“I Understand There’s a Public Feud Going On Between Two Sides of Anonymous…Here’s What I Know”

I understand that there’s some sort of public feud going on with two different sides of Anonymous (Barrett Brown/Project Swartz and Kirtaner/Neal Rauhauser/Libby S.), all of whom are calling the other side out as fed snitches. Here’s what I can tell you —

Back in June, Neal Rauhauser sent me a slew of insane and threatening emails (oh noooes he’s going to report me to the U.S. government) because I called out the Cow for retweeting Kaidinn. This Kaidinn (thread):

Kaidinn, of course, has been buddies with Ray Johansen like forever (yes, in the past when he has emphatically denied working with her, he was, in fact, working with her–I’m assuming nothing has changed) so none of this is terribly surprising. Johansen went on a 15-straight day rage bender last year threatening and blackmailing me because he got caught lying about something so explosive, so mind blowing and utterly devastating the exposure warranted such a reaction (insert eye roll): his ex cheating on him.

Johansen is also buddies with whistleblower attorney Jesselyn Crazy Pants Radack — bestie of the Cow because ya gotta ride someone’s coat tails to keep your defamation campaigns going, so it’s not really surprising Neal brought all of this up.

Rauhauser’s comment that I accused the Cow of directing Kaidinn are patently false and he knows it but this is EXACTLY how these types roll. Calling out the Cow for retweeting a deranged maniac who has spent years trying to destroy the lives of people with insane lies (which coincidentally are almost always the same people Johansen wants to get back at for exposing him or his idiot friends) doesn’t mean what Rauhauser accused me of saying unless you’re a crack addict higher than a penis missile launched into space by Elon Musk.

And let’s not forget all the money Johansen has donated to the Cow. Gee, I wonder if he ever admitted privately he started donating to them to gain more traction for his defamation operations?

Rauhauser also works with someone named Libby S., someone else that Johansen has been friendly with since at least last year when he started his large-scale defamation campaigns (in retaliation for imaginary slights and to swing U.S. court cases) that foreigners like @ATafoyovsky helped carry out. Johansen is not American, either, nor does he live in the States.

Libby is the one who claimed she was part of Steve Biss’ subpoena but she wasn’t so why did she lie?

This is the kind of shite I’m talking about and I’m not saying this is why Libby did it (I have no idea why she lied) but I’ve seen it a million times where questionable actors lie publicly in order to make people believe something that’s not true to encourage them to contact them with information.

Fake public fights are a perfect example. They publicly fight with so and so and then you contact them thinking “Oh good they hate them now, too, let’s dish info about this person.” It not only gives the person who is lying an upper hand, they’ll probably use what you said against you later on.

And they’ll probably use what you said to twist the narrative to their advantage because you just gave them a head’s up on what might become public information thus giving them time to craft a plausible but deceptive explanation. That, or they lie to gain trust and sympathy (victim status) i.e. Suzie Dawson, Aaron Kesel.

A million f*cking times.

So Neal started out by protecting Kaidinn, Radack, and the Cow, accuses me of some twisted stuff I didn’t do, and then moved on to pushing the US government’s flawed assessment that Guccifer 2 was Russia GRU. M’kay.

And then surprise surprise in this DM he brings up the EXACT bullshit claims @HumanOfMind filed in court about me that Radack, the Cow, Kaidinn, LizActivate, Johansen, @Tafoyovsky and so many others have been pushing and/or encouraging for 18 months now.

What’s that Neal? You’re going to take some statements a woman made under perjury and pass them along to the USG? Please do. I would love to have that ginormous of a platform that a fed investigation would give me to get the truth out.

The next time someone even thinks about questioning me over my demands for a retraction go f*ck yourself. It’s been never ending threats, harassment, and lies ever since ONE WOMAN LIED about me publicly and in court documents.

Neal admits he’s working with others to push these insane lies filed against me in court. Shame on everyone that started this shit and shame on everyone involved in (Kaidinn, Radack, Johansen, the woman who filed) for claiming you’re the victim, and shame on the person who REFUSES to RETRACT her lies.

And the things that Neal said to me in an attempt to intimidate is the exact same kind of stupidity Johansen would say to me, “We’re compiling information blah blah blah I have multiple people working on this blah blah blah we’re going to send this all to… blah blah blah…”

Rauhauser also sent a screenshot of a defamatory article filled with open threats against me that Johansen’s buddy, Aaron Kesel, wrote.

Kesel used to threaten me when he was running #Unity4J’s twitter account for calling out Suzie Dawson’s grift when @DefendAssange, Wikileaks, and Courage Foundation were all promoting Unity because, you know, they’re not complicit at all in the rampant abuse that goes on in the support community.

What a gaslighting joke. And note the fed-like tactics: If you dare criticize or question me, I will paint you as a fed. Totally not normal behavior.

