Cicada 3301 Pushed Links Between the Puzzle, WikiLeaks and Qanon

Below is a partial transcript of a livestream that former Cicada 3301 and Shadowbox member “Defango” created. In the video he tells his audience that the Cicada 3301 websites “are showing us that there’s like connections” to WikiLeaks. He also mentions that the “whole White Rabbit thing” started when a guy named “White Rabbit” gave a “Seth Rich” thumb drive to George Webb, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron.

White Rabbit was also a member of Cicada 3301 and a close friend of yet another member, Beth Bogaerts. According to messages leaked by Defango, tweets posted by Bogaerts, and a video made by Negron and Goodman, White Rabbit and Bogaerts tried to peddle what turned out to be old and fairly worthless Guccifer 2 files to a handful of people before Webb, Goodman and Negron took the bait. Thomas Schoenberger played a lead role in Cicada 3301 at the time, bringing all of these individuals into the puzzle.

It’s unknown when Defango’s video was first recorded but it appears to have been around November 2017. It was re-posted on his periscope on May 24, 2018. This would have been shortly after Defango publicly outed Schoenberger and about a month after Bogaerts told Schoenberger she was going to (fraudulently) obtain the Cicada 3301 trademark to protect him.

What’s remarkable about Defango’s November 2017 video is that it’s obvious he was trying to tie Cicada 3301 (he was a member at that point) to both WikiLeaks and Qanon and not a single member of Cicada 3301 said a word.

Not one word.

They all let it ride, even the part where Defango pushed the idea that Cicada 3301 and WikiLeaks might be connected, going so far as to say that Cicada 3301 had foreknowledge of their leaks. I mean, talk about grifting off a political prisoner for clout.

I asked one member of Cicada 3301 to prove these claims which he could not, and did not. Months later, Defango published a newsletter claiming that he did but yeah, no, there’s no actual evidence in the newsletter if you took the time to read it.

Approximately four months later, Defango, @ATafoyovsky, and Bogaerts did an interview with LTV, during which @ATafoyovsky (“Arturo”) claimed that Cicada 3301 created Qanon, you know, back when it was cool to get clicks and followers for such a thing.

Here’s the transcript from Defango’s video:

There’s been a question on peoples’ tongues for awhile now. It started off on this channel many months ago, maybe some of you forgot. Maybe we’re dealing with a different rabbit although I feel like many people have maybe missed a few of the things we were talking about.

The Great Awakening. Qanon. Follow the White Rabbit. 4chan. What do all of these things have in common? Some guy named Qanon that seems to be making some waves all over the world and, I mean, somebody sent this over to me today saying that the was saying that this is possibly one of the most crazy conspiracy theories of all time. So, finally that mainstream media is getting in there, just like ‘Check us out guys.’ Hashtag ‘Follow the White rabbit.’

Possibly the craziest conspiracy theory of all time? Or one of the most epic trolls of all time? Or maybe it’s just something different. I feel like a lot of people have forgotten that Alice doesn’t live here anymore, number one. And other people have forgotten that this whole White Rabbit thing started off back on June 1st when the White Rabbit delivered the ‘Seth Rich files’ to Crowdsource the Truth. 

Now, many of us were always looking into what this would mean but you know it should always push people into the directions of thinking about the leaks because that’s what Rabbit was doing, right? He was leaking files important to the future of humanity. I mean, that’s why everyone was talking about being able to get killed about it you know ended up being the Guccifer 2 files, or a part of the Guccifer 2 files, that apparently was 8 gigs of shit that nobody every researched [below is the Gateway Pundit article promoting White Rabbit’s bullshit email leak; see caption].

Two things should be noted about this Gateway Pundit article. First, not one member of Cicada 3301 called “White Rabbit” a.k.a @W4BB17 out for the pro-Trump, bogus leak he sent to a far-right news outlet. Instead, they paid homage to him in the next Cicada 3301 video “Follow the White Rabbit.” The article also includes a write-up about The Forensicator, an anonymous figure who showed up right after the “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files” debacle with Guccifer 2 research—using the same worthless files Bogaerts and White Rabbit peddled to Goodman, Webb and Negron—that lead to the whole “leak not a hack”/Seth Rich story line.

But it’s almost bonkers, you know, like 4chan got on fire with this shit. I mean, they’ve had so many different—The Storm Has Begun threads. I mean, look at this shit. This is fucking—Donald Trump, you know, lions and shit like that like what is going on? 

I mean, there’s even whole entire threads on this Q where basically everything they’ve said has been pulling out and we even had anons pulling down all the questions. What’s the, what’s the overall gist of this whole thing? I think that other channels have really delved into it and gotten into some of the more weird [..] because apparently Argentina’s missing a submarine. 

So, we see that the hunt for the Red October is on and I know like lots of anons have tried to really like been, they’ve been trying to pinpoint this, decide who they think this individual is, why they’re putting out this information, I’ve seen a whole load of [..] trolls say that this is just a big disinformation sphere. I mean this whole thing is completely outrageous and ridiculous. And all over just some questions? Really? Questions?

You know, have you guys ever been in a rabbit hole? Like, I’ve been down a rabbit hole. If you guys have never seen this rabbit hole, Cicada 3301, like here’s one of the songs they got us going on right now [plays sounds]. Yeah right sounds crazy.

And then there’s that other rabbit hole that they got that lo and behold actually has references to ‘in the rabbit hole,’ Alice in Wonderland, some numbers, some girl falling down a hole that also seems to be considerate with the rabbit hole, just being like ‘Bye-bye…you’re never going to come back.’

You know, like, I traverse these rabbit holes all the time but I’m starting to freak out a little bit myself because awhile ago when this whole Qanon thing started things started happening I started seeing a lot of similarities and […] that were associated with the Cicada 3301 puzzles that have been coming out this year because there’s been a lot of weird shit, guys. 

Like, you know, every time WikiLeaks seems to drop a—right before WikiLeaks drops any new leaks this fricking website, their fricking websites [Cicada 3301] are showing us that there’s like connections to them and they called a lot of them.

And we’ve been waiting for this for quite some time so it’s like are these guys in the know? Do they know something a lot more than what’s been going on? 

And then what’s up with the name Q? Every time that we’ve been dealing with the puzzles we’ve been interacting with an individual known as Z, or an entity known as Z, I still think it’s a couple people. 

And when I look at this individual, you know, I look at him as being a part of like the puzzle creation system that they’re working in, but, I mean, there’s been so many different things that have been so close to what we’ve been looking at since June 1st it’s hard, it’s hard for me to like deny the fact that there’s a pretty good chance that this Q individual is another asset and, you know, I’ve talked to some of the people in the Cicada 3301 crew and they said that, ‘Yes, he is something akin to Cicada 3301. Haven’t you noticed that when he tags things he’s got those three plus signs…”

Update: To clarify this sentence, “This would have been shortly after Defango publicly outed Schoenberger,” on or around May 7, 2017, Manuel Chavez publicly outed Schoenberger as the guy running the Cicada 3301 puzzle. Here is the original video Defango dropped entitled, “The Cicada 3301 Expose Long Cut.”

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