#OpISIS Part 5

Approximately nine months after the feds turned Sabu, two months after Sabu started “FuckIsrael” Day, a month after “TheAnonPress88” released their (#OpIsrael) video, 18 days after the owner of the Exeintel trademark, Jaime Chanaga, founded Umbra Systems, LLC, and two weeks after the Mauritania Hacker Team made their first big appearance in the hacktivist scene, Sabu was identified in the press and arrested. Six other members of Anonymous were also arrested and search warrants were executed at Barrett Brown’s home.

Approximately two weeks after Sabu’s arrest, Higinio Ochoa, a member of the hacking group CabinCr3w, was also arrested and charged with unauthorized access to a protected computer which included the West Virginia Chiefs of Police, Alabama Department of Public Safety, and the Texas Department of Public Safety’s websites and/or databases.

According to the criminal complaint, on February 12, 2012, Ochoa published a tweet that included a screenshot of his computer desk: 

This picture shows a screenshot of a computer desktop. On the desktop are a number of open, running programs with an error message in front of them. There is a window showing Skype running with a username of anonw0rmer logged in. There is another program running called KVIrc version 4. In this window, the username @higocha is logged in.

From there, authorities uncovered the username “anonw0rmer” on another site where Ochoa wrote, “Higino Ochoa AKA w0rmer,” after which they were then able to track him down in the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles database. 

On April 5, NBC published an article with the headline, “Anonymous hacker denies being FBI snitch,” and they included a link to a Pastebin that Ochoa allegedly wrote (I added paragraph breaks for easier reading):

Were you ever approached to be a confidential informant? Of course I was! Some body such as myself who not only participated in the occupy movement but knew many and knew the inner workings of the “infamous” cabin crew would not be just put away without wondering if he could be turned.

I did how ever tell FBI that I would participate in the capture of my fellow crew  mates, a play which undoubtfully [sic] both satisfied and confused the FBI. Those however who know me best would vouch for me undoutfully [sic] that doing so would put this movement at risk, something that i wish more anon’s would not only consider but place higher than themselves and those around them.

ALL information provided to the FBI merely made MY case weaker and caused internal confusion showing the inherent weakness in the system. It was only because of this play that I believe I was allowed to not only get bond but keep those closest to me safe. I gave the FBI plenty of time to come up with more questions that I may have considered answering but alas they failed even that simple task. I turned over all accounts in my control and forfieted [sic] any protection I personally may have had to ensure they believed I was cooperating.

Ochoa was sentenced to 27 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release. After smoking marijuana in February 2016, he was busted for violating his supervision but it doesn’t appear that he was penalized for it aside from being placed on a “telephonic random urine analysis system.” With that said, I’ve reviewed the court documents and unlike Gregg Housh’s case, there’s nothing to suggest that Ochoa became an informant.

Of course, there are documents from his case that have been restricted from public view which always gives off the “he’s cooperating with their investigation” vibe but as of now there’s no evidence to suggest that he did. And yes, admittedly that Pastebin is super weird, like, how do you get away with publicly admitting you obstructed a federal investigation, especially after you were arrested but before you were sentenced?

Fast forward to 2021, and one of the issues that Barrett Brown and others have pointed out is that Ochoa and his wife appear quite friendly with self-admitted fed cooperator and Canadian, Aubrey Cottle, and his girlfriend, Libby Shaw—a “stir the pot start some shit frame some activists and then play the victim” online troll who works with former Scotland Yard intelligence. Sound familiar? 

As mentioned before in this series, Cottle not only works with both Canadian and foreign intelligence agencies, he also allowed child porn to be disseminated on his channel 420chan so how anyone in the world could be friendly with this guy is beyond me. I guess everyone’s okay with it as long as it’s not their child.

Ochoa’s arrest brings us to Ray Johansen, a self-professed hacktivist that seems to infiltrate just about every transparency, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and prison support campaign/group out there. 

A leaked message (if legit) shows that Johansen blissfully embraced Cottle’s snitchy purveyor of child porn background and employed his help in influencing two U.S. court cases under the guise of bringing down Qanon because, again, as long as it isn’t Johansen’s kids’ being sexually exploited on the internet this is apparently normal. Or maybe someone should ask Mr. Johansen if he’s into child porn.

As for Ochoa, according to Johansen, he took care of him after his arrest and “worked with him and saw him through his sentence, the birth of his child and the reentry to society.” The following is a conversation I had with Johansen in 2019 (brackets are punctuation, parentheses are Johansen’s):

Johansen: “[Ochoa] later gave me 20 million dollars to find 17 kidnapped people in Iran. (Not kidding)”

Me: “Did you find them?? How does one go about doing that exactly? Omg nevermind don’t tell me.”

Johansen: “When you have millions you can find anyone. I offered the money and voila. Or rather negotiating with Hezbollah and Iran we got them out in the end…The guy that supplied the money was a friend of the family of 5-6 servants.”

“We” got them out. Right. So first, why in the world was Ochoa involved with 17 kidnapped people in Iran? Or Johansen, for that matter? Second, if Johansen was lying (like he normally does), why would he drag Ochoa into this story? At the time, I did not know Ochoa and his wife nor do I still. 

