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This is the second part of Robert Norse’s interview with Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X, that occurred on December 16, 2010, and shortly after Doyon organized and carried out a DDoS attack against the county of Santa Cruz, California. You can find the first part of the interview here. AtContinue Reading

When we last left off with Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X, it was mid-December 2010, and he had just infiltrated Anonymous via Operation Payback, taken credit for bringing down MasterCard and the Swedish Prosecutor’s websites, and used Anonymous’ IRC channels to recruit hackers for his personal operation against Santa Cruz,Continue Reading

We left off with Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X’s move to California in the late spring of 2009, where he adopted a new persona called the Wizard of Haight-Ashbury, a spiritual guru of sorts selling such services as tarot card readings and money spells. By mid-August, Doyon had reinvented himselfContinue Reading

When we last left off with Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X in 2009, he had recently moved to California, after which he spent the next eight years recounting an array of different stories as to why he relocated there in the first place. One of these exciting tales shared byContinue Reading

After Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X finally had his 10-year felony drug case closed in 1998, he hid his online presence about as suspiciously well as Snowden did, meaning he didn’t. Like, not at all. With an interest in internet radio, he allegedly moved back to the East Coast andContinue Reading

Four years ago I published an article called, “Under Attack Part Eight: The Syria Files,” as part of a popular series I wrote about the history of WikiLeaks. In fact, the entire series, along with my hard work, was noticed and promoted by Julian Assange. Since then, multiple well-known, manipulative,Continue Reading

If you’ve never heard of Fawkes Security, lemme tell you a fun story about some terrorists who threatened to detonate a bomb on U.S. soil less than six months before the Tsarnaev brothers actually did detonate a bomb on U.S soil. Two, to be precise, that killed 3 and woundedContinue Reading

We left off at the end of Spring 2012, after covering the brief but eventful time period between January 2012 – May 2012. As a summary, I’m going to add a timeline of events below that occurred during these five months because honestly, it makes my life easier. You canContinue Reading

Approximately nine months after the feds turned Sabu, two months after Sabu started “FuckIsrael” Day, a month after “TheAnonPress88” released their (#OpIsrael) video, 18 days after the owner of the Exeintel trademark, Jaime Chanaga, founded Umbra Systems, LLC, and two weeks after the Mauritania Hacker Team made their first bigContinue Reading

The following post is meant to provide some clarity and understanding of Barrett Brown’s story because if you’ve been following it on Twitter, or at least trying to, it’s a fairly convoluted one with alot of players.  I’ll try to add more from time to time (no promises), but IContinue Reading