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If you missed the video that @AnonScan dropped this past Thursday you should probably head over to their Youtube account and take a look at it. It explains exactly why they were posting the countdown videos and the reasons behind it are fairly important. But if you’re anything like meContinue Reading

Did you happen to catch the new @Anonscan video that was posted on Twitter today? The video itself is titled, “Happy Birthday Mr. Assange,” and you can also watch it via @Anonscan’s Youtube channel HERE.  It’s a montage of photos and video clips including shots from the old television series Mission:Continue Reading

Click HERE for latest update. Coming off the heels of Wikileaks’ latest drop, Brutal Kangaroo, @AnonScan has been Twitter teasing us with some new hints.  On June 22, 2017, they sent out a tweet which read, “S👀 n… ?” with a video showing the number “11.” Personally, 9/11 came to mind and theContinue Reading

Before I started writing about Russia after the fall of the U.S.S.R., like many Americans, I knew very little about its history.  I did a ton of reading on Russian oligarchs, I watched way too many Putin documentaries, and I probably spent too much time trying to put together theContinue Reading