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Two days ago another federal judge handed down what has been described as a “stiff” and “draconian” sentence, this time against NSA engineer Nghia Pho for taking home “a ‘massive trove’ of top secret information between 2010 and 2015.”  Pho’s five and a half year prison sentence comes off theContinue Reading

There’s a certain level of absurdity that’s going into writing this because the accusations I’m about to address are so ridiculous, fabricated, and of absolutely no value that it’s really not worth the time. However, we all have that one friend, neighbor, or annoying co-worker who always buys into theContinue Reading

In the last two months the situation with Julian Assange has escalated to the point where it’s now believed that his expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy in London is imminent.  Of course if this happens not only will Ecuadorian President Moreno be violating international laws and court rulings, it isContinue Reading

“All hands on deck.” — Randy Credico On July 20, 2018, RT Editor in Chief, Margarita Simonovna, told the twittersphere that her sources had indicated that Julian Assange would be handed over to UK authorities in the following weeks or even the next few days.  She added, “Like never before IContinue Reading

  “We are conveying the message in private that Correa’s actions will have consequences for his relationship with the new Obama administration, while avoiding public comments that would be counterproductive. We do not recommend terminating any USG programs that serve our interests since that would only weaken the incentive forContinue Reading

For more than seven years, Julian Assange has been threatened, pursued, and detained without charge for publishing the truth about government and corporate corruption around the world. Although his situation jeopardizes not only his well-being but a free press, many, even those in the same profession, have chosen to standContinue Reading

(Updated April 11, 2018) Today marks two weeks since Julian Assange has been unable to communicate with his mother, children, and the entire outside world.  Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno’s standing decision to cut his internet, jam his phones, and curtail visitors is foolish at best.  And while we await anxiouslyContinue Reading

If you follow @AnonScan you probably noticed last night that they posted a screenshot of an eleven-second video they had privately uploaded to Youtube entitled, “Important announcement.”  It’s clear that when they posted it last evening they were aware that Julian Assange’s internet had been cut earlier in the day because asContinue Reading

It has been one hell of a year so far and no matter how you’re gauging it at this point it’s that time a year again when we stop to give thanks for the things we are grateful for in life. The usual list includes our family, friends, loved ones,Continue Reading

In case you missed it @AnonScan dropped another one of their epic “riddlevids” and it’s fantastic. First of all, like many of their other videos I suspect it took some time to create but the work payed off. Timed perfectly to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” the clipsContinue Reading