#OpISIS 8.1

After Christopher Doyon a.k.a. Commander X finally had his 10-year felony drug case closed in 1998, he hid his online presence about as suspiciously well as Snowden did, meaning he didn’t. Like, not at all. With an interest in internet radio, he allegedly moved back to the East Coast and launched an internet channel called Terrapin Station (a.k.a. “Unbrokenchain“). He then spent the next fifteen years creating an ungodly number of websites, including one of his earliest that offered virtually free everything. According to Doyon:

I created Terrapin Station in January 1999 with one main purpose in mind. To provide my Brothers and Sisters out there with the highest technology the Internet has to offer – FREE. 

Since then we have added all the mainstream Internet Services, such as FREE Dial-Up, FREE E-Mail, FREE Web Space, and FREE Chat. Terrapin Station is now an “on-ramp” designer ISP – and it’s all free. I have scoured the Web and searched for the finest Internet communications technology and I have added that to the mix as well – also for FREE. In fact, EVERYTHING at Terrapin Station is FREE. 

Why you might ask ? To help you all to build and foster our community. The GD might be no more, but as Micky Hart said at Jerry Garcia’s funeral, WE are the Grateful Dead now. The Internet presents an un-precidented opportunity to build a virtual Shakedown Street. 

To that end, I present the all new Terrapin Station. Here you can find the finest Internet tools and Services available anywhere on the Web, and there is NO cost for anything here. I encourage you to use this technology anyway you see fit, to grow and strengthen our Family, enlighten yourself and each other, and move us all yet FURTHER.

“Terrapin Station” and “Shakedown Street” are the titles to two Grateful Dead albums and as I reported in #OpISIS Part 8, Doyon was a self-professed, well-connected, drug dealing Deadhead who made hordes of money selling LSD at their concerts. The term “Shakedown Street” is also slang for “the corridor of vendors, legal or otherwise, outside of a concert or festival,” and one wonders if Doyon was hoping to start his own Silk Road.

In approximately 2004, he created another website called christopherdoyon.org that included a chat room, web cam, discussion forum, and a link to yet another site he created called “Camp Saint Stephen.” Camp Saint Stephen may or may not have been a nickname for a makeshift “urban gorilla camp” he built in Rhode Island with an address listed as the local UPS store. 

Although Doyon has repeatedly claimed throughout the years that he’s been an (h)activist since the 1980’s, there’s nothing on these two websites that suggests this nor that he had any interest, let alone any prowess, in hacking. On the contrary, in 2006, Doyon posted on the website, KurzweilAI.net, that “Saint Stephen” was a laboratory where he ran artificial intelligence tests…on 6-12 year-old children:

One problem I see with the Turing Test is the age of the human subjects used. All of my own current MLAI [Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence] projects have produced entities with the mental aquity of small children. Naturally, if placed in a Turing Test with grown mature adult humans such agents are going to do poorly.

Here in the lab, I have begun a practice that I would recommend to others to try. Doing the Turing Test with 6 to 12 year old children. You will be amazed at the results.

He also created the “MLAI Foundation,” yet another website geared towards A.I. that included an online shop called the “Turing Store.” This seems appropriate given the fact that according to TechTarget.com, the Turing Test is a “method of inquiry in artificial intelligence (AI) for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being.”

“An excellent selection for Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence experimentation,” Doyon’s website proclaimed, with a “Build-It-Yourself Kit For Virtual Humans” splashed across the front page. The kit was manufactured by Virtual Personalities, Inc., a company co-founded by Peter Plantec and Dr. Michael Mauldin, the latter of which also founded Lycos, a Massachusetts-based company created under a grant from the Defense Advanced Search Projects Agency (DARPA). 

In 2008, Doyon ran for political office in Maine. That same year he created an avatar named “Allison,” which might not seem important but it is and we’re getting there like everything else.  On November 3, 2008, he lost his political bid and eleven days later, Dr. Rich S. Wallace posted a Blogspot entry announcing the revival of Doyon’s website, mlaifoundation.info.


