Twitter Locked My Account Again Because Of Assange Supporters, One Whistleblower Attorney, and a Cow

Right. So once again Twitter has locked my account unless I delete three tweets that the platform has designated as targeted harassment and abuse. None of my tweets are targeted abuse and it’s terrifying that someone reported me for pointing out that people like Jesselyn Radack, Ray Johansen, and Beth Bogaerts tried to dox me while I was writing a series on the government’s involvement with drug trafficking.

This isn’t some made up fairy tale. It happened and apparently certain actors want that fact buried.

No real activist or whistleblower attorney who believes in the cause would ever get off on trying to dox a journalist exposing this kind of story and it goes to show you how little they actually care about safety within the community. But we already knew this.

However, Jesselyn Radack and her friends surely wouldn’t censor speech simply because I called them a “piece of shit,” after they tried to dox me following the publication of articles about the U.S. government and drug trafficking (and the rise of the alt-right in the Assange community), right? I mean, these are the same people who cry all the time about Steve Biss censoring speech. Radack even has a GoFundMe, yes?

Meanwhile, Twitter doesn’t care that people like @LizActivate have been reported hundreds, if not thousands of times for her/his targeted harassment against a myriad of unrelated people, such as stating that I’m part of a “CIA rape team.” And yes, she really said that and Twitter finds this perfectly acceptable.

Nor did Twitter care that Ray Johansen posted over 50 targeted tweets blackmailing and threatening me in September 2020. This included him publicly targeting an allegedly abused child he thought was mine in the hopes that I would stop publishing and retract truthful statements to prevent said child from being humiliated and pushed into suicide by their peers.

Twitter also doesn’t care that “Kaidinn” has posted thousands of defamatory, targeted tweets which have included public instructions that people should track me down in real life and teach me a lesson using a dox that Johansen and Beth Bogaerts claimed was me.

We should also forget that Radack’s associate, Beth Bogaerts, literally perjured herself in court to frame me for things I absolutely did not do and I have been harassed and targeted ever since because of her actions. But god forbid you mention any of this on Twitter when you’re dealing with these actors.

So just so we’re clear: Yes, you can target, harass, defame, and even threaten people on Twitter but you can’t talk about how you’ve been targeted, harassed, defamed, and threatened because that would be targeted harassment.

Here are the other two tweets that were reported and I’m not terribly surprised one of them involves The “Muh Parody Account, GoFundMe, and Free Speech” Cow.

The last time someone reported one of my tweets, I was talking about reporting Kaidinn for telling people to hunt me down in real life and the Twitter thread involved The Cow. Shortly thereafter, Neal Rauhauser showed up in my DMs upset that I dared to mention Kaidinn, Radack, and The Cow in a bad light. He then threatened to file reports about me to the U.S. government about how I’m running foreign ops or some insane nonsense like that.

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