#OpISIS 8.6: A Summary of the Commander X Story So Far

Below you’ll find a summary for #OpISIS Parts 8 – 8.5, all of which focus on Christopher Doyon, a.k.a. Commander X, the so-called hacker who not only became the liaison between Anonymous and the media after Barrett Brown’s arrest, he transformed himself entirely into “the face of Anonymous.” It’s hard to believe but we’re only about halfway through this wild ride so I thought it might be helpful to publish a summary before moving on. 

But Why the Interest in Doyon?

Great question! The answer can be found in #OpISIS Part 8:

Four years ago I published an article called, “Under Attack Part Eight: The Syria Files,” as part of a popular series I wrote about the history of WikiLeaks. In fact, the entire series, along with my hard work, was noticed and promoted by Julian Assange. Since then, multiple well-known, manipulative, and abusive disinfo activists have tried to delegitimize my work by falsely claiming (among a host of other things) that other people wrote the series for me.

Because prominent pro-Assange accounts like @BellaMagnani, which many believe is controlled by Assange’s fiancé, Stella Moris, have publicly made these allegations [while producing exactly zero evidence for their delusional statements], perhaps someone should ask them why the individuals who supposedly penned the Syria Files article purposely tried to insulate one particular hacking group from scrutiny. I mean, if Moris, Ray Johansen’s alter ego “Kaidinn,” and the rest of the disinfo mafia want to credit anyone other than myself for writing it…

My guess is that online personas like @BellaMagnani and “Kaidinn” have no desire to explain the hole they dug for themselves with their false accusations and so I’m more than happy to take responsibility for what I wrote, or rather, for what I didn’t write.

In the article, I mentioned several groups that were reportedly involved in hacking the Syrian emails, however, there was one particular organization that I completely ignored. This was mainly due to the fact that a. I didn’t think they were significant because b. I couldn’t find very much information on them because c. At the time, I didn’t know where to look or who was involved with the group, and d. Google searches made it difficult because the group’s name is identical to much larger and well-known foreign organizations and, as such, searches returned a massively high number of results that bore no connection whatsoever.

In addition, I included a link to a Pastebin that this group wrote and I still ignored the significance. For that, I apologize to my audience. But I’m also curious as to why no one pointed out this group to me after all of these years—especially in light of the fact that the leader claimed that the group’s members included ex-military and former intelligence agents.

That group was the Peoples Liberation Front, also known as the PLF, and I’m interested in why @BellaMagnani, “Kaidinn,” the hacktivist community, and others have long protected it. If you’re not familiar with the PLF and Christopher Doyon a.k.a. “Commander X,” an alleged hacker who became one of the most well-known faces of Anonymous, clear out your calendar because I have a lengthy four-part (approx.) story to tell you that’s both fascinating and astonishingly absurd.  

Clearly we’ve surpassed a meager four-part series and you should still keep your calendar clear because what you’ll also learn is that Doyon was one of the main players behind #OpIsrael, the Anonymous operation that directly preceded the fed-infested operation, #OpISIS. Just as important is the fact that #OpIsrael takes us to the Mauritania Attacker’s Anonghost, which, in turn, leads us directly to #OpISIS—the Anonymous operation that started this entire series.

Doyon’s Criminal History

Doyon’s Criminal History. For more see #OpISIS 8

So, a quick or not so quick recap. First up is Doyon’s extensive criminal history. After leaving home at an early age, Doyon moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts were he co-founded the Peoples Liberation Front (PLF), a group that he described as “one of the most secret organizations in the world.”

During this time period, Doyon admits that he was heavily into the drug scene and a Deadhead that used to sell LSD at Grateful Dead shows. In fact, Doyon claimed that he was tied to at least one high-level LSD producer who turned out to be a government informant.

Doyon was arrested and charged in 1998 for marijuana and LSD possession and then a few months later he got busted again for felony drug possession.

After the second arrest, Doyon was charged and released on bail. And then he fled.

When authorities caught up with him, he served a little under four years in prison. He was let out early under supervised release but then he violated that supervised release and went on the run again for like five years. 

