#OpISIS Part 8

Four years ago I published an article called, “Under Attack Part Eight: The Syria Files,” as part of a popular series I wrote about the history of WikiLeaks. In fact, the entire series, along with my hard work, was noticed and promoted by Julian Assange. Since then, multiple well-known, manipulative, and abusive disinfo activists have tried to delegitimize my work by falsely claiming (among a host of other things) that other people wrote the series for me.

Because prominent pro-Assange accounts like @BellaMagnani, which many believe is controlled by Assange’s fiancé, Stella Moris, have publicly made these allegations, perhaps someone should ask them why the individuals who supposedly penned the Syria Files article purposely tried to insulate one particular hacking group from scrutiny. I mean, if Moris, Ray Johansen’s alter ego “Kaidinn,” and the rest of the disinfo mafia want to credit anyone other than myself for writing it…

My guess is that online personas like @BellaMagnani and “Kaidinn” have no desire to explain the hole they dug for themselves with their false accusations and so I’m more than happy to take responsibility for what I wrote, or rather, for what I didn’t write.

In the article, I mentioned several groups that were reportedly involved in hacking the Syrian emails, however, there was one particular organization that I completely ignored. This was mainly due to the fact that a. I didn’t think they were significant because b. I couldn’t find very much information on them because c. At the time, I didn’t know where to look or who was involved with the group, and d. Google searches made it difficult because the group’s name is identical to much larger and well-known foreign organizations and, as such, searches returned a massively high number of results that bore no connection whatsoever.

In addition, I included a link to a Pastebin that this group wrote and I still ignored the significance. For that, I apologize to my audience. But I’m also curious as to why no one pointed out this group to me after all of these years—especially in light of the fact that the leader claimed that the group’s members included ex-military and former intelligence agents.

That group was the Peoples Liberation Front, also known as the PLF, and I’m interested in why @BellaMagnani, “Kaidinn,” the hacktivist community, and others have long protected it. If you’re not familiar with the PLF and Christopher Doyon a.k.a. “Commander X,” an alleged hacker who became one of the most well-known faces of Anonymous, clear out your calendar because I have a lengthy four-part (approx.) story to tell you that’s both fascinating and astonishingly absurd.  

300 Hits of LSD Leads To a 10-Year Criminal Case

According to The New Yorker, Christopher Doyon grew up during the mid-1970s in rural Maine. His mother died when he young, and he and his sister were raised by their father “who they both say was physically abusive.” From what I can gather, he left home at an early age to escape the abuse and by the early 1980’s, he was living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the same sleepy Boston suburb the Tsarnaev brothers moved to from Dagestan in the early 2000s.

There, Doyon co-founded the Peoples Liberation Front (PLF), a group that he described as “one of the most secret organizations in the world.” From Ars Technica:

The PLF was led by an older man with slate grey hair who favored aviator sunglasses and bomber jackets and who went by the name ‘Commander Adama.’ Adama had already recruited five or six young people to join his quest for justice, and Doyon soon decided to help the cause…

Commander Adama created the PLF as a hierarchical organization, the opposite of Anonymous, with a Supreme Commander at the top and the rank and file—which never numbered more than 12—taking orders. 

During this time period, Doyon “dropped plenty of acid, smoked plenty of weed, and found a political movement agitating against apartheid in South Africa.” He told The New Yorker that the PLF built radio kits “to help the protesters communicate over a secure channel,” but activist and political scientist at M.I.T., Willard Johnson, stated that hackers “were not a transformative presence at rallies.” 

This is the first of many discrepancies in Doyon’s stor(ies).

According to Ars Technica, the PLF eventually moved to California where they worked with groups like the Animal Liberation Front, freeing tortured minks and lighting “a couple places” on fire. It was during these early days of extreme activism that Doyon was arrested for reportedly selling 300 hits of LSD to an undercover cop during a Grateful Dead show. 

