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We last left off discussing Twitter direct messages between former Playboy model, Robbin Young, and the “Romanian hacker” Guccifer 2, who inexplicably went from being a “lone wolf hacker” behind WikiLeaks’ DNC emails to confiding in Young that Seth Rich was their source. There were a few things that alsoContinue Reading

We last left off in The Rabbit Files with WikiLeaks’ complicity in pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy theory and former Playboy model, Robbin Young, dropping a bombshell two weeks before Texas financier, Ed Butowsky, and private investigator, Rod Wheeler, met with then-White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, about the SethContinue Reading

On July 10th, 2016, DNC poll worker, Seth Rich, was gunned down in a Washington D.C. suburb in the early hours of the morning. Within 24 hours of his death, a Reddit user using the handle, “Kurtchella,” posted a lengthy conspiracy theory that Rich may have been killed for havingContinue Reading

A U.S. civil judge in a little known court case has issued a breathtaking ruling that a defendant must erase entirely from his personal devices and the internet any and all information that they’ve ever posted, sent, or created about a former business partner. In Bogaerts v. Schoenberger et al,Continue Reading

An associate of Assange supporters Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) and “hacktivist” Ray Johansen (@JustRay1111, previously known as @RayJoha2 and @NorwayAn0n) has struck again posting more misleading and less than truthful information in the last few days that include some real doozies in his fictitious quest to debunk Qanon. It’s important toContinue Reading

2017 TIMELINE Disclaimer: Ten pages of disclaimers to follow. If you were mentioned in this article because your associate(s) did or said something stupid/dishonest, that’s not a suggestion that you did or said something stupid/dishonest or that you took part in it. Of course, some may conclude on their own thatContinue Reading

Two days ago, fash apologist @ATafoyovsky a.k.a. “Lestat,” who is tied to the WikiLeaks/Assange support community through his associates Ray Johansen, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), and Jesselyn Radack, tried to bury’s reputation and one of their groundbreaking stories from 2018 about Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J’s open-door policy for fascism withinContinue Reading

White Rabbit and the “Seth Rich Files” RABBIT FILES 1.0: “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files“ According to independent journalist, Trish Negron, sometime in May 2017, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind) started peddling files her associate, White Rabbit, previously downloaded off the internet to former CBS correspondent, Lara Logan, her husband, andContinue Reading

It’s probably been difficult for Assange supporters to miss the latest drama in the community between Suzie Dawson and Ray Johansen. A few days ago, Johansen’s associate, Pamela Drew, published a lengthy document about Dawson’s shady background which is pathetic in the sense that some of us have been publishingContinue Reading

In the last Rabbit Files, we looked at Beth Bogaerts’ (@humanofmind) allegations that she was pressured into starting a PR firm called Shadowbox with Trevor Fitzgibbon and Thomas Schoenberger (debunked), her failure to produce any evidence that she had a loan agreement with Fitzgibbon, and her disparate views about theContinue Reading