Exposing a Disinfo Operation in One Twitter Thread Part 2

Exposing a Disinfo Operation in One Twitter Thread Part 1 

  • Introduction
  • How It Started: The First Tweet
    • The Yahoo Article
    • Radack v. Yahoo
      • How Dawson Jacked the Assange Movement
      • Anonymous
      • Kazakhstan, Abduction Attempt, and #JA4Me
      • The #AntiSpyBill, Pursuance Project, and the Pirate Party
      • It’s Never Been About #Unity4J
    • The CIA and Damaging Information Published in 2017
    • Disruption/Disinformation in the Assange Support Community (2017)
      • Anonymous Scandinavia, Warren Flood, Cicada 3301, and Qanon
      • AnonIntelGroup
      • Trevor Fitzgibbon and Jesselyn Radack
        • More Disinfo Ops
        • Erik Prince and Military Ops
      • Seth Rich
        • Robbin Young and “The Seth Rich Files”
        • Shadowbox and Ed Butowsky
    • In Summary

Exposing a Disinfo Operation in One Twitter Thread Part 2:


In Part 1 of this article, we examined two tweets that whistleblower attorney, Jesselyn Radack, posted in response to the recently published Yahoo article about the CIA’s discussions to assassinate Assange and disrupt WikiLeaks both internally and externally.  


Radack tried to insinuate that Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J, along with Trevor Fitzgibbon, were involved with CIA disruption operations or somehow inspired the CIA to follow suit but it’s complete madness to believe that the CIA looks to Dawson on how to carry out their operations. If anything, the tweets above look more like an attempt to take the heat off U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Trump administration (the far-right) than anything else, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

Additionally, after studying the timeframe laid out by the Yahoo article, Radack’s accusations don’t even make logistical sense in light of the fact that #Unity4J didn’t come into existence until a year after U.S. intelligence was considering such activities. Worse still in terms of Radack’s allegations, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, was already in discussions with Ecuador about removing Julian Assange from the embassy in September 2018, at which point #Unity4J had only been around for a mere four months.

As for Radack’s obvious distaste for Dawson taking over the Assange support community in 2018, she has long-term WikiLeaks gatekeepers and her very own close associates to thank for that after they boosted Dawson’s credibility in the years prior despite a myriad of questionable things she had said and done. 

Furthermore, it wasn’t Dawson who was planting derogatory, divisive, or disruptive material about WikiLeaks and running LARPs and disinfo campaigns in 2017 (minus stories about her own life). It was, without question, Radack’s friends so it’s extremely interesting how much energy she’s putting into covering up these facts. 

As I stated previously, the reason I tend to publish nowadays is to preserve a historical record of what has or is currently transpiring in the WikiLeaks support community and my opinions about these events, especially in light of the fact that there is a massive whitewashing of history underway and Radack’s tweets are just one example.

(Edited for more complete summary and because some of the information was moved to in Part 3) In Part 2 of this article, we’re going to look at the conversation that ensued after Radack’s initial tweets including her astounding inability to take responsibility for her own incredulous behavior, how she and her associates destroyed a small group of activists that were exposing fash in the Assange support community, and how they married their hate of two individuals into one sprawling disinformation and defamation campaign that is currently being run from at least four different countries. 

“How Did I Divide the Community?” A Whistleblower Attorney’s Complete Lack of Introspection

One of the first people to respond to Radack’s original tweets was a longtime WikiLeaks supporter clearly familiar with Radack’s endless obsession with Trevor Fitzgibbon and her response to @jaraparilla, “How did I divide the community?” shows just how little self reflection she has about her own behavior.

Radack has spent years social engineering activists and using her stature in the whistleblower community to drag activists and journalists into her personal problems like a mean girl in high school collecting team players. During her uncontrolled ragefests she has maliciously tried to dox journalists, female abuse victims, and, ironically, a whistleblower while sanctimoniously throwing around unsubstantiated accusations against anyone who won’t back her game. 

