Jesselyn Radack: Her Criminal Conviction, One-Year Suspended Jail Sentence and Her “Client” Edward Snowden

OPINION: It has recently come to light that “renowned human rights attorney,” Jesselyn Radack, was arrested and charged with a felony back in early April 2014. The news may come as a shock to some seeing that it appears Radack and anyone else who knew about it clearly tried to hide it from the whistleblower and activist community.

Had this been some sort of government set up, no doubt Radack and her associates would have made an issue out of it as evidenced by the fact she’s spent the last twenty years squawking about how the Department of Justice conspired against her before, during and after the John Walker Lindh case.

The news is perhaps even more shocking in light of the appalling behavior that Radack and her associates have displayed over the last seven years. This includes an ungodly list of false allegations they’ve lodged against others in an effort to destroy their reputation and delegitimize their work. The revelation that Ms. Radack received a one-year suspended jail sentence on a reduced felony charge only serves to highlight her batshit hypocrisy and that of her flying monkeys.

There are two cases listed for her on the Virginia Judiciary website (#GC14070623 and #GC14070656) and two offense dates. The first offense occurred on December 6, 2013, the second on April 5, 2014.

Radack was arrested on April 5, 2014 and initially charged with grand larceny (see Virginia code §18.2-95). She was released on her own recognizant and officially charged on April 7th. On June 17th, Officer Lemar Garadizi was subpoenaed as a witness for the state but it appears that Radack was able to plea bargain her way to a reduced misdemeanor charge (trespassing) after the subpoena was served.

After pleading no contest on July 9th, Radack was found guilty and given a one-year suspended sentence. The sentence suspension itself was for one year but it doesn’t appear that she was put on any type of probation. She also had to pay a whopping $87 in fines which means that all-in-all she came out of this relatively unscathed. 

Bruce Fein and Snowden

There are a few disturbing aspects to this story. First, Radack clearly didn’t tell the public about her arrest or suspended jail sentence so I’m fairly certain that the government wasn’t trying to string her up for something she didn’t do. Radack is one of these women who, in my opinion, manipulates stories, lies and uses victimhood at every opportunity so it stands to reason that she would have done so in this case. But she didn’t. She hid it instead.

Second, the fact that Radack hid this from everyone is deeply troubling in terms of her job as a whistleblower attorney given that enemies of the state who consult and/or hire her for legal services provide her with inside information that would be of some interest to the U.S. government. Some of her biggest endorsers have been the liberal media and WikiLeaks.

According to the Virginia Judiciary’s website, Radack’s first criminal offense occurred on December 6, 2013, which was less than two months after she arrived back in the states from visiting Edward Snowden in Russia. 

On May 20, 2013, Snowden arrived in Hong Kong and it was during his stay there at The Mira hotel that he leaked a tranche of NSA documents to at least four journalists, including Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

At some point his father Lonnie Snowden hired attorney Bruce Fein after Fein had been recommended by a “mutual contact.” One wonders if the mutual contact was Radack considering Fein had represented her approximately nine years prior in relation to the John Walker Lindh case. 

According to journalist, Mark Ames, Fein is a “sleazy old GOP operator with a murky relationship to US intelligence” that goes back decades:

Bruce Fein is an interesting character, a Zelig type in the American Republican right wing, seamlessly changing his colors with the times: Nixon Republican in the ’70s, Reagan Republican in the ’80s and ’90s, Bush Republican until Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq debacle made that label bad — and that’s when Bruce Fein rebranded himself into a Ron Paul libertarian, wiping away a career spent terrorizing the disadvantaged on behalf of the rich, violent and powerful. Today’s Bruce Fein is an outraged Ron Paul libertarian — outraged at all the bad things Bruce Fein 1.0 helped perpetrate.

Fein also supported the Iraq War and he once “proposed a theory that since Americans are ignorant about the root causes of radical Islamic terrorism, America had no choice but to wage war until we figured out what and who we were killing.”

At present, little is known of the circumstances which give birth to terrorists….Until this dearth of knowledge is overcome, the best way to handcuff terrorism is by killing, capturing and punishing terrorists period, with no commas, semicolons or question marks…Since reasoning is futile, killing, capturing and punishing is the only moral answer to the terrorism wickedness.