In case you’re not familiar with Dr. Wallace, he invented Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) and the infamous chatbot, A.L.I.C.E (Ohai Cicada 3301 and Qanon!). But before he created the Wonderland bot, Wallace worked at a startup firm called Vision Applications, Inc., a New York-based company that according to Wallace himself was “entirely funded” by the Department of Defense.

“Ask Alice” via Dr. Wallace’s AliceBot.org

According to the A.I. scientist, the U.S. government was interested in Visual Applications creating a miniature active vision system, and the following is taken from a 1992 paper Wallace and others from the company published:

[The system] performs tasks such as moving object tracking and functions as a video telephone. The potential application domains for systems of this type include vision systems for mobile robots and robot manipulators, traffic monitoring systems, security and surveillance, and consumer video communications.

Welcome to surveillance and face recognition, kids. And according to one Twitter account, Vision Applications, Inc. was not only founded by DARPA, the co-founder of Ethereum crypto, Joe Lubin, also worked there:

Lubin graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He worked in the Princeton Robotics Lab, at tomandandy music developing an autonomous music composition tool, and at private research firm Vision Applications Inc. building autonomous mobile robots.

As a software engineer and consultant, Lubin worked with eMagine on the Identrus project and was involved in the founding and operation of a hedge fund with a partner. He held positions as Director of the New York office of Blacksmith Software Consulting, and VP of Technology in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs. Through these posts, Lubin focused on the intersection of cryptography, engineering, and finance.

Switching gears, Lubin moved to Kingston, Jamaica to work on projects in the music industry. Two years into his musical endeavors, Lubin co-founded the Ethereum Project and has been working on Ethereum and ConsenSys since January 2014.

If you want to know just how truly dangerous and, perhaps, incredibly naive Doyon’s hero was, in the same interview in which Wallace said that Vision Application’s project was entirely funded by the DOD, he also stated that he was bothered by anyone trying to regulate the A.I. business because, and I quote, “We are really relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things.”

Incredibly, this was after he admitted that he was collecting “dialogues about the most personal and lurid topics” via A.L.I.C.E. 

We’ll later revisit what the public knows about the U.S. military’s use of artificial intelligence, how they wanted to contract out bots to infiltrate IRC chatrooms, and what Barrett Brown and others uncovered in the HBGary emails, including “persona management.” It’s terrifying but we were also warned over a decade ago.

As for Doyon, despite the prestige of having someone in the A.I. business like Dr. Wallace promote his website, he moved to California approximately five months later and quickly became interested in other things such as infiltrating local media, activist groups, and Anonymous.

Early Spring 2008: Infiltrating Anonymous

According to Doyon’s 2017 book, “Behind the Mask: An Inside Look at Anonymous,” on March 25, 2008, during the same time period he was running for political office, Commander Adama, the alleged leader of Doyon’s super secret hacking group, Peoples Liberation Front (PLF), and another member approached him about Anonymous: 

I sat up straight, blew out a long trail of smoke and said ‘so my comrades, what exactly the flaming fuck is going on?’…

‘This is what’s up X’ Allison said and tapped her keyboard once bringing up a web site…As I could see from the browser’s address bar, it was the Epilepsy Foundation of America home page. But something was wrong with the page. On it was a large animated gif that strobed in a hypnotic and almost psychically disturbing fashion. I recognized this image at once from a computer article I had read somewhere. Studies had shown that this image, and others like it – had the capacity to actually induce seizures and even coma in certain individuals who were susceptible, especially epileptics. The page had been ‘hacked’, defaced as we term it in the business. 

‘Who in the fuck would do something like this?’ I asked breathlessly, almost stunned to speechlessness by the utter depravity of the act. Allison smiled and turned back to her computer and started typing. I turned to Adama as he leaned back his head and let out a chuckle. He looked down at me sitting on my crate ‘Ever hear of a group called ‘Anonymous’?”.

First, let’s talk about “Allison,” one of the members of the PLF. According to Doyon’s book, in 2008, she had “recently taken a job with the US State Department in hopes that the PLF could infiltrate that branch of the US government.” Uh huh. Allison is also the same name he used for the avatar he created in 2008.