Wasn’t it Johansen and his sociopathic sidekick, Beth Blackburn (A.K.A. Beth Bogaerts, @HumanOfMind, io.rasa, and “fox,” just to name a few), who tried to dox me as a local activist in a small Ohio suburb who divorced an abusive cop? It sure was, so was this one of the reasons why Johansen thought that this story would mesmerize me—he thinks I’m some small town hick that drools over hackers like they’re rock stars?

I don’t even drool over rock stars, FFS, so why was he trying to impress upon me that he and Ochoa were $20 million heroes?

And just so we’re all on the same page about Johansen’s statements in terms of Ochoa’s arrest: Ochoa was arrested on approximately March 20, 2012. He was sentenced on August 24, 2012, to 27 months in prison followed by three years of supervision—supervision that included the monitoring of his devices, if the FBI so desired. It ran from approximately November 12, 2014 through November 2017, so naturally all of this begs the following question: 

If Johansen bucked his own statistics and was actually telling the truth then surely the U.S. government knew about Ochoa floating a cool $20 million to Johansen who, in turn, negotiated with Hezbollah to free some “kidnapped people” in Iran, yes? Or did this happen sometime after November 2017?

Ochoa’s 2012 arrest also brings us to one of Johansen’s close associates who uses the name “Aaron Kesel,” along with a myriad of Twitter handles like @An0nAkn0wledge, @An0nKn0wledge, and @Cens0red in order to evade numerous Twitter bans for basically being a complete psycho. 

Approximately two months after Ochoa was arrested, Kesel claimed that he was raided, arrested, tortured, and interrogated by the FBI. From “The Gatekeeper Files: The Beginning of the End (Page 3)”:

On the evening of May 27, 2012, several Twitter accounts reported that An0nKn0wledge’s home had been raided and that he himself had been picked up and taken in by the feds. The information appears to have originated with a text message he sent to his then girlfriend who subsequently shared it with others. 


His Twitter account was also shut down which was initially chalked up to the feds but at least one Twitter user pointed out that the account had been deleted not suspended while others reported it down before the feds showed up. When it came back online around May 29, 2012, things got even sketchier.

Based on responses to An0nKn0wledge’s tweets ([his] aren’t available), it seems pretty clear that he told everyone they picked him up for his music (no, we’re not even joking) and that the feds made him sign some documents but he was never given a copy. Later that day he posted an account of his ordeal on pastebay.net and although it’s no longer available a Reddit user at the time took notice and posted the link with the headline, ’An0nkn0wledge’ taken in for questioning; answers all questions for over 24 hrs because ‘the guy was nice for a fed’… 

Other Reddit comments included:

‘So, he obviously didn’t look at the Don’t Talk to the Cops videos, did he? Then he talks for over 24 hours without counsel. Then he signs a document. I hate to make judgements about people, but…’

‘Wow, from what he wrote, he seems pretty schizo.’

‘Yeah, actually I was unfair in the title. He wrote that he was worried the feds would kill him. Obviously sometimes LE agents kill people, but usually in the heat of some kind of conflict, not a cold-blooded execution. So if he genuinely feared for his life, it’s more understandable that he would talk. But it also shows that he has some kind of mental problem. And it’s a shame he (or someone close to him) didn’t realize that and get help before he started doing stuff that the feds took an interest in.’

‘Obviously going to be passing info to the feds like Gates passes money to charities.’


On Twitter, however, the ‘oh mah gawd I’m so happy you’re ok’ and ‘fuck those feds bro’ sentiments continued to pour in. But on May 30th, everything changed. 

An account using the handle @MissAnonFatale started asking questions because his version of events seemed “a little far-fetched” and “We’ve read the paste in and we still don’t believe.” She pointed out that nothing he described was similar to what had recently happened to her husband ‘even down to how they transported him in a car,’ adding, ‘Did that really happen? The feds don’t do any of that just to question someone over tweets. That doesn’t happen.’

At this point, if there was anyone capable of sniffing out some hefty bullshite about being “V&,” it would be @MissAnonFatale because her husband is…Higinio Ochoa. And just as a fun side note, while Suzie Dawson was hijacking Occupy Auckland, she took time out of her schedule to share her sympathies with Kesel:

We still don’t know if An0nKn0wledge’s story is true about being picked up by the feds so here’s our personal, best of two scenarios: He was picked up by the feds which means that when GhostSec was working with the CIA there’s a chance they already knew who he was, and if he wasn’t picked up and lied about it, aside from the deeply troubling aspects, this sounds like the same playbook Dawson likes to use: ‘Look at how targeted I am!’ She’s been saying this since Occupy Auckland which just so happens to have been going on at the same time when An0nKn0wledge said he was raided. The day after his Twitter account came back online, Dawson tweeted to him, ‘wow just crapped myself when i saw u tweeting. wb, itns ;).’