Additionally, Radack manipulates her audience into believing she suffers from perpetual victimhood as if to purposely distract activists and journalists from their work which, in this case, tends to focus on Julian Assange. Based on Radack’s behavior, one could easily surmise that she prefers the focus on herself and her friends’ disinformation campaigns far more than someone who is more accomplished (and courageous) than herself, similar to the behavior of Suzie Dawson or Radack’s associates, Beth Bogaerts and Elizabeth Mueller.

In fact, all four of these women exhibit virtually the same behavior in terms of victimhood and claims of harassment and targeting while they themselves do what they accuse everyone else of doing. Bogaerts alone has broken U.S. law multiple times by perjuring herself in a U.S. court case she herself filed from another country in order to frame innocent people for things they had nothing to do with.

She’s also lodged false accusations against multiple journalists including The Intercept’s Micah Lee, she’s privately defamed an ungodly number of activists, and she’s been trying to frame journalists for crimes they didn’t commit since at least 2017–all criminal offenses in Austria, the country from which she is currently running these operations.

These screaming red flags and Radack’s endless campaign against Trevor Fitzgibbon, a campaign that she and her associates have provided virtually no evidence to support most of their allegations over the last six years, has contributed to a level of vileness and egregious defamation unrivaled in the support community. It’s quite possible that these so-called Assange supporters put the Qanon disinformation machine to shame and yet Radack is either oblivious to her contribution, believes that her actions are protected, or has concluded for inexplicable reasons that she’s immune to consequences.

But perhaps what is most troublesome aside from these individuals deliberately terrorizing and trying to ruin the lives of innocent people and journalists is the fact that Radack and her associates infiltrated the only (small but effective) group of activists/journalists, including myself, who had the courage to initially speak out against #Unity4J, Dawson’s grifting and political party, and the rise of fascism in the so-called “truth movement,” when no one else would. 

Prior to infiltrating this group by social engineering me for over a year, Radack shamefully hijacked the work of targeted journalists for her own self-absorbed narrative, draping herself in elitist victimhood and writing us out of our own history. Then she and her associates set about destroying my credibility while I was publishing about the alt-right/fascism within the Assange community, again, essentially destroying the only group that was exposing what was going on. 

How to Steal The Work of Targeted Journalists For Your Own Self-Gratifying Victimhood 

In the fall of 2018, the Socialist organization, Class Conscious, began publishing articles about #Unity4J’s dead end strategy to unite with the alt-right/far-right. At the time, Radack had privately reached out to me two months prior to tell me about her alleged problems with Trevor Fitzgibbon. I’m assuming she only did this because Julian Assange had retweeted some of my articles months prior, likely giving her the impression I had more pull inside the support community than I actually did.

When Class Conscious’ Davey Heller started publishing about #Unity4J and fascism within the movement, I fully supported him while I, myself, publicly questioned who had taken over Assange’s Twitter account, Dawson’s background story, and WikiLeaks’ gatekeepers push to promote her campaign. Another researcher and activist who went by the name of “Mason Bee,” also published numerous articles detailing Dawson’s questionable background story and, as a member of her political party, a first hand account about inexplicable things that were happening within the Internet Party.

The targeting, harassment, and smears that followed our research and articles were obscene considering that this was happening within a so-called truth movement. We were called infiltrators, painted as fed snitches or working with them, and Dawson and/or members of #Unity4J, repeatedly accused us of using JTRIG tactics to divide the community simply for publishing what was clearly happening. 

Whoever took over Assange’s Twitter account, @DefendAssange, contacted me privately in an effort to intimidate me into silence about Dawson and the well-known Socialist organization, Socialist Equality Party, went so far as to publicly admonish Davey Heller’s articles, a stance that even WSWS.org backpedaled on but you would never know this because grifty, self-absorbed bad actors within the community like to keep a lid on these types of things.

Here are just a few of the absurd, deranged, and incredibly manipulative things said about Heller, most of which came directly from Dawson simply for publishing, “Hey, maybe this fascist thing isn’t a good idea and Fairbanks is a dangerous joke because, oh, I don’t know, capitalism, oppression, Nazis and shiz…”

“Dear @ClassConscious1 – as revealed by Snowden’s #JTRIG documents ideology is the primary attack vector for splitting solidarity in social movements. Ideological attacks on a non-ideological movement play into the hands of the state you claim to oppose.”