And in 2014, Doyon, embracing all the DARPA artificial intelligence he had been muddling in since at least 2004, morphed Allison the Avatar into a full-fledged cyber bot and then publicly announced via one of his ten billion sock accounts that he had the first hacker crew in history to employ A.I.  


Right. Because U.S. military and C.I.A. hacking crews never thought about adding artificial intelligence to their cyber arsenal until Doyon came up with the idea…in 2014, no less.

To put it mildly, in no uncertain terms do I believe that Allison (the PLF member) was a real person and the same holds true for Commander Adama. These people were never indicted or arrested. In fact, they’ve never made an appearance in real life outside of the pages of Doyon’s book, and the like. Even the U.S. government’s 2011 indictment against Doyon lists both “Commander Adama” and the entire “PLF” as Doyon’s own aliases.


As for the defacement of the Epilepsy Foundation of America website, that actually happened and the guy behind the prank was none other than Canadian hacker, Aubrey Cottle (a.k.a. Kirtaner). This is the same guy that the press recently and falsely hailed as the founder of Anonymous. Remember this below? That’s Cottle (and a Twitter thread worth reading about Cottle’s racist tendencies):

And if the leaked message below is legit, Cottle was recruited by “hacktivist” Ray Johanson to assist him and others in running disinfo/defamation/infiltration operations against a host of people under the guise of destroying Qanon, including myself and Barrett Brown. In fact, they planted in the media that Cottle’s entire return was about taking down Qanon which they obviously never did.

The operations, some of which are still being run mainly through a foreign public mouthpiece known as @ATafoyovsky, appeared to be two-fold. One, Infiltrate Brown’s activist groups and discredit him. And two, influence two U.S. court cases in favor of whistleblower attorney, Jesselyn Radack, and Beth Blackburn Bogaerts, an online troll who portrays herself as a victimized, white, privileged female using highly manipulated photos of herself to garner trust and sympathy from a male audience. It’s what we like to call “catfishing.”

Cottle also claimed responsibility for a myriad of hacks in the last two years, openly calling himself a “cyber terrorist.” Most, if not all, of the data that he allegedly obtained was published through Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a leak platform that some consider to be the new WikiLeaks. 

DDoSecrets was founded by Emma Best, an investigative journalist and FOIA expert who once worked in the intelligence sector. According to Ray Johansen (the guy who recruited Cottle for his disinformation/harassment Q-busting operation), he flew to Massachusetts and assisted Best in setting up the platform, allegedly using U.N. credentials to get into the States. And folks, that right there should be your number one reason not to leak to them.

Cottle has also been open about working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies which would obviously explain why he’s never been arrested for any cyber crimes. It also begs the question as to whether or not his cyber exploits (and DDoSecrets’ publishing of the data) are really just an extension of U.S./Canadian intelligence and other government agencies.

Lastly, Cottle founded 420chan, an anonymous imageboard where he openly allowed child pornography and it is vomit-inducing that members of Anonymous and the activist community such as Johansen and Emma Best openly embraced this guy who allowed on his website imagery of children being sexually assaulted.


Just as grotesque are the journalists who splashed Cottle across their webpages. You know you have a media problem when a multitude of news outlets falsely crowned him as the “founder of Anonymous” and then drooled over his hacking achievements that DDoSecrets made sure targeted hundreds of thousands of innocent people, all while burying the fact that archived screenshots of 420chan show Cottle posting approvingly about child porn on his website. 

Without question, the media, Anonymous, Ray Johansen, DDoSecrets, and others within the hacktivist/activist community who worked with Cottle and/or excused his behavior have a pedo sympathizer problem.