— Bruce Fein, The Washington Times, 2004

Two years after the John Walker Lindh case, during which Radack had pursued Qanon-level conspiracy theories against the Department of Justice, the horrors of Abu Ghraib came to light. 

Abdou Hussain Saad Faleh "The Hooded Man"
Abdou Hussain Saad Faleh “The Hooded Man”

Fein, who was representing Radack at the time according to Der Spiegel, didn’t have any reservations about the U.S. government committing itself to committing a range of human rights violations. In a 2004 article entitled “Abuse Exaggeration,” he wrote:

The genuine news is not that U.S. military abuses of detainees in Iraq were so many but that they were so few and remedial responses were so prompt….

The photos of an unalarming number of Abu Ghraib abuses have cascaded into a hand-wringing national preoccupation akin to self-flagellation…

The United States should scale back its resources devoted to dissecting detainee maltreatment..Shouldn’t the nation’s fixation on Abu Ghraib be shifted to pulverizing the enemy in Iraq to ensure brave U.S. soldiers did not die there in vain?

Even celebrity attorney Mark Geragos, who was the subject of a fraud probe involving Michael Avenatti, stated, “Fein is one of the most repulsive human beings I have ever had the mispleasure of meeting.”  Ames agreed:

Fein is such a grotesque caricature of the American authoritarian type that at times he reads like bad hippie satire. Other times, it’s hard to know which Bruce Fein we’re dealing with. It’s not only that today’s libertarian Bruce Fein contradicts the Bruce Fein of just a few years ago — it’s that Bruce Fein has a record of directly contradicting Bruce Fein on a month-to-month basis.

It would seem that the next time Ms. Radack and her flying monkeys want to harass, defame and judge someone by their attorney like she’s done for the past seven years to Julian Assange’s former PR representative Trevor Fitzgibbon—who Radack personally helped bankrupt by filing false rape allegations against him—she should check herself.

According to Ames, Fein also has extensive ties to U.S. intelligence or at least that’s what he said on his company’s website:

The Lichfield Group features unrivaled government, media, and business experience. Exemplary is the Group’s high level connections with the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Central Intelligence Agency… use this space for describing your block.

Fein also listed in his Lichfield Group bio that he was an “executive editor for a murky private intelligence publication staffed by ex-CIA and ex-MI5 spooks called ‘The World Intelligence Review.’

The background of Fein’s ex-wife, Mattie Lolavar, is just as colorful as that of her now ex-husband. Approximately three years before her husband represented Radack, she was hired by Roger Stone as a sub-agent for his lobbying firm, IKON Public Affairs, to act as a PR consultant to the Secretary of Intelligence of Argentina.

Morris and Stone assigned other tasks to Miss Lolavar while she was in Argentina. Among other acts, they instructed her to contact SIDE [Argentine’s intelligence agency] and obtain a list of journalists who accepted bribes from that organization in order to harm the credibility of those same journalists in reporting on a bribery scandal surrounding de Santibañes [Secretary of Intelligence of Argentina] and President de la Rua, as well as requiring her to spread false information to the press concerning de la Rua’s political opponent, Dr. Carlos Menem.

A request that occasioned controversy between Miss Lolavar and the defendants was Morris and Stone’s request that she serve as an intermediary in an anonymous wire transfer of funds to an official in Israel. These funds were to be paid to secure intelligence files from the Israeli government to assist de la Rua’s political domestic disputes with Menem, and to imply a corrupt relationship between Menem and George W. Bush, who was then running against Albert Gore for the United States presidency. These files were to be altered by Miss Lolavar to appear to be SIDE documents.

When the defendants became concerned that this plot would be discovered and traced back to them, they ordered Miss Lolavar to orchestrate a press response to blame Vice President Gore for the dissemination of the documents, since it was known to them that the Gore campaign had been attempting to connect Menem with the Bush campaign.

While Fein was entangled in Stone’s international shenanigans, the New York Post reported that Donald Trump was launching a $50,000 “apology” campaign after he got caught “secretly bankrolling a huge anti-gambling campaign.” The apology read “Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Thomas Hunter, on behalf of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Ikon Public Affairs and the New York Institute for Law and Society, respectfully apologize if anyone was misled concerning the production and funding of the lobbying effort.”