“Furthermore – branding anyone you disagree with ideologically a Nazi or a fascist is yet another known tactic of the state intelligence agencies. That attack vector was tried by the Guardian against the Anonymous movement in 2012, as I wrote about here…”

“You attempting to turn a non-political movement into a political movement, a non-ideological movement into an ideological movement, and harassing me on side issues about the puppet show of conventional political theatre, are a colossal waste of my time. THE SYSTEM IS FASCISTIC.”

“There is an old saying that the Left eats its own. In attacking #Unity4J, you are serving Julian’s enemies, rather than serving Julian.”

“Because they [Class Conscious] are effectively acting as controlled op.”

“Yes we can and yes we are but apparently those [Class Conscious] would prefer to see themselves at the helm of that endeavour [sic] are unable to express gratitude for the relentless solidarity and benefit they have received from our movement and have decided to engage in movement policing instead.”

“The ‘article’ – if it can be called that, given that it is ideological & divisive drivel, engages in movement policing, ally-shaming, and disinformation, given that it fails to even mention that #Unity4J has been sharing resources with Class Conscious to support all CC’s events.”

“Logically, I should now tell our people that no more of our resources should be used to support these ideologically-driven backstabbers [Class Conscious]. However, I will do the opposite. We will continue to support ANY action to Free Julian, even if it is operated by such shameless ideologues.”

“That appears to be precisely what they [Class Conscious] are intending. A movement controlled by them, defined by stiff borders dictated by their specific ideology, which is limited in scope and would remain at best a niche undertaking unlikely to actually secure the freedom of Julian Assange.”

“I must admit im pretty saddened by the article as class conscious have done great job on global events. Thought the whole point of unity4j was putting aside this partisan baloney? That way we have a fighting chance. This seems like classic divide & conquer tactics…”

“The recent article not only an insult to the hundreds of hours that Suzie, tech crews, social media teams and others put into creating the events, it’s also a spit in the face to all of the progressive and left-leaning people who participated.”

That @ClassConscious1 has consistently ignored pleas from @AssangeMrs to stop sabotaging efforts to help her son is really worrying, especially if they consider themselves ‘the only one true (non-fascist) way to support Assange.'”

“People are telling me they want to pull support for the CC actions. Individuals should act on their own conscience. I’m happy for #Unity4J to continue providing material support to CC for Julian’s sake. We won’t be responding in long form to these attacks. Onwards & forwards.”

“I’ve spent seven years supporting and amplifying socialist actions, movements and causes. Individuals who use their platforms to attack other activists and movement police instead of to promote solidarity among people, are tragic, disaffected, and offputting to the general public”

“Davey’s attempts to force his personal political ideology on all groups acting to support Julian Assange is the textbook definition of ‘co-opt’ Our trans-partisan non-political movement cannot and will not be co-opted by any fixed ideology, hence his frustrations.”

“I wouldn’t call you or Cassandra ‘far-right’ at all whatsoever but to someone like Davey anyone who supports or even votes for Trump gets that label apparently. He should try actually examining both your actual positions on things……HA and Cassandra are both huge WikiLeaks and Assange supporters and smearing them with insulting labels and false accusations is not cool.

They are also both anti-war. Both @HAGOODMANAUTHOR and @CassandraRules are fighting the important fights and crossing the aisle to do so. They understand that unity is the only way to fight these fights.”

“Your smears of Unity4J have been decisively debunked as ‘mythological’ by credible socialist activists.”

“I’ve done some research, as I was away from twitter for a good while due to necessity. I knew very little about @socialist_davey who seems to have found a llama ear to match his own. Shudders at some of the deeds it has done to others-he’s not such a nice person.” [Thanks buddy! Love, the Llama]

“Quite right, doesn’t help. Much more than latest thread unfortunately. Davey attacked UNITY4J claiming it was being infiltrated by a right wing plot. Basically, if you are not a fundamentalist socialist of his particular brand you are deceived. He behaves like a cult leader.”