Although the media has repeatedly reported that Doyon was arrested in 1992, records show that he was actually arrested in 1989. Additional research also shows that his arrest likely took place at a July 15th concert in Noblesville, Indiana.

However, a recent court filing by the U.S. government reported that Doyon’s criminal history only included two criminal convictions: a 1987 misdemeanor for possession of a controlled substance and a 2009 misdemeanor for theft. But available court documents show something else entirely.       

Full page of document HERE

According to the state of Indiana, the government filed Class B felony charges against Doyon for “Dealing in Schedule I Controlled Substance” on July 19, 1989 (Case #29D03-8907-CF-000105)—two years after the U.S. government’s stated 1987 misdemeanor conviction. At the time, or at least sometime during the course of the case, Doyon’s address was listed in San Francisco, California. 

Bond was initially set at $25,000, but it was eventually reduced and he was released sometime in August under a lengthy set of terms and conditions. A month later, he failed to appear in court resulting in an arrest warrant. Approximately eight months later, Doyon was re-arrested and this time bond was set at $500,000. 

On January 4, 1991, he entered a guilty plea and on March 14, 1991, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison with credit for 349 days served. Again, he pled guilty to a Class B felony in Indiana, and was unequivocally convicted of “Dealing in Schedule I Controlled Substance.” This didn’t happen in 1987, nor in 1992, and it definitely wasn’t a misdemeanor.

Three years later, Doyon filed for a reduction of sentence and on April 5, 1994, he was granted early release after serving approximately four years. It appears that after his release, Doyon went back to California because in late September 1995, he was interviewed by the Santa Cruz Sentinel like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Approximately two weeks later, on October 11, 1995, Indiana court records show that he violated his probation and another warrant was issued for his arrested. On October 23rd, Doyon once again failed to appear in court for a criminal charge of “Check Deception,” which may or may not have been how he violated his probation.

It would be another four years before the state finally caught up with him. On December 14, 1998, Doyon, back in custody, admitted to violating his probation. The court previously suspended three years of his sentence when he was released on probation but despite this, Doyon was released with credit for time served.

In total, from the time the case was initially filed in 1989, to his final sentencing ten years later for violating probation, Doyon’s time spent in prison amounted to approximately a little over four years.

As to why a U.S. attorney on behalf of the government filed a sentencing memorandum less than a month ago, on June 21, 2022, that stated Doyon had only been convicted of two misdemeanors (1987 and 2009), and made no mention of this case, is beyond me. 

The LSD/Dead Head Scene

Back in the 1960s, LSD exploded on the scene and if anyone grew up like I did, we had it drilled into our heads that acid was one of the more evil street drugs out there and if you ever took it there was a good chance that you would jump to your death from a 10-story building, half naked and completely out of your mind.

The Psychedelic Era began just a few short years before Nixon declared a racially-motivated war on drugs that eventually morphed into a “Just Say No while we’re secretly working with Noriega until it’s no longer in our best interest to work with Noriega” CIA operation under Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.

August Owsely Stanely, the former sound engineer for the Grateful Dead band, isn’t considered the grandfather of LSD, but he was considered the “king of LSD” for a duration of this era. In 1964, he took his first hit of acid manufactured by a company called Sandoz Laboratories. Soon thereafter, Owsely realized he could probably make a better product and so he decided to manufacture his own. According to Rolling Stone:

A friend gave Owsley 400 micrograms of pure LSD manufactured by Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland, where Dr. Albert Hofmann had first synthesized the drug in 1938. At the time, Owsley was living with a Berkeley undergraduate chemistry major…They decided to try to make acid that was ‘at least as good or better than any pharmaceutical firm.’ It took Owsley just three weeks in the UC Berkeley library to learn everything he needed to know about the process..

Netflix actually just came out with a new series about psychedelics called “How to Change Your Mind,” and you can learn more about the history of LSD, Sandox Industries and Dr. Hoffman in the first episode.