So, according to Doyon, one of the first things he learned about Anonymous was Cottle’s 2008 defacement of an epilepsy website after which his make-believe leader advised him on how “powerful” the group had become:

But while I knew plenty about Scientology, I knew next to nothing about their mask wearing nemesis – Anonymous. ‘They are not a cult, nor are they crazy’ Adama said as he leaned back and lit a cigarette. ‘They are a techno- hacker group, just like us’ he explained as he exhaled a stream of smoke towards the ceiling. ‘Bullshit. Not like us, we would NEVER do something like this. These fuckers are pure evil if they did that.’ as I pointed at the site still up on Adama’s screen. 

‘Perhaps’ Adama said laconically. ‘Of one thing I am certain. They are powerful, and getting more so by the day. I want to know everything there is to know about them. And I want you and Allison on the inside. You two are going to become members of Anonymous[,]’ he turned to me and took a drag from his cigarette. 

I turned to Allison hoping for some support, but she was smiling this big shit eating grin and even giggling. ‘Ah shit, this is really going to suck’ I said as I reached for Adama’s pack of cigarettes.

Yes, here we have yet another conversation between Doyon and two imaginary people, this time about infiltrating Anonymous. Not that Doyon ever explains how exactly he did this in the two years leading up to his first known involvement with the hacking group via Operation Payback in December 2010. What we do know is what he said during a 2021 documentary called The Face of Anonymous

[Anonymous] had placed on the forum, on the front page, a [sic] animated gif. These gifs, these animated gifs, they strobed very brightly, they strobed very fast. They could take an epileptic and cause him to have a seizure just from looking at it. Four people went to the hospital across the country. And these people were literally harmed by hackers thousands of miles away, physically wounded…I get why they did it. They’re still fucking dickheads.

Nope, there was only one dickhead behind the defacement: Aubrey Cottle. And I’m not surprised at all that Doyon, an associate of Ray Johansen’s (who also spends his time actively pushing activists into donating to Doyon), protected Cottle’s name in a documentary that was just released last year. Doyon went on:

We can’t let that fucking pass. These people need to either be brought to justice or, at the very least, fucking monitored to see what else they’re going to fucking do. So, I was tasked with literally infiltrating Anonymous. I was to go in the IRC, spend as much time as I could, make as much contacts. Not to get these people busted. This was not some sort of law enforcement thing. I just wanted to know what these fucking people are up to, you know?

Actually, Doyon, that sounds exactly like a law enforcement thing.

Spring 2009: California

Although multiple media outlets have repeatedly reported that Doyon didn’t arrive in California until 2010, without question he was in the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area by 2009. Not only do court records prove this, Doyon placed himself there by putting out his personal information on local radio and newly created websites. As to why he decided to go back to California, well, there seems to be multiple stories to choose from.

Approximately a year after Doyon was tasked with infiltrating Anonymous, on April 14, 2009, Commander Adama approached Doyon again, this time about relocating to California to avenge his friend’s death. Again, according to Doyon’s 2017 book:

There is an old friend, from a very long time ago. He is a homeless man in Santa Cruz…My friend died. Last week. Of hypothermia. They found his body on the San Lorenzo river bottom. He didn’t even have a blanket. He was hiding from their draconian ‘sleeping ban’. I want vengeance. That’s why it’s personal, and you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.

I could find exactly zero news articles about this incident but to be fair, it wouldn’t be surprising if the media found a homeless man’s death unworthy of the 6 o’clock news. However, a year before Doyon published his book this is what he told Vice:

Nonetheless, Adama’s intention for X joining Anonymous was allegedly twofold: 1) For the PLF to form an alliance with the group and 2) to launch an offensive against the municipal government of Santa Cruz for its treatment of the homeless—a city where public sleeping is still criminalized.

Apparently, Adama wanted revenge for a homeless friend of his living in Santa Cruz, who was found dead under a bridge.

In other words, Doyon 1) admitted that he infiltrated Anonymous specifically to recruit hackers into his own operations, one of which led to at least one arrest, and 2) his Fantasy Island commander wanted to avenge his friend’s death who may or may not have drowned in a river…or under a bridge. 

What seems to have happened here is that during his interview with Vice, Doyon simply regurgitated the same story he discussed during a 2009 local radio show out of Santa Cruz that not only proves he was in California before 2010, I’m certain virtually no one knows about it.