“Davey, if you would like to argue over what to call tyranny i’m happy to discuss its many names. But lets keep the divisive commentary outside of any #Unity4J arena.”

This is just a taste of what Heller alone faced simply for publishing the truth about fash in the movement. Dawson can feign innocence and manipulate her followers into believing that she’s never “attacked” or “targeted” fellow activists and journalists or encouraged others to do so–over Cassandra “I hope Trump rains pain down upon this country” Fairbanks, no less–but nothing could be further from the truth.

And where was Radack during all of this? Not publicly defending Heller, myself, or Mason Bee, that’s for sure, because she and her associates like Beth Bogaerts were busy running an operation to directly tie WikiLeaks and Assange to their personal problems.

My Personal Problems Are Assange Support Problems

Of course there were some “liked” or retweeted articles here and there but while Heller was being publicly crucified, Beth Bogaerts was trying to make her personal problems Julian Assange’s problem. On September 29, 2018, she tweeted about her and her family being targeted and how Dawson had chalked these attacks up to “drama,” rather than trying to keep “a strong wiki community.”


Um, folks. Lemme tell you a little story…

The harassment and threats that Bogaerts was referring to, and even I didn’t realize it at the time, were about the massive interpersonal problems she was having with Thomas Schoenberger and Manny Chavez due to her extensive involvement in Cicada 3301 and the PR firm she co-founded and financed called Shadowbox.

According to Bogaerts’ own filed court documents, these “threats” that she received came from Schoenberger’s former (and apparently crazy) landlord which has NOTHING to do with WikiLeaks or Suzie Dawson or Julian Assange but Bogaerts apparently thought that this was now their problem.

I mean, this is probably one of the more batshit things I’ve seen an Assange supporter try to pull off outside of Bogaerts repeatedly perjuring herself in court, but I digress.

Bogaerts also claimed in court that Schoenberger, another co-founder of Shadowbox, threatened to tell her husband that they were having a romantic affair if she didn’t send him more money. Even though this can easily be chalked up to extortion, again, this had nothing to do with WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, or Suzie Dawson so it’s outrageous that Bogaerts would try to drag anyone into her personal mess with claims that if they were “interested in keeping a strong wiki community…” 

I’ve seen more emails than I cared to, I’m well aware of how Bogaerts played this, and the only reason I haven’t dropped them is to spare her husband the humiliation. So the fact that she tried to make her personal problems and romantic entanglements even remotely about WikiLeaks or that she tried to discredit Assange supporters for not fixing her never-ending personal problems is nauseating.

Perhaps what is even more questionable (and disgusting) is that after Bogaerts cried about Schoenberger’s extortion plot in court this past year, it was revealed that she was actually still working with him almost a year later after it happened. She was also well aware that he was receiving money from Tanya Biss and, incredulously, she’s seen in the email below asking other people to send him money, too. But yes, keep blaming WikiLeaks, Assange, and their supporters for your messy life, endless lies, and poor choices.

So while Class Conscious, Mason Bee, and myself were fighting fascism, grifting, and abuse in the movement, this is what Radack’s associates were busy doing: Muddying the waters with an op to deliberately and directly tie WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and their supporters to their unrelated problems.

Class and Victimhood

Needless to say, no one publicly defended us, at least not at first. I mean, why would they? Everyone was busy running their Cicada “Schoenberger’s nut job landlord threatened me so it’s Suzie Dawson’s fault” 3301 operation. I mean, Bogaerts would DM me crying about sock accounts “attacking” her and I was all, “Um…have you SEEN what the rest of us who are actually doing something productive are going through?”

Again, there were a few retweeted or “liked” articles here and there but it wasn’t Radack’s credibility being destroyed and the only other people who were vocal about fascism in the movement during this time period (approximately August 2018 – January 2019) were Abby Martin and Randy Credico who, to his credit, did stand up for me at one point.