Owsley eventually met a guy named Tim Scully who had himself dropped acid for the first time in 1965. He became convinced that it was his life mission to produce a dose for every person in the world, you know, for peace, enlightenment, and such. Owsley was so impressed with Scully that he hired him. According to Vice:

Scully met Owsley in 1965 after Scully, then 21, sought the 30-year-old’s advice for producing LSD. Owsley, impressed with Scully’s technical abilities, not only took him on as a lab apprentice, but hired him to be a soundman for the Grateful Dead. When Owsley decided to open a lab in Point Richmond, a small town on the north end of the San Francisco Bay, Scully followed. Together they would make a popular strain of LSD known as ‘White Lightning,’ that Owsley claimed to be 99.9 percent pure.

After LSD became illegal in California in 1966, Owsley and Scully opened a new lab in Denver, Colorado. Soon thereafter, Scully met LSD chemist, Nicolas Sand, through the infamous Dr. Timothy Leary, a Harvard professor who was reportedly fired from the prestigious university for basically running LSD and magic mushroom experiments gone awry.

After Owsely was arrested for producing LSD, Sand agreed to finance a new lab for Scully on the condition that Scully teach him how to manufacture the drug via the process he learned from Owsely. They set up a lab in Windsor, California and started producing millions of doses of what became infamously known as “Orange Sunshine.” 

However, peace and enlightenment came to a screeching halt in 1972, after a grand jury handed down a conspiracy indictment that included both Scully and Sand, during a federal investigation into “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love.”

It’s been reported that between 1966-1970, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love became the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of LSD. John Griggs and Michael Randall co-founded the organization as a tax-exempt religious entity on a mission to enlighten the world about the benefits of LSD. From the VillageVoice.com:

‘Orange Sunshine,’ perhaps the most famous brand of acid ever produced, would be moved in huge lots from Windsor to Idyllwild Ranch near Laguna Beach. There the acid would be taken over by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, an alleged hippie reli­gious organization which, under the leadership of Dr. Timothy Leary, had been set up, corporate-style, to market and distribute Orange Sun­shine.

Once the acid arrived, the hippies living at Idyllwild in teepees were magically transformed into drug sa­lesmen, distributors, smugglers, and walking advertisements for the Orange Sunshine department of the psychedelic movement. For the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was in reality the capitalistic organization behind the largest acid manufactur­ing and distribution ring in history.

In 1974, Scully and Sand were both convicted on manufacturing LSD after their benefactor, William Mellon Hitchcock, turned government informant. When Timothy Leary was booted from Harvard, he stayed with Hitchcock at his 55-room mansion in Millbrook, New York, which became the upper crust’s epicenter for the LSD movement. When Scully and Sands needed financing, Hitchcock was there to help.

Good times were had until Hitchcock faced income tax evasion and stock fraud, and decided to become a snitch to save his arse. The heir to the Mellon fortune (Gulf oil), whose Millbrook home was “an acid information center where intelli­gence on suppliers of chemicals was traded and recipes were given out,” quickly gave up his friends in the lucrative psychedelics industry. In return, the U.S. government gave him immunity for his testimony. Sand was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison and Scully received 20 years.

First there was White Lightening. Then there was Orange Sunshine. And soon enough, there was William Leonard Pickard.

William Leonard Pickard and Doyon’s 1989 Felony Case

During Scully’s 1974 trial, William Leonard Pickard decided to pick up the Brotherhood’s torch to save the world with LSD (literally), so he quit his job at Berkeley and established an LSD lab in Mountain View, California. And like the LSD kings who went before him, he was eventually arrested. According to sfgate.com:

In December 1988, a neighbor noticed an odd chemical odor emanating from the architectural shop at a Mountain View industrial park and phoned police.

Agents found a lab and seized more than 200,000 doses of LSD, including blotter paper featuring Grateful Dead album covers.

There’s more going on in these two sentences than you realize. First, according to Doyon in his 2017 book, “Behind the Mask: An Inside Look at Anonymous,” Mountain View is the same place he was living/staying/camping off and on for years, including the night before his arrest in September 2011.

