Public notice for Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), Ray Johansen (JustRay1111), Jesselyn Radack (@JesselynRadack), “Kaidinn” “Leticia Medina” (@PPByOlivia), “Lestat” (@ATafoyovsky), Anonymous Scandinavia (@AnonScandinavia), Elizabeth “Liz” Mueller (@LizActivate), and all of their associates

First, let’s start with some background information on how I unfortunately came across some of these people mentioned above. In mid-2018, I knew of Jesselyn Radack but I didn’t know her know her. I never spoke with her personally until she privately reached out to me to tell me about her problems with Trevor Fitzgibbon—a guy I had never heard of before.

See, there was this D.C. protest for Assange that summer and I was planning on attending. However, it wasn’t really being advertised so I reached out to a woman who goes by “AngelFox,” because she came across as one of the organizers. She told me that Fitzgibbon and Kevin Zeese (now deceased and someone else I had never heard of at that point) were the actual organizers.

Since there was no real advertising for the protest, I reached out to Somerset Bean to see if he could do some graphics for the rally and he did. He did a fantastic job but it was a nightmare dealing with AngelFox who didn’t know all of the details and refused to put me in contact with Zeese and Fitzgibbon to coordinate the information that needed to go on the announcement that Bean was putting together.

Meanwhile, Radack started a whole bunch of shiz over this rally, like to sabotage it, because Fitzgibbon was going to be there. Again, I had never heard of this guy before and Radack started sending me private DMs about how he was a rapist, he attacked her, blah blah blah.

I just wanted to go to a f*cking rally to support Assange and make sure it was successful but it turned into this complete nightmare filled with drama and online shenanigans. With that said, I tend to believe female victims and I believed what Radack was telling me. I mean, here was this well-known whistleblower attorney contacting ME like my opinion mattered or something. Why would she lie?

Anyways, so I went to the rally and completely blew off Fitzgibbon while I was there because now I’m thinking this guy is a total scumbag. After the rally, I reached out to Anonymous Scandinavia (who I think was Ray Johansen the entire time) and told him this and who else was at the rally like Cassandra Fairbanks and Lee Stranahan. I mentioned how the two of them skirted out of there ASAP and didn’t even join us for the second protest at the Ecuadorian embassy in D.C. You know, like they just wanted to get some quick face time/PR for themselves.

In fact, there’s a shiz ton of evidence of what I told the Anonymous Scandinavia account and they can call me a “tiny troll” all freaking day long. I have YEARS of DMs so feel free to come at me with your childish antics. I’m happy to release them all if you think it would help prove your case that I’m the troll and social engineer, not you.

So from that time forward (after the rally), I spoke with Radack periodically and she retweeted some of my articles questioning what was happening in the Assange support community after #Unity4J and Suzie Dawson basically took it over. At some point, she also led me to believe that Diani Barreto was some sort of monster trying to take her down with Fitzgibbon (I found out later that Radack actually sent out letters/emails to all of their clients trashing Barreto to purposely destroy her reputation because this is what Radack and her group of friends do). Divide, destroy, and conquer.

Oh, and make sure you destroy their reputation enough so that they can’t feed their families.

So my relationship with Radack was never what anyone would consider “close” and I had no idea at the time what was going on in her 2018 court case with Fitzgibbon. I didn’t know much about these people. Then, less than a month and a half after Radack first reached out to me about Fitzgibbon, in September 2018, her buddy, Beth Bogaerts, started DM’ing me about Fitzgibbon and Manny Chavez “Defango.”

Again, I DIDN’T KNOW THESE PEOPL.E. I knew OF Bogaerts’ Twitter account and knew OF Fitzgibbon at this point because of Radack, and I knew OF Defango but I didn’t know him. I also had no idea that Bogaerts was communicating with Ray Johansen this entire time. I also didn’t really know who he was either at the time. Again, I knew OF him but I had never spoken with him personally.