Throughout this, Radack was barely a blip on the radar. She wasn’t publicly fighting fascism in the community and taking the heat for it like the rest of us. In fact, it wasn’t until she retweeted one of my articles in February 2019, that Suzie Dawson said anything to her and by that point the Assange support community had all but destroyed our reputation to which Radack had remained wholly silent.

Dawson was clearly upset that Radack had retweeted my article and she asked her to retract and apologize for “circulating defamation of an asylum-seeker.” But note that Dawson also included attorney, Tor Ekeland, in the same tweet. At no point has Ekeland spent months, or even five minutes, pretending or claiming that Dawson’s tweet was some sort of terrifying mob attack against him.

On the other hand, Radack has spent years claiming that she was cyber-mobbed and that Dawson was “foolish to unleash her winged monkeys” on her. And all of this “look at me” drama from Radack after Class Conscious, Mason Bee, and myself had spent months dealing with hostile attacks from every corner of the support community. Incredulously, on April 27, 2019, Radack sent me an email stating:

“In my personal opinion, Unity4J ultimately hurt Julian 1) by attacking me, Randy, Tom, and other long-standing supporters of Julian.”

Notice who’s missing? Right. Myself, Class Conscious, and Mason Bee because Radack views herself as an exclusive member of the elite class hence the reason why she usually only goes to bat publicly for well-known individuals (or those within a certain economic class) but will use down and out, sketchy figures or prey on naive activists for her defamation campaigns. It’s called easy deniability if the shit ever hits the fan.

Think Texas millionaire, Ed Butowsky, putting up members of Shadowbox in a hotel for a few months; Bogaerts, the money behind Shadowbox and larpers who later threw almost everyone under the bus to keep her hands clean; or Radack inexplicably reaching out to me privately in 2018 to get me on “her team” despite the fact I was basically a nobody who didn’t even know her or Trevor Fitzgibbon.

The bottom line is that Radack wasn’t called a fed or an infiltrator. We were. The journalists. And, appallingly, she hijacked our work and used it as a vehicle to play victim and further her personal agenda. I mean, my god, this woman wouldn’t have had anything to retweet and cry about if it hadn’t been for the articles we published and she couldn’t even recognize that.

She simply stole what was happening to us and adopted it as her own story but the truth of the matter is that most of Radack’s online problems stem from having to repeatedly (and publicly) apologize and retract the statements she’s made about Fitzgibbon over the course of the last five years, not because she was fighting fascism or abuse in the community. Far from it.

This recent tweet of hers is all about symantics. Sure, she didn’t “lose” any defamation cases because she refused to take them to trial and testify under oath, choosing to settle instead .


But if this is what Radack considers “winning” or some sort of success in the court room, I’m terrified for her clients:

So yes, in February 2019, Dawson went after Radack for retweeting my article but she went after other people, too, including Abby Martin, a famed and incredibly ballsy investigative journalist who hasn’t spent the last three years sobbing about being a targeted victim. Nor does Martin sit online trying to dox journalists and abuse victims who expose fascism within activist movements, unlike Radack.

It was less than three months after I published the article Radack retweeted that she settled the first defamation case lodged against her and, again, therein lies most of Radack’s problems: Many people in the support community now believe that she lied about being raped and then deliberately set out to destroy the man’s life. 

So when Radack talks about how she’s been harassed and targeted she initially stole the work of targeted journalists to make those claims. Two years later, she’s simply rolled the legal consequences of her actions in with all of the above incidences, including Bogaerts’ ongoing personal problems (most of which she instigated) and Ray Johansen’s issues with Dawson over the Pursuance Project debacle (see Part 1), and created a sprawling, international disinfo/defamation operation that she and her associates are now running from at least four different countries: The U.S., Mexico, Norway, and Austria. 

Terrifyingly, since Radack has been unable to string Trevor Fitzgibbon up for rape or leave him and his children destitute and hungry via her ongoing extrajudicial punishment, she and her associates are now trying to get him under investigation and falsely charged in relation to the Capitol riots.


These recent tweets are a no brainer. Although “TFG” has been used as a nickname for Trump in the past, this is clearly Radack’s way of pushing the false narrative that Fitzgibbon was involved in the January 6th insurrection.


