Silver Springs Series

Silver Spring Ties:  Part One → HERE Silver Spring Ties:  Part Two → HERE Another interesting thing to note besides the property located on Walden Road is Christina Reichel herself. In 2001, the media quoted identified her as the neighbor of John Walker Lindh. Remember him? No?  Okay, here’s theContinue Reading

Part 1:  Silver Spring Ties → HERE The address listed for the organization United States-Chechen Republic Alliance, Inc. on Walden Road in Silver Spring, Maryland may be just as interesting as its president, Lyoma Usmanov.  And because records show that Alvi Tsarnaev, paternal uncle of Tamerlan and Jahar, once residedContinue Reading

For background information start → HERE According to online articles and blog posts I’ve read, Alvi Tsarnaev, Ruslan Tsarni’s brother, is linked to the organization “United States-Chechen Republic Alliance, Inc.”  And as much as that seems plausible because Alvi used to live at the same Silver Spring, Maryland address whereContinue Reading