In 2010, Fein threw her hat in the political ring by running against Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman on the GOP ticket. One article described her as a “longtime political and public relations consultant,” but WikiLeaks’ description of the right-wing political operative as a “neocon beltway bandit” is definitely a bit more entertaining:

Fein’s ex-wife now heads up M22 Strategies, a “policy and research firm focused on security and cyber policy,” according to a 2015 article she wrote for The Hill. More from Ames:

Bruce Fein’s wife, Mattie Fein, is also a longtime Washington DC lobbyist, most notably as founder of the Institute for Persian Studies, a pro-Israel front group pushing for war with Iran. Mattie Fein ran for Jane Harman’s seat in 2010 as a Republican running on a platform that combined libertarianism with support for Israeli settler extre

Three years after running for office, Fein’s then-husband was somehow able to finagle himself inside the Snowden affair after a “mutual contact” recommended him to Snowden’s father. 

Two weeks after Snowden left the Moscow airport on August 1, 2013, Fein’s wife told the press that Lonnie’s legal team (meaning her and her husband) didn’t “trust the intentions of Mr. [Glenn] Greenwald or WikiLeaks,” and they were concerned that Edward Snowden was receiving “bad advice.” According to The Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Fein said she was only voicing the concerns of Mr. Snowden’s father, who wanted to make sure his son ended up with the best available legal defense and worried that the team being put together was focused on promoting the interests of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Without having any more details, the Feins’ behavior reeks of a calculated move to get themselves, or someone else who may have acted with faux outrage over their behavior, hired as part of Snowden’s legal team. Edward, that is.

Mattie Fein also told the media that Greenwald was shopping around an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden for seven figures and she would “cut off access to Mr. Snowden’s father…to anyone who agreed to Mr. Greenwald’s terms.” Greenwald denied the accusation and called Ms. Fein “a liar.”

Later that same day, Edward Snowden released a statement of his own clarifying that neither his father, Fein, nor Fein’s wife “represent me in any way,” and that “None of them have been or are involved in my current situation, and this will not change in the future.”

What’s peculiar about all this hubbub is that Greenwald and Bruce Fein apparently did some sort of college tour together the year before. According to Ames, the tours were sponsored by pro-Ron Paul libertarian organizations, one of which specialized in “publishing far-right ‘historial revisionism’ about who’s really to blame for the Civil War and World War II, along with the usual libertarian drivel attacking public schoolscivil rights lawssocial welfare programs, and regulations on the tobacco industry.”

On September 27th, it was reported by The Moscow Times that the Feins and Lonnie Snowden had finally parted ways in what appeared to be a he said, she said situation.

If Radack was the “mutual contact” that introduced Bruce Fein to Lonnie Snowden then maybe that’s the reason why she hasn’t had any interaction with Snowden “in years” nor does it sound like she’s done any legal consulting for him since 2013. She’s also not representing him against the espionage charges that were filed against him back in June 2013. Unless the situation has changed since 2018, it seems fairly dishonest that she continues to tell her Twitter audience that she’s “Snowden’s attorney.”

Less than two weeks after Lonnie Snowden’s relationship with the Feins imploded, Radack and three former U.S. intelligence officials including Thomas Drake and Ray McGovern, both of whom were employed at the world’s most notorious spy agency, arrived in Moscow after Dutch computer hackers allegedly purchased their tickets to Russia. Lonnie Snowden traveled to Russia the following day. 

According to Time, the entourage, sans Lonnie, held a six-hour meeting with Snowden during which they spoke, ate, and toasted one another:

Snowden was delighted to see his countrymen, though over the next six hours he did not partake of the wine. At one point, Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, recited from memory in Russian an Alexander Pushkin poem, ‘The Prisoner,’ which he had learned back in his days spying on the Soviet Union. ‘We have nothing to lose except everything, so let us go ahead,’ said Jesselyn Radack, a former Justice Department attorney…Even Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, raised his glass for a toast.

Virginia’s online criminal records show that Radack’s first “offense date” was less than sixty days after she arrived back in the states from her visit with Snowden which is completely bonkers considering that whatever she did, it had the potential to open herself up to government pressure and blackmail.

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