And here’s Radack literally accusing every person who was at the capitol on January 6th of domestic violence because just kidding. Once again, this is her way of trying to tie Fitzgibbon to the insurrection despite the fact he wasn’t even there nor did he have anything to do with it. I mean, if you’re that much of a chump to buy into Radack’s insanity that Fitzgibbon was one of the masterminds behind the coup attempt, how about I show you a whistleblower attorney who’s actually running ops for far-right Nazis. Never mind. That last part might actually be true.


I mean, Radack pretty much gives the game away in this tweet because Trump is not “the king of frivolous & vexatious lawfare.” As we all know, Radack, the Cow, and associates have spent the last two years screaming about how Steve Biss owns that title and, seriously, her law license should probably be yanked at this point:


This isn’t a woman who wants to be left alone. On the contrary, this is an instigator who is deliberately, maliciously, and openly pushing new ideas and false agendas onto the U.S. public. And no, I don’t care what anyone thinks of Fitzgibbon. Using Congress and clogging up the already completely f*cked U.S. judicial system to frame people for crimes they didn’t commit is so beyond disturbing that there aren’t even words for what Radack (an attorney no less!) is currently doing. I would NEVER condone someone doing this to her, Bogaerts, or Ray Johansen but then again I’m not a complete lunatic.

As I noted in Part 1, how is it that Radack grifts for money when she gets sued for defamation and yet she deliberately keeps trying to get sued?  Who pays Radack’s legal bills and settlement costs?

How to Stop Journalists From Exposing Fascism Within the WikiLeaks Community

Not only is Radack apparently incapable of recognizing how she purposely drags activists into her ugliness, she appears unable to admit that she and her associates are the main reason why there is no longer a strong activist group questioning and/or exposing propaganda and conflicting messages coming from WikiLeaks’ inner circle, as well as fascism, grifting, and abuse within the support community.

There were only three pro-Assange journalists/writers who initially put their necks on the line to speak out against #Unity4J welcoming fash into the movement, Dawson’s grifting, and how she was using her political party for her own personal gain: Myself, Class Conscious, and “Mason Bee.”

I already gave you a small taste of what Davey Heller from Class Conscious alone went through for merely publishing articles about people like Cassandra Fairbanks being welcomed into the movement and how Class Conscious stood virtually alone aside from my support and that of Mason Bee, Abby Martin, and a handful of loyal (and smart) supporters. As I also previously mentioned, Radack did virtually nothing in 2018 to call out fash in the movement while the rest of us took the heat.

When Radack and her associate, Ray Johansen, decided to take a more public stance about our work, I had no idea at the time how close they were to Beth Bogaerts nor that Dawson had sabotaged Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project in December 2017. In fact, Johansen repeatedly told me that Bogaerts was a spy for Trevor Fitzgibbon, a scorned lover of Thomas Schoenberger’s, and a liar.

And as early as February 2019, Radack emailed me, “I don’t know Foxfire [Beth Bogaerts]. I think she’s been part of the echo chamber saying bad things about me.” Yeah, um, this was a year after Bogaerts leaked Trevor Fitzgibbon’s lawsuit to Radack, after Bogaerts herself told me she had been in contact with Radack, and after Johansen was sending messages to Bogaerts via Signal in September 2018, stating things like this:

So when these people claim that they weren’t in contact with each other during this time period, they’re lying. I’ll get more into Radack and Johansen’s lies and social engineering in Part 3 but this gives you an idea of how far these people were willing to go to con activists.  It also gives you a good indication about how clueless we were that there was a manipulative agenda involved when Radack and Johansen started supporting our articles about fash in the movement and #Unity4J.

However, Radack’s support came to a screeching halt in January 2020, after I published four articles in a series about the rise of fascism and the alt-right within the WikiLeaks support community. Bogaerts inexplicably took to twitter immediately after I published the fourth article and falsely accused me of manipulating evidence, covering up crimes, and allowing Thomas Schoenberger, Manny Chavez, and Trevor Fitzgibbon to use my website as a platform to threaten her, all of which are defamatory statements purposely made by Bogaerts to discredit not only myself but also the articles that were published.