When they caught up with him (again), the judge released him on time served. This case, along with the two other previously mentioned cases were buried by US prosecutors in a sentencing memorandum they filed this past July. The document was part of a case that stemmed from a 2011 indictment handed down against Doyon for a DDoS attack. 

Artificial Intelligence, Online Radio, and Infiltrating Anonymous

Artificial Intelligence, Online Radio, and Infiltrating Anonymous. For more see #OpISIS 8.1

After Doyon’s 1989 felony drug case was officially closed in 1998, he eventually moved back to the East Coast where he started an internet radio station and became interested in (or dove further into) artificial intelligence. He appeared so heavily involved with A.I. and bots that in 2008, a well known, DARPA-funded A.I. scientist that created the infamous A.L.I.C.E. chat bot promoted Doyon’s A.I. website.

During this same time period, Doyon ran for political office in Maine. He also claimed in his 2017 book that it was around this same time when the Peoples Liberation Front’s leader, Commander Adama, tasked Doyon with infiltrating Anonymous. 

The problem with Doyon’s well-worn story about the Peoples Liberation Front and “Commander Adama” is that neither of them existed prior to Doyon infiltrating Anonymous in December 2010. Additionally, according to Doyon’s 2011 indictment, “Commander Adama” was an alias that Doyon used for himself. It was all just make believe.

Doyon Moves to California

Doyon Moves to California. For more see #OpISIS 8.1

After Doyon lost the election in November 2008, it appears he picked up his old habit of touring with the Grateful Tour. The tour ended in Mountain View, California in May, after which Doyon decided to stay in California. 

However, despite the fact that this rendition of how Doyon ended up in California is supported by Doyon’s own online posts and by his own words stated on a local radio show in Santa Cruz, California, he eventually concocted an entirely new narrative. His latest story is that Commander Adama asked him to go to California to avenge the death of his friend who was living on the streets in Santa Cruz at the time.

In between the time Doyon stated he ended up in California because of the Grateful Dead and his new story about Commander Adama, he told The New Yorker that he moved to California to take part in a protest called Peace Camp 2010. This, of course, is ridiculous seeing that both court records and multiple appearances he made on local radio prove that he was in California in 2009. But god forbid the journalists who get paid the big bucks actually research their stories. 

Doyon Becomes the Wizard of Haight-Ashbury; Invents Time Travel

Doyon Becomes the Wizard of Haight-Ashbury; Invents Time Travel (See #OpISIS 8.2)

At some point in mid-2009, Doyon reinvented himself as a spiritual guru called the Wizard of Haight-Ashbury. He created a website and offered services like tarot card readings and money spells.

That summer he also stated in an online forum that he created software that allowed him to time travel. So that happened. 

Doyon Reinvents Himself In Santa Cruz; Joins Local Activist Scene On Government Radar; How to Social Engineer a Radio Host

Doyon Reinvents Himself In Santa Cruz; Joins Local Activist Scene On Government Radar; How to Social Engineer a Radio Host. For more see #OpISIS 8.2

By mid-August 2009, as evidenced by court records and Doyon’s own statements on a local radio show, Doyon was living on the streets in the Santa Cruz, California area. Santa Cruz has long been known for its local protests against the city’s oppressive and cruel laws against the homeless. 

Doyon quickly ratcheted up tickets, court cases, and assimilated into the local activist scene advocating on behalf of the homeless. He even became a “street spirits” vendor because if you’re looking to get local protestors arrested and off the government’s back, get ’em all liquored up, restless, and ornery. According to one local citizen who called into the aforementioned radio show and supported the protestors’ cause, the movement had unfortunately dissolved into a drunken mess. 

That radio show was hosted by Robert Norse, a well-established activist in the community. Norse met Doyon on the street one day in September 2009, and after speaking with him, he brought Doyon on his radio show as a co-host almost two dozen times. 

There are two things you should note here. First, when Doyon first met Norse, and during subsequent radio shows, Doyon repeatedly said he met Norse originally two decades prior and that he had even helped Norse with some projects back in the 80’s. Doyon went so far as to imply that he used to work at the radio station, adding that the co-founder worked with Doyon for “years and years and years” after he left. 