So Bogaerts messaged me for nine months with endless accusations against Fitzgibbon and Defango, most of which she never backed up with any evidence. She literally will send you a screenshot of a tweet from an anonymous account and be all, “THIS IS THEM” and when you ask, “How do you know?” she just says “I just know…” Absurd.

Her DMs were filled with ongoing drama, paranoia, hysteria, and victimhood. It never ended. And between September 2018 – May 2019, she NEVER mentioned that Schoenberger was a bad guy. NOT ONCE.

Wasn’t that you on the phone, Mrs. Bogaerts, telling me that Schoenberger was just an “old man” who didn’t mean to hurt anyone and was getting a bad rap? Yeah. It sure was. And that was after you realized he might be Vetter, right?

Bogaerts also didn’t mention that she had basically stolen the Cicada trademark when she had exactly zero claim to it. In fact, in a 2018 email, she told Schoenberger that she was going to give him the trademark after she got it and then she didn’t.

Of course this is pretty comical because this is the same woman who used ONE email in court where Fitzgibbon told her that he would pay her back for money she claimed he owed her as proof of a written agreement so using Bogaerts’ logic, she obviously made a written agreement via email with Schoenberger to give him the trademark and then broke that agreement.

And no, I’m not making any judgement on who should have the trademark. I’m pointing out the absurdities and maliciousness.

She also never mentioned that she had co-founded (and funded) a business with Fitzgibbon and Schoenberger (Shadowbox) or that she was a part of Cicada with Schoenberger and Defango so I really didn’t understand why Fitzgibbon and Defango were allegedly attacking her. She did, however, admit that she snitched on Fitzgibbon’s lawsuit to Radack.

I told Bogaerts to leave me alone in May 2019, and it wasn’t until approximately August 2019, when I reached out to Schoenberger for background information about Cicada 3301, that she suddenly started messaging me again, this time to tell me how Schoenberger was attacking her. Four months later, she started publicly accusing me of working with him (and Fitzgibbon) and publishing articles on their behalf because the pharmacy ran out of anti-crazy pills.

This was a woman who had just spent 9 months telling me Schoenberger was a decent guy.

When Bogaerts started her insane defamation campaign against me, Radack joined in which was stunning to me. Like, here I was, I had supported her since mid-2018 after SHE reached out to ME and then boom. I spoke with Johansen about it at the time and all he really had to say was that he didn’t understand what she was doing. One of her other friends claimed that Radack doesn’t realize what she says or does online because of M.S. and the excuse store called, they’re running out of the Radack Special.

Or good luck being her client.

I actually found out later that Radack once tried to argue in court something along the lines of, “Oh Mr. Judge, please give me a 6-month leeway to keep talking shit on Twitter because I have no self control due to my condition.” Unbelievable.

So around the time I told Bogaerts to leave me alone, Ray Johansen started following me on Twitter. I spoke with him periodically throughout 2019, and in late 2019, I started talking to him more often. By March-April 2020, he was sending me emails that he loved me and go ahead Ray, deny it. I mean, how many more f*cking screenshots do I need to release to protect my reputation and prove what kind of sick, lying pieces of shite you and your friends are?

In 2019, Fitzgibbon had filed another defamation suit against Radack and he included me in court documents as a co-conspirator of Radack’s for the first time in an amended complaint dated September 29, 2019. Folks, I didn’t even know that I was included in these documents.

Nobody told me.

Nobody contacted me.

Radack said nothing.

Johansen said nothing.

I don’t think people really understand that I wasn’t particularly close with these people at the time. I’ve never met Radack or spoken with her on the phone or Zoom, and I think the first time I zoomed with Johansen (without his ex-girlfriend) was sometime in January 2020. But here I am trucking along thinking, “Oh, these must be the normal people in the WikiLeaks community.” Um no.

I didn’t know that I had been included in this shit show until Johansen gave me a head’s up after Fitzgibbon filed a second amended complaint in December 2019. That’s when I started talking to Johansen and Radack more often which led to a short-lived relationship with Johansen.