To this day, Bogaerts has never backed up any of her allegations, all of which have since been debunked entirely and you can find it all here:

Bogaerts’ behavior wasn’t terribly shocking seeing that she immediately accused me of threatening her when I told her to leave me alone back in May 2019. What was shocking was the fact that Radack supported and promoted these false allegations after I had supported her, which later included Bogaerts falsely accusing me of threatening her family, hacking her, and being hired and paid by Thomas Schoenberger–false accusations that are considered criminal offenses in the country in which she currently resides.

But if we go back a few months prior, we can see that Bogaerts was already plotting her move to ruin the credibility of the small group exposing fascism within the Assange movement. On December 8, 2019, the exact same day that I published the second article in the series called, “The Gatekeeper Files: How Trump Sold You on Fascism,” Bogaerts went after Mason Bee:


Color me shocked that Bogaerts falsely accused Mason Bee of trolling her, one of only three activists that was publishing about Dawson’s shady background and her political party, and supporting the work of myself and Class Conscious. Less than 30 days later she started her very public defamation campaign against me on the same day I published the fourth article in the series called, “The Gatekeeper Files: How One Conspiracy Brought Together a Consortium of Actors,” which was about the far-right/alt-right Seth Rich conspiracy.

I have always suspected that Bogaerts started a private campaign against me the day I told her to leave me alone in May 2019, just like she did to Elizabeth Lea Vos. I have also always suspected that her January 2020 attacks against me and the articles published on my website were due to the fact that she was preparing a lawsuit and she didn’t want anyone to know how deeply involved she had been in disinfo campaigns, LARPS, and far-right conspiracies, including working with Ed Butowsky for at least six months after he suggested (however casually) someone wiretap Seth Rich’s family.

But now I also suspect that Bogaerts and her associates were also trying to bury the series on my website specifically because they were about the far-right and fash in the movement. This conclusion is based on the timing of Bogaerts’ attacks on me and others who were trying to stop #Unity4J, fash, and abuse in the community. I mean, in case ya’ll missed it like I did, here’s Radack holding out an olive branch and sucking up to Fairbanks as late as October 2019:

And in case ya’ll haven’t noticed, the only thing that Radack and Bogaert’s associate, @ATafoyvosky, has spent the last few years doing is distracting you from the events of 2016.

If you read The Gatekeeper Files on my website, you’ll find all the usual characters: Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Erik Prince, Peter Thiel, Jeff Giesea, Michael Flynn, Cassandra Fairbanks, Mike Cernovich, etc., as well as Gamergate, SCL/Cambridge Analytica, and far-right conspiracies like Pizzagate, FBIAnon, and Seth Rich. But if you actually pay attention to the operation that @ATafoyovsky is running for people like Bogaerts and Radack, you’ll see that he has purposely relegated most of these actors to the back burner except Michael Flynn.

Put it this way, yes, Qanon is an insane conspiracy that has caused a lot of damage but it was built entirely off of everything that happened during the 2016 election; events and operations that were clearly created, controlled, and promoted by right-wing advocates inside the Trump administration and/or deeply tied to U.S. intelligence. THIS is what @ATafoyovsky, Radack, Bogaerts, Ray Johansen, @AnonScandinavia, and others have buried by making the entire universe about Trevor Fitzgibbon, Suzie Dawson, and Thomas Schoenberger.

If you think that Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, or some off-kilter New Zealand grifter has more political and intelligence power in the U.S. than Peter Thiel, Jeff Giesea, or, god help us, even Cassandra Fairbanks, you need your fucking head examined. But that’s exactly what these people want you to believe so you don’t look at the real monsters pulling the strings five years ago that literally created the entire basis of Qanon. 

To think that these powerful actors don’t feature in all of @ATafoyovsky’s ridiculous graphs is astounding. To think that Charles Johnson and Cassandra Fairbanks are never muttered by @ATafoyovsky is astounding. To think that Roger Stone is nothing more than a “Yeah, I guess he was involved in some shiz” blip on his radar is astounding. And to think that Jeff Giesea, of all people, never factors into any of @ATafoyvosky’s “investigations” is mind blowing.