Norse had no recollection of any of this.

Second, Doyon gave out exceedingly large amounts of personal information about himself whenever he was on the radio and he did it well before he decided he was going to infiltrate Anonymous or carry out a DDoS attack. Meaning, that when Doyon subsequently used Anonymous’ IRC channels to recruit hackers and then carried out a DDoS attack against Santa Cruz, he had already put those around him in jeopardy.  

Doyon Infiltrates Anonymous, Recruits Hackers; #OpPayback

Doyon Infiltrates Anonymous, Recruits Hackers; #OpPayback. For more see #OpISIS 8.3

Approximately three months after Doyon’s first co-hosting gig on Norse’s show, he infiltrated Anonymous via their #OpPayback channel. Operation Payback was started by Anonymous in response to companies like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa’s refusal to process donations for WikiLeaks. 

And just to be clear, the term “infiltrated” comes straight from Doyon. He has stated publicly over and over again that he “infiltrated” Anonymous. His word, not mine.

Doyon later claimed that during his during his first week inside Anonymous’ IRC channel, he personally took down MasterCard’s website with a High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC). He then claimed that he also brought down the Swedish Prosecutor office’s website. However, his dates alone don’t match up with what the media reported about the MasterCard attack.

And frankly, if Doyon wants to keep taking full credit for MasterCard then maybe someone should ask him to explain why he was never charged with the 13 other people who were. 

And then he can explain why U.S. prosecutors lied to a federal judge about his criminal background in order to shorten his sentence.

And then I’ll wait for Doyon to explain how TF there’s not a shred of evidence in his massively large online footprint that shows he had any interest, let alone prowess, in hacking. Like, none. ZERO.

Anyways, once Doyon was in Anonymous’ IRC channel (he may have been in more than one, I don’t know), he used the Peoples Liberation Front and Commander Adama as bait for recruitment. He succeeded in convincing at least one hacker to take part in a DDoS attack he was plotting against the county of Santa Cruz. That hacker was later charged, along with Doyon.

Peace Camp 2010; Doyon Carries Out DDoS Attack Against the County of Santa Cruz; Part One of Norse’s Interview With Doyon a.k.a. Commander X

Peace Camp 2010; Doyon Carries Out DDoS Attack Against the County of Santa Cruz; Part One of Norse’s Interview With Doyon a.k.a. Commander X. For more see #OpISIS 8.4

On July 4th, 2010, approximately five months before Doyon infiltrated Anonymous, he took part in a local protest called Peace Camp 2010. In fact, he became the lead spokesperson and documenter of the event as evidenced from what appears to be his “Peace Camp 2010” Youtube channel, which captured the activists on over three hundred videos.

The campaign’s focus was on protesting Santa Cruz’s anti-homeless laws and multiple arrests were made throughout it. One group of activists in particular, the “Peace Camp 8,” was looking at lengthy jail sentences and fines simply for sleeping on the courthouse steps. Doyon’s cyber attack was allegedly motivated by the prosecution of this group of activists and homeless people.

The day after Doyon claimed he brought down Mastercard, he sent out emails to the local press informing them that the “PLF” was going to attack the Santa Cruz county website. On December 16, 2010, he followed through with his threat and the county website was brought down for approximately thirty minutes using a High Orbit Ion Cannon(s). 

And in case you’re wondering, no, you don’t need any technical skill to use the High Orbit Ion Cannon. A blind, three-legged dog could probably download and operate it, and even Doyon admitted that it was super easy. In fact, he capitalized on that fact in an effort to convince innocent people to use it, which amounts to a felony here in the U.S., if caught. So, no. It doesn’t mean that Doyon had any skill as a hacker just because he staged a DDoS attack.

Part Two of Norse’s Interview With Doyon a.k.a. Commander X; Doyon Incriminates Local Protest Organizers; Urges Naive Activists and Residents of Santa Cruz To Commit Cyber Crimes Under Guise It’s Legal. For more see #OpISIS 8.5

#OpISIS 8.5 is where we’ve left off in this story. It is a partial transcript and part two of Robert Norse’s interview with “Commander X,” as portrayed by a poorly voice-disguised Christopher Doyon (link for the full show is in the post).