During the show, the host, Robert Norse, was discussing a group of protected citizen vigilantes called “troll busters” who basically terrorized the homeless population of Santa Cruz back in the late 70s, early 80s. Doyon jumped into the conversation to point out that “a kid” had been killed by these citizen thugs….and found under a bridge. 

Doyon mentioned these “troll busters” in his book as he told the story about Adama avenging his friend’s death. However, during the radio show, Doyon claimed that the kid was murdered back in 1989, so it seems a little odd that a fictitious commander asked him to avenge his death almost two decades later.

And if Doyon and his friends want to play the Code Blue game after this article is published, tell them I have all of the old newspaper clippings and that I’m well aware of when that trial started, which was well before this kid was allegedly murdered. Moving on…

If we go back three years earlier to 2014, we have an entirely different story. According to the The New Yorker:

In 2010, Doyon moved to Santa Cruz, California, to join a local movement called Peace Camp. Using wood that he stole from a lumberyard, he built a shack in the mountains. He borrowed WiFi from a nearby mansion, drew power from salvaged solar panels, and harvested marijuana, which he sold for cash.

And if we go back even further to 2009, according to Doyon’s own statements, he ended up in Santa Cruz, the same city that became a “haven for LSD fans” in the late 1970’s, because of the Grateful Dead. On May 3, 2009, he posted the following message online via an account he created on rukind.com:

I have been on Tour since Greensboro, NC. Due to a series of unlucky situations I find myself STRANDED in Philly with no way to get to Chicago. PLEASE for the love of Jerry do not make me have to live in Philly ! PLEASE help any way you can. If you have a ride to Chicago, I am at the Philly Amtrak Station. If you can afford a donation towards a train ticket, please use the link below – you can donate whatever you feel in your heart using any bank card.

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c … id=5175838


Please help me or I am fucked. Thank you, I love you all.


Terrapin Bound Webcast

Unbroken Chain Internet Radio


We know that the above post came from Doyon and the dates are accurate because:

  • He used his real name and posted where he was from (Maine)
  • He listed his website, UnbrokenChain.net, which at the time was maintained by “Doyon Enterprises
  • The Grateful Dead played two concerts in Philly that year: May 1st and May 2nd
  • Doyon was a known Deadhead who was popped for selling LSD at their concert—a felony conviction that the U.S. government inexplicably excluded in a recently filed sentencing memorandum

And notice what Doyon wrote, “I have been on Tour since Greensboro, NC.” Indeed, the Grateful Dead’s 2009 concert tour kicked off in Greensboro on April 12th. But in his 2017 book, Doyon wrote that Commander Adama was busy asking him to avenge his friend’s death while they were both sitting in the PLF’s “basement headquarters” in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 14th, two days after the tour started. 

Sure, Doyon could have attended the Greensboro show and then made his way back to Cambridge two days later but then his comment that he’s “been on Tour since Greensboro” simply isn’t true. He would have skipped at least the next show in Washington DC, if not the next three shows until the Grateful Dead arrived in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 18th.

Doyon told a similar story on the same local radio show mentioned earlier. This took place on September 18, 2009, approximately four months after Doyon posted that he was stranded in Philly. When Norse asked Doyon why he came back to Santa Cruz, Doyon responded, “I came back with the Dead tour so I’m saying maybe May, June [2009].” And wouldn’t you know it, the Grateful Dead’s 2009 tour ended on May 10th at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

Mountain View is about 36 miles north of Santa Cruz and the same city where the feds arrested Doyon back in 2011. It was also mentioned in the previous article because of Doyon’s alleged trafficking/dealing ties to a well-known Mountain View LSD lab.

By the time that Doyon convinced Norse that they had met previously in the 1980’s (Norse had no recollection of him) which led to Norse inviting him to co-host his radio show, Doyon had already changed his alias to “Curbhugger Chris.” This, after spending the summer of 2009 parading around as “The Wizard of Haight-Ashbury,” a San Francisco neighborhood dubbed the “ground zero of hippiedom.”

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