Additionally, I’ve lost track of how many tweets Radack has churned out in the last two years that place the blame for virtually everything that’s happened in the last 5 years on Fitzgibbon or people she thinks are related to him. It’s so pathetic at this point that I can’t help but wonder why she’s inadvertently (or purposely) protecting fash tied to the Trump administration or U.S. government and intelligence agencies.

The bottom line is that the threats, harassment, defamation, doxing attempts, perjury in court, and blackmail lodged against me by these apologists for fascism, virtually all of which was because of my articles, became so severe that I told friends and associates not to communicate with me anymore or I simply cut them off myself. 

Perhaps most people either don’t know or simply don’t care that their tactics also included publicly humiliating an abused child they thought was mine, literally stalking a guy they say is an abusive cop that I divorced 16 years ago and then publicly claiming they were going to contact this “dirty cop” in the hopes of further intimidating me. They’ve also tried to terrorize a family that has nothing to do with me.

So I didn’t want my friends and associates threatened based on their proximity to me nor did I want to see their courageous work, work that now stands as part of the historical record, diminished or de-legitimized by these actors who appear to be determined to undermine any exposure about fascism, the far-right, and abuse in the community. These actors also include Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J.

Unfortunately, none of this stopped @ATafoyovsky from recently trying to discredit Class Conscious because why wouldn’t you go after THE FIRST organization that had the courage to publish and expose fascism within the Assange movement? I mean, if you’re a closet fascist that would make perfect sense. Did I mention that he himself claims that he uses Bogaerts as one of his main sources?

Last year, Dawson decided to create a social media platform called Panquake which now rivals another social media platform that both Johansen and his #Unity4J buddy, Aaron Kesel, work for called SoMee Social and this is legit the only reason why Johansen, Radack, and their associates recently became vocal about her.

To make a long story short, Radack and her associates essentially killed off the only small group of activists that risked their reputations to call out misinformation, grifting, abuse, and fascism within the Assange community. Not only that, Radack hijacked our work and the attacks/smears we suffered through endlessly, used it for her own victimhood, and then she and/or her associates cancelled us (well, at least me and Class Conscious) out of our own history with blatant lies and defamation. But don’t worry, I’m sure after this article is published @Atafoyovsky will get right on that fascist angle so he and his associates can double down on taking credit for that, too. 

Side note: The work that Class Conscious, Mason Bee, and myself did was focused on #Unity4J, Dawson, and the support community. Other supporters and journalists like Barrett Brown have been vocal about fascism, WikiLeaks’ ties to the far-right, and/or Russiagate but specifically with regards to Assange.

PART 3 —-> Exposing a Disinfo Operation in One Twitter Thread

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  1. It has been along time since the events Llama is talking about. Or at least it feels that way to me because after them I pretty much shut down my social media accounts. Because of this, being included with Class Conscious and Llama is an honour that I don’t feel I deserve. They carried on fighting for truth, Assange and the community. I did not.

    However, I can fully corroborate the attacks against me and some against Llama and Class Conscious. Many of them with screenshots.

    The Assange community is twisted and poisonous to those who question the narrative even if they have evidence. A bizzare thing if you think about it. That isn’t to say there aren’t good people in it. It’s just that they aren’t running things and the lies spread faster than the truth and holding or improving your position means more than Mr Assange.

    For example, at one point Class Conscious headed a petition for better conditions for Mr Assange. It was at maybe 5000 signatures when #Unity4J retweeted it. I thanked them and they said they hadn’t realised they had and deleted it. Wikileaks would not promote the petition. Courage Foundation retweeted it once (I think) after a prolonged campaign for their support. I think the last time I looked at the petition it had over 30,000 signatures? All without the help of the gatekeepers wouldn’t support a grass roots petition for better conditions. And now, a year later, he is still in the same prison under the same conditions.

    There are many examples like this. Full credit to CC and Llama for their perseverance and fortitude.

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