I’m pretty exhausted from all the disinformation/defamation artists out there who have spent over two years falsely accusing me of consistently publishing fake and/or manufactured stories when the large majority of time I use individuals’ own words and statements as my sources. 

I realize that we’re officially living in a timeline where some of these online disruptors are now to the point where they are literally denying tweets, archived tweets, no less, that they themselves wrote, published and even passed around privately. This is part of the highly manipulative, abusive, and largely gaslit war being fought against by those of us who expose uncomfortable truths.

With that said, I’m going to post below EXACTLY what Doyon said during his interview with Norse, context and all, and you can decide for yourself if he encouraged innocent people, including the residents of Santa Cruz, to download and use a cyber tool, which, if caught carrying out a DDoS attack with can land you in prison for five years.

And you can decide if he lied or, at the very least, misled Norse’s audience about the legality of using such a cyber tool, and whether or not the feds would be interested in those that did. If you’re incapable of believing that he said such things, here is the link to the radio program on which he said them. 

At precisely 12 noon Pacific time, the order was given to take down Santa Cruz county website, and at 12:01 it crashed under withering fire of dozens of High Orbit Ion Cannons from around the globe that were under PLF command. 

Listen closely, these cyber lasers [HOIC] are available for download on the website I just gave you. They are relatively easy to use. And PLF advisors are always available online to assist. 

I encourage all like-minded people who hear this: Download an HOIC and join us in action. It is your city, fight for it. 

At precisely 12:30 P.M. Pacific time, the ceasefire order was given. At 12:32 P.M. Pacific time, the Santa Cruz website returned to normal function and became available globally to all our listening nodes.

Again, I urge you all to join us. Go to our site, download a laser and stand for human rights, human decency, and freedom in your community. The PLF is here to help, not to harm.  


Doyon: It was exactly the same. Only on scale was it different. We only needed 10 cannons. Your county website is very small and, uh, does not present much of a web profile. It took about 10 cannons for us to knock it down whereas, to give you an example what it would take to bring down MasterCard, we needed approximately 500.

Norse: 500, I’m sorry, 500 what?

Doyon: Cannons.

Norse: Cannons.

Doyon: As we told you in the statement, we, uh, distribute them. They’re available on our website and I encourage all of your listeners to go right now and download one yourself. They’re very easy to use and our advisors are standing by to help you. Download one, we aim them at the websites, and we fire the lasers, and the websites disappear. 

Norse: So you’re talking about PLF777.limewebs.com is one of the websites…?

Doyon: That is.


Number two, there have been some 25,000 people standing at one time under what we call an anon ops command. Over 25,000 people and we’ve been doing this for a week now. Not one single person has been arrested in the process of these attacks or because of these attacks.

If you were to follow the news or do a little research, you would know that every single attorney that has appeared on major networks from CNN to Fox news has said the same thing: ‘This simply isn’t illegal.’ And that’s going to be a problem. 

The United States of America…[unintelligible]…these forms of attacks, they are more akin to a First Amendment expression similar to a sit-in so good luck trying to attract the feds.

Secondly, right now there is so much going on in cyberspace that you can’t even imagine and the federal government, I assure you, with 800,000 State department documents [the documents that Manning leaked] floating out there in cyberspace, going from bit torrent to bit torrent, the federal government has bigger fish to fry than the PLF. Good luck.


Norse: You are a thug? Alright, well then, Mr. Thug, uh, what—you know, don’t you—I mean is this a way of garnering public support for Peace Camp 2010? You think this is going to have a positive impact on the community? 

Doyon: Oh, lemme tell you something. Right now at this very moment the download counter on my HOIC is clicking so I’m thinking this is residents of Santa Cruz taking up my call. And by the time I’m done, there are so many hundreds of people who are going to download this piece of software that we will literally be able to control the entire internet of the county. We will take down any site at our will, at our whim. So, I’m not feeling terribly afraid right now, no.

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