X Locked Me Out of My Account After Publishing Article Questioning WikiLeaks’ Transparency

It’s been awhile since Twitter/X has censored my articles but then again up until today it’s been awhile since I’ve published one. Previously, it was clear that someone at Twitter was deleting every single one of my retweets if it contained a url to my website. That, or the platform wouldn’t let me retweet it at all. No explanations. No warnings. No nothing.

Well, approximately an hour or two ago, I retweeted an article by The Nation entitled, “The President Can Now Assassinate You, Officially,” and lo and behold, my tweet landed me in Twitter/X jail. Here’s the tweet:

That’s right. By posting the title of an article about a Supreme Court decision that was published by a well-known media outlet I’ve apparently engaged in “violent speech.” First, I was told that “some” (meaning “most”) of the features on my account were now limited for 11 hours and 59 minutes.

Then, I was told that “after careful review” it was determined that I broke X’s rules. Careful review? By who? Bitch, please. Then my account got locked and rather than waiting 12 hours now it might take a week or longer for me to regain access.

I could chalk this up to Elon Musk being a moron but the problem is that if you search Twitter/X for “The president can now assassinate you,” you’ll see that hordes of people retweeted the article, wrote the same exact thing that I did in my tweet, and their accounts didn’t get locked nor were they forced to take down the content. For example, here’s @donflowers16’s tweet posted at 3:30 pm EST:

The tweet remains on Twitter/X and here he is still posting almost four hours later.

And here’s @Varinka58341321. At 6:26 p.m. EST, they retweeted The Nation article adding exactly what I wrote which, again, was the title of the article:

And here they are still tweeting away 40 minutes later with an unlocked account and the assassination tweet still standing. There are tons of examples like these.

Meanwhile, my account was locked literally seconds after I posted. I’m not saying I’m being targeted by the same employees I was being targeted by before but when the same sketchy shite keeps happening to my account and it’s not happening to other accounts, especially after I just published a story about WikiLeaks’ transparency or lack thereof earlier today, well…

And unfortunately I don’t know if Twitter/X will continue to censor my work because I wasn’t able to retweet the WikiLeaks story before my account got locked. I guess we’ll see. In the meantime, see you in a week or two…or three.

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