Don’t worry, there’s more:

Months after the alleged raid, he claimed that his Twitter account was shut down because he posted a 9/11 video and in October someone tweeted that he had deactivated his account because he thought he might have been compromised—five months after he said he had been interrogated by the feds for 24 hours

[Of course he was compromised, he literally told everyone he was compromised lol my gawd, people]

In January 2013, he allegedly had his tires ‘sliced & brake line cut’ for documenting ‘banker suicides’ and here he says that the tire incident happened because a source showed him some court documents. Dawson quickly joined in on the party, ‘They did same shit to us. My tyres pierced thru to centre multiple times now.’ 


Three years ago he also published a ‘No-Suicide Pledge‘ after Twitter allegedly suspended his account for ‘attacking YourNewsWire and threatening to expose their poor journalism.’ Note that he didn’t actually expose any ‘poor journalism,’ he just threatened to. And according to him, the suspension led him to believe that his life was in ‘dire danger.’ Dire danger. Over a Twitter suspension.

He also wrote that he’s been on a no-fly list since 2012 and apparently no one ever thought to ask him how he knows this or why he’s on it. 

In 2015, An0nAkn0wledge became a member of Ray Johansen’s AnonIntelGroup at the same time he was allegedly a member of GhostSec during #OpISIS. He also appeared over the moon about #OpISIS being a fed-infiltrated operation:

#GhostSec is Ran by Feds but its Alright shows #Anonymous and feds can play nice for a common goal Destroying ISIS.

And on October 30, 2016, he bizarrely announced that the CIA had given him diplomatic immunity in return for going after ISIS:

It’s fairly obvious that Kesel spun this entire narrative about being “V&” because he wanted fellow hacktivists and activists to believe that not only was he a target of the U.S. government, he was possibly tied to recent arrests like Sabu, Ochoa, and the leader of Team Poison (Judain Hussain a.k.a. Trick) who was arrested a few weeks after Ochoa and, thus, some sort of prolific hacker. 

And his overly excessive claims of being hunted and targeted by the government for the past decade (just like Dawson and Johansen) is likely a tactic he uses to garner trust, empathy, and convince activists that he couldn’t possibly be snitch because…he’s being hunted and targeted. Duh.

However, the complete opposite is true when it comes to Kesel and Johansen and virtually no one, and I mean virtually no one, will publicly speak out about them despite a mountain of evidence that shows how they target, threaten, smear, social engineer and/or manipulate both journalists and activists.

The silence is literally deafening and the two of them, along with some of their associates, appear very much protected and those within the truth, hacktivist, and transparency movements clearly want to keep it that way.

Johansen and Kesel currently work together for the social media platform, SoMee Social, where I suspect most of their social engineering, spycop activities, disinfo campaigns, and recruiting now takes place. But shhhh, we’re not allowed to talk about it.

Wrapping Up Spring 2012

I want to wrap this up with the last few events that transpired during this time period so that in the next article we can start fresh with the summer of 2012. So, on March 4, 2012—two days before Sabu was arrested—the name “Mauritania Attacker” (the alleged founder of Mauritania Hacking Team, Teamr00t, and Anonghost) showed up for the first time on Twitter. That same day, the elusive hacker just happened to land an interview with “Digital Intifada,” but the link is dead and it was never archived. 


Sabu was arrested on March 6th, and five days after that Anonymous dropped another #OpIsrael video. This time, a group called “KollektivAnonymous” (allegedly German) posted the video entitled, “Anonymous – Operation Israel,” and they included in the description box a link to the Twitter account @AnonymousKoll.” As of today, the video has a little over 16K views and 203 “likes,” so it didn’t seem to make a big impression.

As I noted earlier, on April 12th, a few weeks after Ochoa’s arrest, Judain Hussain was arrested in the U.K. In “#OpISIS Part 3,” I reported on how Hussain, a.k.a. Trick and the founder of Team Poison, was allegedly radicalized during his prison stint and upon release he left for Syria. There, he teamed up with ISIS and was later killed by a targeted drone strike in 2015:

Lastly, in my “Background Information on the Barrett Brown Story,” I explained how Jennifer Emick became fed up with Anonymous’ shenanigans, including with what they did to HBGary Federal’s then-CEO, Aaron Barr, and by the summer of 2011, she was working with both the FBI and Barr to unmask members of the collective. Leaked messages also show that she put William Welna in touch with her FBI handler during this time period. 

Welna recently served as a research assistant to a CIA-funded professor at Michigan State, and he has long been a self-admitted online troll who literally relishes in f*cking with people. Some of his past activities have included terrorizing women online by doxing them and sending the names of “ISIS slayers” to the terrorist group because that’s not sociopathic on any level. You can read more about this story in my first #OpISIS article:

Fast forward to 2012, a year after Welna started snitching to the FBI. Leaked chats show that Welna was not only still in communication Sabu after his arrest, he openly admitted to the (other) FBI informant that he was trying to snitch-jacket Barrett Brown after Brown’s home was searched on March 6, 2012, by planting false information about him in online forums. 

This takes us to the summer of 2012, and the remainder of the year will be covered in the next article. My #OpISIS timeline has been updated with this article (recent items are in red).

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