While I was dealing with these wackadoodles, here’s some of the things I was told or led to believe by different individuals in this group, and some of it is literally these people throwing each other under the bus. AGAIN, these are things I was told and much of which I believed at the time because I trusted certain individuals/accounts. Again, I’m not saying the following is true, I was told these things (unless I noted that I can confirm it):

  • Andy Stepanian (@SparrowMedia) is a spy/plant for Trevor Fitzgibbon
  • Beth Bogaerts is a spy/plant for Fitzgibbon
  • Attorney Paul Levy is a spy/plant for Fitzgibbon
  • Bogaerts is a “scorned lover” of Schoenberger’s
  • Bogaerts is a liar and manipulator
  • Fitzgibbon is wanted by the FBI for some sort of FARA violation
  • Fitzgibbon works for the feds and Erik Prince
  • Fitzgibbon is also a nobody who doesn’t work for anyone important and is broke
  • Fitzgibbon’s on/off girlfriend is CIA
  • A former friend of Fitzgibbon’s on/off girlfriend is CIA
  • Someone named Lucky conned Suzie Dawson into moving to Russia
  • Dawson is not mentally well because of all the drugs she did during Occupy
  • Jo Booth was a plant inside Unity4J
  • Aaron Kesel (Cens0redAK) was a plant inside Unity4J
  • Johansen can’t stand Kesel and only used him to spy on Unity4J
  • Bogaerts wanted journalists to create fake Discord accounts to spy on Unity4J (confirmed)
  • Suzie Dawson is one of the people trying to take down Bogaerts
  • Elizabeth Lea Vos is one of the people trying to take down Bogaerts
  • Stefania Maurizi is an admin for Johansen’s sock account, @NoJulian4US account (she’s not, I asked her and this was a complete lie)
  • Johansen runs the @EmbassyCat account
  • Randy Credico was working with and trying to meet up with Fitzgibbon which was stated in a manner that was derogatory towards Credico. Fact: Credico was working with Fitzgibbon in mid- to late 2017—after Radack filed a police report against him—and the person who tried to talk smack about Credico knew this. In fact, there are tweets FROM THEM that show they knew this and was happy about Credico working with him. For years, this person has publicly acted like they support Credico but privately tried to smear him.
  • Barrett Brown is a snitch
  • Jesselyn Radack has no idea how to use encryption and she has to have Thomas Drake come over to her house to help her
  • Radack doesn’t even know what verification is on Signal (I can confirm this based on her own messages to me)
  • Radack probably doesn’t represent Snowden
  • Radack contacted people privately and told them to essentially troll certain people on Twitter and even gave them a script of what to say (confirmed)
  • Johansen was working with “Kaidinn” and wanted to keep it a secret
  • Kaidinn was feeding Biss information that would hurt Radack in court
  • Johansen’s ex was feeding Biss information that would hurt Radack in court
  • After my fallout with Johansen, I became the person feeding Biss information that would hurt Radack in court
  • WikiLeaks was basically compromised
  • WikiLeaks/Assange specifically ordered certain people to stop talking smack about Kim Dotcom after #Unity4J came on the scene

Radack sent me over 17 TWITTER DMs between January – March 2020 that went unanswered because she repeatedly tried to make it sound like Johansen and I were co-conspiring with her and some of this was AFTER Biss filed the Twitter subpoena for our DMs. This was also AFTER Radack threw me under a bus so I didn’t particularly give a flying fudgesicle about her at this point so why would I be conspiring with her? Ask Mr. Johansen how many times I said Radack could basically “fuck off” at that point. I was just trying to fight the subpoena on principle (free speech, anonymity). I told Johansen THREE TIMES to tell her to stop. She finally did after I blocked her on Twitter.

