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1989 March 29, 1989 Christopher Doyon is charged in Guilford County, North Carolina with both a felony (possession/solicitation of LSD) and a misdemeanor (possession of marijuana) The two cases were consolidated and Doyon pled guilty to both after Case #4001998CR032864 was reduced to a misdemeanor. He received twenty days inContinue Reading

#OpISIS Part 1 #OpISIS Part 2 #OpISIS Part 3 In the early months of 2012, cyber attacks against Israel increased, and the Twitter accounts eager for Anonymous to launch an official operation against them the year prior, nearly all of which used the hashtag #OpIsrael, finally got their wish. On January 11, 2012, MostafaContinue Reading

In #OpISIS Part 2, we covered “Operation NO2ISIS” and #OpIceISIS, the first two cyber operations that Anonymous launched against ISIS in mid- to late 2014. Keeping in mind that information has been lost over the years due to deleted tweets and Twitter accounts, it appears that these two campaigns wereContinue Reading

Part 1 By 2014, the majority of Lulzsec members had been arrested, charged, and sentenced; 13 out of 14 members of the PayPal 14 had pled guilty; the U.S. courts handed down a crushing 10-year sentence in Jeremy Hammond’s case; and Barrett Brown was arrested and served almost five yearsContinue Reading

As promised, I’ve published a deep dive on #OpISIS, an operation led by Anonymous that was riddled with online trolls, feds, intelligence agencies, and private security companies. We’re going to discuss the operations that Anonymous declared against ISIS, at least one hacking group that was formed during this time period,Continue Reading