Second, at the time of Pickard’s arrest, Doyon a.k.a. Commander X appeared to be selling large quantities of LSD at Grateful Dead shows, even stating that they tried to sell as much as possible. According to author Jesse Jarnow who interviewed Doyon for his 2016 book, “Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America (my emphasis):

Like LSD, Grateful Dead shows can work with only the material they receive. And when they receive Christoper Doyon of Maine, they help to turn him into Commander X, a cofounder of the Peoples Liberation Front…Most of them are punks, except X, and this is a key difference because it means X has access to LSD. And not just any LSD, but high-grade, straight-from-the-source, Grateful Dead tour LSD.

Importing the LSD back to Cambridge…the Peoples Liberation Front find themselves with a new source of funds

And in the 2021 documentary, “The Face of Anonymous,” Doyon stated (my emphasis):

I went to a lot of rock shows back then. I had to make a living and I did that at rock shows. Not only am I not ashamed but I’m somewhat proud of the fact that we sold really good LSDWe would go out and do a US tour with the Dead and we would raise shit tons of money and it just gelled more is all it did. I went to more Dead shows, I made more money. I went to more protests.

We sold really good LSD. High-grade, straight from the source. We did tours with the Grateful Dead where we sold tons of LSD and made a shit ton of money. We also imported LSD back to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jarnow also wrote that Doyon moved into “higher and higher circles, learning the inside dope of the LSD trade.” He even described him as the acid “Family” dealer, a term that apparently refers to a group of “initiated” Grateful Dead fans, sometimes known as the “hippie mafia,” who sold high quality LSD at their concerts. One online user wrote, “The Family was an organization built up around the Grateful Dead that was dedicated to producing & distributing as much LSD as possible.”

In fact, Doyon also claimed that he assisted “the Family and Ken Kesey…in the dipping of blotter of Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley album covers.” For those of you who are not familiar with Ken Kesey, lemme jog your memory. He was an early advocate of LSD and famously known for his book, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He was reportedly inspired to write the book after taking LSD during a CIA-financed study and his subsequent work at a VA hospital.

The Merry Pranksers and their bus “Further”

Kesey also played a major role in the California LSD scene as a member of the Merry Pranksters, a group closely associated with the Grateful Dead that traveled across the U.S. in a psychedelic painted school bus called “Further.” According to Wikipedia, they organized well-known parties called “Acid Tests,” where they handed out LSD like candy. The New Yorker article also mentioned them in relation to Doyon:

Inspired by the Merry Pranksters, [the PLF] sold LSD at Grateful Dead shows and used some of the cash to outfit an old school bus with bullhorns, cameras, and battery chargers. They also rented a basement apartment in Cambridge, where Doyon occasionally slept.

As for Doyon’s comment that he assisted Kesey “in the dipping of blotter of Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley album covers,” Jarnow wrote (my emphasis):

One of the lushest and most heavily dosed runs of the past few years depicts a series of twelve album covers by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley…The acid in the sheets is linked to a lab in Mountain View, near Shoreline Amphitheater, the heart of Dead country, the heart of Silicon Valley. The dipping of at least one set of the sheets is connected via Chris Doyon to the Dead Family, its profits seeping out into the far reaches of activism.

Mouse and Kelley were two artists who created most of the Grateful Dead’s album covers. “Blotter” is a highly absorbent paper that liquid LSD was applied, and the term “blotter art” is used for decorated LSD blotter i.e. Grateful Dead album covers. The more you know.

And here’s where things get interesting…Remember the report surrounding William Leonard Pickard’s arrest?

In December 1988, a neighbor noticed an odd chemical odor emanating from the architectural shop at a Mountain View industrial park…Agents found a lab and seized…blotter paper featuring Grateful Dead album covers.