She consistently played dumb about Signal or wouldn’t use it knowing FULL WELL she was talking to an activist/journalist and that our Twitter DMs were being subpoenaed — or she actually is dumb about Signal. And Protonmail? Don’t bother because she’ll just respond via a gmail account if she finds you unworthy of encryption and staying safe.

So that’s the insanity I was privately dealing with, how I got involved with this dumpster fire, and there’s so much more. To be clear, I told Bogaerts to leave me alone in May 2019. I basically could have cared less what happened to Radack by the end of January 2020, although I continued to be nice to her until her case ended. And I didn’t really speak with Johansen on a regular basis until December 2019 through June 2020. A whopping seven months filled with his OBSESSION with Fitzgibbon.

So here’s my notice to all of these defamation artists like Bogaerts, Johansen, Radack,
Anonymous Scandinavia, “Lestat,” “Kaidinn,” Liz Mueller, and their associates:

I do not work for any intelligence agency or in law enforcement/protective services in any capacity nor have I ever. I was a fucking bartender for like 20 years. I’m also a whistleblower (against an FBI computer analyst) and Johansen is well aware of that. Wanna challenge these facts in court?


If you continue spreading these lies online that I’m part of or an informant for any or all agencies, governments, or private companies it is blatant and malicious defamation and don’t be surprised if you find yourself eventually being sued one day by all the people you have relentlessly attacked.

I’ve also never spoken to Steve Biss. Like, never. I’ve spoken to his wife ONCE and that was like three weeks ago after she DM’d me. My only response to her was that she was welcome to email me any documents or emails that she wanted to send. What kind of journalist turns down documents? Or am I only allowed to accept documents and emails from individuals on your approval list? Bugger off with your censorship and insanity.

I’ve also never fed any information to Biss, his wife, Fitzgibbon, or anyone related to these people that would have helped Fitzgibbon’s cases against Radack. Like, never. Ever. The only time I spoke with Fitzgibbon during any of these cases that he filed against Radack was during that 2018 D.C. rally for Assange where I told him that I didn’t want to be interviewed for his video. And I’m literally on film saying that.

I have NEVER been paid by or hired by Biss, Fitzgibbon, or Thomas Schoenberger and/or their associates. If anything, it was Ray Johansen’s friend who became one of my Patreons. So anyone who continues to promote this lie is on notice. I do not and have never published articles on their behalf or anyone else’s and after receiving probably over 1,500 messages from Schoenberger (probably more), about .01% of that information has been used in articles published on my website—almost all of which pertains to Cicada 3301 or Shadowbox.

Mrs. Bogaerts is under the impression that Schoenberger is the ONLY source for information about the White Rabbit incident, Seth Rich, Shadowbox, and Cicada 3301, and that’s simply not true although she desperately wants you to believe that so she can keep censoring people.

Almost everything else that has pertained to Bogaerts was sourced through her own direct Twitter messages, her own Twitter account, or her own emails meaning she herself was the source for the very things she blames everyone else for so maybe cover up your lies better. Delete some more tweets. I don’t know.

I have never been a part of Qanon nor have I ever promoted it unlike Bogaerts and Lestat who literally stated in a 2018 interview that Cicada 3301 started it while they were “members” of the puzzle. Then Bogaerts perjured herself in court about me being paid by Schoenberger at the same exact time her friends were planting in U.S. media that Schoenberger was the father of Qanon but that shiz ain’t going to fly if you ever find yourself in a court case that actually involves me.

I’ve never been a part of any spy ring, I’ve never headed up or been part of some sort of sex tape blackmail ring, I’m not part of any motorcycle gang, and I’m not involved in human trafficking despite the insane things these people put online about me. And again, I never heard of Shadowbox until well after its demise. I’d never even heard of Schoenberger until Bogaerts brought him up to me. I also do not know who runs the @DevinCow account.

