 7 Hints” first) JANUARY 18, 2017 UPDATE FEBRUARY 11, 2017: I’veContinue Reading