And according to Jarnow, “one of the lushest and most heavily dosed runs of the past few years depicts a series of of twelve album covers by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley…at least one set of sheets is connected via Chris Doyon…the acid in the sheets is linked to a lab in Mountain View.”

As for Blotterbarn.com, they didn’t even beat around the bush and reported that the blotter featuring these albums covers was originally issued circa 1985 or 1986 and were “associated with Leonard Pickard when he was busted in 1988 in Hayward, California.”

Blotter art featuring Grateful Dead albums circa 195-1986

And lastly, according to Doyon, he moved into “higher and higher circles,” procuring “really good LSD” that was “straight from the source.” He was also arrested for selling LSD a year after Pickard’s arrest.

Basically, either Doyon blew so much shite up Jarnow’s arse that he couldn’t walk for a week, or he was deeply involved in large-scale trafficking/selling of LSD—from California to the East Coast—and it was likely coming from high-level producers like Pickard.

I’m also willing to go out on a limb and say that if Doyon’s story is true, his 1989 bust at a Dead Head concert was directly related to Pickard, who argued in court during his 1988 trial that he was an informant for the U.S. government. Approximately a year later, Doyon was arrested for selling 300 hits to a cop.

According to a sfgate.com article article published in 2000, “In 1988, Pickard was picked up as he left a Mountain View warehouse used as an LSD lab. He faced 20 years in prison if convicted, but the drug charge was dropped because he had been an informant…” However, a year later they reported that he did, indeed, spend time in prison but maintained that he had been an informant:

Pickard was charged with making LSD, pleaded guilty and served about five years. Later, officials revealed that Pickard ‘had been an informant’ for state and federal drug agents.

It’s unknown if there’s a link between Pickard’s alleged informant activities and Doyon’s arrest but when you have well-entrenched informants in the drug scene you never know how far the tentacles of snitching will reach.

And then to have U.S. prosecutors bury Doyon’s 1989 felony conviction for selling these 300 hits of LSD just a few weeks ago? On the flip side, he only served a little over four years in prison for dealing—this, after fleeing authorities not once, but twice, perhaps indicating that he exaggerated his experience in the Dead Head scene and was actually a low-level dealer. 

Or perhaps it’s something else entirely that happened to the man who eventually infiltrated Anonymous, became one of the leading public faces for the hacking collective, recruited hackers for his personal operations which led to at least one arrest, and assisted Sabu in obtaining the Syrian emails during an FBI-controlled operation that would later be used to discredit WikiLeaks.

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  1. Some great research and connections here, thank you.

    The Grateful Dead has always been a government psyop , just like LSD itself & the entire “Flower Power” movement.

    For example, I discovered via FOIA requests that Jerry Garcia held a SECRET security clearance before joining the band. It was related to missiles; Pickard’s LSD lab was in a missile silo.

    William Leonard Pickard did not just claim to be a “government informant”, he claimed to be working with the CIA to provide Stinger shoulder-launched Surface-to-Air missiles to the Taliban (our allies at the time). He was recruited out of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a notorious IC feeder…in Cambridge. He had licenses from the DEA related to drug manufacture.

    Pickard’s partner Gordon Todd Skinner was a very active DEA informant who gave out large quantities of drugs for free at Burning Man.

    If anyone wants to dig into these topics more please see my YouTube channel CryptoBeast, particularly:

    50 Years of Flower Power

    #19 American Messiah – True Origins of the Grateful Dead

    #20 MKGRATEFUL – Was the Grateful Dead a Psychological Operation?

    Shadow History of Burners Part 5(B) – Burning With The Man (Skinner & Pickard)

    …and the definitive essay by Atwill & Irvin “Manufacturing the Deadhead”

    Anonymous has always seemed glowy to me, I commend you Llama for finding a much deeper connection to the Feds than Sabu.

    1. Author

      Oh wow, I didn’t know about half of that stuff. There’s only so much research one l’il llama can do 🙂 I did come across the missile silo and Skinner in my research and boy, what a psychotic freak.

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