Liz Mueller, I do NOT know your ex-boyfriends although I’ve spoken with Carlito on occasion strictly on Twitter and mostly about the Papadopoulos/All Roads (do not) lead to Rome Mifsud Hillary email situation not that it’s any of your f*cking business who I speak with and what about. I’m not a psychiatrist but I think you are barking mad and I will happily join up with anyone who wants to file a lawsuit against you regardless of who they are. You are one of the most vile people to ever grace this planet.

So this is anyone and everyone’s notice if they want to continue with these lies. And no, it doesn’t matter if you spread them privately.

If you have a problem with what’s published on my website, grow some balls, act like an adult, and state EXACTLY what was published that’s incorrect. HERE’S MY EMAIL ADDRESS: JIMMYSLLAMA@PROTONMAIL.COM. Otherwise, feel free to take me to court because it’s going to be an AVALANCHE of evidence against all of you that came DIRECTLY FROM YOU.

I’ve reported most of you to local police departments to keep myself and those related to me safe and the FBI’s cyber unit for harassment, threats, and intimidation among other things. And no, tweeting about how innocent you are will not save you.

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Post Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Ten thousand more pages of disclaimers to follow.

If you were mentioned in this article because your associate(s) did or said something stupid/dishonest, that’s not a suggestion that you did or said something stupid/dishonest or that you took part in it. Of course, some may conclude on their own that you associate with stupid/dishonest individuals but that’s called having the right to an opinion. If I’ve questioned something that doesn’t make sense to me, that’s not me spinning the confusing material you’ve put out. That’s me trying to make sense out of something that doesn’t make sense. And if I’ve noted that you failed to back up your allegations that means I either missed where you posted it or you failed to back your shiz up.

If I haven’t specifically stated that I believe (my opinion) someone is associated with someone else or an event, then it means just that. I haven’t reported an association nor is there any inference of association on my part. For example, just because someone is mentioned in this article, it doesn’t mean that they’re involved or associated with everyone and everything else mentioned. If I believe that there’s an association between people and/or events, I’ll specifically report it.

If anyone mentioned in this article wants to claim that I have associated them with someone else or an event because I didn’t disclose every single person and event in the world that they are NOT associated with, that’s called gaslighting an audience and it’s absurd hogwash i.e. “They mentioned that I liked bananas but they didn’t disclose that I don’t like apples. Why are they trying to associate me with apples???” Or something similar to this lovely gem, “I did NOT give Trish the thumb drive!” in order to make their lazy audience believe that it was reported they gave Trish the thumb drive when, in fact, that was never reported, let alone inferred.

That’s some of the BS I’m talking about so try not to act like a psychiatric patient, intelligence agent, or paid cyber mercenary by doing these things. If you would like to share your story, viewpoint, or any evidence that pertains to this article, or feel strongly that something needs to be clarified or corrected (again, that actually pertains to the article), you can reach me at with any questions or concerns.

I cannot confirm and am not confirming the legitimacy of any messages or emails in this article. Please see a doctor if sensitivity continues. If anyone asks, feel free to tell them that I work for Schoenberger, Fitzgibbon, Steven Biss, the CIA, or really just about any intelligence agency because your idiocy, ongoing defamation, and failure as a human is truly a sight to behold for the rest of us.

If I described you as a fruit basket or even a mental patient it's because that is my opinion of you, it's not a diagnosis. I'm not a psychiatrist nor should anyone take my personal opinions as some sort of clinical assessment. Contact @BellaMagnani if you want a rundown on the psych profile she ran on you.

This is an Op-ed article. The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information contained on the post for any purpose. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.

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  1. This is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

  2. You realize, however, that the dry-humored references to rumors (unconfirmed, implicitly untrue, or mockingly farcical) are going to be cut-and-pasted by Liz Mueller and put into her lexicon of facts, “dangerous liaisons”, linkages, and “the Matrix” of how everyone (and their brother) is somehow linked to one of her ex-boyfriends.

  3. Also: I think you are going to “live to regret” admitting to talking to Carlito, in terms of airtime you’ll be getting on LizActivate.

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