Let’s not forget about this gem where Kesel said the CIA gave him diplomatic immunity lol.

Kesel is the same guy who claimed he introduced Guccifer 2 to Protonmail, was named in the Mueller report (he wasn’t), is on a no-fly list, the FBI interrogated him (because he’s soooo dangerous), and the CIA tried to set him up.

The gentleman doth protest too much me thinks.

Kesel and Ray are also part of the SoMee Social team and no, I would never recommend joining that thing.

In recent events, there are now claims that AnonIntelGroup was founded and run by a former UK cop in intelligence:

And people like Rauhauser and Kirtaner are trying to sugar coat it while Barrett B’s Project Swartz and others are calling them out.

I’ve published about IntelGroup several times.

Members included Johansen, Kesel, Kitty Hundal and Kaidinn (because she recently said she was AnonFoxfire in order to try and spin my words…well played Kristin loool). Now she’s acting surprised if the news turns out to be true.

AnonIntelGroup ran an anti-Assange campaign in 2017, the same year they faked a pathetic black PR campaign against him that AnonScandinavia played along with and dragged my stupid ass into it thinking it was legit. Remember #QuestionAnswr?

THAT was also AnonIntelGroup. Here’s a whole stupid post I wrote about it:

The best part was when Anonscan DM’d me to specifically let me know Johansen wasn’t a part of it probably so I wouldn’t look into him. I didn’t even know who these freaks were at the time. Grown ass losers running kindergarten influence games because they can’t get a life.

“Oh no, we’re being targeted AGAIN by U.S. intelligence by some stupid 10 second videos on Youtube.”

Jesus. I am absolutely horrified by my stupidity over the years.

And speaking of AnonScandinavia, an account I believe Johansen has always had access to (the new AnonScan account denied it), rumors are SheliJ (“Ravagiing”) has been working with US intel maybe since OpISIS. I told you guys a million times about OpISIS being the new Sabu trap.

Here’s AnonScan downplaying working with US intelligence during OpISIS–you know, the same government that puts away hackers for ten years after they’ve been set up by the feds to hack foreign governments on their behalf.

And here’s Kesel downplaying it:


And just for laughs here’s Johansen supporting people snitching on their friends and associates because sometimes ya just gotta save your own ass rather than take responsibility for getting caught:

Anyways, back to SheliJ who not only was apparently working with US intelligence, she’s kinda a far-right nazi. Here’s the guy who heads up the intelligence firm that I believe records used to show SheliJ was running.

AnonScandinavia used to spend their time living up SheliJ’s arse and posting to her all the time until their other female “friend” Pizzaital freaked out about all the “You’re so hot and sexy, Sheli, let’s slay some ISIS accounts together” AnonScandinavia was posting.

I tried to speak with AnonScan about the crazy Pizza pants account because she’s been trolling me since 2017, no joke. She’s posted crazy videos about me and has been openly asking people to send her my address. What are you going to do then, Pizza? Kill me, ya f*cking psycho?

Here she is asking Liz Activated of all people for my address because imagine that. But no, this hasn’t been part of a coordinated Johansen/AnonScan campaign since 2016-2017. That would be crazy.

And I have no idea why Pizza has been coming at me for over four years now. When I asked AnonScan about her they played dumb about the entire thing. They even claimed they didn’t know her despite the fact that at the time she was only like one of seven people they followed. They also tweeted with her repeatedly, she seemed to know someone’s first name behind the AnonScan account, and she threatened to post pics of them together so um okay.

And if AnonScan tries to tell you “OpSec this” and “OpSec that” so how could they could they possibly be familiar with someone they followed, tweeted with all the time, and who openly worked in conjunction with AnonScan to promote their Vault 7 “hints,” it’s a load of hogwash. When you have the time (link):

And when it comes to Pizza Pants, this is EXACTLY what Ray Johansen does. He hides behind the skirt of women to do his dirty work. Kaidinn operates like this on his behalf, trying to pit women against each other with a HOST OF LIES like she tries to do with me and Johansen’s ex.

So anyhoo, after SheliJ’s account was suspended, there was AnonScandinavia trying to help her get it back.

Then there’s the issue of AnonScan’s friend literally perjuring herself in court claiming I’m a paid agent of a domestic terrorist group and threatening her family. That’s some insane fed-like behavior right there.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to look like a fed don’t act like one.

So that’s what I know. And no, I’m not calling anyone a fed but yes, I’m calling some of these people vile human beings because they spend their days trying to ruin innocent lives. Like, it’s pretty sad a grown man like Rauhauser is sending a woman threatening DMs stating that he’s putting together nonsense reports that he’s going to send to the US government.

With that said, I’m waiting on confirmation that AnonIntelGroup was run by that cop and how the whole SheliJ thing is going to play out. I’m also waiting for a RETRACTION. Thread:



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